Waiting For You.

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I sat on my bed, knees pressed against my chest. Focusing on the blank screen of my phone lying just inches away. At any sign of it glowing, I would be ready to grab it as if it was the last bottle of water, left out in the middle of a desert. In other words, my life depended on a certain message, from a certain person, who promised me he would "always be keeping in touch. " Obviously he hasn't lived up to that promise, or I wouldn't be sitting here looking at my phone as if I was trying to levitate it with my mind.

"Stupid Ikuto", I mumble to myself, pouting at the still black screen of my phone. I don't even know why I'm so hung up on him….he's not even my boyfriend….and all he does is tease me, bother me, free loads at my house, eat my food, sleep in my bed. I quickly turned pink, realizing what I had just said. My blush got even deeper when I remembered his sleeping face and how I would gaze at it and he would then wake up and call me a pervert. "Ikuto is just too damn hot", I thought. Wait….what am I saying? I shaked the images of Ikuto from my head, ah and he enjoys toying with my emotions and harassing me. I should hate him! But… remembering how he embraced me and told me he would miss me, "I guess I don't dislike him", I said to myself.

Staring up at the ceiling, pressing my pillow against my chest, I played back the scene in my head when he told he was going to be gone for a while, to search for clues about his missing father. It was late at night. We were at the closed amusement park, so it was just us. We had just finished riding on the Tea Cups. I giggled at the memory of how Ikuto could barely fit into them, it was hilarious! He led me to one of the park benches and we sat down, gazing up at the stars. For a long time we just stayed like that neither of us saying anything. Then, Ikuto did something that both surprised and scared me. He slid down the bench so that we were touching. He then took my hand and held it against his chest. He looked at me directly in the eyes.

My heart was racing. It felt like it was pounding against my chest. I turned away, clearly embarrassed about his sudden attention toward me. He took his hand and gently guided me back to his eyes. Now my cheeks were burning and my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. That's when I decided I should break the silence, this was becoming too much for me to handle.

"i-i-ku-", he pressed his finger against my lips. Shocked at what he had done, I tried to look for an answer on his face. He looked as if he was choosing his words carefully. I quickly got nervous. I was afraid of what he might say. "Did he not like me anymore?" "Had he found someone else to tease?" "Am I boring to him now?" Millions of these questions flooded my mine. I closed my eyes, trying to push back the tears. Ikuto, sensing that something was wrong hugged me.

"That's not it, he said while holding me. "Then what is it?" I sniffed.

Ikuto paused before answering. He sighed, "I'll be gone for a while" he said, now looking at me. I quickly brighten up. "He's not tired of me!" I thought. But, not seeing a change of look on his face, I waited for him to go on. "I don't know when I'll be coming back…." "Oh..." was all I said. "Well….call me and text me whenever you can, make sure to stay out of trouble, oh….and don't play with other girls". Ikuto smirked, "only if you don't play around with other guys while I'm gone", he said while holding my face in his hands.

"Humph!" I pushed Ikuto off the bench and heard a satisfying "Thump" when his butt hit the ground. "Oww Amu-chan, what was that for?" he mock whined. I just crossed my arms and stuck my nose in the air. Ikuto got up and stood in front of me. He surprised me again. He bent down to the ground and hugged me. "I'll miss you Amu…" he whispered into my ear. I filched at his cool breathe against my skin. I didn't know what to say so I just nodded. "And...Amu", but before I could answer I felt Ikuto's lips brush against mine, he then moved up to where my eyes were. "We'll continue this when I come back". And then he was gone. I was left on the bench mouth wide open, my mind not processing what had just happened.

I heard my ring-tone go off, bringing me back to reality. I rolled over to see who was calling so late at night knowing I had school in the morning. I couldn't stop my heart from beating as I read the name on the screen. It was Ikuto.

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