Killer wasn't prince charming.

He wouldn't fall in love at first sight with the first beautiful princess he saw, he wouldn't save her from evil doers that wish her harm; he wouldn't whisk her away on his valiant steed and live happily ever after.

No, that simply wasn't killer.

He'd never been in love. Sure, he'd had the cheap whore here and there and the unstable girlfriend but he'd never been in love. He wouldn't hurt anyone for those girls; in fact, many of their bruises were his own fault. Above all though, he'd never get to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

He didn't treat girls like princesses. He didn't buy them expensive things, didn't hold the door open for them, and didn't even bother to look them in the eyes and say 'you're beautiful'.

No, that simply wasn't killer.

Then he met her.

Lady. Grace. Whatever or whoever she was. Her name didn't matter.

When he first saw her, he saw a nuisance of a girl who was going to give up his location for being a typical stupid woman. Oh, how wrong he was. Hearing those men scream in terror and agony… it was music to his ears. Then she was before him, in all her superior glory she stood over him. He couldn't breathe; she was a vision of death. Her thirst for control and her ambition for her own designed world drew her to her like a moth to a flame. He didn't see her beauty, he saw her raw power.

When she gave him her kiss, he belonged to her.

Now, she wasn't a princess. She was a goddess – his goddess.

She wanted to destroy the world; he'll help her until every last speck of it was gone. She wanted the dead girl around, he kept her alive. Whatever she wanted, she'd get because Killer was hers. When she wanted her brother kept alive, although out of the way, he obeyed. Although leaving a threat alive in the world made his fingers twitch with paranoia and nerves.

He couldn't let anything hurt her. She was perfect, nothing would taint her. Not her brother, that sniveling doctor or even himself. He'd found someone more important than himself.

They wouldn't have their happy ending. They wouldn't get their own world to rule to their liking. They wouldn't be together. They'd die, ironically for each other.

But, what if they'd never been Lady and Killer?

What if he'd grown up in a loving family that wanted only what was best for him? What if he hadn't fallen off the wagon and gone down the road of crime and sin. What if Lady had never had to give her will to her brother? What if the two had lived like ordinary children and simply been normal?

What if they'd met each other before Lady and Killer and were simply Grace and the boy down the road?

If they lived in a fairy tale; they'd be Grace and her prince charming.

But this isn't a fantasy, this isn't a storybook. This is the dreaded reality.

Therefore, their names are Lady and Killer…

…And they wouldn't have their chance to ride off into the sunset.