Daniel is looking around in yet another room filled with desks, paintings, and bookshelves. Upon examining the top of one of the desks he finds a key. "Hm, perhaps this key goes to the locked door that I just walked passed." He says thoughtfully and turns to leave the room.

His movements stop when he hears a bone chilling growl coming from down the hallway and he quickly looks for a place to hide, extenguishing his lantern. He hides in a closet a few feet away and closes the door just as the grunt walks into the room.

Daniel holds his breath as he listens to the grunt walk around the room and bump into a desk and growl occasionally. 'I wonder if it's as stupid as it seems...' he thinks.

The grunt gets closer to the closet and when it's standing right in front of it, Daniel slams the doors open, startling the grunt, and dashes toward the door.

As soon as he is outside the room he swings around and slams the door shut, before knocking a bookshelf over and using various items to barricade the door.

After he's done, he takes a step back to examine his work. "That should handle this prob-"He gets cut off when he hears a growl behind him.

His breathing stops and his face pales as he slowly turns his head to see the grunt that he thought he locked in the room along with an open door behind it.

'Oh, that's right. There were two doors to that room, weren't there?'

All was quiet for a moment, there wasn't even the sound of breathing. Then you could hear, "AHH!" And the sound of running footsteps and growling as Daniel ran down the hallway towards what was surely a dead end.