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"How dare you even think of suggesting to risk Karin-sama's life in the battlefield!" Kakōton yelled as she runs towards Ryokare with her blade drawn out.

But before she could take a hit, Ryokare fished out a sword from her dress and blocked the blow with amazing agility. Kakōton was surprised at how her attack was countered in such a short time.

"Don't underestimate me, Kakōton-dono." She said coldy. She then also try to land a hit on Kakōton which the latter barely managed to block it with much difficulty.

"She's about as strong as I am! How could such a little girl have such stength and skill!" Thought Kakōton to herself.

"Interesting, she is quite composed and well prepared for even the worst of situations." Mused Sonken in her head.

"Da...damn you!" Uttered Kakōton as she recovered from the strike on her blade and prepare to sttack again

"That is enough, Shunran. I am going along with Ryokare-san's plan." Commanded Sousou coldly.

"Bu..but Karin-sama!" Exclaimed Kakōton angrily.

"It could be dangerous with just a few thousand troops protecting you, please reconsider Karin-sama!" Warned Kakōen sternly.

"You could get hurt!" Shouted Juniku worriedly.

"I know you are all concern for my safety and I truly am grateful for that. But rest assured, I am sure that Hongo and Shoon will be able to protect me from any danger. Plus, I can take care of myself when the time comes." Assured Sousou to her subordinates.

"Alright. Please be careful, Karin-sama." Cautioned Juniku, blushing a little as she said that.

In response to that, Sousou walked towards her head Advisor and gave her a hug.

"Ka...Karin-sama!" Stuttered Juniku in surprise.

"Don't worry, Keifa. I will return to you all safely." Reassured Sousou in a soothing voice.

"I...I know you will, Karin-sama." Replied Juniku.

"Do not worry, Keifa-san. Lord Kazuto and I will make sure that no harm will befall on your Lord. Right, Lord Kazuto?" Asked T'anchou with a smile on his face.

"Of course, we will protect her, as well as Touka-chan and Refa-chan. You have nothing to worry about everyone." He reassured to all the Ladies who aren't involved in the attack.

After that the female Officers and Advisors started to talk to their respective Leaders.

"Aneue, please be careful." Cautioned Kan'u to her Lord and older sister.

"Come back in one piece, okay Touka nee-chan!" Wished Chōhi happily.

"I will, it isn't my first battle after all. You too, remember to take good care of yourselves when you are out there and don't lose sight of each other in the battlefield." Replied Ryubi cheerfully to her Sworn Sisters.

"This will be quite the learning experience for you, Renfa." Said Sonsaku to her younger sister.

"Ta...take care of yourself, Sonken-sama." Wished Ryomō, blushing profusely.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." Assured Sonken.

Just then, Kazuto held his hand up to annouce something.

"Ummm, can I point out that the battle is the day after Tommorow." Reminded Kazuto to everyone. Silence filled the room for a while.

"Well this is a little awkward." Said T'anchou, the first one breaking the silence.

"Uhh, well let's all get a nice bath and a good sleep to prepare for tomorrow, okay everyone!" Said Kazuto, hoping to end the awkward situation. Everyone just nodded silently.

As the Ladies head to the female changing room, Kazuto showed Shoon the way to the males.

"Now Sean-san, I hope you would tell me everything about yourself." Asked Kazuto quietly as he continue to lead the way.

"No problem, Lord Kazuto. Now that I think about it, this will be the first time I would be in a bathroom like in Japan." Replied Sean fondly.

"Is that so? Well I hope will enjoy it." Said Kazuto with a tender smile on his face.

"Wait." He suddenly said. He then stood still, closed his eyes and stayed silent for a few minutes.

"What's the matter, Sean?" Asked Kazuto.

"It's nothing, Lord Kazuto." He replied as he opened his eyes. The two then continued to proceed to the men's changing room. Unknown to the two men, their changing room is already occupied by several unexpected guests.

"Just what are you planning to do, my Ladies?" Thought Sean to himself. Okay, maybe unknown to only one man.

"Are you sure about this, Karin-sama?" Asked Juniku with a worried tone in her voice.

