Waiting For You

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Amu's POV

"Mhmhmh hmhmh mhmh", I hummed happily while eating my breakfast which surprisingly, consisted of burnt toast, droopy eggs, and black crispy bacon. Yum right? Well…. no actually it tastes horrible and I'm forcing it down my throat as we speak, and you're probably wondering why I would be happy while eating a breakfast from hell. But it's not what I'm happy with its whom, Ikuto to be precise.I actually woke up earlier than usual this morning and it's a Saturday, shocking I know right? I felt rejuvenated and refreshed, my mind was clear and the weight I had been carrying on my shoulders had been lifted.

That's when I remembered what Rima had told me yesterday… "Your in-love Amu" it's funny how those simple words made everything just feel right. Rima's words were like the missing puzzles pieces I had been searching for. When I had put them all together I could finally see the picture. Care to guess what that picture was? Ikuto and me! Everything makes sense now, why I had been feeling this way, the confusion, the unexplained happiness and the constant pain in my chest, it was all for Ikuto.

When I had realized that, I became so happy, I was filled with joy. "Today is going to be a good day" I said to myself, why? Because I had a feeling Ikuto was coming back today, I just knew it. I decided to make my own breakfast since I was in such a good mood. My cooking skills aren't really that bad it's just my mind kept drifting, thinking about Ikuto and I ended up burning the toast, same thing happened with the bacon and so to prevent that from happening again I took the eggs out early and ended up having them not cooked long enough. But I didn't care I could have been eating dirt and I still would have smiled. "I guess these are the effects of being in-love." I sighed.

I stuffed a fork full of eggs in my mouth, I chewed a couple of seconds then abruptly stopped. "There are shells in my eggs…" Ok that brought me back to my senses (don't play with Amu's food). I quickly spit them out wiped my mouth and started thinking.

"Why am I eating this? When did I become so …..weird? Did I have homework? Man, I'm hungry…"

Well important things first. "MOM!" I shouted.

"Make me some breakfast!"

Ikuto's POV

I walked out the hotel, bags in-hand and one under my arm. "Ugh" I groaned, now wondering why I had packed all of this stuff. Walking while toting this entire load seemed like a drag. "Maybe I should have gone home" I thought. Then I wouldn't be burdened with the luggage. But last night i had been exhausted and the thought of seeing Utau and hearing her crying and suffer from her constant clinging, plus her whining about how I didn't call her or text her the entire time wasn't really appealing. Then, there was mom, I guess I should have called her. "I'll just make it up to her later" I said to myself. My first priority at the moment was locating Amu. I wanted to see her, no I needed to. I would have went to her house last night but it was so late, I didn't want to have to wake her up and interfere with her sleep and at the same time I really needed some too. Well, really i didn't want to face her wrath of being woken up, but I really did need some sleep. So I figured I would just crash at a hotel and sort everything out in the morning.

I sighed, I'll just drop off my stuff first. Utau probably isn't home anyway. Knowing her she would be at her studio practicing on her music.

~ xXx ~

The farther I walked, the more powerful the nostalgia became. It felt so strange, I had only been gone for three months but the same things I saw every day, I was seeing them from a new perspective. I had walked by the park and somehow Amu's presence had sneaked up on me. It was strong here since we would regularly come here to hang out and act childish. The small pain that had formed in my chest the moment I stepped off the plane was now immense I was missing Amu again. Before I knew it everything I saw, heard, and touched reminded me of Amu. I was just about the turn back and head straight to her house when I heard a shout.

"IKUTO"! It sounded so familiar. But before I could locate where it was coming from I collided with something, well actually someone had tackled me. My bags went flying and my head hit the ground hard. Whoever it was must have a death wish.

Amu's POV

I laid on my bed, spread out looking up at the ceiling. I had been waiting all morning for Ikuto to just show up unexpected, but to no avail. I had it all planned out in my mind. I would hear a knock at the door while I was doing something and I would go answer it wondering who it was, when I open the door it would be Ikuto, standing out there with his trademark smirk on. He would have is arms spread out wide welcoming me into his warm embrace and I would happily accept it. Then, he would hold me close and whisper into my ear about how he missed me. I felt my cheeks heat up as I thought of the next part. Ikuto would then take my face in his hands and lean down until were not even an inch away from each other. He would then close the distance between us with a gentle kiss that held both longing and desire.

I covered my face with my pillow, embarrassed about my Ikuto fantasy. "Am I turning into a pervert?" I thought. "Stupid Ikuto" I yelled into my pillow. Why aren't you here?

I sighed, pulling out my phone "Maybe Rima has my answers" I thought while dialing her number. She picked up on the first ring. Her voice sounded anxious as her words spilled out from the speaker.

"AMU! HAVEYOUMETIKUTOYET?" she yelled into my ear. "Come again? And do you want me to go deaf?" I replied. "Oh, gomen gomen" she said now lowering her voice. "I said have you met Ikuto yet?"

"No, he hasn't even called or texted me" I said trying to hide the whine in my voice.

"Gosh this again?" Rima said sounding slightly annoyed.

"Do you think he's back in Japan" I asked already knowing the answer.

"Yeah… probably" she said while hesitating.

"Oh… okay thanks Rima." I replied a little let down.

"Hey, Amu" she suddenly called

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Give me the cue and I'll crush him for you" she said without a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

I smiled knowing Rima cared and I hope was playing "Hai Rima" then she hung up.

I sat on my bed staring at my phone and mumbled under my breath, "I'll wait for you, Ikuto".

Ikuto's POV

It was no surprise finding out that it was Utau that had attacked me. But it was surprising that she wasn't yelling or screaming profanities at me. She just sat on me and kept smiling.

"Ikuto! Your back! I've missed you so much! Oh and you're in serious trouble for not contacting me this entire time" She said, her voice lowering at the last part. "But since you came on the wrong day you're in luck!" "And I have the most exciting news!" she said happily.

"Utau, off, now" I reminded her.

"Hrmm? Oh! Gomen gomen" she got up and continued. "You're never going to believe what happened while you were gone…. I um…" "Actually just follow me I'll show you" she said while grabbing my hand leading me to a bench were some guy sat, waiting.

"Ikuto, met my boyfriend, Kukai" she said now dropping my hand and standing by him. I was shocked beyond words. "Utau actually found a guy that could put up with her" I thought. I had a slight urge to warn him about what he was getting himself into, but decided to act against it and just nodded my head. I remembered he was one of Amu's friends so of course I approved. Utau smiled and sat down next to him, her hand was now in his hand and she leaned against his shoulder.

As I watched them like that two thoughts formed in my mind. One, this was extremely disturbing and I needed to get the heck out of here before I vomited. And two, the way they were, I wanted to be like that with Amu. A sudden desire to see Amu came over me, I had reached my limit.

"Utau since you caused me to drop my bags pick them up and take them home for me, thanks!" Before she could reply I was already down the street out of hearing range and on my way to Amu's house.

By the time I reached her balcony the sky had already turned pitch black. She probably was sleep now but to be honest I didn't care. I pulled on the door knob expecting it to be locked but to my surprise it swung right open. (Mental note: have to teach Amu a lesson about not locking doors). When I stepped inside my eyes immediately scanned the room for Amu. She was. of course in her bed sleeping peacefully. I walked over to her and trailed my hand against her cheek, in return she mumbled in her sleep. "iku…to"

A small smile crept onto my face as I realized Amu was thinking about me in her sleep. "Have you have been waiting for me?" I asked while lifting the clovers and quietly sliding in the bed with her. I pulled her close and whispered in her ear "The wait is over Amu"

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