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(5 years later (: )

So much has changed yet so much is still the same, I'm never sure if that's good or not though. Paul and I are happily married and I just gave birth to child number one a month ago. It was a beautiful little boy which we named Jonathan. He is so much like his father it's funny; they both have the same common expression and features. I think the only thing which he got from me was his eyes, which Paul thinks is his best feature. I love Paul; I always will he's sweet even when he's trying not to be.

Many things have changed with in the pack as well within relationships but I can't really tell you about that. Those are stories for another time and they are not my story to tell, you would have to ask the wolves which are involved. Though personally I think that all of the stories are adorable and completely worth hearing so maybe you should ask them. Then they may just tell you how they met, fell for, or saved their relationship with their imprints.

"Babe are you narrating life in your head again?" Paul asks kissing my cheek.

"Sadly yes I am that tired right now that I am narrating my life, as if it's a story which is coming to the end in an epilogue." I say smiling at him.

"How about you get some sleep and I'll watch the baby for a while love, I don't think you should narrate any more of your life before you decide you want a plot twist and we end up somewhere crazy without our son struggling to get back."

"I don't like that story. Don't let it happen Pauly!" I say dramatically falling into his arms.

"Oh darling, I shall save you trust me! I know just the way!" Paul says with a smirk carrying me upstairs.

"No I don't want a nap! Those are for babies and I'm a big girl!" I say laughing.

"I know you're a big girl which is why you are going to take a nap. Love ya sweetheart."

"I love you too. Can I have kiss before you make me take a nap?" I said with a cute little pout I knew he couldn't resist. I knew I wasn't playing fair but since Jonathan was born I've been deprived of the touch of my husband, it's killing me!

Paul smiles and leaned down to give me a quick kiss which I wasn't going to allow. I quickly used his own Paulishness against him and ran my tongue along his bottom lip causing him to growl lowly and open his mouth. This of course offered me the perfect opportunity to slip my tongue inside his mouth and taste him which made me feel like I was in heaven.

Just as I was starting to really enjoy myself however my son needed something and he has to start crying. Which I love him but really, I want some time with Paul; well more like need but still you can't explain that to an infant and I can't ask anyone to watch him so I can make out with my husband. I doubt they would accept that as a reasonable answer and they would go all. Don't let your hormones control your life you are the one in control. Stupid people don't they understand that people have needs; I mean really I have needs. I need to make out with my husband more than once every three weeks. I can't handle this, I need to make out with my husband!

I sigh as I pull away from Paul, "I should go get him, I bet he's hungry."

"No babe you sleep. I'll just make him a bottle." Paul says standing back up and giving me a quick kiss.

"Okay baby, I love you. Wake me if you need anything, and remember we're supposed to go to Kim and Jared's for dinner tonight." I say rolling over.

"Love you too." Paul says walking out of the room.

I didn't realize how tired I truly was until I just passed out, I only know that I did this because when I woke back up four hours later. Wow, this is crazy. I can't believe I was that tired, well sure I guess I can because I only get about four hours of sleep a night before Jonathan wakes up but still, I'm shocked that I managed to sleep this long. I feel great, I am in such a good mood, I almost feel like the old crazy hyper Kristen. I bet that will make Paul happy.

I quickly roll out of the bed and walk into the bathroom to take a quick shower. After the shower I walk to the closet and decide on what I'm going to wear to dinner at Kim and Jared's. I hadn't really left my house since Jonathan was born so this was going to be a big deal because I was finally going to see most everyone, and they were finally going to see me. I was using the excuse that I didn't want to expose Jonathan to germs as my reason for not leaving but Paul finally caught on that I was lying and figured out that I was embarrassed by the stomach I still had. Though I didn't have much of one anymore because of my workouts and dieting, I'm used to my tiny body though so I still feel fat.

The fat which I was worried about wasn't going to be noticeable today though because I only had to lose a little more weight and then I would be back to my original tiny size and I knew just how to disguise it. Yeah I'm smart like that, plus I know how to work clothing to my advantage. I quickly grabbed my maroon colored shirt which put all the focus on my bust and waist. (The shirt, . ) And paired it with straight legged jeans then paired it with my favorite gold heels. ( ) I then pulled my hair into a side pony and letting it still curl naturally while having a few pieces fall out giving it a messy look. I also gave myself some natural make up and smiled at my reflection, I looked happy and while still looking like a young, beautiful, skinny, mother.

I walked down stairs quickly smiling as I heard Paul talking to Jonathan in the living room. I loved my boys they really were the center of my world, and I knew that Paul was probably already ready to go and just needed me to pack the baby bag. If he didn't already do that for me; I wouldn't put it past him to do that. Paul looked up and smiled widely as I walked into the living room.

"You look gorgeous babe, are you ready to go?" Paul said standing up and putting Jonathan in his carrier.