"Shhh. Don't worry, it will still take them a few minutes for them to get here. Now hurry and go inside the bathrooms." Instructed Sousou as she and all the other Ladies quietly walked into the bathrooms and went under the water (With special devices that allow them to breathe and hear underwater, courtesy of Riten. And of course with their clothes on, you dirty thinkers! What, you'd think I will let them do it naked! Hello! The two men will see the abandoned clothes and it would bust them wide open(No pun intended of course)!).

"Now we all have to do is wait for them to come in and we will know everything they say." Mused Shibaki humourously.

"Just how did we get into this mess." Moaned Shiba 'i loudly.

"It's all your fault." Said Ryokare to Josho in a monotone voice.

"Please don't remind me about it!" Groaned Josho.

While the Ladies were walking towards their changing room, some of the Faction Leaders had gotten curious as to why Shoon was trusted so easily to Kazuto and began discussing over the matter. Soon, everybody, except for Shibaki and Shoon's three Advisors, were debating to each other over this topic. Josho, who was irritated by their discussions over her Lord, blurted out. "If you people are so curious, maybe you should secretly be in their bathroom to overhear their conversation! Ughh!". Naturally, she covered her mouth in surprise of over what she just said but it was too late, everyone had heard this 'idea' clearly and agreed to do it together. Unfortunately, Shiba 'i, Ryokare and Josho were dragged along with this reluctantly( They were blackmailed to it by saying that it was their idea if they were caught red-handed ).

"This is will be a disaster if we are discovered." Commented Josho grimly.

"Hehe, this is very sneeky thing we are doing now." Snickered Enjustsu.

"In any case, it is now or never." Said Chōkun assuringly.

"Shhh! Here they come!" Alerted Shūtai quietly to everybody.

"Okay. Remember everyone, absolute silence." Reminded Sousou as she and everyone else took one last deep breath and went underwater.

Even though there was only Kazuto and Shoon using it, the Men's bathroom is as big as the Ladies' ( So as to prepare for any male guests staying for the night ).

"Wow, it sure is huge." Uttered Sean in amazment. The two men were wearing water-proof boxers ( Courtesy of Sean, of course )

"Indeed. Sure is the perfect place to swim, huh?" Asked Kazuto with a smile.

"Sure is." Replied Sean as they sat inside the pool-sized bath quietly.

"Now, how were you able to come to this world and who are you, for real this time?" Demanded Kazuto in a serious tone.

"As I said before, I am from our world just like you, and just like you, I want to change the history of what's to come in the future." Replied Sean with an equally serious face.

"That I can understand. But you still didn't tell me how you came?"

"To put it simple, I have acquired the means to get here and am also able bring you back to where you belong."

"I won't let you do that. I'm stll not done making this world a better place. You would have to kill me and dragged my corpse back in order to bring me back to our world." Warned Kazuto with a deadly gaze.

"Relax, my Lord. I wasn't planning to do something like that. Rather, you are the perfect person I need to serve as my Lord." Assured Sean calmy.

"Are you saying you want to alter this world's already written history to something else?" Demanded Kazuto.

"Aren't you already doing that?" Countered Sean.

"I'm only trying to give this land the peace it deserves." Replied Kazuto in his defense.

"Which is the reason why I am more than willing to serve you even though I am more powerful than you."

"What do you mean?" Asked Kazuto, confused at what his new friend had just said.

"You may not be aware of it, but you practically have the traits of our three Ladies. Lady Sousou's ambition for peace, Lady Sonken's warmth for the people and Touka-san's kind heart wanting for the people's smiles. It is these qualities that make you a true 'Messenger of Heaven'." Explained Sean.

"That does make sense as to why they are willing to be with me and kept on thinking that I am a Messenger of Heaven." Wondered Kazuto aloud.

"You are, however, already aware of the people trying to kill you." Asked Sean.

"Yes, athough besides Ukitsu and the one who brought me here in the first place, I couldn't think of anyone else who would want to kill me and why."

"About that man who brought you here. You don't know he is, do you?" Asked Sean

Kazuto shook his head in response.

"That man's name is Saji."

