Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home

I do not own The Vampire Diaries or any of the characters in this story (except for Melody and a few others). All rights go to L.J Smith and Kevin Williamson.

Have you ever woken up and wished that the last few years of your life was just a dream? That you'd just wake up to a specific moment in time where everything was perfect and happy? This seems to happen to me almost every morning, and this morning is no different.

I lay awake just staring at my ceiling for a moment before remembering the previous year of my life. With a groan I slowly make my way out of bed and head towards the bathroom. After brushing my teeth and splashing water on my face I raise my head to study my reflection in the mirror. My wavy caramel-blonde hair looks like I was caught in a tornado, my big grey eyes lack the spark of life they held a few months ago and my plump pink lips are turned downwards in a permanent frown. I exit the bathroom and make my way towards my vanity dresser. I apply a light amount of foundation and mascara and somehow manage to tame my hair. I try to rearrange my features to make myself appear somewhat happy. Eventually I stand up sighing, deciding that this was as good as it's going to get.

Today is my first day back to Mystic Falls after I left nine months ago with my father Martin and four year old brother Aidan to go live in Ireland with my uncle Patrick. My father had lost his job due to his drinking habits and so has decided to return here in search of a new one. I highly doubt he'll be getting employed anytime soon seeing as he still drinks, it's just his way of coping with everything, so with that in mind I've decided to go ask for my old job back as a waitress at the Mystic Grill today after school.

I only hope that I can make it through today without somebody bringing up the past.

Authors Note: Hey guys, this is the first fanfiction I've ever written so I'm sorry if it's a little rough :/ I just wanted to upload a little intro to see what ye'd think. Feedback would be absolutely amazing :) This story will be taking place during the first season and I might possibly continue it onto the second and third season if things go well :) I hope ye enjoy!