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Okay, I've had people (a person) comment that I am misrepresenting my story in the summary and tags it has. And I'd normally just ignore them, but I've had similar thoughts myself. So this is an expanded, and hopefully more accurate summary:

The life and journey of Harry Potter from an emotionally stunted and angsty war survivor with waaay more power than he needs into a (semi-) mature adult. This will start out with a bunch of flashback like chapter intros to show how his life diverged from the cannon story-line (mostly due to a Dumbledore who was actively preparing Harry for war, and a much more introverted and independent Harry). These flashbacks will be occurring alongside Harry's life in Forks Washington, where he will become tangentially involved in the plot and misadventures of the Twilight series. However, this will end up being a minor part of the story, as Harry quickly moves on to interacting with the Stargate cast and universe (after a seven year time skip). The only Twilight character that will continue to show up in any meaningful or consistent manner will be Seth Clearwater, with whom Harry will eventually have some degree of romantic relationship - haven't gotten there yet.

That's pretty much the story as it is right now, when I originally wrote the summary and tags for this story I had only vaguely planned anything past his time in forks and therefore focused on that, now that that portion of the story is written and complete I've been focusing on the stargate and waffling about just how much of the story I should make up myself and just how many universes (fandoms) I can mash together before it starts becoming tiresome and offensive to my readers. I should note that a large issue I'm coming up against in my writing is that I modeled the Harry of this story a bit after myself (not a self-insert, but there are definite similarities, and it has made him much easier for me to write this way) and I am very much not a team player which is an impediment to any sort of story development, especially when he needs to work with the stargate crew. The second major hurdle I'm facing is a way to nerf the powers I gave wizards, and Harry in particular - as it is my mind has come up with a dozen different ways they could conquer the local multiverse before dinner... (yes I actually thought up an explanation for a method of using a combination of the quantum mirror and magic to explore the multiverse in a manner not dissimilar to vexmaster's imperium and all its spinoffs.)

Oh yes, also got a complaint about the shifting from first to third person and back and forth... yeah sorry all I can say to that is if I ever finish this story I'll likely go back to polish that up and make it more consistent one way or the other. Until then, you'll just have to suck it up. My creative juices and time are finite already without making things more difficult by editing so soon after writing.

Anyway for those who have read my story - is there anything in my summary you think should be left out, is there anything left out you think should be included? I am of the opinion that being mysterious a coy in a summary is a stupid thing to do on a website with more than a few hundred thousand poorly written stories - one should always make it as easy as possible for the reader to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Harry had been standing on the balcony of his house for almost an hour now, simply letting the atmosphere wash around him. The view before him was one of rolling hills completely covered in the embrace of forest and low hanging clouds somewhere between mist and fog. Idyllic by almost any definition of the word. Most days the view would fill him with peace, that was not true of today.

He was due back at the office, buried as it was in the depths of Cheyenne mountain, and he had not had a single second of sleep since he had left. It was at once highly distressing and- and not. He hadn't been standing here waffling about what to do or bemoaning his fate. He'd decided what he was going to do yesterday when Seth had confronted him. Indecisiveness was one flaw he didn't suffer from, he'd had it trained out of him by war and occlumency. That didn't mean he liked his choice.

In six minutes, when he was expected in the Cheyenne mountain complex, he'd be there. He'd do his job as general liaison between the magical and mundane and an advocate for further integration and cooperation. To that end he would not see what progress had been made sabotaged by the removal of either himself or Seth. It was that simple.

And yet. Not very simple at all.

So he'd spent time that could have been spent put to better use, standing on the balcony watching the world. Watching nature in its indifference to his situation; the world is never still, animals, plants, and all other manner of living things were fighting for their life just before him and yet from his balcony he couldn't see all the creatures moving about the forest, merely the uniform carpet of treetops. It was a comforting thought, knowing his emotional turmoil was just one small bit of chaos that was the balance of life, insignificant to anyone but himself.

The world would just have to keep on spinning.


