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Chapter 9

All's Well That Ends Well

Harry looked up the tube he had slid down to reach the Chamber. Now that he had gotten here, he wished he had asked Tutella if there was another way out.

It was at that moment that the unnamed phoenix came over, landing on tube and holding its tail feathers towards Harry. Harry's eyes widened, as Ginny blinked in confusion. "It looks like he wants you to grab his tail feathers. But why?" She asked, looking at Harry.

Harry smiled. "Because phoenix's can carry enormous loads," he said. His parents had tutored him on various magical animals when he was growing up, as part of the Battle Mage training. Harry smiled as he held out a hand to Ginny, who blushed and took it. Harry then reached out and gently grabbed the phoenix's tail. He felt a sudden sensation, almost as if he was weightless, before the phoenix took off. Ginny let out a gasp of surprise as they flew up the tube.

Not even a minute later, they were in Myrtle's bathroom. Harry's eyes widened when he saw Neville's prone form on the ground. "Neville!" he shouted, rushing over to his friend, only to stop and let out a breath of relief when he saw Neville was still breathing.

Myrtle suddenly appeared through the bathroom door, which slammed open as McGonagall and Snape followed. The two had their wands drawn, only to stop when they saw Harry, Ginny, and the opening that led to the Chamber of secrets. McGonagall's face was almost white as her mouth opened and closed, while Snape eyed the opening. Finally, the Transfiguration Professor managed to speak. "Mr. Potter, I think you have some explaining to do," she said.

Harry nodded. "I understand Professor, and I'll be happy to do so. But right now, Neville needs help. I think Professor Lockhart did something to him," he said.

Snape moved to Neville's side and examined him. After a few moments, he looked up. "He was hit with a stunning spell. Though why would Lockhart assault a student? It makes no sense," he said.

Harry growled softly. "It makes sense if the man was a phony just looking to cash in on someone else's work. Not that it matters anymore," he said.

McGonagall blinked. "What do you mean by that?" She asked softly.

Harry sighed. "He ran into the basilisk and…..well let's just say he was half the man he used to be," he said.

The female professor sighed as she looked at Snape. "Please take Mr. Longbottom to the Infirmary. I'll take care of Mr. Potter and Miss Weasley."

Snape nodded as he conjured a stretcher and levitated Neville onto it, before levitating the stretcher. He left, while McGonagall turned to the others. "What do we do about that?" she asked, pointing to the opening in the wall.

Harry turned to it. "Give me a second," he said, as he began to work on the welding he had done to keep the doorway open. With a few spells, he freed it, and it slid shut again.

McGonagall nodded as she saw it closed. "I'm sure you'll have quite a bit to tell Professor Dumbledore and myself," she said, as she led the two of them away.

Harry's eyes widened. "The Headmaster is back?" He asked.

McGonagall nodded. He is waiting in my office, along with Miss Weasley's parents. They're quite worried, which is understandable. And your parents are here also," she said, giving a wry smile as Harry winced.

They journeyed to McGonagall's office, where they could hear soft sobbing inside. McGonagall opened the door, letting them in.

There was a brief moment of silence as they entered, before Molly Weasley, who had been sobbing, rushing forward and scooped Ginny up. She hugged her only daughter tightly, crying. Ginny tried to hug her back, as Mr. Weasley came over, hugging his wife and child.

Harry looked past them to see his mom and dad. They both came over to him and stood over him. Marian Wallace had her hands on her hips. "Well? What do you have to say for yourself young man?" She asked sternly.

Harry took a deep breath. "I…..I'm sorry for worrying you two again," he said quietly. "It wasn't smart of me to run off like that, I know. But I also know it was the right thing to do," he said. "I couldn't stand by and do nothing when I knew I could do something. I'm sorry that I worried you, but I'm not sorry for what I did," he said, looking at both Gareth and Marian, not flinching or blinking.

The two of them stood there for a few seconds, before breaking into smiles. "That's the way we raised you," Gareth said, clapping his hand on Harry's shoulder. Marian just hugged him, smiling.

Almost as soon as she had released him though, he was in another hug, as Mrs. Weasley grabbed him up. "Oh thank you Harry! Thank you! You rescued my daughter! Thank you so much!" She kept crying out. Harry just grunted from being squeezed, and awkwardly hugged her back.

The phoenix meanwhile had headed straight to the other figure in the room the minute the door opened, Dumbledore smiled as he stroked the chest feathers of the phoenix, while watching Harry.