"You mean-!" Gasped Kazuto in shock.

"Yes, that Saji, the one who would bring about the beginning of 'her' doom."

"So that's Saji. I never thought he would turn out to be someone like that." Uttered Kazuto grimly.

"Actually he isn't really the Saji in this world. But more rather the one who is from the real world."

"What do you mean, 'he isn't'?"

"As far as I know, those two seem to be part of a group of magicians who are also from the real world, and whose goal is to destroy this world and kill both you and now, me as well."

"But why this world? And why do they want to kill us?"

"As to why they want to destroy this world, I am not too sure of the reason why. However, it seems to me that the most likely reason that they wish to kill us is because we are defying 'it'."

"That would give them a good reason to kill us. However," Said Kazuto as he stood up eith his fist up high.

"It will not put a stop to the Oath I made to myself, 'That I, Hongo Kazuto, will make this land a place where it shall never face War ever again for all eternity. That I use every bit of my strength, sweat, tears and soul to make this dream to a reality.'. With this Oath, I had also sworn to protect the ones I care about from any face of danger, whatever the cost!" Announced Kazuto to the star-filled sky. However, instead of sitting still in the water, Sean also stood up and slapped Kazuto in the cheek with a furious face.

"Don't be stupid!" He yelled to Kazuto, his hand now caressing his slapped cheek with a surprised look on his face.

"Se...Sean?" He asked in disbelief.

"If you die protecting them, what about your Oath! More importantly, what about our Ladies! Don't you know how they would feel if you were killed right in front of their eyes!" Demanded Sean.


"Allow me to tell you how they would feel! They would be absolutely heartbroken! I know that you care for them deeply and wish to protect them from any harm. But have you ever thought of their feelings at all?"

Kazuto lowered his head in shame for his foolish words just now.

"You are right, Sean. I am a fool for not realizing how my death could affect everybody. Thank you for enlightning me." Said Kazuto as he placed his hand on Sean's shoulder.

"It is a subordinate's duty to help his Lord after all. Don't think of it so much, after all, you do love them don't you?" Asked Sean with a smile.

"Yes, I do. I love them with all my heart." Proclaimed Kazuto happily. The two men then stopped talking to each other and proceeded to bath themselves for the time being.

Unknown to Kazuto ( but known to Sean of course ), all the Ladies were overhearing everything the two men were saying. When the conversation had halted for awhile, everyone had mixed feelings.

"So Lord Kazuto wasn't sent here by Heaven, but by an incident with one of the men who is now trying to kill him." Thought Kan'u.

"So, this Saji person would bring about the doom of one of us. The question is, whom, and what does Shoon mean, 'the real world'?" Wondered Sousou to herself.

"Does this mean that Kazuto is willing to abandon us to keep us safe from the people who are after him and even die for us? Even for me, even after I always downgraded him in front of Karin-sama and the others for his stupidity, how I always try to humilate him all the time? Why, you idiot. Why me as well?" Thought Juniku sadly.

"So his real name is Sean, what strange name. Now this has really started to boggle my mind." Thought Sonken.

"This is starting to get really confusing. How bothersome!" Thought Enshō densely.

"That ignorant fool, why must you always be like that to everybody." Thought Kaku sadly.

"Does that mean Onii-chan is not a Messenger of Heaven?" Wondered Chōhi to herself.

"...Kazuto-sama, you're a good person. ...But a little foolish at the same time." Thought Ryofu.

"How is it that Shoon-san and Kazuto-sama are from the same world? Does this mean he is also a Messenger of Heaven" Pondered Koumei.

"What does Shoon-san mean by 'Defying it'?" Wondered Houtou.

"So, that man is no ordinary man. How interesting." Mused Shūyu in her head.

"So the land is still not in peace just yet..." Thought Ryubi sadly.

"This invention of mine is working perfectly!" Thought Riten excitingly.

"Why are you always keeping these things to yourself, you kind foolish idiot." Thought Kaku sadly

"Yo..you mean Kazuto-sama's life is in danger! I...I must protect him and try not to be a burden to him." Tōtaku was alarmed at the words she had heard.

