"Wealthy woman savagely killed in Brooklyn just one night ago!" Johnny yelled, waving a paper around wildly. I rolled my eyes, then turned to smile kindly at a man in his thirties. He strolled over, and bought two papers, tucking one in his waistcoat and opening the other. He smile was sick compared to my innocent. His look made me cringe, and i felt Johnny tense up considerably beside me.
The man cocked his head to the side. "And what's your name miss?" Leering.
Johnny gritted, "Whatsit to ya?" he stepped forward. It was a harmless question but the man's tone and demeanor shone right through.
"Just a friendly question." He tucked other paper away, and gently touched my arm. "My dear, how;d you like a warm house and board? Its quite cold, and you could use shelter."
I started to shake my head hard, and glare, when his grip tightened and his look got hard. "You sure?"
"She's sure." Johnny said, grabbing his shoulder firmly.
"Very sure." said Spot walking up. The man scoffed, but let go quickly, shaking Johnny's grip off, and turned away from the glares. He slipped a card into my coat.
"Anytime, darling." And he walked away quicker than ever. Spot silently went after him, nodding back at Johnny who quietly thanked him. He looked to me.
"You okay Mel?" He asked softly.
But i was far away. His grip had brought me back to a place where i hated to visit...

"It's just an hour, John. C'mon." I pleaded with my brother. I sulked and pouted and waited for his response.
"No. Too soon. Kale was seen over there the other day." Kale was second-in-command in East Side, and everyone knew they were getting violent.
"I'll be fine, Johnny. Just an hour to hang out with Caroline. Pleeeease." Caroline wasn't exactly real, but i didn't care. I has someone else in mind, and god knows Johnny would never let me go out to see him.
Jack walked by laughing. Johnny kept his gaze on me. "One hour, just Caroline, stay inside the shop." He pauses. "Swear?"
I hate lying. "Swear."

Twenty minutes later, i was strutting down the street to meet the love of my life. (Or so i had thought.) I saw a figure leaning against the brick wall, and sweet smoke hung around him like a cloud. My step quickened, and the boy pushed himself up from the wall, facing my way, and his face became visible.
I jumped into his arms, heard his murmured "hey," and squeezed tighter.
Pulling back he kissed me on my forehead, my nose, my waiting lips. His arms curled tighter around my waist, and i savoured the smell of cigar smoke and paper.
"Well, good afternoon to you too." he said, slow, smirking.

45 minutes later, were sitting in a small bar, hidden by shadows in our normal table. Close as we could be, i leaned into the crook of his neck and shoulder as he trace the outline of my hand on his knee. I wished every moment could've been like this one, but our relationship was one of secrets, one of dark corners, hidden places in between reality. Just this morning Race had gotten into a fight with him , and Johnny had cursed him as we worked. I subtly cringed then, and i knew that it would take a miracle for my brother to approve.
But, he was so good to me. Well, mostly. On the rare occasion there was, well... I didn't want to let these thoughts ruin our time, so i looked to him. He smiled softly, and we started to kiss.
Pulling back for air a few minutes later, i looked to his watch. "Crap! I have to go, now."
His eyes turned colder, lazy smile disappeared. "What do you mean?"
"I have ten minutes to get back."
"You can get there in five."
"No, babe, i really can't." I pulled away, but his hand coiled around my fore arm, hard.
"Melanie." Hard tone, my stomach flipped as it always did when this happened.
"Please." I pleaded. He turned away, his grip still tight. Shook his head.
"You're pathetic." He scoffed, yanking my arm towards him. "Fine, leave."
He let go, but i knew it was a trick. But i did have to leave, so maybe... I inched away sliding out from the bench.
In a quick motion, he grabbed me, pulling me back hard my body, thunking into the table on the way. Oh, now i would be way late. I always let this happen... My fault, i was in love with him. I loved Oscar Delancey.

"Melanie. Snap out of it. Are you alright...?" My eyes slowly followed the voice, and Johnny's face brought me back down to earth. Shaking my head, i sat down on a crate. "I'm sorry, i just...spaced."
"Yeah," he said, uneasy. He looked off to where Spot ran and then back to me. "Did that like..trigger a memory?" he asked.
"No, not at all," i lied.