Chapter 6: Welcome To My World

I do not own The Vampire Diaries or any of the characters in this story (except for Melody and a few others). All rights go to L.J Smith and Kevin Williamson.

*Elena's POV*

I wake up with a searing pain shooting through my head. I open my eyes but everything is blurry and disoriented. Everything finally comes into focus and I realise that I'm not in my bedroom. I press myself against the back of the bed when I see Ben, the bartender that Bonnie was on a date with, asleep in the centre of the hotel room. I slowly and carefully make my way out of the bed and sneak past him, careful not to wake him up.
I almost get to the door when his voice startles me, "I wouldn't" he said, suddenly in front of me. I jump back in fear as he focuses his stare on my eyes, "Don't try to escape, don't even move. Do you understand?", I suddenly realise that he's trying to compel me, which means that he doesn't know that I'm wearing vervain. I quickly play along, "I understand" I reply in a monotone.
He just smirks and turns away from me, which is where I see my chance to escape. I quickly unlock the door and throw it open, only to reveal Anna standing behind it. She grabs my arm and drags me back into the bedroom, "Seriously?" she yells at Ben.
"I told her not to move! I did that eye thing you taught me!"
"And forgot the lesson about vervain! She dates a vampire, Ben. Duh!" Anna yells while dragging me towards a room.
"Who are you? What do you want?" I scream at her while trying to break free.
"Does it matter?" she responds and then shoves me into a bathroom. I find the light switch and then look around, that's when I see the two bodies in the bathtub.
"Bonnie? Melody? Oh my god!"

*At the Salvatore Boarding House*

Stefan enters the parlour to see Damon reading Emily's grimoire, "Anna took Elena" Stefan says.
"Yeah, I got that from your six hundred voice mails" Damon replies sarcastically.
"Damon, all night long, every single street in town, I've been searching. What if your blood hasn't passed out of her system?"
"Well atleast you know you'll see her again."
"Damon, please. What do you know? This isn't just about Elena you know, I looked for her at Melody's house but Melody wasn't there either. I think they took her too. You were with Anna, you must know where she's living. Just tell me where I can find them."
"Nope. You can go. Really. Besides, what would they want with Melody in the first place?" Damon asks.
"You know, all I can remember is hating you. There might have been a time when that was different, but your choices have erased anything good about you. But see, I also know you have just as much reason to hate me. This all began with me. Katherine got taken away from you because of me. And I'm sorry." Stefan says apologetically.
"Apology accepted"
"So please, just tell me what you know. It's Elena, Damon. If you know something, tell me." Stefan pleads.
"I mean this sincerely- I hope Elena dies"
Stefan leaves the room shocked at what Damon had said. Damon sat on the couch pondering what Stefan had just said. Suddenly he was up and putting on his jacket, and then making his way to Melody's house.

*Melody's POV*

As I regain consciousness memories begin to swim around in my head, a hand being placed over my screaming...and then falling into a deep sleep. Before I can open my eyes, the sound of voices reaches my ears first. It's Elena and Bonnie talking, "Shhh, they can hear" Elena whispers, I then hear the sound of a running tap. Who can hear them?
"I'm so stupid!" Bonnie hisses.
"No, he had all of us fooled" Elena stated. Who had us fooled? Who are they talking about?
Finally opening my eyes I realise that I'm inside a bathtub with Bonnie, "What's going on? Where are we?" I ask groggily. Elena quickly rushes over with a wet cloth and begins patting my forehead. "Why are we here?" Bonnie asked, ignoring my questions.
"It must have something to do with the tomb and Emily's spell book" Elena whispers. Okay what the hell? I think I hit my head cos there's no way I just heard Elena say a spell book!
"Spell book?" Bonnie voiced the question that was swimming around my head.
"Damon said it could be used to open the tomb"
"Why didn't I know about any of this?" Bonnie asks. What I'm wondering is why the hell am I only finding out now that my friends are complete nut jobs!
"I was trying to keep you out of it, hoping it would never come to this"
"Come to what?"
"They need a witch to break the spell and let the vampires out" Elena says grimly. Okay this is getting way out of hand, my head can't take anymore of this.
"Okay hold the god damn phone! Are ye crazy or something? What's all this crazy shit about spell books, witches and vampires? I want answers and I want them now!" I exclaim and jump out of the bath, which causes me to sway a little.
"Shhh! Melody please calm down and we'll explain everything to you. I promise" Elena says while looking at me with pleading eyes. With a frustrated sigh I put the lid down on the toilet and sit down. "Okay then, shoot."