As soon as Harry was freed from Mrs. Weasley's grasp, he approached McGonagall's desk and set both the sword he had received, the destroyed diary, and the Sorting Hat on it. "I assume you two know each other?" Harry asked Dumbledore, indicating the phoenix.

Dumbledore nodded. "His name is Fawkes. In a way, he is my familiar, though I think of him more as a partner," he said with a smile. He looked at Harry. "Now, I do believe you should tell us what exactly happened?" He asked.

Harry nodded, and took a deep breath as he sat down in the chair facing the desk. McGonagall moved to stand next to Dumbledore, while the Wallace's and the Weasley's found extra chairs to sit in.

Harry began his tale from the beginning, starting with hearing the disembodied voice on Halloween Night. He covered the investigations he, Hermione, and Neville had done, leading up to their discovery of Moaning Myrtle's past. He followed that with them questioning the acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest, per Hagrid's advice, and the letter they had gotten from Hermione that led them to realize what was in the Chamber. He then ended with the battle in the Chamber, telling them about Lockhart's death, the true nature of the Basilisk Tutella, and Riddle's defeat.

He now bit his lip, glancing at Riddle's diary. He hadn't mentioned anything about it, or Ginny's full involvement. He glanced at Dumbledore, whose eyes twinkled as he smiled. "I must say this is one extraordinary adventure," he said. "The only question now is how did Voldemort kidnap Ginny and bring her down into the Chamber of Secrets, considering my sources say what's left of him is currently in Albania."

Mr. Weasley gasped out. "You Know Who? He kidnapped Ginny? But how? Why?"

Harry picked up the destroyed diary. "It was because of this," he said. "This diary was property of Tom Riddle when he was here at school. When he was sixteen years old, he opened the Chamber of Secrets, believing Salazar Slytherin intended its use to wipe out those with muggle parents who came here to this school. When he was unable to finish his work, he used some sort of magic ritual to preserve his memories, and a small part of his soul, into this diary. This allowed him to interact with anyone who happened to be writing in it. And in doing so, slowly intrude upon their mind, allowing him to posses him. Tom Riddle would later become the Dark Lord Voldemort."

Mrs. Weasley gasped. "So he was possessing someone? Who?" She asked.

Harry wasn't sure how to answer, but a quiet voice did it for me. "Me."

Everyone looked at Ginny, who was looking down at the floor. "I….I was writing in the diary. I found it in my Transfiguration book, and thought mom bought it for me. When To-…..when he started writing back….I thought he….I thought it was great, to have someone I could talk to, confide in. I had no idea what he truly was," she started to cry.

Mr. Weasley, who had opened his mouth to say something, stopped when he saw his little girl cry. He knelt down and hugged her, and she burst into sobs as she hugged him, repeatedly saying 'I'm sorry', over and over again.

Dumbledore stood up and walked over, placing a gentle hand on Ginny's shoulder. "Do not fret, Miss Weasley. Witches and wizards far older and more experienced then you have been tricked and ensnared by Voldemort in the past. Though you should take this as a valuable lesson," he said with his kind, grandfatherly smile.

Ginny nodded quietly, as Dumbledore turned to her parents. "She's been through a rather trying and tiring ordeal. I suggest you take her to the Infirmary, where she should get lots of rest and perhaps a mug of hot chocolate. Madame Pomfrey should be there, preparing to administer the Mandrake Restorative Potion."

The Weasley's nodded, but before they could leave, Ginny rushed to Harry and hugged him. "Thank you," she whispered softly.

Harry just smiled and hugged her. "It was no problem," he said. "Maybe you could join me and my friends for dinner tonight?" He asked with a smile.

Ginny blushed but nodded. "I-I'd like that," she said, before slowly leaving with her parents. Harry sighed as he turned back to Dumbledore. The Headmaster had returned to McGonagall's seat.

"Now Harry, there are a few things we need to discuss, starting first with Professor Lockhart. You said that….Tutella was it? That she ate him?" He asked.

Harry nodded. "During my battle with her, I was able to knock her back via one of my Mage spells. As she was recovering, Lockhart rushed into the room, practically straight into her. I think you can guess what happened there," he said.

Dumbledore nodded. "Yes. His death is distressing, but what is more distressing is, if what you say is true, he was the one who stunned Mr. Longbottom. An attack on a student is a grave matter," he said.

