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Our world has changed forever.

In the year 2250, after the capitol massacre the U.S. ordered for a new rule of government. One that didn't believe in morale equality for terrorists and criminals. One that only gives rights to citizens of that one government. One that believes in a worldwide peace through unity under one single government. So on January 24, 2251 the United States of America became the United Federations of America . the new country then ordered for all other nations to unite under the Federations with a promise of peace and equality. By the end of the year almost all of the power nations had sided with the Federations along with several smaller Country's. All except three; Mexico, China, and Siberia. Because of its location Mexico was the federations prime target. Mexico believed that if all the country's were ruled by one single ruler, their would be no true freedom. After many months of debate it was decided that the three country's would be dealt with severely. Silently they planed for an attack on Siberia but continued debate with china. But what was not expected was Mexico sending its military to aid Siberia. For 2 years a silent war raged on in Siberia and china was still refusing the federations offer. Propaganda spread all across the Federations saying that Mexico and Siberia had been staging attacks on several outposts belonging to the U.F. so several other Federations believing that sent additional support to the U.F. but Mexico still kept fighting on. The Federation had enough, on March 15, 2253 after the last strike on Siberia, the U.F. dropped nuclear bombs on Mexico killing millions of innocent lives. Without the aid of Mexico or Siberia, China had given up and united under the Federation. For over half a century the remains of Mexico had been picked through by treasure hunters looking for the lost fortune of Mexico. One hunter found planes for a secret weapon in an abandon ruin. In the documents laid out the planes for a new form of soldier, one that kills with no regret or remorse, one able to kill 30 men in 5 minutes with a single blade. These planes also contained data and information on how to locate and improve these soldiers. They where called…..Psychos. on the new decade, project claymore had been initiated. Science facility's had been built to house and experiment with psychos of different races. Sadly the majority of psychos came from the remains of mexico that weren't so heavly irradiated. Mothers Fathers and children were taken from their homes and villages and forced into these facility's to be experimented on and forced to kill each other for sport. On 2358, after a raiding of a village the facility number: 345 received an infant Hispanic who when first tested with a new cocktail that killed several other psychos, survived with above average results. He was the first psycho who survived the mutation. His blood type was a new unknown type that was dubbed type: mx. By the time he was three, the mutation made his bones into pure tungsten, gave him abnormal strength and speed, made his skin incredibly resistant to damage, and covered his internal organs with a protective unknown material and changed his eyes dramatically. On one guard who pushed him down, his eyes changed and burned the guard from the inside. When he turned 5 project: halberd was initiated. For five years he was injected with different viruses' and mutagens to improve his resistances and trained hard under terrible conditions. He was taught to show no pain, no emotion, no disobedience. When he turned 10, he was sent in the frozen tundra to survive for a year. When he returned, he was scarred, beaten, bruised, and finally ready to serve under the Federation. 10 years of his life was spent fighting, killing and destroying everything for the Federation, he had killed so many that he was given the name killer. On the year 2377 killer went missing-in-action for 2 months. When they found him he had a new scar on his face, a large smiling scar that was stitched on him. He started showing emotion and started rebelling against what the federation made him do. When he found out what happened to his true home and family, he killed every guard and scientist at the facility and released all the psychos and started a riot against a federation city nearby. From then on the psychos refered to him as the king of psychos. On the year 2380, the king befriended a Siberian and Chinese psychos and together formed the army of psychos. They attacked every facility freeing every psycho in captivity. on June 16, 2380 he planned an attack on the U.F.S. Agusta that would mark the beginning of the third world war. What they didn't know was that they would be heading strait for the triangle that held a doorway to a new world. A world that existed separately away from ours where the violence of our world never existed. a world where killer may find true peace and …..something more.

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