General Jack O'Neill sat in the SGCs conference room flanked on either side by Carter and Landry, busying himself with tapping away with a pen and pad and checking the clock on the wall every twenty seconds. Carter had been shuffling about avoiding everyone's eyes for the past ten minutes and Landry had been pretending to look through some paperwork. By now the video of Lieutenant Clearwater and Potter had gone viral through the SGC network and there wasn't anyone on base who hadn't seen it at least once. Carter was clearly feeling guilty as she was the one that started it, and Landry was trying to figure out how exactly to deal with the whole 'Don't ask, Don't tell' disaster without creating some sort of cultural and political incident. As for Jack, well he was just hoping to get this whole thing over with so he could go back to Washington and only have to deal with backroom politicking; it's amazing what a few years will acclimatize one to, he'd never have thought he'd prefer politics over Stargate Command's special sort of drama. Though he supposed he'd really been rather lucky so far as this was the first time he'd have to deal with their wizarding neighbors directly. That is if their resident wizard was even going to show up. Jack checked his watch once more and sat staring at it as the seconds counted down - T-minus eleven seconds, till the wizard was officially late.

Just as he was about to push himself out of the chair with a pithy one-liner and escape the awkward atmosphere, Potter appeared at one end of the room. Between one tick of his watch's second hand and the next, he'd just appeared, utterly silent and striding across the room to draw himself up a chair at the conference table. Jack frowned, that was actually a rather cool entrance; not quite the lightshow of an Asgard beam, but still perfect timing.

In a lighter atmosphere and with someone he knew better, Jack would be tempted to pout.

"Sorry if I kept you waiting, I hope we can get through some of the proposals I'd like to bring forth on behalf of my department this morning." Harry said.

"Nope, you're right on time," Jack replied, lifting and tapping his watch for emphasis and not incidentally silencing whatever Carter or Landry might have said.

"Excellent, as you are no doubt aware, we were given six weeks to settle into our role here at Stargate Command and to assess for ourselves in just what manner we could be of most use. Also as you may or may not know, we asked members of the SGC recommend fun or interesting technologies from popular sci-fi which they would like to see us make a reality. This was meant to be both an early exercise to help us acclimatize to our role and the new tools available in combining technology and magic, and to hopefully begin forging stronger ties between the individuals and departments on base." At this Harry pulled the list that had been posted for a week on the SGC's community board for anyone to add to, a small amused smirk curling at his lips. On the very first line under the guidelines someone had scribbled out the first thing written there and squeezed in lightsabers in great big capital letters followed by many exclamation marks. As a general attempt at inspiring some fun and cooperation between the wizard contingent and an effort to prove to the members of the sgc just how useful their magical aid could be, Harry was confident his idea had been a success. That being said, what they'd made so far was not likely to see any practical use. "This has helped us find the limitations of any union between magic and technology. The most prominent and debilitating of which is the lack of magic's ability to be mass produced or benefit from any sort of economies of scale.

"With these limitations in mind, we have outlined several tentative projects we believe could provide the greatest returns for our efforts. This has taken the form of single objects with the greatest utility and versatility." Harry had practiced this presentations a few times in the past week so it came easily now, and hopefully sounded impressive. "From there it was a relatively simple logical step that our focus should be on Earth's space based infrastructure - specifically her fleet. A single well built ship could very well see service for decades to come and with a large enough crew even mundanes could power relatively basic magical effects. The most promising proposal we have so far is dependent upon spatial expansion; using a number of clever tricks to fit much larger effective volume of space within a ship's frame. Though only very rough calculations have been made so far, we believe we will be able to create a vessel with more than an order of magnitude increase in combat effectiveness."

Harry was pleased to that this certainly caught Carter's attention and made O'Neill sit forward in his chair, Landry was the only one not to react obviously.


A/N I'd like to request my reader's help here to fill out the list of sci-fi tech as posted in the SGC community board. Which is a bit of the reason I cut this chapter short - I need to know what the wizards have made so that Harry can present them during this meeting.


1) All items on the list were to be limited to handheld items only

2) A quick internet search should be sufficient to gather general use and specs of the item

3) The item shouldn't be Lantern Ring - let's keep things slightly plausible.

that's it for the list - in better news I have the next ten or so chapters outlined and about twenty thousand words of various snippets written (which is way more than I've had for any other chapters so far - so maybe this means you won't have to wait too long!).