*Damon's POV*

I don't know why I'm driving to her house, the girl is just some pathetic human. Sure she's smoking hot and there's a few things I wouldn't mind doing to that body of hers...but calling to her house to check on her? That's not like me. Then with a start, I realise that it's not her I'm really worried about. It's Aidan. I don't know why, but that kid just reminds me of a younger version of myself. He's so innocent and pure. He doesn't know how lucky he is. Stefan said that Melody is missing, but he never said anything about Aidan. I don't know why I'm worrying so much, I mean if he was missing his father would've noticed and rang the sheriff by now right? Still though, I couldn't ignore that voice in the back of my head that was telling me to check, just to be sure.
When I arrive at the house it still looks as if somebody hasn't been there all day. The blinds were still pulled and none of the lights were on. Trying to shake off the worry (seriously wtf? I'm never worried about anybody but myself!) I walk towards the front door and knock on it three times, hoping for an answer. I hear small footsteps make their way towrds the door and then a meek voice say "Hello? Who's out there?". With a sigh of relief I respond "Aidan buddy, It's Damon, remember me from last night?" I ask slowly.
"Damon! I can't reach the lock to open the door" he says loudly.
"Okay um can you get a chair and bring it to the door?", I then hear him quickly scurry off and then grunt loudly as he drags the chair down the hallway. He then places it in front of the door. "Now what Damon?" he yells eagerly. "Now stand on the chair and open the lock" I explain. A moment later I hear the click of the lock and then the door is thrown open and Aidan launches himself into my arms. "Melody isn't home Damon. She left me here alone" he whimpered, tears brimming in his eyes. I pull him into my arms and explain that Melody had to do something really important and that she'll be back before he knows it. I ask him where his father is and he tells me that he's been gone since yesterday, as he said it I noticed his face go pale white with fear. Something is clearly wrong there. I'm dragged out of my train of thought by Aidan, "Damon...will you make me something to eat? I'm really hungry" he asks shyly. I smile and ruffle his hair as I say "Sure buddy, but you have to invite me in first". Aidan just smiles and then invites me in.

*Melody's POV*

I can't believe what I was hearing. I'm sitting in a dirty hotel bathroom with my 2 best friends, who just told me that one is a witch, and the other is dating a vampire. I sit in silence for a few minutes just absorbing everything they said, and then I beigin laughing hysterically. Elena and Bonnie just look at me as if I've just lost my mind.
"V-vampires? And Wi-witches? Oh guys are too funny. You really had me going there for a while" I say while laughing. Suddenly Bonnie begins chanting in some weird language and the bar of soap on top of the sink begins hovering in front me. I just stare wide eyed until it's suddenly hurled in my direction. Instinctively, I throw my arms up over my face and the soap stops dead in its tracks before falling to the ground. "Wow that was close...luckily you stopped it in time" I laugh nervously. I can't believe what I just saw. This is beyond crazy. Bonnie snapped me out of my crazy rambeling when she said, "I didn't stop it. You did." Now THAT had to be the craziest thing I've heard so far. I didn't even touch it! "What do you mean I stopped it? I didn't even tough it!" I ask confused.
"Melody, I have the gift of being able to sense supernatural beings by touching them, and that day in the Grill when I touched you, well it told me that you're one too. I just don't know what kind." she whispered softly.
"Okay that's enough. I can believe that you're a witch, and I guess about the existance of vampires, but saying that I'm not human? That's going too far" I say angrily.
Suddenly Ben bursts through the door and turns off the faucet.
"You're wasting your time. I'm not gonna help you." Bonnie states defiantly.
Ben grabs both me and Elena roughly by the arm saying, "That's why they're here. Motivation for you to behave." He then smirks cruelly and before pushing me and Elena out of the room he says, "You know, you shouldn't have been so desperate. You made it too easy."
When Elena and I are shoved into the room we are seated in front of a young girl who looks to be around our age.
"Well well. Elena Gilbert. You really are Katherine's doppelganger. You must have the Salvatore boys reeling. And of course you'd have to be best friends with the other doppelganger. Maybe history is repeating itself after all" she says cryptically. What does she mean by the other doppelganger? Surely she's not talking about me...
"Who are you?" asks Elena.
"I'm Anna. Your brother may have mentioned me. I mean, we're like, practically dating".