Harry growled softly. "I'm sure he was simply going to modify Neville's memory, given the chance. My friends and I are completely convinced he's nothing but a fraud."

Dumbledore sighed. "Minerva, would you please go to his office and begin to sort through his effects? They'll need to be properly handled."

The Transfiguration teacher nodded. "Alright Albus, I'll get right on it. Though personally, I'd rather set fire to all of it," she said as she left.

Dumbledore chuckled softly, before turning to Harry, and the Wallace's. "Now Harry. I believe this is the second time in two years you've broken numerous school rules, and disobeyed the directions of your teachers," he said, putting his fingers together in quiet contemplation. Harry just nodded quietly, ready to accept his punishment.

After a few moments, Dumbledore smiled. "This is also the second time when you have shown courage, dedication, and selflessness, putting the welfare of others above your own. You rescued Miss Weasley, and stopped a grave threat that could have cost more lives. As such, I do believe you, Mr. Longbottom, and Miss Granger deserve a reward of two hundred points apiece for Gryffindor, and Special Awards for Services to the School for all three of you."

Harry blinked before grinning. "Thank you Headmaster," he said.

Dumbledore just continued to smile. "No Harry. It is this school, and I who owe you thanks. You showed remarkable dedication and loyalty to this school, and to me. It was only that loyalty that would call Fawkes to you."

Harry nodded in acknowledgement, as Dumbledore's smile faded a bit. "So, you've met Voldemort's original form, when he was Tom Riddle," he said quietly.

Harry nodded. "It's so hard to believe that the….that what I saw last year used to be him."

Dumbledore let out a tired sigh. "Indeed. It is hard to believe myself. When he was here at this school….he was a lot like you, you know. He was clever, courageous, smart, and cunning. He also had a certain disregard for the rules, like you do. Only he disregarded them for his own ends, while you seem to only do it to help others."

Harry bit his lip. "Professor….I have to ask….how can I speak Parseltongue? Am I… I a descendent of Salazar Slytherin?" Harry asked. Gareth tensed at that, while Marian hugged his arm.

Dumbledore looked at Harry. "I do not think so, Harry. The reason you can speak Parseltongue, I think, is because of the scar Voldemort gave you," he said, as he pointed to Harry's lightning bolt scar on his forehead. Harry touched it, as Dumbledore continued. "The night he attacked you, I think Voldemort unintentionally transferred some of his power, and perhaps a small part of his personality to you. However, whether or not you are descended from Slytherin would be hard to find. Records of the Founders of Hogwarts are somewhat sketchy. While I'm sure there are those who know the lineage of the Founders, most records of the time are lost."

Harry nodded, as Dumbledore turned his attention to the sword lying on the desk. "I have only seen this sword in paintings," he said, as he reached for it. But just as his hand touched the hilt, he let out a yelp of pain and yanked his hand back.

Harry blinked in concern as Gareth and Marian stood up. "Professor, are you alright?" He asked.

Dumbledore just blinked in mild surprise. "Yes, I am," he said, as he slowly reached for the blade. Again, as he touched it he pulled his hand back, wincing in pain. 'Curious….very curious," he said. "Mr. Potter…if you would indulge me, please pick up the sword."

Harry blinked in some confusion at that, but slowly did so. Both Gareth and Marian blinked in surprise when Harry didn't pull his hand back in pain, but held the sword up. Dumbledore smiled though. "I see then. It seems that the sword has chosen a new wielder. And I don't think it could find a better candidate."

Harry blinked in confusion. "Sir? What are you talking about?"

Dumbledore just smiled. "Please, examine the hilt Harry."

Harry slowly did so, only for his eyes to widen as he found the name Godric Gryffindor inlaid on the hilt in small gold letters. "This is Godric Gryffindor's sword?" He asked.

Dumbledore nodded. "Indeed. A blade of goblin craftsmanship, imbued with power magic enchantments. Gryffindor had it commissioned from the goblins when he was a young man. When he fought with it, it was claimed he was a devastating force to be reckoned with, deflecting spells with its blade, piercing even the strongest of magical shields. And now, it has chosen you to wield it."

Harry slowly rotated the sword, examining it in awe. Marian bit her lip as she watched. "But goblin tradition states that the sword belongs to the one crafted it. When Godric died, it should have gone back to them."

Dumbledore nodded. "Indeed. But I'm sure that if you talk to the goblins, and show them that this sword wishes to be wielded by Harry, they will understand, and only claim it upon Harry's death. Which hopefully won't be until many decades from now."

