Hey everyone Gold Testament here I just couldn't wait to try and write a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfic. For the record I gave people a choice with the poll on my profile, and although it wasn't at 100 the Yes vote won out. Sorry to everyone who voted no, but even though I gave the choice I really wanted to write this so hopefully no hard feelings. Anyway I have said before in author's notes with my chapters of Naruto Rise of the Ryukage and the Omnigan that I had given the choice, but I don't think many of you read them. Also I don't like repeating MILLIONS of other people by posting an author's note instead of an actual chapter. However if anyone wanted to know the basis of the plot they could've sent a private message to me, and like I told one author of Percy Jackson fanfiction the whole plot would be highly unique since it involves Ouranos Primordial God of the Sky helping Percy instead of Chaos creator of the universe. Also since this is my first Percy fic I would love to ask if you'd be nice with the reviews.

Mortal/Demigod (titan) talking

Mortal/Demigod (titan) thinking/flashback

God talking

God thinking

Monster talking

Titan/Giant talking

Titan/Giant thinking

Heartbreak and an eternal offer

A lone person was running through a wooded area being chased by four strange looking creatures that would be more suited to a normal person's nightmares. The person fled straight into an area of the woods that was open enough to fight in, but as he ran the boy suffered a huge slash from one of the pitch black dog-like monsters chasing him, but he made it into the open space. Once he got there light from the full moon revealed him to be a young man around eighteen years of age with messy black hair and dark sea green eyes that at one time might've had a brightness and warmth in them. The young man then pulled a ballpoint pen from his pocket, and the instant he opened it the pen transformed into a bronze sword worthy of a Greek warrior.

After uncapping his sword the boy leapt right at the monsters and started to slash through three of the "hellish dogs," and as the last one leapt towards him the boy ducked under the monster and sliced it in half. With each creature he destroyed he was coated in a golden dust that remained of them, and after destroying them he capped his sword, put it in his pocket, and laid down.

"How did things turn out like this." The boy thought as he looked up at the full moon, and remembered when things seemed so much brighter and his life had true meaning.

(Flashback-Camp Half-blood three weeks ago)

Perseus Jackson son of Poseidon, slayer of Kronos, savior of Olympus, and hero of the Titan War was on cloud nine at the moment because it had actually been two years since the Titans were bested, two years since Gaea and the Giants were beaten, and one year since Camp Half-blood and Camp Jupiter were merged allowing Greek and Roman demigods to live and fight together. However, this wasn't the reason he was so happy today.

"I can't believe I'm about to propose to Annabeth after dating for two years. Honestly it feels like yesterday I was waking up in the infirmary seeing her for the first time after beating the Minotaur with his own horn. Now I just need to make sure to set up the perfect date before I pop the all important question. I just can't believe Aphrodite gave me a ring to propose with and even more surprising was Athena gave me her blessing to marry Annabeth, and all I had to do was take on the Twelve Labors of Heracles." Were the thoughts of our favorite hero.

(30 minutes later)

"Ok I've got a moonlit picnic set up on an island across from Camp so Annabeth and I won't be disturbed; the ring, and now I just need to get Annabeth here." The excited half-blood said and then left to fetch the woman he planned to propose to.

As he came back to camp and was looking for Annabeth at their usual spot on the beach he started hearing sounds and saw his best friend and cousin Nico making out with some girl, and thinking nothing about it started to walk away until he heard them speak.

"I love you so much Nico." Said a familiar voice that made Percy's heart stop cold.

"I love you too Annabeth, but don't you think we should tell Percy?" Nico asked the now known daughter of Athena.

"Why I mean the whole camp practically knows we've been seeing each other behind his back for three months he's bound to have known sometime." Annabeth replied.

"You know how clueless he can be, and he's been my best friend for years since I spoke to Bianca's soul during my quest for revenge." Nico said before kissing Annabeth some more.

Unknown to both of them Percy was so clouded with rage that he didn't hear the final part of Nico's personal speech, and the two traitors in his eyes didn't even realize they had an audience until the tides started trying to pull them in.

"What's going on here the tides are never like this?" Annabeth questioned. (For such a smart girl her fatal flaw really makes her stupid…)

At the very instant Annabeth spoke the ground around them started to shake with an earthquake as the tides kept trying to pull them into the water and drown them.

"Oh man there are only two things I know of that could cause peaceful tides to act out like this as well as causing earthquakes at the same time!" Nico spoke with realization and fear.

The instant he turned around while Annabeth was still thinking about what was causing the trouble the son of Hades eyes widened with pure terror because standing behind the bushes across from the pair stood a deeply enraged and betrayed Percy Jackson.

"No! Percy! How much of our conversation did he hear and how much did he see?" Nico thought with complete terror however he really made a mistake when he looked in Percy's eyes.

"His eyes they are filled with more hate than a titan's, and far more than mine held when I tried to kill him for Bianca's death." As the terrified son of Hades continued to stare in his best friends eyes Annabeth looked when she felt his whole body shake and saw what was scaring him.