"Kazuto-sama, why didn't you tell us about this from the start." Kōsonsan thought sadly.

"Kazuto-sama..., we must protect him with our all." Thought the three Chō sisters at the same time.

"Ohh, being soaked with clothes feels so uncomfortable." Moaned Enjutsu.

"Even though all of them were having diiferent thoughts, they all had two things on their minds. One was to ask Sean who he really is and what is his true agenda. And second is,

"Is that how you really feel about us, Kazuto?" They all thought to themselves.

As the two young men had almost finished bathing themselves, Kazuto resumed their conversafirst again with a statement.

"You know Sean-san, I can't help but noticed something about you."

"Oh? What is it, Lord Kazuto?" Asked Sean, cocking his head a little.

"If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that you are in love with our Ladies."

Sean blushed a little when he heard that statement.

"You are?" Cried Kazuto in surprise, "That was only a joke, I didn't mean for real!"

"It's not like that. Not at all." Answered Sean, looking away as he said that.

"Oh? So what is it then?" Asked Kazuto with a sly smile on his face.

"To be honest, it is actually more of a devotion to protect them from any harm like how someone protects his family from any dangers coming to them." Replied Sean as he looked back at Kazuto with a straight face, "Besides, Lord Kazuto, there is a more pressing issue to talk about now."

"What is that?" Asked Kazuto curiously.

"Just now you mentioned you LOVE our Ladies with all you heart, right?" Asked Sean with even more sly voice.

Now it was Kazuto's turn to blush.

"Well, admit it. There is no turning back to what you just said." Demanded Sean, clearly out for revenge.

"We...well, it's just like what you said before. I also see them as family." Stammered Kazuto nervously, his face still blushing.

"Oh really, then could you explain why you gave Yue-chan her position as the Governess of Dong province again?" Asked Sean causally. ( Note to all readers. I have forgot to mention that in this version, Tōtaku wasn't 'executed' but ordered sentenced for community service to the people and took up her old position as Governess )

"Umm, about that. It just seems the right thing to do in order to make up for what has happened?" Said Kazuto with a sweatdrop on his forehead, knowing full well that it's a lame excuse.

"Is that the best answer or excuse you could think of?" Groaned Sean, smacking his hand on his head.

"Heheh, that was pretty lame, wasn't it?." Agreed Kazuto, his head hung as he said that.

"Well whatever the reason is, it is obvious that my Lord is a very kind and righteous ruler to his people and subordinates." Praised Sean with a smile.

"Thank you. But I don't deserve such a compliment." Said Kazuto as he shook his head and raised both is hands up as a sign of denial.

"But why, you have been a great leader for the people, and you have brought this land in proper order ever since you became Minister of the Interior. So why do you still doubt yourself?" Asked Sean, clearly confused.

"Well..." Trailled off Kazuto.

"You are still Human, my Lord. Nobody expects you to be absolutely perfect, even though you are the 'Messenger of Heaven'. Besides, you had everyone's help in order into achieve this peace. That's why you are loved and respected by everyone and still call you 'Messenger of Heaven'." Encouraged Sean with sincere honesty in his Rainbow-coloured eyes.

"Thanks for erasing my doubts, Sean-san."

"Please, just Sean will do, my Lord." Replied Sean casually.

"Right, Sean." Concluded Kazuto with a cheerful smile on his face.

After that, both of them got out of the bath and headed to the changing room.

"Hope that satisfies a lot of your curiosity, my Ladies. Although you probably now have more questions waiting to be answered." Thought Sean as he left the bath, "Fear not, for they will be answered soon enough."

After a few minutes after Kazuto and Sean had left the bath, everyone immediately rosed up from the water, completely soaked to the brim.

"Whew! That was a close one." Cried Chōkun in relief.

"This seems to be getting more and more puzzling, it seems." Uttered Kakuka curiously.

"Indeed." Agreed Teiku, nodding her head.

"Maybe we should ask them more about the matter." Suggested Hōkei, her puppet pointing her soaked lollipop to Sean's three little strategists.

"Good idea, Hōkei." Praised Teiku with a small smile on her face.