*Damons POV*

After making Aidan something to eat, I decide it's time to get back down to business and find a witch to open up the tomb. Looking at Aidan I realise that I can't just leave him on his own, "Hey buddy, how do you feel about hanging out with me for the day?" I ask him smiling. He looks up at me with wide eyes and a huge grin, "Really? That'd be awesome!" he exclaims. I just laugh and then load him into the back seat of my car before driving to Bonnie's Grandmother's house.
When I arrive at the house I knock on the door only to have Sheila Bennet answer it, Bonnie's Grandmother.
"Yes?" she asks, eyeing Aidan and me.
"Hi there, I'm looking for Bonnie."
"She's not here"
"Oh, well do you know when she-" I begin, but she cuts me off.
"Never." she answers stubbornly, just like judgy.
"You have quite an opinion for someone who doesn't me."
"You got some nerve knocking on a Bennet witch's door and asking her for anything"
Once Aidan heard the word 'witch' he hid behind my leg looking terrified.
"What'd I do?" I ask, not liking how much she was scaring Aidan.
"Spirits talk, Mr Salvatore, and so does my granddaughter. You are no friend to us. Now get off my porch" she replies angrily.
"Step outside and say that" I say menacingly, only to have Aidan tug on my shirt, asking me to retreat.
Before I could move Sheila stepped outside and a piercing pain shot through my skull, causing my to drop to my knees and shout in agony. Aidan begins crying and asking her to stop.
"I am not Bonnie. You don't wanna mess with me." she says before re-entering her house.
I slowly get to my feet while reassuring Aidan that I'm fine, then when I have him calm I take him back to my car. It looks like I'm going to need some help afterall, but this time I can't have the kid with me.

