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Five years later...

"Aaaggghhh!" Bella screamed in agony as another contraction hit her. She gritted her teeth and dug her nails into her husband's flesh.

"Ouch, Bella! That hurts! Your nails are like daggers!" He turned to Alice. "I thought you were going to take her for a manicure?"

"The appointment was scheduled for this afternoon, but this happened."

"Don't you have a gift that you can use?"

"Seth, even I couldn't predict when she was going into labor. I'm not perfect, you know."

"I am! I told her not to make the appointment for today, but you know Alice—stubborn as an ox. She insisted," Peter's voice was heard from downstairs.

"Are you sure that I'm only at four centimeters, Seth? I don't think I'm supposed to be in this much pain."

"Yeah, I am sure. I just checked a minute ago and you're not in any more pain than other mothers."

"I hate you!"

"No, you don't. You love me. You just hate the pain of labor."

"I wouldn't be in this situation if you didn't put the baby in there!"

"You enjoyed it when I put it there." He smirked at his wife only to be smacked on the back of his head by his mother, Charlotte, and Alice.

"I did not raise you to be insensitive, young man!" Sue chastised.

"Bella, you really need to get up and walk around," Charlotte urged. "It'll speed up the contractions."

"She's right, dear," Sue agreed as she wiped the sweat off of Bella's face with a washcloth. "Let's get you out of bed and walking around."

When Seth took in the sight of his family in front of him, he couldn't help but smile. After, that fateful night in the forest of La Push, he and Bella had been inseparable. Six months later, the pair had gotten married in a lavish wedding ceremony in Forks. The elders wanted him them to get married in La Push, but it was an impossibility since two of the bridesmaids and two of the groomsmen were vampires. When they tried to force them to do their bidding, Bella told them in no uncertain terms how she felt with her buddy Jacob backing her up. Jacob was Seth's best man while Alice was Bella's matron of honor. Leah was a bridesmaid too.

When they found out they were expecting a baby last year, Seth and Bella invested in a luxury estate in a secluded part of Huntington, New York on Long Island Sound. They didn't want to move too far from New York City. They retained their penthouse there for occasional use. Their new estate was private, secure, sat on five acres, and featured an expansive backyard where Seth could phase if necessary. Seth also opened up his own private practice close to the house. Business was booming because his patients liked the fact that he provided everything from prenatal care to geriatric care and everything in between.

The happy couple decided on a home birth since they were both board certified physicians and their friends, Charlotte and Alice were also physicians. Sue and Charlie had flown in two days ago excited about the prospect of a new baby. Sue, a labor and delivery nurse at Fork's General, had also come prepared to assist.

Currently, Charlie was downstairs anxiously awaiting the birth of his first grandchild along with Peter and Jasper. Seth could hear all three of them watching the game and pacing intermittently whenever Bella screamed.

After walking down the hallway for a few minutes, Bella was back in bed. As soon as she got in she felt warm liquid oozing down her thigh. "I think my water broke," she informed him.

"Alright, let's check," Seth said. "Yep, you're right. Only two centimeters to go honey."

"What?" Bella cried.

"Shh...you're almost there, Bella. You're doing so well." Alice cradled Bella in her arms while Charlotte made sure that everything was prepared. She and Alice had outfitted the room with every piece of equipment that would be in a hospital delivery room. Seth had told them that it wouldn't be necessary, but they called it a sound investment for peace of mind.

His mother was gently rubbing Bella's back. "Almost there, sweetheart. It won't be long."

"Why does this have to be so painful?" Bella wailed.

"Because men can't handle pain. Look at how Seth started whining over a little scratch," Sue told her.

"Mom, shouldn't you be on my side? I am your son, after all."

"Your wife is giving birth to my grandbaby! No one is more important than she is."

"Until the baby is born," Seth replied, rolling his eyes.

"Hush." Sue let out a little chuckle.

Ten minutes later, Bella was finally pushing with everyone counting.

"Seth, it'll be easier if she gets into a squatting position," his mother urged after a half an hour of fruitless pushing. "Trust me, I know. I've been doing L and D for a lot longer than you have, young man."

"I think we should listen to her," Bella opined. "It does state in medical journals that squatting is the most natural position to birth babies in."

"Alright, let's get you into position, then. Mom, you take her left side and Alice, you take her right. Charlotte, you're with me."

They quickly got Bella into a squatting position, "Here comes the next contraction, push Bella, bear down."

Bella pushed as hard as she could with everyone encouraging her.

Ten minutes later, little Peter Charles Clearwater came screaming into the world. Seth took the baby and let Charlotte take over. Five minutes following his birth, little Jasper Harris Clearwater came kicking into the world.

Alice took the baby while Charlotte finished up.

"Oh, they're absolutely adorable!" Sue gushed from Bella's side. She was sure that there were no babies more adorable than her two grandsons. Jake and Leah's kids didn't hold a candle to these two peanuts. Seth and Alice placed a baby in each of Bella's arms.

