I looked at the clock; 11:39. it was just getting started. This was going to be a long night. I sat there for a few minutes, on my comfortable, 3 mattress, bed. Listening to the screaming back and forth, and every once in a while a loud slap or a different hitting noise. I finally got up, walking out, closing my bedroom door. I walked into the room where it always went down, the front room. It was the closest to a door, because when it ended one of us usually ran out. I walked out, and shoved my dad back, before he could lay another hand on my mom. That did it. He turned toward me, screaming in my face. He used one of his usual lines. "Get out of here before i call the cops!" He screamed, in my face. I looked at him "For what? For what this time? What can you possibly lie about this time?" i screamed back at him. My mom walked in the other room, hiding. She knew what i was doing. And it was working. He tried to grab me, but i pushed him back. I had gotten smart enough to fight back, but he was still 200 pounds of evil. After it was all over, i walked to my room, landing on my bed. I had bruises and welts on my arms, and my back. But nobody would ever find that out. 3:30. I had to be up in about maybe 4 hours if i was going to school. It was better there than it was here, so i almost never missed a day. I fell asleep quick, dreams were always better than reality.