Waiting For You

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Amu's POV

I awoke engulfed in a blanket of warmth, I snuggled deeper into it enjoying the heat radiating off of it. Strange though, I didn't remember my pillow having such a desirable scent. "Oh well" I thought breathing in more of the intoxicating odor while burying my head deeper into it.

Then, I became aware of a steady heart beat and my ears twitched at the sound of even breathing floating through the air. "Eh? My pillow is alive? ….and asleep?"

I lifted my head up and came face to face with a sleeping Ikuto. My heart skipped a beat. I covered my mouth with my hands, trying to keep in the scream. I couldn't believe it; Ikuto was back and in my bed! "Wait, he's in my BED!" I thought. My cheeks began heating up and I tried to back away but Ikuto's arms were around my waist trapping me in place. I struggled to loosen his grip a couple of more times, trying to break free from his hold but he wouldn't budge and I didn't want to wake him. It actually felt like I had somehow made it worse. I gave up and propped myself up on my elbows and rolled over onto my side to get a better view of him.

He hadn't changed a bit, (not that I thought he would look totally different in three months or anything). He looked exactly the same, but I noticed he had a slight muscular build now and his dark silky blue hair looked even softer now. Before I could stop myself my hand had already found the top of his head. My fingers entangled themselves in his hair. "It is softer" I smiled quietly to myself, messaging the spot on his head that he enjoyed the most. I took pleasure in this side of Ikuto, he really was like a cat.

My hand trailed down and reached his face. I traced imaginary patterns into his skin with my finger and gazed at him. Ikuto could have any girl he wanted with his looks. "I wonder why he chose me" I thought.

A sudden desire came over me at the realization and I couldn't stop myself from leaning down until I could feel his breath against my skin. I blushed at how close we were. I was about to move away but I gained enough courage to keep going.

I was about to kiss Ikuto on his cheek, when suddenly a pair of sapphire eyes flashed open and pulled me close to them. I gasped.

"I-k-ku-to….. You were awake?" I nearly yelled. I turned scarlet realizing what I was about to do to what I was thought was a "sleeping Ikuto". I propped myself up on my hands and looked away trying to hide the pink tinge that formed on my cheeks.

He smirked. "Were you trying to take advantage of me while I was asleep?" he said, mock innocently.

"Eh! N-n-no! I was just looking-"

"Staring? Amu you pervert"

"N-n-no I-I w-wasn't sta-"

"Do you know you're technically on top of me?" he looked me directly in the eyes.

There was a short silence before I comprehended the words that came out of his mouth. I froze like a deer in headlights. My blush got deeper now, if that was even possible.

"….aifgjje…ined..sdfd…ghjkwrq" I couldn't even form words anymore.

Before I could try to say more gibberish again, Ikuto had caught me off guard and pulled me down onto him. Our lips collided. I felt pressure being applied. It took me a while to realize that we were kissing, well, Ikuto was kissing me. I, on the other hand was dying. (o.o)

Ikuto rolled over so that I was beneath him. He broke the kiss (good because I was running out of oxygen and was seeing stars now).He looked down at me with his trademark smirk on. "You wanted to kiss me right? I hope that satisfied your desire"

Ikuto's POV

I had awoken to a flustered Amu, struggling to get out of my hold. She didn't see me open my eyes so I quickly closed them, pretending to be still sleeping. Amu looked so cute, as she tried numerous times to break free. If I had still been asleep she would have succeed by now, but I had tightened the grip on my arm while she was squirming. The movement had gone unnoticed and I sat there smiling in my mind at how adorable she was acting.

Eventually Amu gave up; I guess she didn't want to wake me. I could feel the bed shift and I figured she was moving onto her side. There were a few minutes of silence before I decided to take a little peep at what she was doing. I cracked my eye opened so it would only look like I was flinching if she noticed. But to my surprise she appeared to be so lost in thought that I doubt if I had fully opened my eyes she would have seen it.

"I wonder what she's thinking about" I thought. Suddenly I felt a hand on the top of my head. "Eh?" I flinched at the sudden pressure. Her fingers began to entangle themselves in my hair and I felt her message a certain spot on my head. It felt nice. I relaxed my muscles and sunk deeper into the bed, while Amu worked her magic.

I broke out of my trance when I felt Amu's hand trail down to my cheek. "Wait… did she just pet me?" I thought. "…and did I just enjoy it" Oh no, Ikuto does not get "pet", nor does he enjoy it.

"But you just did" a voice in my head responded back to me.

I felt her finger dance across my cheek, and decided that I'll tease her later for it. Right now I wanted to cherish this moment with Amu, even though she didn't know I was fully conscious. But that just made it even better.

Her hand retreated and I waited to find out what she was going to do next. I felt her presence getting closer and closer and I figured she was either about to resume staring at me, but from a closer angle, or she was about to kiss me. I couldn't tell you how bad my heart ached for option two.

