Daniel was walking around Brennenburg castle, trying to avoid that grunt chased him down, when some floorboards creaked under his feet. Now this normally happened, since the castle was old, but this creaking was different. It was like there was nothing underneath it.

Daniel mentally memorized the location of that part of the floor, before looking around the room for something to pry the floor boards off to investigate. After a few minutes he finds a crowbar and goes back to that spot.

After prying a few floorboards off, he spots a rather large chest. On the top are two words. Daniel gapes as he opens the chest and nearly gets blinded by the somehow shining gold inside. Then he gasps. "I've found the One Piece!"

He was so preoccupied he didn't notice footsteps coming up behind him. He did, however, notice an all too familiar growl that sounded almost right in his ear.

Nearly jumping five feet in the air and turned very slowly to see the grunt, who looked rather mad—if it's possible to see emotions on its face. Daniel scrambled backwards and managed to get out of the hole.

"Oh, hello…"

The grunt just growled again in response. Daniel took that as his cue to leave and jumped to his feet before turning and running… head first into a door.

As Daniel collapsed, having knocked himself out, the grunt turned to look at the chest sitting open in the hole in the floor. It stared for a second before setting to work covering it up again, all the while growling at Daniel's unconscious form for finding it.