"Sorry, but we don't know anything else aside from what was just said." Announced Josho, raising her hand up as a signal to ask for no questions.

"What?" Asked Sousou in surprise.

"We are also new to this information." Explained Ryokare quietly, "So to put this simple, we are just as confused as you are."

"When he came and ask for our services, he just explained that he is in need of our abilities to make this world a better place. So we agreed with the condition that Suikyo-sensei comes with us, which he allowed without hesitation." Explained Shiba 'i with her arms crossed.

"So we are going to have to wait till he either tells us everthing we want to know or force him ourselves?" Demanded Sonken.

"I would heavily recommend the first option." Replied Ryokare.


"In case you have forgotten, this place will be attacked in the day after tomorrow, so I think we shouldn't pursue the matter just yet." Reminded Josho with an angry tone in her voice.

"Therefore." Shiba 'i continued, "We should right now get a well deserved good-night sleep, wouldn't everyone agree?"

Everyone else nodded, some a little reluctant to do so but gave in later on.

"So Shuri-chan, Hinari-chan, can you show us to our rooms please?" Asked Josho politely to her older Sister-students.

"Oh, of course. Right this way, please." Instructed Koumei as she and everyone else left the bath and headed to their respective rooms.

During the next few hours though, a certain amount of Ladies secretly left their bed rooms to walk to a certain someone's room with a certain idea in their minds.

"Umm, Sean. Why are you here in my room right now, did you forget where yours is by any chance?" Asked Kazuto puzzlingly, he was sitting up in his bed with purple coloured pyjamas ( brought by Sean of course ).

As soon as soon the two young men had finshed, they both went directly to thier bedrooms, greeting each other a cheery good night. After some time however, Kazuto couldn't sleep at all and was just thinking to himself when this happened.

"No, my Lord. I just couldn't sleep either and so, I wanted to talk to you a little bit more." He replied with a smile. Sean was sitting on Kazuto's bedside with white coloured pyjamas.

"Well what do you want to talk about?" Asked Kazuto.

"Ask me any question, and I shall answer." Was the reply.

"Okay then. First of all, were you the one caused the deaths and disappearance of your officers' parents?"

"Of course not, I was however determined to have them help us in this time of danger."

"Hmm, that is fine with me. Next, what do you think of me?"

"To me, you are a great Leader and also a Hero for the people."

"I was talking about my skills in fighting."

"Well, I guess we are going to find out in the morning then. Good night again, my Lord." Wished Sean as he walked out of Kazuto's bedroom and closed the door.

"Wha...what? But what about my other questions? Hey, I'm not done yet! Come back here now!" Cried Kazuto in vain as Sean was already out of earshot.

"Oh well, guess I will have to try my best to catch some sleep." Groaned Kazuto as he blew off the candles in his room and tucked into his bed. Oddly enough, he was gone out in a wink and is now happily asleep.

Just then, the door is slightly opened and from that door, gleamed about a dozen of sneeky eyes. The owners of those eyes tiptoed towards the sound asleep Kazuto and onto his bed, tucking under his bedsheets and resting near his face( his bed is quite big you see, about the size of both a king sized and half a queen sized one ). As they lay down the bed, snuggling next to their beloved Lord, they all had one thing on their minds.

"Will you now love us even more if we do this, Kazuto?" They all thought to themselves as they snuggled next to him as much as they could.

Meanwhile, as Sean entered his room and closed the doors, leaving the room in pitch black, there was a gleam of metal flashed behind him. A giant yet familiar-looking Sword with designs of a Dragon on it, was nearing his head at a fast rate.

"Protect me now, 'Lightning Blade'!" He yelled as Sean fished out his sixth Sword, a blade of pure light, and used it to parry the other Sword's blow.

"Great reflexes as ever, Sangoku Sean." Mused the unknown wielder of the brandished Dragon Saber as he withrew the massive blade into its sheath. The attacker strangely looked exactly like Sean except instead of Rainbow-coloured eyes, he had eyes that are like in a bizzare manner, change colour every single second like an endless and rapid-speed slideshow of colours.

