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Chapter 3

(Jim's POV)

I yawned and I looked out my window to see we were landing near by the Benbow Inn. I said after I yawned and got up, "Okay, everyone get up. We're here." Fisk yawned and murmured groggily as Cale said sleepily as he ruffled his hair, "Come on, Jim. Give us a break." Doyle said groggily as he kicked Cale out of bed, "Come on blondie. We gotta follow Jim otherwise our butts are on a silver platter." Cale groaned and Fisk murmured as he saw the Inn and I said seriously, "Fisk our gear is there in my home."

The jet opened the door and I walked down the stairs as did the rest of my team. I knocked on the door and my mother opened it as she said with a smile, "Jim, you're back." Sarah then gave me a hug and I said with a smile as I returned the hug, "It's good to be back mom." I saw my father coming down the stairs and saw a grin on his face. Sinbad said with a smile, "Well, looks whose back." I said with a smirk, "Hey old man. See you're still in your prime." My mother looked over my shoulder as she said with a smile, "Hello, boys."

Fisk murmured happily and Doyle said as he came in, "Nice to see ya Mrs. H." Cale said with a smile as he followed Doyle, "Nice to see you, Mrs. Hawkins." Fisk murmured happily as he waved hi. Sarah said with a smile, "It's good to see you again Fiskerton." Doyle grabbed his gear and said as he left, "Okay I'm out of here." Jim asked with a smirk as he joked, "What no goodbye kiss?"

Doyle said seriously before he left, "Time to get going Cale." I asked confused after Cale took his bag, "What's with Doyle?" Cale said with a smile as he followed Doyle, "You know how he is. He's always grumpy when he doesn't get his sleep." Fiskerton mumbled cheerfully and I said seriously with my arms crossed, "No you are not going to Montressor High." Fisk murmured defensively and I said as I tried to convince him to go with the rest of the team, "Look Fisk I know you wanna be my back up but you need to stay with the team."

Fisk murmured sadly and I said with a smile before I patted his back, "Hey if I get stuck with a history test I'll call ya for back up." Fisk murmured happily and took his bag as he headed with the rest of my team. I asked with a smile my mother, "So did you leave my room the way it was?" My mother lightly laughed and said with a smile as she leaded me up to my room when the old man and we went inside, "Yeah, the way you left it after you left for A.I.M. academy."

I looked in my room and it was clean but it had lots of dust and I saw picture of Ariel and I when we were kids. I picked up the picture and sighed as I remembered when I left for the academy. I knew that I wanted to be part of the family business but I didn't know I would leave Ariel…the only girl I cared about. Sarah said with a smile as she came to my side, "She missed you every day and wondered how you were doing."

I sighed and said seriously as I put down the picture, "Mom you know we can't tell who we are or what we do." My mom said with a smile before she gave me a hug, "I know honey. I was out in the field with your father and part of me wanted to tell the public. But your dad pointed out that we need to keep the agency safe from the public eye."

I return the hug to my mother and I said seriously happy, "It's good to be home, mom." Sarah asked with a smile as she left, "How about I make breakfast then you transfer to Montressor High?" I smiled and nodded my head. I sensed someone in my room and sighed and said with a grin, "Come out Flynn." Flynn groaned asked as he came off the ceiling, "How'd know it was me?" I laughed and said with a grin, "Because I know you."

Flynn pulled out hid PDA and said seriously as he showed the image of Triton Manor, "I looked at the security in that place. It's almost as tight as Fort Knox." I asked surprised, "You couldn't get in?" Flynn said with a grin, "I said almost." Flynn zoomed in on a panel hidden on the side of the house and explained with a grin, "This is the panel for the security in that place and the only fingerprints I found were Triton's and Ariel's."

I asked concerned, "Has anyone try to break in?" Flynn said seriously as he check the security, "Not one thief has gotten pass the security and that's including the dogs." I asked curiously, "The dogs?" Flynn zoomed in on two dog houses and showed Pluto and Balto, who were sleeping in their doghouses. I winced at them and Flynn asked concerned, "You okay, Jim?" I explained seriously, "Balto and Pluto, they might be trouble." Flynn chuckled and said with a grin, "Oh, right. You had trouble with them when you were a kid."

I said defensively, "Hey I was kid when they chased me down." Flynn laughed and said as he closed his PDA, "And you had your shorts ripped to shreds." I said annoyed and a bit ticked off, "Get out." Flynn said as he holds his side and left, "Alright, but, you should catch up with Ariel." I sighed and fell back on my bed. I looked back at the picture of Ariel and me and smiled when I thought going back to the beach.

(Ariel's POV)

I woke up as I yawned and stretched. I had bed head again and brushed out my hair. I heard Balto and Pluto barking as I said with a smile and looking at the picture of my mother, "Okay, mom time to feed the dogs." I went downstairs in my school uniform and feed Balto and Pluto their dog food. My father asked as he read the morning newspaper, "What time will you be home?"

