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The Twilight (Ahsoka's pov)

I was at the medical room resting up after such a long day. I had the medical droid check on the baby to see if it was okay. I know I have been pregnant for a while now, but I still wanted to check of the risks.

"Everything seems to be okay Padawan Tano and it looks like the baby is okay," I sighed in relief glad that the baby was okay.

"Good to hear the baby is okay," I panicked a bit when I saw Master Kenobi standing by the door.

"Master um what are you…how long have you been standing there?" I asked nervously knowing I was caught.

"A while and it's okay Ahsoka I know," I was shocked that Master Kenobi knew,

"B-but how?"

"Trust me I know and also Master Shaak Ti told me when she helped you with your morning sickness," I sighed and should have guessed Master Shaak Ti was involved.

"And you're not mad?" I asked surprised Master Kenobi wasn't mad. If Anakin knew he would flip out.

"Well I can't say I approve since if the council find out," I nodded knowing what they would do, "But I think you're old enough to make your own choices and whatever you choose Ahsoka I will support you, just like I know Anakin would,"

I smiled and was glad Master Kenobi was okay with this, "Right um about Anakin mind not telling him for a while?"

Obi Wan nodded and sat down next to me, "I promise, I take it the father knows?"

I nodded, "He does,"

"Is the father Jyun?" I nodded again, "Well let's hope Anakin will be okay with this since he might try to harm Jyun,"

I nodded again knowing if Anakin tried to harm Jyun it would end bad for him. Thinking of Jyun I hope he was okay. He's going up against a powerful Sith Lord and I hope he has a plan. And that plan is him coming out of this whole thing in one piece.

Senate building (Normal pov)

A cleaning droid was passing by cleaning the floors after a long day of debating from all the senators. Many were taken outside the senate building due to some problems going on. The droid didn't care as his job was to clean up the mess that was left behind. As the droid finished up cleaning he looked behind and saw how clean he left the building.

"Well took a while, but it was all worth it," suddenly a figure was thrown through the walls creating a big mess. Another figure ran through the holes left behind and chased off after the figure. The droid sighed, "I hate my job,"

In the senate chamber Darth Sidious got up and growled as he activated his two lightsabers. Jyun came into the room and growled seeing the chancellor, "Boy you won't stop me. I will destroy you and then kill those blasted Jedi."

"No you won't. I will stop you even if I have to give up my life doing it," Sidious smiled and laughed by what Jyun said.

"Be careful what you wish for boy. It's about to come true," Sidious deactivated his sabers and used the force to send the platforms towards Jyun.

Jyun dodged the platforms and began jumping over one another to dodge the ones that were being thrown at him. Sidious moved and continued throwing the platforms towards Jyun who dodged them. Jyun slipped and fell on some of the platforms below him. Sidious send three towards Jyun as he got up.

Jyun threw two smart discs towards the platforms cutting two in half and blew up the third with his plasma caster. Sidious threw another one as this one Jyun couldn't destroy. The platform hit Jyun as Sidious laughed in success of killing Jyun. However, to the surprise of the Sith Lord Jyun caught the platform and held it with one hand.

Jyun threw it towards Sidious who jumped out of the way. Jyun used the force to lift two and threw them at Sidious who dodged them and jumped into a hallway. Jyun jumped over other platforms and activated his lightsaber as he charges at Sidious.

Sidious activated his two sabers and blocked Jyun's attack. Jyun continued on the offensive as he worked to try and kill Sidious. Sidious blocked the attacks and used his second lightsaber to try and kill Jyun. So far both men were evenly matched, except in strength as Jyun pushes Sidious off with ease.

Jyun and Sidious fought through the hallway as they unleashed a serious of attacks on the other. Jyun used his quickness to lay some punches and kicks into Sidious who retaliated with using the Force Lightning at Jyun. Jyun blocked the attack with his lightsaber used the force to send Sidious flying.

Sidious landed on his feet and panted. He has never fought an enemy as strong as Jyun. He has fought many enemies in the past and trained many apprentices who were all strong. But this Jyun was something else.

"Ready to give up old man?" Jyun asked who was panting underneath his mask since he hadn't recovered fully from his fight against Kane.

Sidious refused to lose to this boy and refused to fall, "You have so much power boy and so much potential. Why waste it on helping the Jedi? When you can use it to work with me, together this galaxy will fall to it's knees before us and you will get to hunt as many prey as you want."