"And you are as quick and slient as always, Sengoku Sean." Praised Sean as he too withdrew his Sword and, after lighting some candles near his study table, walked to his bed, sat down and beckoned the other Sean to sit as well.

"Thanks, but my visit won't be very long." Replied Sengoku, still standing with his arms lined straight to his body.

"Well? What is the latest news, my Twin?" Asked Sangoku, arms crossed waiting patiently

"It seems that Pandora, Sweeper and Virus are in a fight in Butei's third World right now. And it seems that it will end soon." Replied Sengoku casually.

"Well, that isn't very surprising, they were always quite bored and they are from the 'Gun Seans' group. Anything else?"

"Yes, Senior Gundam remains Miss Lacus', Master Kira's, Lady Cagali's and Lord Arthun's bodyguard with 'Hero' Gundam still with him, both Senior Transformer and Senior Music are now in Butei's third world even as we speak, Senior Crimson Lord is now observing the Eternal Alliance in Misaki City, the second world that is different from the original one, more closely now that the True Trinity had mysteriously disappeared, Junior Butei himself is now investigating the fight between those three 'Gunners' and will soon introduce the 'League' to Master Kinji and Lady Aria, the prototype 'Vigilante' Gundam is now completed and being sent to Junior HoR and finally, Junior Dxd is still grumbling about serving Master Issei, but is now learning more of that World's abilities and also gaining more Ladies to serve." Concluded Sengoku with a frown on the last part.

"Well, can't blame that Junior of ours for that behavior of his. After all, his Master is more of a pervert than Masters Tomoki, Saito and Lords Yamato and Takumi and to mention the reason for his desire to have a Harem is the total opposite of Master Sugisaki." Said Sangoku Sean with a sigh.

"Yeah, that's for sure." Agreed Sengoku with a grin on his face.

"What is the latest news on the War with the Western Worlds?" Asked Sangoku Sean with a grim face.

"The Justice League are putting up the fight with the Legion of Super Heroes supporting them in space and the Teen Titans on the ground. And to make matters worse, the Avengers are now asking the rest of the Viking Gods, as well as the Greek Gods to assist them."

"Ha. They really think Gods could stop us from defeating them?"

"They must be really desperate to resort to this kind of Tactic."

"Yeah, tell me about it."

"What about the news on our side?

"Our Forces in space are still steady in their positions with a large number of Gundams, Moblie Suits and Armours at our Command,Dante, Johnny Blaze and Jonah Hex are now with the all of the Western Seans engaging the Titans while Seniors Cowboy Sean, Adaptable Sean and Gurren Lagaan Sean and their Troops are on the way towards the Teen Titans main Headquaters in Titan City. The ones supporting the attack on their Base will be Senior Duel Master and Senior Duel Monster along with their Forces. Also, for extra precautions, Lord Sean sent out the Juniors Infinite Stratos, Striker (Strike Witches), Sonic Diver (Sky Girls) and Arc Reactor (Iron Man) along with their Troops as Senior Avator Sean's Reinforcements in his base at Spider Canyon."

"That's good to know. And what about your Worlds, my Twin Sengoku?" Asked Sean.

"They are at the same position as your Worlds, my Twin Sangoku. This is now the Third World of Koihime Musou you are now in, right?" Responded the other Sean with another question.

"Yes, it is. But what can I say? I have already gone to all the Worlds related to The Three Kingdoms and have already made the Seans that are to be in them. Even you have to admit you are getting bored about this, right?

"I hate to admit it, but you're right about that."

"Besides, I heard from Senior Traveler that he found another World related to the Warring states of Japan for you to go to, only that it still needs time to be able visit it. And to make more interesting for your case, it has a lot of Ladies, doesn't it?"

"So you know about it?"

"I don't see why I couldn't have."

"Heh, that's true. Well then, I will be on my way then. Got myself a few big War Councils to attend to." Said Sengoku as he made a portal and was about hop into it when Sangoku Sean asked, "That reminds me, Where are Seniors Traveler, Desire and Old-I mean, Sola are?"