*Melody's POV*

Anna begins pacing the room before stopping to peer through the curtains outside.
"What did ye do with my brother?" I ask angrily.
"What brother?" Anna asks, not looking at me.
"My younger brother Aidan was in the house with me, what did ye with him? If ye touched a single hair on his head so help me god I will-" I begin before being interrupted.
"We didn't go near him. We weren't even aware he was there" she says calmly.
I sigh in relief for a moment, before realizing that if my father returned home, there would be nobody there to protect Aidan. Suddenly panic began to set in.
"You need to let me go! I need to get home to him! I-I have to make sure he's alright!" I exclaim while struggling.
"Calm down. You're not going anywhere until that Bennet witch agrees to help me."
"Bonnie's not gonna open the tomb" Elena states factually.
"Oh, I think she will" Anna answers
"Do you really want Katherine out that bad"
"Trust me, no-one I know wants to see that girl again. Except Damon, the lovestruck idiot"
"Then what is it?" Elena asks.
"Or who is it?" I finish.
"My mother's in there. Katherine couldn't help herself. She just had to toy around with both of the Salvatore brothers. Then when she got caught, so did my mother. I watched Johnathan Gilbert take her away" Anna explains sadly.
"I'm sorry" both Elena and I say at the same time.
"You really mean that don't you? Yeah, I think we'll skip the 'dead mom' bonding so ye can start serving a purpose"
"Which is what?" I ask.
"Leverage. This belong to you?" Anna asks Elena while holding up her mobile phone.
She quickly begins dialing a number and then begins speaking.
"Her and Melody are fine. For now. Tell me you have the grimoire and they'll stay fine." Anna says into the phone.
"Which means your brother has it. And I have the witch. So one of you had better meet me in the very public town square in thirty minutes so we can safely discuss how fun it's gonna be to work together" She says cheerfully before hanging up.
Upon hearing that Damon has this grimoire that they want, I realize that we're probably not gonna make it out of here alive.
After looking at her phone, Anna gets up and moves to the bathroom door before knocking on it and saying, "I'm leaving".
Ben emerges dragging Bonnie behind him.
"Keep them buttoned down. Compulsion won't work. Just use violence." Anna says casually before leaving.
"Right. I got that." Ben says before throwing Bonnie onto the bed next to us, "Sit. Behave. So you're the key to this. Literally. The one who opens the door. Tell me, how long have you been a witch? And you, how can you have absolutely no idea what you are? Well so far you seem pretty useless to me" Ben chuckles, looking from Bonnie to me.
"Is there anything to drink here?" Elena asks annoyed.
"Are you offering?" Ben smirks, "There's water on the night stand."
Elena grabs the glass of water and begins drinking it.
"Hey. Can I have a sip?" Bonnie asks randomly. What is up with the need for water?
Elena gives Bonnie a peculiar look before handing Bonnie the water. Bonnie quickly throws the water onto Ben and then suddenly the water turns into flames! We quickly see our opportunity and make our way to the door, I'm the first one out and down the stairs when I realize that the others aren't behind me.
"Come back in! Shut the door!" I hear Ben yell. Why haven't they escaped yet?
"Don't hurt her!" I hear Bonnie scream. I look up to see Bonnie in the doorway of the hotel room.
"Don't make me!" warned Ben. I then watched as Bonnie slowly closed the door behind her.
Realizing that there's nothing I can do for them on my own, I quickly begin running home. Desperate to see Aidan safe.

*Damon's POV*

Leaving Aidan at the boarding house with a colouring book and some crayons, I make my way towards the town square.
As I enter the park I see Anna talking to the youngest Gilbert. Ugh isn't there enough teenage vamp love going on already, this Twilight thing is giving people ideas.
As soon as Anna is away from Jeremy and sitting on a bench I race up to her and sit down.
"Got a hot date or are you just planning on nabbing the entire Gilbert family?" I ask sarcastically while surveying the area.
"Party. Right next to the old cemetery. Isn't that nice of them? Lots of warm bodies for starving vampires." she smiles.
"I told you. I work alone."
"Yeah, so do I. But you're minus a witch and I'm minus a spell book. So what do you say?" she asks bluntly while looking me in the eyes.
"Stefan will come after you, you know that? For messing with Elena. And I'm not too happy with your abduction of Melody either." I answer seriously.
"Then ye won't be too happy if I kill them both when I don't get what I want." She says before standing to leave.
"When do you want to do this?" I ask reluctantly.
"God. It's like 1864 all over again. You Salvatores are truly pathetic when it comes to women. Tonight. At sundown. Meet me at the church" she replies and then leaves.
As I turn to leave, I catch sight of a blonde beauty racing through town like a mad woman. I quickly speed up to her and stop her in her tracks by grabbing her arm.
"Melody? What are you doing? How did you escape?" I ask confused.
When she looks me in the eyes all I can see is fear covering her flawless features, then realisation hits me. She knows.
"Melody I know what Elena has told you but let me explain." I began, I couldn't have her running around town blabbing to people that vampires exist. What was Elena thinking?
"Damon look I could care less about you being a vampire right now. The only thing I can think about is getting home to my brother and making sure that he's safe." she says frantically while trying to escape my grasp. I've gotta hand it to her, she's got guts.
"Melody calm down! Aidan is at my house colouring."
"W-what? How did he get there?" She asks confused.
"I went to your house this morning when I heard that you and Elena were taken, I wanted to make sure that they hadn't taken Aidan too. He was there on his own, he said that your father hadn't returned since yesterday." I explain. Relief washes over and she begins to breath more steadily. She didn't seem to question the absence of her father which I find quite odd.
"Oh thank God. I was so worried about him. Can you take me to him?" she asks, to which I just nod.