She suddenly stopped, I could tell since I couldn't feel her getting any closer. There was a pause as if she were determining what to do. Then, she continued to get closer. To my surprise it looked like option two was becoming reality. But the thought was quickly flushed down the toilet and disappointment swept over me when I realized she wasn't leaning toward my lips but to my cheek.

A mischievous plan formed in my mind. "Time for the cat to become a lion"

I opened my eyes right when Amu was closing in the kiss. I pulled her down and she fell on my chest.

"I-k-ku-to….. You were awake?" she nearly yelled. I could tell she was embarrassed her cheeks were turning my favorite shade of red even though she was trying hard to hide it. She had propped herself up on her hands, I noticed she wasn't aware of the position we were in, or she would have quickly moved. Oh, this was going to be fun.

I smirked. "Were you trying to take advantage of me while I was asleep?" I said making my voice sound innocent.

Amu was blushing madly now. Our conversation didn't last very long, since I finally pointed out that she was on top of me. That statement had earned me a short silence from her as she finally took notice. She froze in place and had turned a maroon color. She started talking gibberish so I thought I'll do something to calm her down.

I pulled her down on me and instead of her lips meeting my cheek they collided with my own. To tell you the truth, I was shocked. I didn't plan to kiss her (even though I wanted to) my original plan was to just surprise her by giving her an unexpected hug and continue her "kiss". But it seemed somehow things turned in my favor. It still was shocking though but to make it appear as if I had meant to do this on purpose instead of it being a lucky accident I did what any sane guy would do. I started to kiss her.

I rolled over so that she was beneath me. "You wanted to kiss me right? I hope that satisfied your desire" I said while pulling away. Amu didn't respond at all. When I looked down, her eyes looked like swirls and her mouth was wide open as if her soul was coming out.

"Oops" I guess I went too far…

Amu's POV

After Ikuto had broken the kiss and said those words to me, you could say I went to "Lalala Land". I saw a bright light and a river. On the other side of the river was my grandma with her arms spread out wide saying "A-mu-chan, come visit me here"

I felt the bed shift, bringing me back to my senses. Ikuto was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at me with a worried expression on his face.

"Ikuto?" I questioned

When he heard me say his name his worried face was replaced with a smile. "Yo" he responded.

"Where did my grandma go?" I asked

He gave me a quizzical look before patting me on the head. "Gomen Amu, are you okay? Did I surprise you?"

At first I didn't know what the heck he was talking about, but then the memories of what occurred in the past hour came back to me. I turned away trying to hide the blush that was re-appearing.

"N-no not at all, I expected that a pervert like you would attack me" I laughed nervously.

Ikuto smirked. "Oh, so I'm the pervert? Shall I recall the moment you were staring at me? Or when you were shamelessly touching my face while I was asleep? And do I even need to mention when you were about to kiss me? I believe those are the characteristics of a true pervert Amu."

"Hey! You weren't even asleep in the first place! And you're the one who kissed me! I thought I was going to die of lack of oxygen!"

Ikuto blushed. Blushed. Can you believe it? The Ikuto blushed! I couldn't believe my eyes! One word formed in my mind at that moment. Payback.

"Umm I-" he started, but I cut him off before he could finish his excuse.

"Did you miss me that much that you couldn't control yourself? Hmmm Ikuto?" I mimicked his smirk.

He burst out laughing. "Ok that failed"

"Sugoi!" he mocked exclaimed. "When did you become like me?" he said in between fits of laughter.

"Well….. Since you've been gone…. You're the only thing I've thought about…" I looked down so my bangs were covering my face.


Ikuto's POV

"Well….. Since you've been gone…. You're the only thing I've thought about…" She looked down so her bangs were covering her face.

When I heard those words I didn't know what to say. The scene of me struggling to send her a txt message flashed in my mind. I wonder how long she had waited for that. Had she expected it from the very next day? Only to be disappointed and wait the next day… and the next….and many more after that. Wow, I'm horrible, why did Amu chose such an irresponsible man?

I frowned. Wondering when, did Amu begin to have such an effect on me?

I heard a sigh and looked up. Amu still had her head down. Had she been feeling like this since I left? All because of… me? Well not anymore! I'll make sure this never happens again.

I moved closer to her, pulling her into a hug, I whispered into her ear. "I'm home Amu. This is where I plan to stay. Here, with you."

"…Did you find your father..?" she suddenly asked.

"No…" I replied.

"Ohh…" she said while hugging me tighter.

"But that's okay"

She looked puzzled.

"Staying here with you is what's important now..." I continued.

"Ikuto… that kiss-"

"Don't worry about it" I quickly responded

"No…I didn't mind it I don't…mind...if we do it….again."

Amu's POV

"No…I didn't mind it I don't…mind...if we do it….again."

I flushed. It took a lot of courage to say that. I braced myself, waiting to hear his reply. But to my surprise he just nodded his head.

"And… Ikuto"


I looked up to him, directly in the eyes. "Promise me you won't leave me again?"

He returned the action, he looked determined. "Amu, I vow to never leave you again. And….if it's in my power I'll make sure you won't have to wait for me anymore.

I smiled. Arigato.

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