The sky burned. I could feel the heat from the inside of the ship. Little balls of lasers and other weapons flew towards our fleet. I could see the enemy ships shaking and deteriorating, slowly but surely. I couldn't see to my sides, but I assumed our ships would be in a similar shape.

"You call this a skirmish?" I called back to Dom from my perch on the ship. The guys put me in a small glass case above and to the right of the cockpit. I was sort of like a gunner, but without the guns. Tom took care of that.

"You wouldn't believe the moon battles, then." Dom answered, "All you need to do is supercharge a couple of torpedoes and this'll be over." He tried to give me a reassuring look, but it turned into sad and stoic. I looked forward and adjusted my headset, ready for Tom to give me the signal.

"Ok girl, do your thing!" I chuckled as I quickly brought some fire-lightning to my hands and shot it through the "glass". It was actually a malleable shield. The two powers met and lit up its section of space. The ball grew and sped to the target, a rather large warship. The ship exploded on impact. I jumped, startled at the result of my charge.

"You OK with this, Leila?" Tom asked.

"I'll have to be right now." He fired another for me to charge. I did and two fighters blew up. Now only 3 ships remained: 2 fighters and a hospital ship.

"I don't want to blow up the hospital," I told Tom.

"All right, we'll take care of that one," he replied, and I heard Dom's voice in the background.

"No…" I muttered, slightly confused, "It's a hospital. There are innocent people there." Dom took the mic.

"We know, but if we let them go, they'll heal and we'll have more Celenians to deal with." I knit my eyebrows together.

"But the nurses and the doctors," I started off firmly, and then trailed off.

"They become a liability."

"So we can't do anything?" I pleaded.

"Maybe if I can rig a transporter beam…" Tom mused. I suppose he pushed a button because now him and Matt were talking and couldn't hear me. After finishing with their ship-babble, Tom put me back on.

"Leila, we're to use a transporter beam to transport the hospital ship back to the moon. You'll have to help us move it, though." I heartily agreed. We moved it without a hitch. By now, the rest of the fleet and taken care of the fighters.

"Well, that was Doctor Who episode," Matt remarked when we were all back in the main cabin. I smiled.

"Where were you and Chris, anyway? What were you doing?"

"I'm the engineer; I make sure we don't fall out of the sky while being hit with lasers. Chris does the heavy lifting." I chuckled.

"Home?" I asked, eager for a restful sleep.

"Paperwork." Dom replied. I sighed deeply.