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I can't live here anymore, I just can't do it! Tom and Liza are just, gah! I can't do it! No! They are horrible! How could they have kept this from me! I thought that they loved me I thought that "Parents" always told their kids everything! Well shows what I know! I am now packing my bags and leaving I am going to find where my parents are from I am going to live in MY house and I am going to live my REAL name! Tom and Liza can go fuck themselves I don't care! Sure I'll miss Aaron but there is nothing I can do about that, it's not like he had any way of knowing what was really going on behind both his and my backs.

I sigh as I grab my boarding pass and head out into the streets of New York. I was going to miss it here. Luck was on my side though; I didn't have to give up my favorite part of New York. Modeling. Modeling was my life. I loved it. I first started for the selfish reason of going against my Tom and Liza, never thinking that I would ever come to love the flashing lights and glamour that came with being a model. I also never expected to become popular, that's a story for another time though.

The plane ride to Washington was short, or at least it seemed short. I was too preoccupied with my thoughts too notice much. When I landed I quickly claimed my luggage and walked to the parking lot, this was a very small airport. One of the smallest I've ever seen and I've seen small airports. I searched for a little while before I finally spotted my black mustang which really wasn't hard to find considering it was the best car in the lot. I turn on the GPS and set it to my location Forks Washington. The home of my Parents, not Tom and Liza but my real parents the ones that loved me. The ones that haunt me dreams to this day…

I pull up to my new house, or well I guess you could say my old house. I haven't been here since I was three almost four; everything still looks pretty much the same with no major changes. If there were changes they were only to keep the place up and well enough to be lived in. I walked in and noticed that the movers had brought all the stuff from my apartment and the stuff that I bought but they hadn't arranged it throughout the house guess that's going to be my job. Let's see how that is going to work. I'm willing to bet not very well.

I'm pretty tall standing at about five foot eight but I am also very thing which is popular for a model. I am thin while still being curvy though. I have the hour glass body that many people would kill for, with great boobs that many people would also kill for at a D cup. I hate them, when I first started modeling they asked me to get a boob reduction. I soon taught them that I was going to work with my boobs and make them one of my best assets though which is what I did and they are what helped make me famous. I know that right now I'm hanging in many teenage boys' bedrooms, not that I care. If they want that then that's what they want nothing I can hold against them.

I sigh trying to ignore the familiar pang I feel looking at my phone and seeing the picture of Chris and I. I loved him with all my heart and he threw me away, he acted like I didn't matter, like everything that we'd ever said or done together meant nothing, like her hadn't taken the one thing that I treasured more than anything in the world because it was the only thing that hadn't been taken from me…..

Green. That's all that surrounds this house. Well I guess that makes sense when I live in a house hidden by forest, near the La Push Border. I can't live there though because I'm not Native American, in any way. I grab my keys again and run to my car, I'm closer to the Rez so I decide I'll drive through there and see if there is a small store there that I might be able to find a store where I can get something for tonight and tomorrow before I set everything up. I ran out to my car smiling when I noticed it was raining. I love the rain. It never rained enough in New York, I hope that it rains more here, if it does I will be the happiest person in the world.

I drive around La Push quickly noticing there really was nothing too it. The main thing to notice is the beach and there is a little school, I knew that I wanted to go back to the beach I quickly check the time and pulled up to the beach. I smirked as I got out of the car knowing exactly what was going through most of their heads, if it was a teenage boy they were either thinking about my car or wondering how they knew me and if it was a girl they were staring in envy wondering if they knew designer which designer I was wearing and how I afforded it. I just laughed taking off my Coach hells and walking down to the edge of the water and letting the surf hit my feet.

I randomly started walking down the beach enjoying the light rain and the surf hitting my feet. I knew that I wasn't too far away from my car because if I turned my head I could still see the general area which I had parked it. I just kept walking enjoying the peace which I had never had the chance to enjoy when I lived in New York because there never was quiet in the city. Peace was a rare thing, a thing that one never truly took the time to appreciate. I just kept walking so lost in my thoughts that I didn't expect to run into a giant wall, a wall which sent me falling backwards into the sand.

"Oh shit! Are you okay! I'm so sorry I should've been paying more attention" the wall said.

"I'm fine. I'm fine"

"Are you sure?"

"Positive" I say looking up at the wall which I just discovered was a person, with a smile.

"Okay cool. I'm Jared by the way. Sorry I was a little distracted." He said taking my hand and helping me up.

"its fine I was too, I should've noticed you. You're kinda tall and something you would think a girl would notice"

Jared smirked slightly and raised his eye brow, "and what do you mean by that little miss? I'm kidding. What did you say your name was?"

"I didn't" I said smiling slightly before adding "I'm Kristen."

"Come along Kristen, I have a feeling we are heading in the same general direction right now." Jared said heading back toward the direction of the parking lot.

"You're a good guesser. Did you drive here?"

"Nope I walked here"

"You want a ride where ever you're going, I was going to pick up some stuff for a sandwich before going home anyways" I offered.

"Sure I'm actually going back to my friend Sam's house if you'd just drop me off there it's kind of you of the way, and Em might send you home with some food." Jared said laughing though I could hear in his voice that he was completely serious.

"Okay that sounds like a plan" I said leading him to my car laughing as his eyes widened. "What?"

"This is your car!"