"To be honest, I'm not sure about that. They must be visiting other Worlds so that both Seniors Sola and Desire can continue their ways of Redemption on themselves." Replied Sengoku as he disappeared into his portal and the room became both silent and pitch black again as the disappeaerd portal blew the litted candles out.

Sean then lay down on his bed and just before dozing off, he muttered to himself, "Good night, my Lord Kazuto, hope you like the surprise you will find in the morning."

And with that he closed his eyes and sleeps.

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In the next morning, Kazuto opened his eyes warily as the sunlight shone through the windows of his room and onto his eyes. As he rubbed his eyes, he could clearly see that he wasn't alone in his bed.

"Wahhh! What are you all doing here!" He cried as he jumped out of his bed to look at the sight. On his bed were Sonken, Sousou, Ryubi, Tōtaku, the three Chō Sisters, Chōjo, Enshō, Enjutsu, Ryofu and Kōsonsan, sleeping peacefully and with soft but cute snores.

When Kazuto yelled at them and jumped out of the bed, they started to open their eyes and streched out their arms open as they too slowly got up from the bed.

"Good morning, Kazuto-sama." Greeted Kōsonsan with a wary smile on her face.

"G...good morning to you too, Pairen-chan." Stammered Kazuto, still madly blushing at the Kadies on his bed, "Umm, why are you and everyone else here?"

"Well..you see." Stammered Kōsonsan, fully awaked and aware of the situation.

"Oh! Good morning, Kazuto-sama! How was your sleep?" Asked Chōkaku cheerfully to him.

"Umm, fine I guess?" Answered Kazuto with a hint of doubt in his voice.

"Ah, Hongō, you're awake. You'd better be grateful for what I did to you. You are the first man to have been sleeping with me." Annouced Sousou with a slightly flushed face.

"Well..., thank you for this honour, Karin-chan, ...I guess. Replied Kazuto reluctantly.

"Hmph, most people would be begging me to sleep with them. Yet you don't seem happy at all." Scoffed Sousou, clearly annoyed.

"Umm, sorry if I'm not being very appreciative about this." Replied Kazuto.

"Huh, whatever. Well, I will be going now. Need to practice for the upcoming battle tommorow." Said Sousou as she got out of bed and was about to head out of the room when she turned back to wake both Sonken and Ryubi, "Hey, Renfa, Touka, wake up already. Didn't we agree to have sword practice with Shoon this morning." She demanded to the other two queens.

"Mmm... I can't eat anymore, Kazuto." Mumbled Ryubi, clearly still half asleep. Whereas Sonken immediately woke up and was already out of the bed with and alert look on her face.

"Touka-chan, it's morning already." Said Kazuto as he also tried to wake her up. Everyone else is now awake and, seeing that the one they love is busy with Ryubi, left quietly by tiptoeing to the door.

"This is getting troublesome." Moaned Kazuto as scratched his head in frustration. In an instant, the Ring Sean in Ryubi's ring appeared beside Kazuto. Ryubi Sean also had pink bubble gum hair and light green eyes as Ryubi and was wearing green armour with a dragon on his cape, "Allow me to be of assistance, Lord Kazuto." He volunteered.

"Ummm, okay." Was all Kazuto could say. Ryubi Sean then moved his head close to his Lady's ear and whispered, "My Lady, Lord Kazuto is here." He whipered.

On that instant, Ryubi woke up and faced Kazuto with a flustered but cheerful looking face. "Good morning, Kazuto!" She greeted in a shout.

"Umm, you too, Touka-chan." Greeted a sweatdropped Kazuto. He then faced Ryubi Sean who then nodded to him and disappeared back into his Lady's ring.

"Time to go, Touka. You too, Kazuto." Said Sousou as she pulled Kazuto's ear and dragged him outside with Sonken and Ryubi following behind.

"Wait, but why am I coming too?" Asked Kazuto curiously.

The three of them sighed and kept dragging him.

"Get ready, Kazuto. Here we come!" Warned Sousou as she lifted her Azure Phoenix Blade up to meet Kazuto's Black Snake Tortoise Sword.

The four of them are in one of the Mansion's Training Grounds and, given that they will problaby be in another fight fir their lives, decided to have some Sword Training along with Kazuto. Of course, he was against three Queens. But he wasn't alone.

