M is for the Many pranks and jokes that tend to happen way to much, some bring laugher and others pain

I is for the Idiotic ideas that happen, mostly some come out just fine others not so much

C is for the Cat-like moves used to show-off and keep out of harm, it has saved a life or two

H is for the Hell he gets from one that is close to him, out of love or announce

E is for the Even moment he brings, he'll get slap without knowing

L is for the Loving care he give when family is hurt or sad, even if it means getting slap again

A is for the Awesome places he has gone to, never a normal day for this guy

N is for Numbskull things, he will do without a second thought

G is for the "Guns" he like to show off, a man he is who thinks to much of himself

E is for the Evolved he has shown from boy to man, no father could be any prouder then that

L is for the life he has, it never dies to a dim only a bright shine

O is for the Off switch his family will one day fine, a little peace and quite never killed anyone