"P-P-Percy?" Annabeth asked shocked that just a single glare from him was terrifying to a son of the lord of the dead.

"Don't 'P-P-Percy' me Annabeth seems I thought wrong when I believed you were the person I'd spend the rest of my life with, and I was wrong about you being a "LOYAL" girlfriend." Percy spoke with words with half as much hate as he felt.

"But Percy you were gone for months I thought you might've been dead-"

"SO THAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO GO FOR MY SO-CALLED BEST FRIEND!"Percy interrupted and yelled as the water behind the traitors rose into a huge wall.

"Hold on Percy there is no reason for you to be overreacting like this." Nico said unknowingly adding fuel to the fire.

"I have every right Di' Angelo since the reason I was gone was to take the twelve labors of Heracles to prove to a certain Goddess of Wisdom that I was worthy to be with her daughter who I planned on proposing to on our two year anniversary, and would you believe it's TONIGHT!" Percy shot back shocking the two in front of him as if he hit them with Zeus' master bolt.

"Oh and as if that wasn't enough it seems pretty much all my other 'friends' seem to have abandoned me since none of them told me about you traitors." The angered demigod continued.

As they sit there shocked from everything Percy said to them they thought they realized how much they screwed up, but as they continued thinking they saw Percy's hand go into his pocket pulling out a box and a pen. He then opened it and Annabeth and Nico saw a beautiful gold ring with a diamond owl and an emerald trident on each side, and on the inside of the band Annabeth could see an inscription saying "With this ring I pledge my eternal loyalty to my favorite wise girl. Your seaweed brain forever Perseus Jackson".

"You see this Chase this is the ring I was going to propose to you with tonight as well." Percy said further increasing their shock.

His rage increasing from holding it he tossed the box into the air, uncapped his pen revealing his sword Riptide, and as the box fell back to Earth he sliced the ring and the box twice.

"With this I sever my bond with the two of you." Percy began as he ripped off his leather necklace, and threw it into the sea behind the further shocked duo.

"And with that I sever all my ties with Camp Half-blood." He announced as he turned and walked away from his ex girlfriend and his ex best friend.

After leaving Annabeth and Nico stunned at the beach Percy went to his father's cabin, packed his clothes, nectar, ambrosia, and the shield given to him by his Cyclops brother Tyson, and began to head to the Athena cabin to make sure no one was in there. As soon as he saw Athena empty and knowing Nico to be the only Hades camper he caused an earthquake destroying Athena cabin, and making a tidal wave flood Hades cabin till it was nothing but driftwood. After that he walked up to Thalia's tree, and crossed the camps boarder not to be seen for a long time.

(Flashback end)

As Percy lay looking up at the moon he was shocked to see someone standing over him, but instead of jumping into a fighting stance with Riptide he chose to stand and speak to the stranger.

"Excuse me, but who are you because I can tell you aren't exactly normal?" Percy asked hoping to get the person's name and title.

"Nice to know you can tell who is and who isn't normal out here Perseus it seems that while your manners dulled your instincts were sharpened out here." Spoke the man.

Annoyed that the man didn't answer the question he was about to speak before the man beat him to the punch.

"I am basically your great great grandfather on your father's side." The man replied while still dodging the question.

After that comment Percy started to look at his father's family tree. First going up from him was his father Poseidon and his brothers Zeus and Hades. Then there was Kronos, his wife and the rest of the titans and after that was Gaea Primordial Goddess of the Earth and her husband…

"Your Ouranos Husband to Gaea, Father to Kronos and the titans, Grandfather to the Big Three, and Primordial God of the Sky." Percy announced impressing the old god with his knowledge.

"Yes and before you speak yes I was chopped to bits by my son Kronos, and yes Aphrodite was born of my remains, but there is a way for even a Primordial God to return from the realm of the faded." Ouranos said surprising Percy.

"Now Percy the reason I'm here by the way is to offer you a chance to train under me, and be the first of a group I intend to form for abandoned demigods, demititans, satyrs, and mortals. I offer you Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon, slayer of my son and wife, and Hero of Olympus two times over to become my first Soldier of the Skies." Ouranos spoke further shocking the demigod.

"Lord Ouranos this is an amazing offer, and I accept for the right to train under and fight for you." Percy said making the old god smile.

"Alright Percy, but now not only will you be immortal by accepting the offer there is a condition that you must abide by when we're alone." Ouranos said.

"What it is?" Percy asked.

"Call me Grandpa." Ouranos replied laughing at the look on Percy's face before they disappeared.

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my Percy Jackson fic. I also hope you think that ending with Ouranos telling Percy to call him grandpa was funny. It would also be slightly fitting since he never lived long enough to be called that. Anyway I did a lot of thinking, and I believe that my loyal fans should pick the goddess I pair Percy up with instead of just making it PercyXAthena right off the bat. If you're curious as to who you'd have to choose by you would have to LOOK AT THE POLL ON MY PROFILE!

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