"Hi, little guys," she cooed to them.

"I never thought the day would come when vampires would help deliver my grandsons. Oh, thank you, Charlotte, Alice." Sue hugged them both and gave each of them kisses on the cheek.

There was a knock on the door. Alice opened it up to find Charlie, Peter, and Jasper standing there with anxious expressions on their faces.

"Well?" all three of them demanded.

"Two healthy boys. Peter Charles Clearwater and Jasper Harris Clearwater," Seth announced. "Come on in and see the babies."

And as the babies were passed around from doting relative to doting relative, Seth and Bella watched contentedly, knowing that their kids would always be loved and cared for no matter what.

"I love you, Bella," Seth whispered in her ear.

"And I love you, Seth."


Ten years later...

"Do we get to turn into wolves like Daddy, Uncle Peter?" Little Petey asked.

"Nope, when your mama was bitten by the bad vampire in Phoenix a tiny bit of his venom stayed in her system and she passed it onto the two of you so you're immune to vampires."

"How did you find this out?"

"Aunty Charlotte, Aunty Alice, your mama, and daddy took some of your blood and did some testing and research on it. And it's a good thing they did because I wouldn't be able to teach you everything that I know about cars if they hadn't done that."

"Why do you call Aunty Charlotte 'Sugar Tits?'" Little Jasper asked.



"Yes, Char?"

"What in hell are you teaching our nephews? Bella and Seth go away for one weekend and you're already corrupting their minds. The next thing you know, they'll have their own subscriptions to 'Big and Bouncy!'"

"What's 'Big and Bouncy?'" Little Petey asked.

"It's...It's...um...Uncle Peter subscribes to a bouncy ball of the month club. They send him a new bouncy ball every month," Charlotte replied quickly realizing her mistake. "Now come to the table, it's time for lunch. Uncle Jasper will be here to take you to the movies soon."

"Where are my boys?" Jasper asked, walking into the house. They both tackled him with big hugs. "Are you ready to go and see that new Disney movie?"

"Do we get popcorn and M and M's?"

"Of course you do. I don't see your mama anywhere, do you?"

"Nope!" both boys declared.

A few hours later, they had returned home with Jasper having completely sugared the boys up. They were bouncing off the walls and as happy as can be. The living room was filled with all different types of bouncy balls. Alice had shown up with a trunk filled with them because she had seen Charlotte's 'Big and Bouncy' screw up which was really Bella's fault anyway because she's the one who paid for Peter's subscription. Bella was so kind that she paid for subscriptions to the magazine for every single wolf in the pack plus Old Quil and Billy Black. That gesture really endeared her to them.

"Who would have ever thought that we'd be raising Seth's and Bella's kids along with them," Alice mused to Jasper.

"Well, I figure we did a dang good job with Bella so we can't screw these two up at all," Jasper told his wife. "Besides, we got a head start with little Petey and Jasper. We got them when they were newborns, not when they were eighteen."

"True, I'm so happy that the four of us decided to save Bella all those years ago. Look at how much joy she's brought us," Charlotte said.

"Yeah," the rest of the vampires agreed as they listened to the peaceful sound of their little nephews' hearts beating.


And so, Seth and Bella lived happily ever after, surrounded by their extended family. Charlie and Sue flew to New York every summer for extended visits after they retired. Neither of them were bothered by the four vampires who loved their two grandsons with everything they had in them. In fact, Charlie even took to fishing with Peter, Jasper, and Seth whenever he visited.

Seth hired Charlotte when he expanded his practice while Bella continued on as a physician in the emergency department, though she did switch to a hospital on Long Island.

Jasper eventually became a professor of Civil War History while Alice worked in fashion design in Manhattan. Peter was a self-professed stay-at-home uncle, he did all of the mom duties like picking up and dropping off the kids at school and taking them to all of their extra curricular activities. He also maintained everyone's vehicles and picked up all of the dry cleaning and groceries. The local mom's club loved him.

The rest of the pack continued living in La Push. Once a year, at Christmas time, Seth and Bella would fly down for a visit with the boys who loved the wolves as much as they did the vampires. Uncle Jacob was always impressed by how much Uncle Peter had taught the boys about cars. By the time they were ten years old, they were both changing the oil and doing simple brake jobs. The two boys also excelled in their school work. Uncle Jasper made sure that they went above and beyond expectations on their school work daily. Their teachers dreaded parent-teacher conferences because, not only would their over-achieving parents show up, but so would their doting uncles and aunts. Alice claimed that it kept all of the teachers on their toes. Bella was pretty sure that Jasper and his gift played a role in the fact that every single teacher seemed to make her sons their first priority.

Fate had played it's hand well when Seth Clearwater imprinted on Isabella Swan. Well, perhaps it wasn't all fate. Maybe the little pixie and an all knowing snarky vampire had a hand in ensuring that the happy couple and their future generations had a happy future, but that's what a good loving family is supposed to do. Isn't it?

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