"Never, I was used by Kane to kill people, I was used by Dooku to kill Jedi and clones, I won't allow you to harm or use anyone ever again," Jyun deactivated his lightsaber and retracted his blade, "This will end once and for all."

Darth Sidious began cackling and then laughed as he saw Jyun was unarmed, "Your right boy, this will end. I will do what my incompetent apprentice couldn't do and that's kill you."

Darth Sidious charged at Jyun and swung his lightsabers at Jyun. Jyun caught Sidious by the wrist stopping his attack. Sidious tried to slash Jyun with his other arm, but Jyun caught that arm by the wrist as well. Sidious tried to push both sabers towards Jyun, but Jyun kept a tight grip on them. He then began to put some pressure on the wrist harming Sidious.

Sidious struggled to break free, but Jyun was much stronger than him. Jyun got Sidious on one knee and used his knee to hit Sidious in the face. Jyun grabbed Sidious's lightsaber and quickly cut the Sith Lord's hands off. Sidious backed away and yelled in pain. Jyun caught the other saber and activating it as he had both sabers in scissor form near Sidious's neck.

Sidious couldn't believe what just happened. He couldn't believe he made a mistake and it has costs him both his hands. Jyun stared at Sidious ready to end the Sith Lord and put an end to his reign.

"Your reign of evil has come, the end has come for you, it's time to free the people from your tyranny," Jyun moved in to kill Sidious once and for all as the Sith Lord waited for his death to come. As Jyun was about to cut off Sidious's head he stopped inches from the neck.

Sidious opened his eyes and saw that Jyun didn't kill him, "What?"

"Then again," Jyun move the sabers away deactivating them, "If I kill you then the truth would die with you. Even if the Jedi have proof, if it's not from your mouth then some people will think the truth is false."

Sidious cackles a bit, "And what makes you think I will talk?"

Jyun smiles behind his mask, "I don't know maybe because of this?" Jyun revealed a small hologram of Sidious talking about his entire plan.

Sidious was shocked that Jyun had gotten him to talk about everything. He was tricked by an animal, "This can't be,"

Jyun senses the Jedi were coming and decided now was the time to leave, "Goodbye Darth Sidious and may you rot in jail,"

Jyun soon took off as Sidious yelled, "You bastard! I will get you for this! I swear I will get you!"

Three days later (Ahsoka's pov)

Three days it has been since the fight on Korriban and since the chancellor or as we found out Darth Sidious was arrested. The council was shocked when they found out about the chancellor the whole time being the Sith Lord. Senator Amidala and Organa were shocked as well. We didn't tell the other senators since we didn't want the people to believe the Republic is truly evil.

The good news was that Stone Heart had placed inside the memory card a video recording of him killing Dooku so the Republic was cleared of the crime that the Separatist blamed them for. The bad news was the Clone Wars was still going on. Some Separatist leaders left and became neutral, while others stayed with Grievous in charge of the Separatist.

So the war was still going on, but at least the major threat of the chancellor taking over was gone. We found out the clones had a secret order that would have had them kill us Jedi if the chancellor had given the order. Sherri found out and had blocked the signal from the chancellor's office which helped him communicate to the clones. Sherri also was behind the weather machine causing it to rain, bring lighting, and thunder.

Winston gave the Jedi other information including secret Separatist bases, which were in the computer system in the Separatist base within the temple. Along with this people who were working with the chancellor and behind the conspiracy. In exchange for the information that Anakin would be free from the charges, although many council members were against this, they still agreed to it.

My master got out of jail and announced he was leaving from the Jedi order. I didn't like that he left, but I knew it was the right call for him. He also told the council he was married to Padme, which put a lot of surprise looks on their faces. Padme became the new chancellor of the Republic since the people asked her to be the chancellor.

I asked the council for some time off since I injured myself while on the mission. This was a lie since I took the time off to hide my pregnancy. I was give the time off and was given nine months off to recover. I thanked Master Kenobi, Shaak Ti, Plo Koon, and Yoda for agreeing to this. Padme gave me her summer home where I would stay for nine months till the baby comes.