Marian and Gareth nodded, while Harry blinked. "I….I can't accepts this," he said. "It's too much."

Dumbledore smiled. "The sword wants to be wielded by you Harry. And if I'm not mistaken, it seems you need a new sword." He indicated the hilt in Harry's belt, with the broken blade.

Harry bit his lip, and looked to his parents. They both just nodded. "This is your choice Harry." Gareth smiled at his older son.

Harry looked at the sword, before sighing and nodded. "Thank you for choosing me," he told the sword. He swore he almost felt the blade hum in response, as if in response to his words.

Dumbledore smiled. "Well, now that that's been settled, there are a few last things to take care of. I'll need to put a new ad out for a Defense Against Dark Arts teacher. And we'll need to send for Hagrid right away. And I do believe a celebratory feast is in order. Gareth, you and Marian are more than welcome to stay and join in the festivities."

Marian smiled. "We'd love to. If nothing else, then to make sure our son doesn't get into anymore trouble this year," she said, as Harry rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

Dumbledore smiled as he clapped his hands. Quite suddenly, a small being appeared next to him. Harry's eyes widened, as he saw the small creature was similar to Dobby, the House Elf that had enchanted that Bludger to break his arm. Only this House Elf wore a tea towel tied like a toga on his body, with a golden H stamped on the front. The Elf's nose was also shorter, and his eyes smaller then Dobby's.

Dumbledore smiled as he spoke to the creature. "Can you and the other House Elves begin arrangements for a feast? We have much to celebrate," he told the house elf.

The small creature bowed. "At once Headmaster!" He squeaked out, before disappearing with a crack.

Harry's eyes widened, as the house elf's appearance jolted his memory. "Professor, there's something else you need to know. I think I know who gave Ginny that diary," he said.

Dumbledore became stern. "Who Harry? Who did it?"

Harry bit his lip. "I'm not one hundred percent sure, but….I think it was Lucius Malfoy. I remember before the school year, he was in Flourish and Blotts. He and Mr. Weasley got into a fight, and he had Ginny's Transfiguration Book. She said she found the diary inside her Transfiguration book. And what's more….the Quidditch Match against Slytherin, when the rogue Bludger was attacking me. I found out that it was enchanted by a House Elf named Dobby. It was he who blocked the portal onto platform Nine and Three-Quarters at the beginning of the year as well. He told me he had done it then to try and stop me from coming to Hogwarts, and he enchanted the Bludger in an attempt to have me sent back home. He said he was doing it to save me, because terrible things were happening here this school year."

Dumbledore nodded. "So it seems he knew what was going to happen here. But how?" He asked. Though the way he said it seemed more like a man who knew the answer, but wanted to hear Harry say it anyways.

Harry nodded. "I asked Fred and George Weasley to contact their father, see if there was a House Elf Registration in the Ministry. I actually got my answer not too long ago. Dobby is registered as a servant to Lucius Malfoy."

Dumbledore smiled. "Excellent deduction work Harry. Unfortunately, the evidence is too flimsy to bring charges against Lucius. Especially with his connections in the Ministry. But still, perhaps we could-."

They were interrupted by the approaching noises of footsteps and occasional high pitched squeals of pain. The door suddenly burst open and in strolled Lucius Malfoy, as if he owned the place. Though his appearance suggested he had been in a hurry to get here. His usually sleek hair was slightly less sleek with a few strands out of place. His clothes were rumpled, and his boots where dirty. Even now, Dobby was scurrying around his feet, trying to shine them. But Harry blinked, seeing Dobby's fingers, ears, and legs were bandaged, and he had bruises on his arms as well.

Lucius glared at Dumbledore. "What are you doing here, Dumbledore? You were suspended by the Board of Governor's," he sneered, kicking Dobby away from him as the house elf made another attempt to clean them. Harry growled mostly to himself, and felt similar anger coming from his mother and father behind him.

Dumbledore merely smiled, though it lacked the warmth and twinkle that usually was there. "Well you see Lucius I was actually owled by the other eleven governors' not even an hour ago. I must admit, it was almost like being in a rainstorm of feathers. As soon as they learned that Arthur's daughter had been taken into the Chamber they immediately rescinded the suspension order. They felt that I was needed back here. Rather odd thing, most of them claimed you had threatened their families if they didn't suspend me in the first place."