I couldn't help it and started laughing, "yes this is my car now get in so I can take you too you friend's house" I say getting into the drives seat and starting my baby.

Jared quickly follows my lead getting into the passenger's seat. "Kris, may I call you Kris? You have to stay until Sam gets to his house so I can show him that I road in a better car than him please!"

"Yes you may call me Kris and sure I guess I can stay until I meet his Sam dude. Is there anyone else I need to meet and the next right?" I say already feeling like Jared and I were going to become good friends. I felt like there was something that was going to happen and it was just going to end up making us closer.

"You have to meet Sam's fiancée Emily. She's amazing but don't staring at the scars, it upsets Sam and when he's upset everyone's upset. Next driveway on the left"

I quickly turn into the drive way and take in the house in front of me. It adorable, nothing like the new house that I have now. This can be considered a home, while my house is just that a house with furniture and boxes filling it. This house had a pleasant feel to it, homey like it was full of people who loved each other very much. Like a family lived in it..

"Kris can you do something for me?" Jared whispered.

"What's you need Jared my Pal?"

"I want you to sit on the hood of the car with me looking sexy when Sam and Embry come out"

"sounds like one hell of a plan my friend" I say getting out of the car. I quickly found a pose that would make it both look innocent and sexy at the same time for Jared and I to me doing. I was hanging laying so my cleavage was showing slightly and my dress rode up and Jared was posed so his muscles were flexed once the guys got over that they were going to get a picture of this!

Jared and I quickly got into a conversation about random nothing ness, it didn't matter what we were talking about because we were just having fun. The way we were able to do this and that I was about to tell him I was actually Nicolette the famous model without him freaking out was amazing. It felt amazing to meet a person and know that I could trust him. I still don't know how I knew I could trust him I just did.

"What the fuck is going on out here!" Jared and I look up shocked to see two guys and a very pretty woman with three scars running down her face staring at us. The woman even with her scars was beautiful, there was no denying it, she was georgous model worthy with scars. That's rare and I would know.

"Embry calm down, I'm sure that Jared will explain what's going on." The woman said.

"Emily, Sam, Embry, this is Kristen she offered to help me fufill my dream of modeling if you would please take a picture on your phone for me Em. She's a good friend of mine so be nice!" Jared said with a slight growl at the end.

"Of course, that is very nice of you Kristen! Jared's always wanted to be a model. This is going to be his facebook profile picture you know." Emily says taking the picture before showing us.

I quickly hop off from my pose on the car fixing my dress, "Jared said your name was Emily right? You're a wonderful photographer, have you ever thought of looking into a career even if just on the side in it?" I asked being honest she was wonderful she took a picture that was a good as most people take with professional cameras on an iPhone!

Emily looked down and blushed, "You don't have to come up with fake compliments."

"I'm not! I told Jared he was a good model and he was! So I'm not lying swearing guy who's name I don't remember, don't you think Emily took a good picture?" I say showing him the picture.

"My names Embry and Em, this is freaking amazing and I'm not whipped like Sam so you know that I'm telling you the truth" Embry said flashing Emily a smile before turning to the only other guy there who I'm going to assume is Sam, "I'm going to go take over for Paul we don't want him in a worse mood than he normally is. It was nice meeting you Kristen!" He said running off towards the woods.

"It's a short cut to work, now why don't you come in Kristen. Emily would love to have some female company for a while." Sam said with a polite smile.

"I'd be happy to Sam, correct me if I got your name wrong."

"You seem to be doing pretty well with our names so far." Sam said grabbing Emily's hand and walking into the house. Laughing as Jared put his arm over my shoulder and told me to get going because he was hungry and didn't have all day.

The inside of the house was much like the outside. It had a wonderfully homey feel too it, like it always held family and friends. Love seemed to ooze out of the walls; I fell in love with the house. Just the feel then it was decorated adorably. It was decorated with the rustic old fashioned look with a large kitchen and dining room. The house was wonderful.

"Emily, Sam I love your house!" I say looking around smiling.

"Thank you dear. Do you mind me asking you some questions because I really do hope to be seeing more of you" Emily asked.

"Be careful Kris, Emily might mother you to death." Jared said jokingly.

"I'll take that warning Jerry" I say with a smirk before turning to Emily, "I'd love to answer any questions you have. You've been nothing but nice to me and I hope to become good friends with all of you. I became quick friends with Jared"

"Well that's always a good thing. Frist thing, how old are you?"

"I just turned 17 and I live right on the La Push boarder, many people remember it for the 1997 murder" I say.

Jared stares at me wide eyed, "The…the….what?" He asks. "My….my….best f-friends parents were killed there….."

I whipped around, it couldn't be. This could not be the same person. "No. Fucking. Way."

Emily and Sam were both staring at Jared and I confused. It all made sense now. This was my Jarebear! My best friend, I hadn't spoken to him since we were both five. I'd missed him so much.


"KRIS!" Jared and I yelled as I jumped into his arms hugging him tightly. I couldn't believe that I'd found him!

Emily and Sam were laughing at Jared and I hugging. Even though they were probably laughing at Jared who looked like he was going to cry and me who was actually crying. I had my best friend back, Jared knew everything about me. He was always there. This explains why I automatically trusted him, why I didn't question him. This was the same crazy guy that I've loved for years. This is my Jarebear.

"What. The. Fuck. Is. Going. On?"

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