Because of Rantaid's review, I will explain the setting of the story a little bit. In this story, the timeline is a combination of the end of the 3rd season of Koihime Musou and the second game where Kazuto was with the ladies when they fought against Ukitsu and his army of Terracota warriors and are now living together in a huge mansion inside the capital, the faction rulers are loyal to the empire while the imperial court still has power over them, they were granted high-ranking positons and ordered to stay in the capital till further orders. Ryubi, Sousou and Sonken were appointed joint prime ministers while Kazuto was appointed Minister of the Interior by the Emporer himself. Kashin was made Commander-In-Chief(she fell in love with Kazuto as he helped become human again) again while Choujou(in this story Choujou has already repented by giving Kashin a new antidote of the poison she gave to her in the beginning and apologised for her thoughts of rebelling) was assigned to be Kazuto's secretary. During the time they spent together she too fell in love with Kazuto as he considers her a good friend despite what she had done to both Kashin and the entire Tō faction as he believed that she fell into one of Ukisu's spells that caused her to do these things. Naturally, Ryubi, Sousou and Sonken became jealous of their time together and are competing with each other for Kazuto's attention except that not only the three of them but all and I mean all of the ladies are competing for Kazuto's feelings. As for T'anchou or Sean Tan Jun Long read my other story first then you will understand who he really is although I will leave bits of info along as story moves along. One more thing about the story, if you want me to add a character, you will have to give me the character's kanji when you review it.

So here is the story. Enjoy and review!

It happened right in the middle of nowhere, near the imperial capital of Luoyang where a strange man with pure black hair except for a few strands of white hair sticking out from all over the place and rainbow coloured eyes, wearing green armour with blue gauntlets and a crimson cape attached to it. What was the bizarre feature of the man is the weapons on his back and around his waist.

He had two swords by his waist and five others attached on his back under his cape. He also had a strange metal wristband on each hand.

"Time for me to serve my lord and ladies." He said to himself."Of course, I would have to attract his attention first ." He added slyly.

"Kazuto-sama!" Cried a messenger who came into the palace with panic written all over his face.

"What is the matter?" He asked. He and the girls were having a feast under the peach blossom trees in the palace grounds.

"A young man has come to see you my lord. But before the guards could bar him from entering the gates to question him, he knocked them all unconscious without doing anything at all and is coming this way!" The messenger exclaimed with an frightful tone in his voice.

"Don't panic, let's see what he wants first. Maybe he wants to make an appeal of some kind." Reassured Kazuto as he and everyone else headed to the palace halls.

When they entered the halls, the man in question was on his knees the instant he saw them. As he kneeled, both Kazuto and Sousou noticed two boxes behind him.

" It is truly an honour to finally meet the messenger of heaven and the great heroines of this era, I am eternally grateful for this pleasure." Exclaimed the young stranger as he bowed before them deep with sincerity and respect for them.

"Thank you, but who are you and why did you have to barge in like this?" Asked Ryubi as she wondered what it could be that it required fighting the guards.

"First of all, I apologise for such a rude entering without reason. Second, my name is T'anchou, style name Jun, but please call me by my real name Shoon, I want to serve you my Lord Kazuto and Ladies Ryubi, Sousou and Sonken with my troops, generals, cities and myself at your disposal."

"Wait a minute," interrupted Kazuto.

"What is the matter, my Lord?" asked Kan'u

"Aren't you the count who rules over the city of Xuzhong and has Xingye pass to defend from any invaders?" Asked Kazuto as recalled a report of a minor official who has taken over the two cities without so much as a fight.

"Yes, that is I, and I would like to have a private conversation with you please." Asked Shoon which Kazuto allowed.

When they were alone, he asked "So, who are you really? You are definitely not from this time, aren't you?"

Shoon then replied with a friendly tone. "You are right, I am not. But at least I am chinese, unlike you who is just a student in a japanese school."

"So, who are you really?" Kazuto repeated his question.

"Allow me to introduce my real self, my name Sean Tan Jun Long which I have turned my name into your country's Kanji and I am here to change the history of the three kingdoms by your side as your friend and ally." Sean answered still in his friendly tone

"And how did you mange to come here in the first place?" Demanded Kazuto as he isn't completely convinced.

Sean showed Kazuto his hand and with it, made a portal the size of a CD. Before Kazuto could respond, Sean closed it up."Enough said?" He asked

Before Kazuto could asked any further, Sonshōkō burst into the room with a mischievous look on her face, immediately closed the door behind her and before either of the two men could ask why she is here, she ran up to them and pointed her finger up to her face.

"Shhh." She whispered. As they waited in silence, the heard a few angry voices from outside the room.

"You brat! Where are you! You can't get away from us so easily!" Exclaimed Kyocho.

"Where could she have gone to?" Demanded Ten'i.

"Maybe she is in there!" Exclaimed Daikyō, probably implying the room the two men and the 'brat'.

"No sis, this is where Lord Kazuto and that man are having their private chat." Shōkyō stopped her twin sister just in time before she opened the door.

"Did you find her?" Asked Chōhi as she, Chinkyū, Enjutsu, Mōkaku, Mike, Tora and Shamu came to join them with equally angry looks on their faces.

Judging by their angry tones, it seemed that while Kazuto and Sean(or Jun or Shoon or T'anchou, depending on circumstances) were talking to each other, Sonshōkō played a prank on some of the girls and was hiding from them.

Although Kazuto wanted to hid her, Sean suddenly opened the door and dragged Sonshōkō from the room to outside.

"Let go! Let go of me!" She screamed. She tried to struggle but Sean managed to bring her before herI victims.

"You are looking for her, I presume?" He asked.

"There you are! Thank you so much Jun-san!" Exclaimed Chōhi as she, Kyocho and Ten'i tied her up before she tried to escape from them.

"What did she do this time?" Asked Kazuto when he saw how Sonshōkō was tied up like that.

"This brat was saying how she is better than the rest of us when it comes!" Stammered Chinkyū as she couldn't finish her sentence.

"Breasts! She was saying hers is the best of all!" Exclaimed Enjutsu.

Kazuto and Sean looked at each other for awhile, then laughed heartily together.

"So this is the life you live huh?" Asked Sean.

"Yes, and I am loving it every day of my life." Replied Kazuto happily.