They were on the road all day and stopped off at the Motel 66 in Colorado Springs. They were all eager to rest after a 13-hour car ride, but Sam still needed to pick up the amulet. Sam left Dean and Jo at the motel while he headed out to meet Chessa.

In the motel, Dean and Jo sat together on the edge of one of the queen sized beds.

"Dean," she said, "what ever happened to the impala?" He looked down, at the beer in his hand, then up at her, thinking about how much she's missed since she died.

After he finished explaining to her about everything that happened since she died, Jo was speechless. It had just come to her attention that the Apocalypse ended, Sam died and came back, and he's been going out of his mind with after getting his tortured soul back. She learned that there were monsters that bleed black goo, and can take the form of anything, and that the only things that hurt them are cleaning supplies. She learned that these monsters killed the man that was her second father figure, and she knew that she would avenge him. Jo wiped a tear that escaped from her eye off of her face, and looked down at the floor.

Just then, Sam entered the motel with a bag of groceries, and a shoebox. The grocery bag had a six-pack of beer, some chicken, spices, flour, oil, and BBQ sauce, while the shoebox contained the still-drying clay molding from his lover. Sam walked into the section of the motel to find his brother looking dazed and Jo crying. He wondered to himself why every time he left Jo alone with his brother she either ended up on the floor or crying.

"Is everything okay guys?" Sam asked, worried. He opened up one of the glass beer bottles as he waited for a reply from the doorway

"Yeah," Dean replied, "I just told her about…"

"I'm fine Sam," Jo cut Dean off, and forced a smile that looked more painful than her tears, "I just need to…I just need a beer."

Sam walked over to Jo and handed her his beer. She smiled up at him graciously.

"Did you get that amulet?" She said, looking up at the 6'4" man who looked down at her with a sad puppy dog look on his face. Snapping out of it, "Oh, yeah. Cassie got it for easily. It cost her like 3000 though, I hope she lets me pay her back for it."

"She sounds sweet," Jo said, trying to focus her mind on anything except for Bobby.

"You have no idea," chuckled Sam.

"Yeah, I think this is the nicest girl Sammy's ever been with." Dean agreed, smiling teasingly at Sam.

"What's in the bag?" asked Jo, casually changing the conversation, as this one hadn't made her feel any better.

"Dinner" smiled Sam.

He walked over to the bag and began to take out the groceries, and Jo followed him to the counter.

"I got it Jo" Sam said glancing back at her.

"No Sam, trust me, you don't want to miss out on my food. My mom taught me her special recipes that made my Daddy get hooked."

Sam hesitated, unsure of whether she was feeling up to cooking after the news she received, "Are you sure you're feeling up to this?"

"Yeah Sam, I'm a big girl. I can handle it." She looked up at him, with a smile that they both could see through.

They all ate the chicken that came out surprisingly well for someone who just received such distressing news.

When it got dark, they all rode out to the river. The beauty of the mythical water serpent mesmerized them. Red, magenta, blue, orange, yellow, and violet seemed to be emanating from the body of this illuminated snake. They caught a glimpse at its eyes; they were bottomless pits of blackness. They were mesmerized, until they realized that they were in mortal danger.

They all snapped out of the trance that the second they noticed the rancid smell of the rotting bodies on the floor. They looked down, and saw the men that were missing were lying by the river. Sam, angered by the beautiful murderous creature, jumped into the swamp, Dean started to shoot it with silver bullets, and Jo was checking the vital signs of the bodies. The boitata became angered by the pan of the silver bullets and began charging at Dean, but Sam leapt onto the back of its neck. He was wearing the magical necklace, and he knew that was the only thing that stopped it from attacking him. He pulled out a knife from his pocket and cut its head off. The colors died instantly, along with the protector of the forest. There was a single whimper of pain before the eyes lit up, then went out.