*Melody's POV*

The ride back to the boarding house was filled with Damon explaining how he became a vampire and how he's spent the last 145 years trying to rescue the woman he loved. I'd never admit it to him, but my respect for him rose substantially at that moment.
"Damon I have to say, I can understand why Elena and Stefan double crossed you, they were worried about setting loose a tomb full of vampires to snack on the city. God that sounds like something out of some low-budget cheesy horror flick" I say while making a face that causes Damon to chuckle, but then I continue, "but if you were to promise to only allow Katherine out of the tomb and then destroy the rest, then I'll stand behind you. I've always been a full supporter of true love, and I always will." I smile at him.
"I have to say blondie, you're not as annoying as I first expected. And I promise you that Katherine is all I want from that tomb." he says sincerely.
I simply smile at him as we pull into his driveway. I jump out before the car has a chance to fully stop and race through the front door. I see Aidan colouring a picture on the floor. I race towards him and sweep him up into my arms.
"Melody you're back! I really missed you. I was all alone but then Damon came and got me." he squealed as I hugged him tightly and kissed every inch of his face. I was so grateful that he was safe. I wouldn't know what I would have done if my father had laid a single finger on him.
"I'm so sorry for leaving you Aidan. I promise it will never happen again. I told you I will always protect you and I'm gonna keep that promise" I say while hugging him once more.
I set him down and turn towards Damon, who just seems to be standing there awkwardly. Before I realise what I'm doing I race up to him and hug him tightly, thanking him for keeping my brother safe. He seems stunned at my reaction, which causes me to remember what he is and I quickly pull away. Luckily, Elena decides to make an appearance at that moment.
"I'm gonna have to change the locks. You stage a jailbreak?" he asks.
"Stefan." she answers simply.
"Ah, brother. Ever the white knight." he says dryly.
"Elena I'm so sorry for running off, but there was nothing I could do and I had to make sure that Aidan was safe" I explained.
"Melody it's fine. I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to return to that place. I just hope you can forgive me for not telling you everything before" she says pleadingly. I simply look away from her and to my feet. Knowing that it won't be that easy.
"Damon, I convinced Bonnie to help you."
"I doubt that." he replies.
"I'm not gonna say that I'm sorry we got the grimoire without you last night, because I'm not really."
My head snaps up at hearing Elena say this. How can she be so blunt?
"Well, at least you're honest" answers Damon, with a look of disdain on his face.
"I was protecting the people I love Damon. But so were you. In your own twisted way. And as hard as it is to figure, we're all on the same side, after the same thing."
"Not interested." he snaps.
"Yes you are, because you were willing to work with us yesterday." she pleads.
"Fool me once, shame on you."
Well he did kinda have a point. Seeing that this was going nowhere I decide to interfere.
"Damon maybe you should hear her out. After all you're gonna need a witch to get that tomb open anyway." I say while looking him in the eyes.
"Damon I'm promising you this now, I will help you get Katherine back." Elena says.
"I wish I could believe you." Damon replies turning to her.
"Well then believe me. Not only am I a full supporter of true love, but I owe you big time for taking care of Aidan. You will never know how much that actually meant to me. So I give you my word, I will help you." I say defiantly.
Damon sighs and then looks me dead in the eyes, "I'm trusting you. Don't make me regret it."

