I said good night to my mother and headed for my room. I opened the door and my jaw dropped. Sitting on my bed and moon chair were Muse. They were dressed in odd white and blue clothing, in a material that looked somewhat like leather.

"What are you...how are you here?" I stuttered. Matt started speaking.

"Hi, Laila. How are you? We came here through the power of flight." He wiggled his fingers and made a funny face, but I was still too shocked to smile. Then Dom launched into his speech.

"Uh, we," he gestured to Chris and Matt, "are aliens. We need to take you to our spaceship so we can travel to our home planet so we can win this war we're having with the Seleans and gain world conquest. That way, we can restore order with the planet. But the big thing is," he paused dramatically," you're one of us. We're here to take you home."

"Wait, what? But my parents are down the hall. That can't be! I must be hallucinating. I must be-" Chris interrupted, and gently put his hands on my shoulders.

"Laila, calm down. You're not hallucinating. This is real. You're going to be fine." He said slowly. "And, if you agree to come with us, we'll explain everything we can. OK?" Somehow, the way he spoke to me did calm me down. Maybe it was some alien power he had. Maybe I had it too! But there was only one way to find out. I nodded.

"OK, let's do this. But promise me something: I'm going to see my parents again, right?" The three cast their eyes down.

"Not in person…But you can speak to them!" Matt said nervously.

"We left them some telecommunicators and a note, so they should be fine." Dom added. The two sides of my brain fought a bitter battle. My logical side demanded I stay here, for what reason would make me leave my parents and the life I love? But, the side still under Chris' mysterious spell, wanted to go with them, saying it would be fun to go into space with Muse! They're your favorite band of all time! My logic gave in.

"Aw, what the hell, let's go!"

"Great!" the three friends said simultaneously.

"Follow me!" Matt cried.