Lucius gave Dumbledore a cold glare. "Well then. What are your plans for dealing with the situation?" He snapped.

Dumbledore chuckled. "Oh I actually don't have to do anything. Young Harry here took it upon himself to deal with the situation himself. The culprit has already been discovered, and the threat averted."

Lucius's eyes snapped to Harry, who stood his ground. "I see. And who was the culprit behind all this?" He asked.

Dumbledore smiled, as he held up the ruins of the diary. "Voldemort. Or more accurately, Tom Riddle, by means of this diary. He seemed to have enchanted it, so whoever wrote it in would slowly become possessed by him. Thankfully, Harry was able to destroy Voldemort's presence in this book. In fact, if it wasn't for him, young Miss Weasley might have taken all the blame for what happened. If she had survived."

Lucius's face became rather mask like at that. Harry watched him, only to blink when he saw Dobby move. He glanced at him, as the House elf seemed to be pointing at Lucius with his eyes, then the diary, and then hitting himself on the head. Harry, understanding what Dobby was getting at, nodded at him. Dobby let out a silent sigh of relief.

Dumbledore looked at the ruined diary. "Yes. If anything, whoever gave this diary to Ginny had quite the clever plan. Imagine the uproar that would have occurred if she had taken the blame, and word spread that the daughter of a prominent pure blood family was attacking muggleborn students. In fact….isn't Arthur Weasley pushing through a new legislature? The Muggle Protection Act, yes? I could imagine that it would die rather quickly, if his daughter was discovered attacking muggleborns. Thankfully though, the true culprit was found, and dealt with."

Lucius stiffly nodded. "Yes. Very fortunate," he said.

Harry decided to speak at that moment. "Mr. Malfoy? I think you would be interested in knowing how Ginny received the diary in the first place."

Lucius scoffed at that. "Why should I care how that stupid little girl got it?" He said. Harry mentally growled, as his eyes hardened.

"Because you gave it to her. Or rather, you slipped it into her Transfiguration Book at Flourish and Blotts, using the fight with Mr. Weasley to mask your actions.

The elder Malfoy growled, as he took a step towards Harry, only to become aware of the figures of Marian and Gareth behind Harry. Both of which had tensed, their hands moving to cast spells if need be. Lucius as he stepped back. "Prove it boy," he snapped instead.

"Oh I'm sure that if the diary was still intact, we could have a case to prove it, what with Veritserum and Pensieve's being on hand to verify such claims. But without the diary, it is impossible. Still, I think you should think twice about handing out Tom Riddle's old school things, Lucius. If it were to happen again, I'm sure Arthur Weasley would trace it back to you," Dumbledore said.

Lucius just growled as he turned to leave. "Dobby!" He snapped, pulling the door open. The house elf scurried forward, only to be booted through the door, with Lucius following. They heard more squeals of pain, making the three Mage's clench their hands.

Dumbledore sighed. "It is too bad that the Malfoy's haven't slipped up yet and given Dobby clothes," he said.

Harry blinked. "What sir?" He asked, confused.

Dumbledore smiled. "House elves can be freed of their master's service by presenting them with normal clothing. Normally they're dressed in whatever strange things their masters give them, or that they find around the house."

Harry's eyes widened, as a plan came into his head. "Professor, can I have Riddle's diary for a moment?" He asked.

Dumbledore smiled. "Of course Harry," he said, handing the diary to him.

Not two minutes later, harry had managed to catch up to Lucius Malfoy and the abused Dobby. "Mr. Malfoy, wait!" Harry shouted.

Lucius turned and sneered at Harry, only to blink as Harry shoved the diary into his hands. "What is this?" He snapped.

Harry just did his best to look innocent. "I'm just returning your property to you sir," he said.

Lucius just sneered as he shoved the ruined diary into Dobby's arms. "I'd suggest keeping your nose out of business that doesn't concern you boy. Your parents were the same and looked what it got them."

Harry's gaze went from innocent to steely. "When it threatens my friends, it's my business," he said.

Lucius just sneered, and turned to leave. "Come Dobby," he snapped.

Dobby though was frozen. When Lucius had shoved the diary into his hands, Dobby had noticed something strange. Like there was something in it. He had opened the diary, and his eyes widened. "Master has given me a sock," he whispered.

Lucius turned. "What? I haven't given you-," his eyes widened as he saw Dobby holding up a slimy black sock.

"Master has presented Dobby with clothes….Dobby is free," the house elf said with a voice that seemed choked with joy and awe.