I arrived on Naboo yesterday and was now resting up for when the baby comes. Sherri came along to live with me so she could help with the baby. Lux and Jennifer left to go to Onderon where Lux was originally born from. Master Sky…Anakin promised to pop by every once in a while and Barriss promised to come over to see me when she was Knighted. Yep, Barriss knows the truth and was okay with it after I explained everything to her, and she was going to take the trials.

I was out by the balcony looking out into the stars and moon as I sighed. Jyun had disappeared for three days. I haven't heard from him or gotten any kind of message to let me know where he was. I was worried something happened to him or that he got scared of going be a dad so he took off.

"Ahsoka you okay?" I turned my head and saw Sherri coming by.

"I'm fine just thinking," I looked back to the stars wondering where Jyun was.

"He'll come back don't worry," Sherri said reassuring me Jyun would come back.

"How do you know?" I asked wondering how she knows Jyun will be back.

"Because he loves you too much to leave you behind, you'll see he'll be back, and you two will grow up to raise that baby of yours," I smiled and nodded hoping Jyun does come back.

As Sherri left I looked down into the lake and saw my reflection. I placed my hand on my stomach and wondered if I was ready to be a mom. Raising a baby isn't going to be easy and keeping the baby a secret will be harder than anything I have gone through. I just wish Jyun was here to help me.

"Jyun, where are you?" And then something happened. I felt familiar arms wrapping around me and a voice I didn't expect to hear.

"Right here," I turned around and gasped as I saw it was Jyun, "Missed me angel?"

I smiled and we leaned forward to kiss, but then I slapped Jyun hard in the face surprising him, "That's for not calling for three days jerk,"

Jyun smiled and nodded knowing he deserved that, "I deserve that,"

"And you also deserve this," I grabbed Jyun's face and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. I felt Jyun return the kiss and he lifted with one hand up on the balcony kissing me.

I had missed this and was glad Jyun came back. I felt Jyun holding me close as we deepened the kiss with our tongues battling for domination. We soon finished kissing after a few minutes and we tried to catch our breaths, "I missed that,"

I nodded in agreement, "Jyun, where have you been?"

"Sorry, I was keeping a low profile so that no one knows I was the one who took down the old fart. Sorry for not calling you I didn't want risk Sidious finding me or knowing about you," I sighed and knew that was true.

Even after locking up Darth Sidious the council feared he was still dangerous so they locked him up in a secure cell where he would never escape. Still there was ways of getting out and ways of getting information out as well. If Sidious knew about Jyun and me he would do something about it or worst if he found out about the baby he would do everything in his power to harm the baby.

"But now I'm back and I'm not going anywhere," I pulled Jyun in close and hugged him.

"Good because I need you for when the baby is born. I'm worried that I won't be a good mother. What if the baby doesn't love me?" I asked worried that the baby would reject me.

"Our child would never do that. Look I know it will be tough, but we will get through this," Jyun kissed me on the forehead, "I promise we will get through this together,"

I smiled and snuggled close to his chest, "Good…hey if the baby is a girl can we name her Karin?"

"Sure, after your friend right?" Jyun asked remembering the youngling Karin who I couldn't save when I was captured by the Trandoshans.

"Yes," I felt Jyun nodding his head and I smiled. I then yawned loudly as I was exhausted.

"Let's get you to bed," Jyun picked me up bridal style and took me to bed.

"I love you Jyun," I soon began to drift off to sleep.

"I love you too my angel Ahsoka,"

Unknown (Normal pov)

Meanwhile in a different galaxy universe there was a large planet that was surrounded by large chunks of rocks. On this planet there were statues and large pillars of warriors in the same armor as the one Jyun wore. Inside one of these buildings was a room where a red beacon was alerting something.

A figure appeared and shut off the beacon. It then began to look over what the beacon was sending. The figure looked over the beacon and saw it was coming from the planet called Korriban. The beacon alerted intruders entering the temple and destroying it. The figure growled as it checked the information some more.

The figure realizes that there were Xenomorphs on the planet and that one of the many intruders from within the temple were wearing armor that the figure recognized. The figure roared as it began to contact others about this problem and spoke in a language that was not known in the Republic or Separatist systems.

"My lord we have a problem," a hologram of another figure appeared wearing armor like the one Jyun wore.

The figure removed it's mask revealing itself to be an elder Yautja and responded to the figure, "Alert the others we have work to do,"

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