When Elena, Damon and I arrive at the woods, we see that there's a party in full swing. Talk about perfect timing.
"The Duke party. I forgot. I hope they stay clear of the church." Elena says worriedly. I have to agree with her, while most of the people here look like college idiots just trying to get wasted and laid, I wouldn't like to see anybody get their necks torn open.
"Your hope, not mine." Damon says calmly.
Unfortunately, Caroline and Matt spot us and make their way towards us.
"Melody! Elena! Oh my God, where have you been?" she asks while grabbing hold of Matt's hand. I have to refrain from laughing out loud at how obvious Caroline is being and how awkward Matt looks because of it.
"Long story, no time to tell it." Damon answers quickly.
"I wasn't talking to you." Caroline hisses.
"Sure you were", Damon smirks.
"We haven't met. I'm Matt."
"Matt. There's a reason you and I haven't met. We're going that way." Damon says bluntly while urging Elena and I forward, causing me to chuckle at his rudeness and send Matt an apologetic look.
"I'm sorry guys" Elena apologizes.
As soon as we reach the entrance to the tomb my heart rate increases. What have I gotten myself into?
"Brother. Witches." Damon greets them.
As soon as Grams sees me she sends me a peculiar look. Remembering what Bonnie had accused me of being earlier, I look away from her and instead focus my eyes on the floor.
While Bonnie and Grams are setting up, Damon pulls out a blood bag and I swear my stomach hits the floor. It looks revolting. Once they're done they begin chanting in a strange language.
"What are they saying?" asks Damon.
"Sounds Latin" replies Stefan.
"I don't think it's Latin" I answer, feeling a strange familiarity towards the unusual words, but only to some.
Suddenly the torches flare up and the tomb door opens. Stefan leaves to get the gasoline and Damon turns towards me.
"You ready?" he asks.
"What?" I ask confused.
"I'm not gonna go in there by myself so you can seal me in" he says while grabbing my arm.
"Damon let her go!" Elena yells.
"Don't take her in. I'll bring the walls down." Grams threatens.
"You'll bring the walls down even if I don't. Think I trust you?" Damon sneers.
"As much as I trust you" Grams replies. Okay I've had enough of this. It's obvious why Damon needs me...and for some strange and stupid reason, I trust him.
"Enough. Both of you. Look, he needs leverage. He needs to know that you're not going to shut the door when he gets inside. I get it. I'll go." I explain.
Damon then grabs a torch and we both enter the tomb.
Inside it's pitch black and Damon's torch does little to provide much light. Suddenly I can hear whispers all around me and I'm getting light headed really quickly. I can barely here Damon murmur "Where is she?" before he disappears. Leaving me in the darkness.
After a few moments of aimlessly wondering around I trip and fall next to a mummified vampire. God these things are disgusting. "Ugh you my friend, could use some moisturiser...eww or how about a breath mint. You guys reek!" I say wrinkling my nose. Suddenly its eyes flash open and look at me, causing me to jump up and scream.
I hear footsteps coming towards me and suddenly Elena is standing next to me.
"Melody! We have to get out of here now!" She yells, looking frantic.
"What? Why?"
Elena never had the chance to answer because immediately Anna shows up beside her.
"Ye must have a taste for it. Ye scream and shriek and even bother to escape, and you just come right back to it." Anna says sarcastically.
Elena takes a step back and trips over another mummified vampire, she jumps up screaming when she realises what it is.
"Mother! Mother. Your boyfriend did this you know?" Anna says, turning her piercing glare towards Elena.
"His father did" Elena replies.
"And Jonathan Gilbert. I made a choice a long time ago that it would be Gilbert blood that brought her back to life. I had Jeremy all ready to go but..." Anna began. I knew what she was thinking and immediately pushed Elena towards the entrance to the tomb, telling her to run. Anna flashes in front of us and blocks our way, I go to hit her but she easily knocks me to the ground before grabbing Elena's wrist and biting into it, causing her to scream. Anna bends Elena's wrist down to her mother's mouth where she begins to drink from it.
"No, please don't!" I beg, slowly making my way to my feet. I was concentrating on trying to stop the room from spinning.