Lucius's eyes widened as he looked at harry, who just grinned. His face contorted in rage. "You lost me my servant!" He yelled, drawing his wand. Harry raised his hands, about to conjure a defensive spell, when Dobby moved in front of him.

"You will not touch Harry Potter!" Dobby shouted. There was a loud bang and Lucius Malfoy went flying down the hall, landing in an undignified heap. He got up quickly, snarling, only to see Dobby ready. "You will not touch Harry Potter," the house elf repeated.

With a sneer, the elder Malfoy turned and left. Harry grinned, only to grunt as a small figure barreled into him, hugging him. "Thank you Harry Potter! Thank you for helping to free Dobby!"

Harry just patted his head. "I-It's no problem Dobby. Just….next time you want to rescue me….try to do it in a way that doesn't kill me?"

Dobby just grinned at him.

Back in Minerva's office, Dumbledore watched the Wallaces leave. As they did, his face became serious, as he pulled out a parchment and began to write on it. He looked to Fawkes as he finished. "Fawkes, take this to Nicolas Flamel please," he said.

Fawkes trilled and took the letter before disappearing in a burst of flames. Dumbledore sat back, looking at the door. 'It would seem you are the one, Harry Potter,' he thought to himself.

Three Days Later

The days following Harry rescuing Ginny went by in a blur. There had been a massive feast in the Great Hall, where Dumbledore had revealed to the school the events that had transpired in the Chamber of Secrets. Some of the truth had been edited, omitting the fact that Ginny had been possessed by Voldemort or that Tutella was still alive down there. But the actions of Harry and Neville Longbottom had not been hidden. Each was given a hero's welcome in the Great Hall, for their heroic actions in rescuing Ginny Weasley, and freeing the school of the terror that had darkened it's halls for so long this year. Neville bashfully tried to turn down the praise given him, saying he hadn't done that much.

They were soon joined by the petrified students, who immediately came over to Harry when they heard the news of what he had done. Hermione was hugging him, yelling about how she knew he would figure things out. Harry just grinned and said that he couldn't have done it without her help. Though he also made her promise not to go running off like she had again.

Several hours later, Hagrid came strolling into the great Hall, the biggest grin on his face as he headed right to Harry and cuffed him on the shoulder. "Yeh did great Harry!" He shouted, grinning. "Thanks fer getting meh out o' trouble."

Harry just smiled and patted Hagrid's hand on his shoulder, since that was the only part he could really reach.

Along with Hagrid, a Ministry team had come, to do an investigation into the actions of Gilderoy Lockhart. Dumbledore had announced his death to the school, but not his actions against Neville Longbottom. Now though, he told the investigation team in private some disturbing news.

When McGonagall had been going thorough Lockhart's belongings, she had found a few journals, which seemed to contain his personal memoirs. In them, Lockhart had actually admittedly, almost proudly, that he in fact was a fraud. He detailed how he had tracked down people who had dealt with all the vampires and werewolves and such that he had claimed he had dealt with in his books. He had questioned these people about how they had accomplished their daring deeds, before erasing their memories and taking credit for their accomplishments.

It was his last entry though that had been most disturbing. Apparently, Lockhart had written in his journal right before he went to the Chamber. In it, he detailed how he knew, after Harry had left the staff meeting that Harry would try to go and save Ginny. He knew the type of person Harry was, and that was the hero type, who went to rescue people in danger. He detailed how he planned to follow Harry to enter the Chamber of Secrets, and then at the right moment, swoop in to claim the glory of killing the basilisk. Afterwards, he would modify both Neville and Harry's memories, making it seem like he had saved them and thus force them to be indebted to him.

Stunned by the information given to them concerning Lockhart, the Ministry Investigation team quickly returned back to the Ministry, with assurances that they would look into this injustice and correct it.

Another injustice had been taken care of, in the form of Lucius Malfoy. Adding to the loss of his house elf, Lucius Malfoy had been fired as a School Governor. Draco had lost much of his swagger after that, considering his father being on the Board of Govenor's had made him think he could get away with anything. He had tried to take revenge on Harry for the loss of Dobby, but had been thwarted by a combination of Neville's raised and clenched fist, and Hermione's wand pointed at him. After that, he went back to snide remarks and glares.

