2012 I finished making my Star Wars/AVP crossover promising there would one more sequel to the story arc. I also back in 2013 after finishing "The Outlaws" story said that there would also be a sequel.

After two-three years for both stories they will finally get their sequel. I will be working on both stories in the summer to get them ready before the year is over. Hopefully many that have read both stories will be looking forward to the sequels and what I have planned. It may take a while, but please be patient guys.

As an added bonus I am giving you all a preview of the two sequels of what I have planned. Hopefully you all will like them and what will happen when they are uploaded. Now I don't own anything from the AVP or Star Wars universe just my OCs. Now enjoy the previews and let me know what you think of them.

First one: "Star Wars the Clone Wars: War of the Hunters"

Unknown (Normal pov)

In a different galaxy there was a large planet that was surrounded by large chunks of rocks. On this planet there are large statues and large pillars of warriors wearing armor, masks, and holding spears. Inside one of these large buildings there is a room with several cloaked figures appeared. Each hold their own spears, appear alien, and stand in attention as another cloaked figure walks into the room.

They all bow their heads as the figure enters the room just as a holographic image of a human wearing armor similar to theirs appeared. He appeared to be human, except with some differences. His hair was like their own, his eyes like theirs, and just by his appearance they could tell he wasn't like the humans they have seen in the past. What bothered them though is how he had in his possession the same tools they have, including the weapons.

"We received this transmission weeks ago after finding out there were Xenomorphs on this planet," said the leader showing an image of the planet he is referring to. "This one was once used for our hunting rituals. It was abandoned long ago due to the number of failures."

One of the figures growled silently in anger knowing of the failures. "How did they find it" he asked.

"We believe he knows," the leader pointed towards the hologram of the human again. "We believe he is a hybrid. Half-human and half-Yautja."

This caused many of the figures in the room to protest claiming that was not possible. Yet clearly they see that somehow someone did the impossible.

"What do you want us to do?" one of the figures asked.

"I propose we send Silent Death to deal with this," suggested another figure. "He may be retired, but if anyone can deal with this hybrid child and anyone who knows of our secrets it can be him."

The leader figure nods in agreement as he removes his hood revealing his appearance. His mouth appears arthropod-like with mandibles, with no visible nose, he has long dreadlocks, and his skin appears normal color like the others as they remove their hoods revealing their faces.

"Summon Silent Death and give him his mission. To find this hybrid, kill him, and anyone else who knows about us."

Second one: "The Outlaws: Rise of the Sith"

Unknown planet

A human figure around his 30's stands in front of a window towards the night. He has his eyes closed, facing a large mountain. As he kept his eyes closed the mountain begins to shake. This kept up until the mountain itself began to levitate.

It came off ten feet off the ground, before he gently placed it down as a female cloaked figure entered the room. She kneels in front of the figure and waits for him to say something.

The human lowers the mountain back on the ground as he speaks to the woman without facing her. "What is it?"

"Our preparations are ready," said the woman. "Our forces, our ships, and our allies are ready to retake our home world. We are just waiting on your orders."

He turns around to face the woman and motions for her to rise. "And our enemies?"

The woman gets up and keeps her face hidden behind her hood. "They don't suspect a thing. We are ready to wipe them out whenever we choose."

"You are so sure of yourself," he replied. "What makes you think we can take on our enemies?"

"Because we are stronger, smarter, and we have power," she replied confident in her answer.

"Strength, intelligence, and power does not decide on our victory," he said as he approaches her. He moves his hand against her face and strokes it. "It's their will to never give up and determination that has helped them defeat their enemies. If we underestimate them we will fail, just like the old man."

The woman closed her eyes as she feels her master's hand stroke her face. "Then, how do we defeat them?"

"Simple," he begins levitating the mountain again without even facing it. He levitates it further up into the sky. "By taking away everything they care and fight for. In other words by breaking them."

The mountain explodes shattering it into pieces. The woman saw this and a look of amazement appeared on her face.

"Now, summon the others. We have work to do."

The woman nods and bows her head. "I understand, Master Khan."

That's the end of the two previews. I hope you all enjoyed how this went and will be looking forward to what happens when the full story versions appear. These two previews will appear in the story, but will probably be edited before I upload the full story. If you like what happened then please leave some reviews and let me know what you thought.

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