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Chapter 1

(Jim's POV)

I sighed and I walked through the doors of A.I.M. oh A.I.M. means Armored Investigating Missions. Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself my name is Jim Hawkins and I am an agent of A.I.M. My family works with this secret organization or some of my family still does. My grandparents Jane and Silver Hawkins retired from the agency and now living on a small island of paradise.

My mother and father, Sinbad and Sarah, still work for the agency but they knew their kids would handle. Yea I got a brother and sister, Kayley, she's the field agent like me, and Milo, and he's a tech genius of all of the agency's weapons and gadgets.

My team was the best, Cale Tucker, hacker and intelligence with martial arts, Doyle Blackwell, once was a crooked mercenary till I convinced him to join A.I.M. and his specialty is Black OPS and knowing what the underworld organizations are up to. Fiskerton, maybe a cute cat mixed gorilla but don't let that fool you he's a tough guy. Flynn Rider his abilities are stealth and this guy can make you sure that he never existed in the first place. My abilities stealth, combat, and weaponry.

But it's been awhile since we had a mission and the team went off in their solo missions. I said as I walked in the building, "Well, I wondered what the director wants me for." Preston B. Whitmore is the director of A.I.M. and he was the main founder of this organization. I think that within a few more years he might retire and go to his little hut. I went up in the elevator and headed for his office. When I saw him as I entered his office I said seriously, "James Hawkins, sir." Whitmore said with a smile as he sat down, "Ah, Jim, good to see you. Well done on your last mission."

I said with a smile, "Thank you, sir." Whitmore said seriously, "Jim, I have a mission for you and this time I bringing back your team." I was surprised to hear this and I asked curiously, "Can I ask why you are bringing my team back together?" Whitmore said seriously as he handed me a folder, "This mission requires more than one man and what better to have team Hawkins back in action." I opened the file and I couldn't believe who was in this folder. It was Ariel, my friend and my crush. I said softly, "Ariel…"

Whitmore said with a smile, "Ah, so you know the target." I asked seriously and curiously, "Target?" Whitmore explained seriously after he sighed, "You see Jim the enemy of our organization, the Shadow, have been working on a top secret project. We don't know what that project is just yet but we do know they are after her." I asked seriously, "What would they want with Ariel?" Whitmore said seriously as he leaned in on his chair, "That's for you and your team to found out and hopefully stop this project before gets out of hand and spread to the public." I closed the file and I said seriously, "I accept the mission, Director." Whitmore smiled and said as he leaned back on his chair, "The answer I expect from a Hawkins. Good luck, agent."

I left his office and I had to change out of my black and white uniform and changed into my black t-shirt, baggy pine pants, dark brown combat boots, and my dark black jacket. I sighed as I locked up my locker, "Well, another day at the office."

I got in the jet that Whitmore hired and I got on the jet and saw my old team. Fisk mumbled happily as he rushed over to me and I said with a smile as Fisk hugged me, "Good to see you too, Fisk." Doyle said with a smirk, "It's been awhile Jim. Last time we were on a mission together we had go after the Court of Miracles." I said with a smile, "Hey, Doyle." I saw with a smirk and asked, "Aren't you gonna say hi to your best friend?"

I said with a smirk, "I thought you disappeared on me, Flynn." Flynn said with a smirk still on his face, "Hey, its part of my job." Cale said with a smile, "Not that I enjoy the reunion but I do miss being left out." I chuckled and I said with a grin, "You're important part of the team, Cale."

Doyle asked seriously as I sat down across from my team, "So what's the mission, Jim?" I explained seriously as I pulled out my PDA and show the file Whitmore showed me, "The enemy of our organization, the Shadow, have been working on a top secret project. We don't know what that project is just yet but we do know they are after Ariel."

Fisk murmured with a smirk and made kissing faces. I said annoyed as I hid the blush on my face, "No she's not my girlfriend, Fisk." Doyle asked with a smirk, "You sure about that, Jim?" I sighed and explained, "I haven't seen Ariel in five years." Flynn said seriously, "That's when you started your training at A.I.M." I sighed and said honestly and sadly, "I never got to say goodbye to her."

Fisk murmured sadly and I said with a smile, "Don't worry Fisk. I'll see her again." We all heard a ringing tone and I touched my PDA and Milo said with a smile, "Hey, little bro." I said with a grin, "Hey, big bro." Milo said with a smile, "I see you and the rest of your team is here. I wanted to say that pop and mom will be at home." I asked curiously, "What about our sister?" Milo said seriously, "She's still in the Pridelands on a mission." I asked curiously, "What about our grandparents?" Milo said with a grin, "They're still at Atlantis on their honeymoon."

Doyle said seriously, "Not that I enjoy the family info but Milo the gadgets." Milo sighed and said seriously, "The gadgets and weapons should be at our home and they have been marked with your name on it." Milo turned to look at me and said with a smile, "Say hi to mom and pop for me." Milo signed off and Fisk murmured happily and excitedly and Cale said with a smirk, "I don't blame you Fisk. This is gonna be fun." Doyle asked curiously, "So Jim what are you gonna do while we try to discover what the Shadow's project is?" I said seriously, "I have to make sure that they don't get Ariel while you guys investigate what Shadow's project is." Fisk murmured seriously and I said with a smile, "Don't worry, Fisk. I'll be okay."

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