Harry was currently sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room with Hermione, Neville, and Ginny. The youngest Weasley had still been a bit shy at first around Harry. But after spending some time talking to him and his friends at the Feast, she had begun to see he wasn't quite the bigger than life hero she had thought he was from the stories she had heard. He was a hero, no doubt about that. But once you got past that, she had found he was a normal person. Especially after his mom had grounded him for a whole month for running off and disobeying the rules again, after saying how proud she was for what he had done. Hermione and Neville had welcomed her into their small group of friends, and now the trio had become a quartet.

Now the three of them were just lazing about, talking about their plans for the upcoming Summer break, when they were interrupted by someone clearing their throat behind Harry.

Harry turned around, to find Ron standing there, looking a bit uneasy. Hermione, Neville, and even Ginny tensed up a bit, not sure what Ron was going to do.

The youngest male Weasley took a deep breath. "I….owe you an apology, Harry." Harry raised an eyebrow, as Ron continued. "I've…..been a real idiot….ever since the train ride to Hogwarts in our First Year. I was convinced that you were an attention seeking prat, only interested in having everyone look at you. But…..when you saved my sister….I realized how much of an idiot I've been. So….I'm sorry, for everything I've done," he said, while holding out his hand.

Harry just blinked, before shaking it. "Apology accepted Ron," he said quietly. Ron let out a sigh of relief, before nodding to the others and his sister, and leaving.

Ginny smiled happily. She had known that Ron had disliked Harry for some reason, and had worried what would have happened between her and her brother, due to her new friendship with Harry. "I'm glad he came to his senses," she said with a grin.

Harry nodded. "Me too. I'd hate to be a source of strife between you and your brother," he said with a grin to her, causing her to blush. She still had a small crush on him, and that smile was really nice, in her opinion.

Meanwhile, Dumbledore was greeting a visitor who had just entered his office via the Floo Network. "Nicolas. It's good to see you again," he said with a smile.

The man he was greeting was a man who appeared to be in his seventies. He had shoulder length hair that at one time had been brown, but not was mostly white with age. He also had white sideburns and a goatee. He was currently dressed in rich emerald green robes with golden embroidery.

"It's good to be here at Hogwarts again, Albus." Nicolas Flamel said, as he eased himself into the chair in front of Dumbledore's desk. "So you letter seemed urgent. Care to tell me why?"

Dumbledore nodded. "Indeed. You remember what I told you before the start of the previous school year?"

Flamel became serious. "I do. Why are you bringing that up?"

"I think he's ready for it," Dumbledore said simply.

Flamel sighed as he sat back. "Are you certain? He is rather young Albus. Surely it can wait a couple more years."

Dumbledore shook his head. "There's no time Nicolas. He'll need as much time as possible to learn from it. I agreed to wait a couple years to give him time to adjust to the Wizarding World. But now….what happened this year is just a taste of what's to come. He needs to prepared, and soon."

Flamel sighed, before nodding. "Very well. I'll go retrieve it. It will take time though. At least a month, if not more."

Dumbledore gave a nod. "I understand. I'll arrange a meeting when you've retrieved it."

Flamel sighed. "I do owe him. For him saving my Stone last year. It will be nice to meet him."

The Headmaster grinned. "Indeed. He's rather….inspiring at times. A great hope for the next generation. Now, how is Perenelle?"

Flamel smiled, as two old friends began to talk. For now, business could wait.

Hogsmeade Station, End of Term

Another year of Hogwarts had ended. The students had slowly piled into the carriages used to ferry them to and from the station. Despite the lack of any visible horses or other such animals to pull them, the carriages trundled to their destination when full. In this case, they were depositing students at the train station, for the journey back home.

Harry was standing at the train station, his familiars in their cages next to him, his trunk at his feet. He was quietly looking at the school. He had thought a lot had happened last year, coming face to face with Voldemort for the first time. This year though had been even worse, with the attacks by Tutella, even if they were not of her own doing. He had nearly lost one of his friends, and his brother had suffered a terrible humiliation.

As he looked at the castle, he let out a sigh. Hogwarts was certainly becoming an interesting experience. In the two years he had been there, he had encountered two plots masterminded by Voldemort. He silently mused, wondering if this would be a common occurrence, now that he was coming to the school. Would each year bring a new challenge, a new threat from Voldemort?

He was drawn from his thoughts when he sensed three presences moving beside him. He grinned as he felt Neville clap him on the shoulder, as he looked at Neville, Hermione and Ginny. Whatever Voldemort might throw at him next, he knew he could face it, so long as he had his friends by his side.

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