"Yeah I am. Do you have all of his stuff?" I ask grabby the baby bag and my purse.

"Of course I do babe, I can take care of our son without your help you know. You worry too much." Paul said kissing my cheek as he walked past and towards the door.

"Shut it. I have a right to worry, with him almost dying and everything." I say getting into the car.

Paul quickly got into the car and started the drive over to Kim and Jared's house, "It wasn't your fault that he almost died babe. He was premature, we are lucky that you both survived, and now you are both leaving the house and going to celebrate Kim being pregnant." Paul said grabbing my hand.

I couldn't help but smile, Paul was right. It wasn't anyone's fault that I had gone into labor early. It also wasn't anyone's fault that I had almost died during child birth. I don't remember much other than waking up to Paul crying next to me holding the baby. I know that the second he saw me awake he handed the baby off and was by my side. This is going to be the first time since I left the hospital anyone has seen the baby or I.

Paul and I where the last people at Jared and Kim's and I knew people where only expecting Paul to show up. So I told him to walk in alone and I would carry Jonathan in a little while after he came in. I figured it would be funny, and I knew it would make Kim really happy since she called and begged me to come.

"Paul!" Kim yelled, "She didn't come?"

"Sorry sis. She wasn't feeling up to it." Paul said.

"O-oh. Okay. I guess I'll see here sometime soon then…" Kim said sounding close to tears, aw Kim don't be sad! I came for you sweetheart!

I smiled listening to how many people were upset that I didn't come. It was cute, I love them. And I didn't realize how much I missed them until I heard them all in there talking and joking around. It made me walk faster than I had planned to the door as I opened it.

No one really noticed me except for Paul who took my stuff and moved it to the other room. So I walked into the kitchen where I knew everyone carrying Jonathan and with Paul's hand on the small of my back. No one thought anything of someone walking in so they didn't look up, it was funny. They were all talking about wanting to see the baby and how they missed me.

"Miss me?" I said with a smile, causing everyone to freeze and look at me.

"KRISTEN!" Kim screamed and ran over to me before stopping seeing Jonathan in my arms, "Hey cutie mommy took you out of the house!" Kim smiled.

Then everyone started talking at once and Sam flew across the room and took Jonathan out of my arms. I had made him Jonathan's god father and Sam loved him to death, I knew he would be happy to get to see him not hooked up to any machines.

"Hey little Sis, it's great to see you out." Sam said giving me a small smile, "Hey Jonathan, did you miss Uncle Sam because mommy and daddy have been busy keeping you from me.

I started laughing and shook my head at him, "Hey Sam, hey everyone. Make sure that everyone who wants to see my baby gets the chance. But make sure they support his head, and that I'm not paying too much attention because I might have a complete over protective heart attack."

Paul kissed the top of my head and smiled happy to have me out and about with the pack. I had missed them, Embry with his annoying jokes, Jake and his moping, Kim with her over excited ness, Jared being himself, Emily my sister-in-law, Sam my brother, and everyone they were all missed by me. I was so happy to be back it wasn't even funny. God it was great to be home. I walked over with Paul to the table and sat down in his lap leaning back into his chest, god this felt great, I've never been so happy in my life. This is truly amazing.

I smiled and watched as Jonathan was passed around and everyone gushed over him. This is my family and I do love them. They will always be here no matter what happens. Which is why I love them more than anything in the world; I don't know anything that could happen that would cause them to leave. They stayed with me the entire time I was in the hospital and now they are still with me even after I was in the hospital for a week. I don't know if they know how much that means to me but it mean the world to me.

I leaned up and gave Paul a quick kiss while listening to Paul try and clam Jared down as he talked about becoming a father. Kim was going to be having her and Jared's first child and Jared was terrified. It was worse than Sam with Emily, Sam passed out. It was hilarious. Jacob is finally talking to Nessie again from what I heard, and he might be marrying her. I'm not going to inform you about Embry because he has his own story which you will have to find out on your own. Seth is now a junior in high school and from what I heard really wants to imprint but hasn't found his girl yet.

Everything within the pack seems to be working out for everyone and I couldn't be happier. Everyone within the pack deserves to be happy and that's what makes them so amazing is that they are so wonderful. I hope that Seth eventually finds the girl of his dreams, and I hope that Brady and Collin finally calm down so that they make more friends other than Seth and stop making Paul want to kill people.

I guess that's all that you can say about my life now. There is no more going on, I am married and happy and I have a son. Paul's planning on giving up his wolf along with Jared and Sam. Paul and I are going to wait a little then we are planning on having one more child hopefully a little girl with we want to name Paige, after his cousin who was killed in a drunk driving accident. I love Paul though so even if I never get that second child. I know that just having him and Jonathan I will always be the happiest girl in the world. I love Paul and I love Jonathan and I love my life. I got the new life which I was looking for when I moved here and it was worth everything.

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