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Chapter 2

(Ariel's POV)

I yawned softly as the sun hit my eyes through my bedroom window and I said sleepily as I got out of bed, "Time for school." I walked over to my dresser and put on my school uniform. It was light aqua and I let my hair down today. I looked at the photo of my mother and said with a small smile, "I'm going to school, mom. Watch over dad while he's at work." I then looked at the photo of my old friend Jim when we were younger and I sighed sadly.

I said worried, "I wish you were here, Jim. I do miss you a lot." I then looked at the clock and I said worried as I left my room and head down the stairs, "Oh, I'm gonna be late." My father came out of the kitchen with a coffee mug filled with his milk coffee as he said with an amused and stern tone, "You're going to be late." I said hurryingly as I passed by him, "I know daddy. Love you." I left my home and headed for Montressor High as I ran with all my might.

I saw my friend, Tiana as she waited for me at the main doors of the school. Tiana said with a smile as she ran beside me, "We're so going to be late." I said with sincerity as we headed for our class, "I was saying goodbye to my mother and Jim." Tiana said with an honest smile as we approached the classroom door, "I'm sure the new teacher will understand."

I asked curiously as Tiana opened the door and we entered in the classroom, "New teacher? What happened to Merlin?" Tiana explained as we headed towards Charlotte who was talking to her boyfriend, Kuzco, "Merlin had to retire from teaching because of teaching for nearly forty years." Charlotte squealed and said with a cheerful tone, "We get a cool teacher and I bet the girls who are single are gonna squeal when they see him."

I asked curiously as Tiana and I sat in our desk, "So who's the new teacher?" We then heard a male voice as the voice said seriously as the students did what they were told, "Okay class settle down. No horsing around." We saw the teacher coming in and he had brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a green vest with a white formal shirt and brown formal pants.

I saw most of the girls squealing quietly and blushing. The man said with a smile, "My name is Dimitri Hawkins. But you may call me Mr. H." My eyes widen with excitement and I hoped that our new teacher knew my old friend. It's been five years that Jim left Montressor and I haven't heard a word from him since the day he left.

Jim said sadly as he held on tight with a suitcase, "I'm going away Ariel." I said sadly as I hugged him, "I'm gonna miss you, Jim."

After class was over, I walked over to Dimitri and I asked sincerely, "Mr. H, do you know Jim Hawkins?" Dimitri chuckled and said with a smile, "I do. He's my nephew." I asked worried, "Do you know when he'll be back?" Dimitri said hopefully as he looked at the clock, "I think he would be here today or tomorrow." I then heard Hiccup's voice and him being annoyed, "Come on Ariel you can flirt with the teacher later." I sighed and said with a smile, "Well, if you do see Jim. Tell him that Ariel misses him."

Dimitri said with a smile as he packed his things in the suitcase, "I'll do that." I left the classroom and I lightly punched Hiccup on his right arm. Hiccup complained after he winced from my punch, "Ow. Thanks for the punch." I said seriously after I went into my locker and grab my bag of books, "I wasn't flirting with Mr. H. I was wondering where Jim was." Hiccup sighed and said seriously, "Jim's not gonna come back, Ariel. It's been five years since he left and made you cry."

I sighed and said seriously before I left, "I know he's gonna come back because Mr. H told me he was." Hiccup sighed and said apologetically as he caught up with me, "Ariel, I'm sorry. It's just after he left ya…you didn't deserve that." I sighed and I felt something nuzzle me and I smiled as I turned around to see Toothless with his gummy smile. I said with a smile as I scratched behind his head with my right hand, "Hey, Toothless. How are you?"

Toothless cooed and lick the side of my right cheek. Hiccup said with a smile as Toothless nuzzled the side of my head, "You know we can go flying later on?" I looked at my watch and I said sadly, "As much as I want to I can't." Hiccup asked with a raised eyebrow and a slight smile as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, "Daddy issues?" I lightly laughed and said with a smile, "You can say that."

Hiccup said honestly before I left for home, "You know Ariel there's nothing I wouldn't do to help you." I smiled and said as I left, "Yea, see you tomorrow Hiccup." I headed for home and I went inside the home as I said with a smile, "I'm home." I heard my father saying from the kitchen, "Ariel there's someone on the phone for you." I asked curiously as I took off my jacket, "Who is it?" My father said with a smile as he handed me the phone, "An old friend."

I looked at him confused and I asked worried, "Hello?" I head Jim's voice saying on the other line, "Hey, Ariel. Miss me?" I said with a smile and cheerfully, "Jim! It's good to hear from you." Jim said after he chuckled, "Yeah, it's been five years. Sorry you know how boarding school is."

I lightly laughed and I said with happiness, "Your uncle told me you would be home today or tomorrow." I think Jim nearly cursed and said annoyed, "I was gonna surprise you but my Uncle had to open his big mouth." I said with a smile, "Well, I'll see you at school tomorrow." Jim said before he hanged up the phone, "I'll see you there."

I then hanged the phone up and kissed my dad on the cheek and said with a smile, "Thank you, daddy." Dad said with a smile, "You're welcome." Before I left, my father said sternly, "Ariel, you better tell Jim that I got my eye on him." I said with a smile, "Oh, daddy." My dad chuckled and said as he began to read the newspaper, "Goodnight, Ariel."

I said as I headed up to my bedroom, "Goodnight dad." As I went into my bedroom I looked at the picture of my mother and I said with a smile, "Well, mom. Jim's coming home."

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