Hi everyone I'm back and after eight months of not working on this story…FINALLY I HAVE RETURNED TO WORK ON THIS STORY! Anyways reason I hadn't worked on it for so long was because I have been watching season 4 of Star Wars the Clone Wars and had college to deal with. But I did say I would work on it and I finally am going to work on it. Okay so as everyone remembers in the last story and if you don't know then go read the sequel of the story along with the first one. If you remember Jyun is a half human and half Yautja aka Predator. He was made by Roland Kane who was once a brilliant scientist till he went insane. Like all great scientist do once and a while when they go insane, then make dangerous monsters.

Anyways I'll skip to the sequel Jyun helped save his girlfriend Ahsoka and her friends from the Aliens aka Xenomorphs that took over a republic base. Ahsoka had on inside of her till they removed it and killed it. Jyun now lives on Coruscant and is trying to live a normal life. Of course I'm sure many will know there is no such thing as a normal life in the Star Wars universe and you're going to find out why.

Time to begin first of all I want to thank StarWarsGirl10 for the reviews on my story and for being patient. I promised you I would bring this story out and I kept my word. Secondly I don't own anything of Star Wars or anything from Aliens/Predator just my oc characters. Time to begin with the story enjoy everyone.


Hoth (Normal pov)

Planet Hoth, one of the six planets in the Hoth system, a desolate world, and it's covered in both ice and snow. It's located in the Anoat sector out in the outer rim. Not many people come by the planet. The only species living on the planet are both Tauntaun's and Wampas. No other people as far as everyone knew lived on the planet. A few smugglers come and go on the planet, but they don't stay too long. At the moment there was a snow storm occurring on the planet. The wind and snow made it impossible to see. The temperature had dropped as well, meaning if any living creature was out in this storm they wouldn't survive for long.

However, on the planet there appears to be someone or something running through the snow. The figure was wearing a snow suit and was running through the snow. The figure kept running till he saw what appeared to be several buildings. The figure ran towards the buildings, which revealed to be an old military base that looked destroyed. There was no one around and there were blaster scorches on all the buildings. No bodies, but plenty of destroyed vehicles.

The figure ran behind a building and stopped to catch his breath. He looked over and saw no one behind him, but he could tell whoever was chasing him was close by. He ran towards a nearby building and closed the door locking it. He panted but didn't stop to rest. He ran past several more empty rooms till he arrived to what appears to be a command room. He locked the doors and then placed several heavy machineries in front of the door. The figure sat down and winced. He looked over at his right arm and saw he was bleeding. He removed his hood and sat down. The figure appeared to be in his 20's, he was around 6ft, he had blue eyes, black hair, and some facial hair.

The figure tried to catch his breath, but he knew he didn't have much time. He needed to give the information to his allies before it's too late. He got onto the computer and tried to see if there was any power, "Oh thank the force there is still some power left," the figure said as the machines began to power up. Once it was finally charged the figure took out what appeared to be a small datapad. He plugged it in to the computer and began to upload the information. While he waited he went to another computer and began to record a message.

"Hello my friends yes it's me Jason Riley. Listen I don't have much time, they will be here any minute," Jason said knowing the people after him would come for him soon, "I was sent on a special mission by Chancellor Palpatine to investigate the incident on Gildon, which occurred six months ago. He wanted to find out what really happened on the planet.

Jason stopped when he sensed something approaching. He knew they found him and he would have little time to explain everything, "I'll get right to the chase, when I went there I found out Eric Ross was actually working for Count Dooku. He was sending him info on the Xenomorphs Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano found on the planet. Eric even send him information about a secret facility Roland Kane made in the outer rim. A base where he discovered belonged to the same species that he used to create Jyun."

A loud bang came from the doors. Jason knew they were here and they would soon be upon him, "Eric found it and gave it to Dooku who has turned it into his own personal factory. It's a factory where he is making an army of monsters, monsters that are meant for one purpose to destroy every single life in the galaxy. I send the information to you, hopefully you'll get and head to the planet the base is," The door was breaking apart and Jason could hear loud roars coming through from it. Jason sighed and turned back to the camera, "My friends destroy the base, I don't care what the chancellor wants it's not safe destroy it. Destroy it before he unleashes his monsters, please my friends."

Jason removed his coat and soon got the transmission ready, "Goodbye my friends, good luck, may the force be with you…and tell parents goodbye." Jason turned off the camera and send the video and information towards Coruscant. Once he saw the information was send he destroyed the machines. The doors were soon blasted open and Alex turned around activating his blue and green lightsabers. Soon three figures came through the door. One was 7ft, the other 6ft 6inches, and the other 6ft. Jason smiled nervously and sweated a bit, "I have been expecting you guys."

The seven foot tall giant walked forward in front of the group and spoke in a deep voice, "Where is the information?" Jason pointed to the machine and the three figures growled, "You just made your last mistake ever Jedi." The tree figures took out what appeared to be wrist blades on one hand and the other red lightsabers.

"I know you three aren't Sith Lords, but it doesn't matter. I will not let you guys win even if I have to take one of you down with me," Jason said as he tighten his lightsabers.

The two smaller figures laughed as Alex seemed confused by why they were laughing. The tallest member of the trio raised his hand halting the duo's laughter, "They will not fight you…you will be fighting me Jedi and I will take your head as my trophy."

"We'll see about that," Jason said as he waited for the figure to make his move.

"Bring it on Jedi," The figure soon walked towards Jason as Jason had enough of this and charged at the figure with a loud roaring charge which echoed through the base, but then soon it changed to a loud scream, and then there was nothing, nothing but the sound of the snow storm blowing through the base which was now dead silent.

Okay well I hope everyone liked the way it started. If anyone read the original Star Wars and Predator sequel yes this is like that except I decided to do this somewhere else. Don't expect the next chapter to come out fast though. This is going to take time and trust me the wait will be worth it. I want to thank those who supported wanting a sequel of the story. You guys are the best and I hope everyone will like this story.

Now then the next chapter will occur around season four and also please leave some reviews. Nothing negative please, take care everyone and see you all next time bye.

Jason- What do you guys think?

Rowan- I like it, except why did you have to kill him?

Jason- Well in the SW universe people die, besides I wanted to make my three figures be evil.

Rowan- They are evil and mean. He was hurt it wasn't fair.

Arella- In that universe it's never fair.

Jason- Thank you and don't worry it will get better soon.

Gir- Hiiiii!

Jason-...what the where did you come from?

Gir- I was in the turkey all along.

Jason- Turkey what?

Raowan hugs Gir.

Rowan- He is soooooo cute. Can I keep him?

Jason and Arella- No!

Rowan- Your mean.

Jason- Whatever, time to go take care everyone and see you all next time.