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The Victory Party

The victory party for the defeat of Gaea and her giants, as well as the new peace between the Titans and the Gods was in full swing with everyone having a blast.

Currently the demigods of both Greek and Roman descent were dancing, eating, laughing, and just enjoying life with each other after having no casualties on their side in this war against the Primordial Goddess of the Earth.

The Titans were dining, drinking, and laughing with the Gods, Ares and Atlas were banging heads (literally) while having an arm wrestling match going on for twenty minutes. Apollo was telling his mother Leto about his demigod children hoping she will personally stay with her mortal grandchildren, and even five of the original six Olympians were bonding with their mother as Zeus stood off to the side personally in awe with the Gods and Titans acting like the millennia of war, mistrust, pain, and death never happened.

"Incredibly surreal isn't it?" Asked a voice from behind the King of the Gods.

"Yes, never would I have thought there would be a day where we wouldn't be trying to kill each other, and yet here we are celebrating a victory together." Zeus replied as the person he spoke to walked closer standing by him revealing it to be Kronos.

"And to think it was all because of Percy Jackson." Kronos the King of the Titans said with pride in his grandson

"Honestly it makes me hate Poseidon even more for being Percy's father." Zeus said to his father with an annoyed smirk with clenched fists.

This caused Kronos to laugh before placing a hand on his youngest son's shoulder.

"Of course my son, all Percy does in battle is bring honor to his father just as Jason does to you." Kronos spoke.

"It's different father." Zeus began. "Jason may be my son, but he is Roman meaning only Jupiter is given the full honor." Zeus said detesting his Roman aspect.

"Strengthen your bonds with your brothers and their children Zeus, then my son their children will honor you as Jason and Thalia honor their uncles." Kronos advised making the King of the Gods stare at his father wide-eyed.

"My children honor my brothers?!" He asked nearly yelling.

"Yes, and even Percy has honored Hades from time to time as well as his own father along with Nico honoring Poseidon." Kronos told his youngest. "Bond more with your children, your nieces, and nephews Zeus, the honor will truly come when they feel close to you." He advised before walking away to join the party.

As Zeus thought about his father's words and advice, and before Kronos fully waked away they both heard clapping before turning to see Ouranos.

"Well said Kronos, it seems despite everything, you truly did take my fatherly teachings to heart." He spoke to his own son with pride before turning to his grandson Zeus. "Kronos is right you know, for so long you had practically been his second coming that all your good children feel estranged from you, just like the children of your brothers." Ouranos began. "Honor your entire family Zeus, and they shall do the same to you in kind." He advised before leaving.

As Zeus watched his father and grandfather leave to join the rest of the party he decided to take their words to heart before joining his siblings and mother.

Elsewhere Percy the leader of the heroes was having a nice time with his three girlfriends.

"So Percy is this as strange to you as it is to us?" Athena asked making everyone look to her.

"You mean dating three women at once, or the fact that there's actually peace between the Gods and Titans?" He asked with a smirk.

That comment happened to earn the Hero of Olympus a solid punch from each woman.

"For the record it's strange for Zoe or me let alone both of us to date let alone share a man." Artemis answered.

"Usually I only feel intellectual bonds with men so this kind of relationship is new to me as well." Athena added while snuggling up to Percy.

"But the peace between the Titans and Gods is even stranger especially with Zeus, Kronos, and Ouranos actually chatting it up over there, among other things." Zoe spoke up.

"Though when you think about it this means that the rest of your eternity's going to be peaceful since most of your battles were with the Titans and Giants." Percy began.

"Then maybe some ancient laws will have to be tweaked so that we may properly aid demigods during quests let alone our own children." Spoke a voice coming to them revealing Hades and Poseidon.

"I personally wouldn't mind being able to aid demigods in quests specially to prevent early deaths in the Sea of Monsters." Poseidon began.

"Plus it would be nice to personally fight side by side with demigods in some fights without the fate of the world at stake." Hades added. "Be a good way to bond more with my niece, nephews, and their friends." He finished.

"Actually that would be pretty awesome, especially for the children that recently arrive to Camp." Percy commented.

"I'm at least glad that there are less chances of war now that the Gods and Titans have found peace after so many millennia." Luke said as he arrived with his own fiancé.

"Though now it's going to be a bit boring with many less quests, but at least Demigods can enjoy their lives a bit more without worrying about Kronos and Gaea trying to destroy civilization." Hermes said flying in.

"True dad." Luke began. "But, you'll be enjoying that peace married to my mother remember." The son of Hermes reminded.

"Yes, and I hope to make up for the pain I caused her and you in the past when I failed to stop her from trying to become the Oracle." Hermes commented with a heavy heart.

"She'll first need to be granted immortality before you can wed Hermes." Hades mentioned.

"Plus we can have your wedding before Triton's." Poseidon added.

"Wait dad are you sure about making Triton's wedding after Hermes?" Percy asked.

As he did though said sea god came and placed a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Relax little brother, I waited over seven centuries to be with my beloved, we can wait a bit longer." Triton said with a smile.

"Then it's settled." Spoke Zeus who arrived to hear the conversation. "Hermes will be wed within the week, and after we shall celebrate the wedding of Triton." The King of the Gods spoke up.

Again sorry about it being short, but at least I'm close to finishing this fic. Next chapters will be the weddings, though I'm still thinking about after doing an epilogue to when Percy and his girls are long since married and watching their kids train and play. Though I would like some ideas for the kids like how many for each one of his lovers as well as some name ideas. Anyway remember no flames, but I do enjoy constructive criticism, as well as more ideas.

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