Gilbert Beilschmidt and Roddrick Edlestein belong to Hidekazu Himaruya. I am in no way making a profit off this publication

Mr. Maestro, Mr. Maestro. Play me your melody.

I watch as your fingers gracefully pass over the piano key's ever so lightly, letting a light, pleasant tone erupt from the piano's strings as the hammers strike to your will.

I slowly lose myself in your melody as it gets louder, faster, then, slowing down, and finally, Silence. I give you a confused look as you stop.

"Are you Okay Gilbert?" You ask me, my head is still clouded form your symphony.

"Ja, fine, ist zat vhy you schtopped?" I question, you skake your head.

"Zat vas ze end of ze song, I can play another if you like."

"Ja, I vould like zat." I respond.

And the cycle began again, this time, you play Chopin, I am starting to gather that he was your favorite Pianist. Despite our differences, I enjoy sitting beside you on this piano bench, It brings me a sense of, comfort.

Mr. Maestro, Mr. Maestro. Play me your melody…