Next thing I know Stefan is pushing Anna away from Elena and telling both of us to get out of here. We immediately make a run for the exit and relief washes over me when it comes into sight. Elena is the first to escape but suddenly I slam into an invisible wall. What the hell?
"Elena. Stefan..." I can hear Bonnie say.
"He's right behind me. So is Melody." Elena answers and turns around just in time to see Stefan stand next to me.
"Stefan, Melody, what are you doing?" Elena asks confused. I begin to tell her that I've no idea but Stefan beats me to it.
"It's gonna be okay. We'll fix it." he says reassuringly. I turn to him and give him a 'what the fuck?' look.
"The spells still up. We can't get them out yet. And for some reason, due to whatever Melody is, she can't get out either" Bonnie explains. Oh great, I'm stuck in some disgusting cave with about a hundred beef jerky vampires with stinky breath...yippie.
I suddenly realise that Damon is trapped in here too, "Elena I have to go back for Damon. We can't leave him in here. We promised him. Both of us." I say to her. She just nods and looks to Stefan, who says that he'll come with me. We both venture back into the tomb in search of Damon. We find him at the end still holding the blood bag.
"She's not here." he says frustrated.
"Damon." I say, trying to get his attention.
"She's not here."
"What?" Stefan asks shocked.
"She's not here!" Damon yells while throwing the blood bag at the wall. I can see the pain written across his face.
"Damon, we need to get out of here." I beg pleadingly.
"It doesn't make sense. They locked her inside." he murmurs.
"If we don't leave now. We're not getting out." Stefan explains.
"How could she not be in here?"
Damon begins murmuring to himself and Stefan continues to plead with him. I realise that I can't end up stuck in here leaving Aidan unprotected, so I take a step forward and look into Damon's eyes and say "Damon! Please." Realization seems to hit him and all three of us exit the tomb. As soon as I'm out of the tomb I turn towards Damon to see the pain and anguish covering his features. I slowly walk towards him and wrap my arms around him in an embrace and say "I'm sorry." A moment later he returns the embrace. As I begin to walk away I'm suddenly pinned to a nearby tree and struggling to breath. Damon is holding me up by the neck and is looking me in the eyes with suspicion.
"You couldn't get out of that tomb either. What are you?" he sneers while slamming my head against the trunk.
"I trusted you. While all along you were lying to us all. I said what are you?" he yelled while slamming my head against the tree once more. Causing me to become dizzy.
"Damon! Let her go! She has no idea. None of us do." Elena says while running towards us. Damon simply lowers me to the ground while still looking at me with suspicion. I immediately begin gasping for air and coughing. Elena helps me up and begins lecturing Damon. All the while I sneak off and make my way towards the Salvatore house. Desperate to get Aidan away from all of these psychos.

As soon as I enter the boarding house I quickly grab Aidan's hand and begin dragging him towards the front door.
"But Melody, I haven't said goodbye to Damon" Aidan whines.
"We don't have time, sorry buddy. We gotta get home." I say rushing to put on his jacket.
Just as we're about to leave, Stefan and Damon enter the room. Aidan runs over to Damon and gives him a hug, saying that he has to go but if they could hang out again sometime. Damon just returns the hug half-heartedly.
I grab Aidan's hand and pull him towards me, all the whil staring wide eyed at Damon with tears streaming down my face. "Look, I can't be a part of your world. So whatever ye think I am. Ye're wrong. I have to protect Aidan from all of this. So please, just leave us alone." I plead before leaving the house with hot tears running down my cheeks.

*Nobody's POV*

As Melody makes her way home with Aidan next to her. She ponders how her life has become so terrible. She wishes that her mother was still alive so that she could turn to her for advice on what to do. She doesn't know how to handle everything and she's scared. She sends up a silent prayer asking for her mother to help her out, saying that she could really use some guidance right now. While Melody continued walking home and wiping the tears away from her face, she failed to notice Sarah Fahy standing across the street, silently watching...and waiting.

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