I said as I looked at my schedule, "Um, I'm gonna be a little late. I have singing practice after school with the girls." My father yelled as he drank his coffee and I head out the door, "Make sure your cell is on!" I ran towards Montressor High and saw Hiccup with Toothless flying high. I yelled as I waved at them, "Be on time, Hiccup!" Hiccup gave me the thumbs up and went ahead of me. I then heard a familiar voice, "Ariel!"

I turned to see Jim Hawkins, my old friend who I haven't seen in so long, he looked different. He was in the Montressor High uniform and he had a ponytail. He looked like he worked out a bit and I said with a smile, "It's good to see you again, Jim." Jim chuckled and said with a grin as he held his bag, "Yeah, same here. I can't believe you gave up those pigtails and let your hair down." I said defensively with a pout and with my arms crossed, "Well, I grew up. I started to have fashion sense at thirteen." Jim chuckled and said as he ruffled my hair with a smile, "Okay. I'm sorry, Ari."

I looked at Jim's hand and realize it was bigger and rougher. I knew that Jim wasn't a little boy anymore but why did it feel different? I asked curiously as I walked with him, "Where did you go to school all this time?" Jim said as scratched the back of his head, "My parents sent me off to a private school. They thought I could get a better education." I asked sadly and concerned, "Why didn't you come back for the holidays?"

Jim's eyes wavered and said with a small sad smile, "Well, it was complicated." I then reached for his hand and he looked surprised as I said with a frown, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't say anything." Jim squeezed my hand and said with a small smile, "its okay. I'm just glad I got to see you again."

As soon as we reached towards the school, we let go and Jim asked with a small grin as he held his schedule, "Do you know where my first class is?" I looked at his schedule and it was the exact same schedule as mine. I said as I looked at it, "We have science class with Professor Lockwood." Jim said with a grin as we walked into the school, "Hopefully I can pass this class." At elementary school, he was the worse at science and I had to help with his homework. It looks like I was going to help him again.

Charlotte waved at me and said with a smile and saw Jim, "I see you and Jim caught up." I said with a small smile as I sat next to her, "A little bit. Maybe this weekend we'll really catch up." Kuzco teased with a smirk, "Sounds like date for the two lovebirds." I said defensively with a blush, "It's not a date Kuzco. We're just catching up is all." Kuzco childishly laughed and smirked as Charlotte said with a pout and lightly hit Kuzco, "Oh, shut it, Kuz."

I looked down to see Jim taking out his notebook and pencil as he was ready for class. Professor Lockwood came in and said with a grin, "Good morning, class." Professor Lockwood brought out a new machine and asked as he hooked it up, "Now can anyone tell me how we can converge water into solid ice cube?" I was about to raise my hand until Jim spoke, "You have to freeze it to a very low temperature, about ten degrees. The water slowly and surly will freeze overtime."

Professor Lockwood said with a smile as he poured water into the machine, "Excellent, props to the new student." I was surprised that Jim could answer it so quickly and Professor Lockwood's machine was fizzing out and the Professor yelled, "Everyone get out!" I ran out with Charlotte and Kuzco to the gym, hoping that the Professor can fix his machine.

(Jim's POV)

I sighed and said as I pulled the plug, "You've could've come up with a better question." Flint sighed as he rubbed his eyes and said defeated, "I know. I know, but it was the only way to get one on one with you." I explained seriously as he fixed the machine, "Flint, in the rules of A.I.M, you have to make sure your equipment is functional as your brain." Flint explained seriously, "And in case you've forgot, I'm a level four A.I.M agent. You on the other hand are a level two A.I.M. agent." I sighed and asked as he finally fixed the machine, "Did you get any information when I enrolled here?"Flint said seriously as he projected the hologram and closed the curtains, "I checked the background on every teacher here at this school and only one came up in the Shadow organization wanted files. Eric Prince."

I looked at the guy and I knew I didn't like him at the time as Flint continued to talk, "This guy is wanted in Atlantis, Pridelands and Atlantica. He has thirteen warrants on him and let's just say to numerous to count what they are." I asked seriously and curiously, "What does he do?" Flint went to the next image where he showed the students singing and said worried, "He's the music teacher and Miss Triton has singing practice with him and her friends today, after school."

I sighed and rubbed my face while think of how I gotta keep Ariel out of his hands. I then said as I shook Flint's hand, "Thanks, Flint. I'll keep an eye on her." Before I opened the door, Flint said worried with his arms crossed, "You know what's gonna happen…if you get to close." I sighed and said as I looked over my shoulder, "I know." I left the classroom and I remembered what rule that A.I.M told us: Never get too personal with the client otherwise you'll be off the mission.

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