"Bring it on, my Ladies! Are you ready, Kazuto-sama?" Asked Sean with full of enthusiasm.

Kazuto couldn't help but moaned "How did I get into this?".

"Well, you do want to have the ability to protect your loved ones or not?" Asked Sean as he took Pu his Spirit Swords out.

Kazuto nodded with a sigh, "You're right, Shoon. I must protect them with all I have. And I will live for them as well.". Unknown to him, the three young Queens were trying to hold their tears in their eyes as they were touched by ther beloved's words and became more resolved to protect him as well. "Kazuto," They muttered together, "You're an idiot."

"Well then, let's go!" Cried Kazuto as he charged towards Ryubi, Sonken and Sousou with energy and his Sword in a good position.

The three Queens were surprised at first at Kazuto's sudden move, but quickly recovered and prepare themselves. Sean also charged with his Spirit Swords ready.

"Let's do it!" The Five of them cried together.

"Whew! That's enough for one morning if you ask me!" Cried Shoon as he, Kazuto, Ryubi, Sonken and Sousou fell flat on the ground, panting and laughing heavily.

"Wow! I never knew training could be so much fun!" Cried Kazuto in joy, everyone else just nodded in agreement.

"If only all days could be as fun as these," Wished Sonken thoughtfully, "where there is no wars or uprisings. We could always be happy."

"It will happen, Renfa-chan." Replied Ryubi with resolve, "With all of our strengths combined, we can make that World into a reality. Right?"

"Right." Agreed both Kazuto and Shoon. Sonken nodded while Sousou just sighed.

"Good grief," She said, "You too optimistic. But then, that's what probably makes people like you."

"Well, it's now noon. Wouldn't want to miss lunch now, do we?" Asked Shoon as heHoyt up and walked to the Mansion.

Everyone else followed with smiles on their faces.

Kazuto then looked at Ryubi, Sonken and Sousou curiously, which when they looked back at him, he shook his head and smiled all the way. At that moment, he decided. He will do everything in his power to ensure that he will live to protect the ones he care about and prevent the predestined wars between them. And it seems that the one who will aid him in his mission is none other than Sean. He will find out his true origins and will learn from him.

In a camp miles away from the Capital of Luoyang, three Commanders(Big bro, tiny and Fatso) nodded after they recieved their orders from a man with black hair, sharp features and carrying a sword that resembles Ryubi's family blade except it was black and glowing with an ominous purple. He then turned to two men and a young lady and asked "I have given them the orders you set for them. Will this plan ensure my Revenge?"

One of them was bandaged all over, with a Taoist robe and wearing glasses. Strands of purple hair stuck out of his bandages. Beside him was a man about Kazuto's age, he was also wearing a Taoist robe and had ruby-coloured eyes, he then replied to the first man who asked, "Do not worry, Ryūshō-sama. Your victory is at hand. After all, you were a royal uncle once, then you were framed for corruption, turned to a peasant and even resorted to steal your own cousin's Sword. Rest assured, you will have you revenge. Right, Ukitsu?"

Ukitsu merely nodded as his mouth was covered in Bandages. "Your sure she could destroy them, Saji? She is up against The Greatest Warriors of the land after all." Said Ryūshō as he looked at the girl with doubt.

The girl in question is about the same height and age as Ryubi. She has Blood red hair and pure black eyes, her outfit is that or a sliver Armour with a black cape. She then rushed at Ryūshō with her twin Swords drawn and asked in a cold voice, "Do you know who I am?"

"You're Kōuu, the Conquerer of Western Chu." Answered Ryūshō fearfully. Kōuu then withdrew her blades and said, "That's right. I am the greatest Warrior who ever lived." She then walked off to the back of the camp.

When she was alone in her private tent, she removed her Armour, showing she was already wearing a robe and her left hand wearing two rings. One was a ring that was of beautiful Emerald while the other was a Rainbow ring.

"Ryūhou-kun, I'm here. Waiting for you." She saidquietly as she cradled the Enerald ring delicately. "Shoon, your plan had better work."