The Doctor and Martha Jones stepped out of the Tardis, and were pleasantly surprised by what they found. They were in the middle of a multi-colored forest, filled with softly flittering butterflies, and a nice earthy smell around them.

And there were no demonic monsters or flesh eating virus or imminent threats of destruction.

"Well, Doctor, we haven't had a break for a while, so lets just stretch our legs and stop to smell the flowers." Martha suggested.

The Doctor was usually one for adventure, but he certainly did like to smell flowers as well, and so the two of them idly walked around the forest, looking at the strange flora and occasional fauna. It gave them both a chance to think. Martha hadn't thought, for a few days, of just how odd her adventures with The Doctor were, and now the oddity of what had interrupted her life as a medical student came rushing back. As for The Doctor, what he thought of...well, no one really knows, do they?

But what people do know is that The Doctor is the oncoming storm, so when exactly ten minutes into their idle stroll, laser beams and smoke came crashing through the forest, and a group of small purple humanoids ran in fear past The Doctor and Martha.

"Business as usual, I guess" Martha said.

"Business as usual" The Doctor agreed, taking out his sonic screwdriver. And it came in handy, because a second later, a group of robots ran into the clearing. They were clunky looking, but dangerous, with a bat insignia etched upon their chests. The Doctor cycled through the settings on his Sonic Screwdriver, finally finding one that brought the robots to a screeching halt.

A moment later, something more human came into view. Although neither The Doctor or Martha were sure if it was exactly human, but they had learned to not be too picky in such matters.

The woman's voice came out in a rough growl that made them suspect that she wasn't human.

"Rrroowwwr! Are you helping The Great Rebellion?" she challenged The Doctor and Martha.

"Us no?" Martha answered.

"Just out for a nice stroll."

"Yes, just out for a stroll, Miss..."

"I ammm Forrrce Commandderrr Catra of the Horde!"

"Ah, yes, of course." The Doctor answered.

While they were conversing, a Scorpion shaped tank drove up, and a woman jumped out. Much like Catra, she was humanoid with a few twists.

"You must be Scorpia" Martha Jones said, smiling.

"Yesss" the woman said with a hiss. "How did you know?"

"Oh, just a hunch." Martha answered.

"These trrrraitorrrs deny knowing about the Grrreat Rebellion" Catra complained.

"Oh, I don't, but I do know a thing or two about rebellions." The Doctor said cheerily. And I know about people who use weapons and technology and don't look at the forest around them."

"What do you know!" Catra demanded.

"What you are about to know in an instant!" The Doctor smiled.

The two women look puzzled, but a second later, they realized what he meant when a lasso caught Catra and a bolo fired from a bow captured Scorpia. Three people strode into view, a tall blond woman holding a lasso, a red haired man with a bow and arrow wearing an extravagent costume, and an unarmed, purple haired woman.

"Hello friends! I am She-Ra" the blond woman said. "And these are Bow and Glimmer"

"And this is your...Great Rebellion?" Asked Martha, looking over the three smiling, attractive people.

"That is what we call ourselves. And who are you?"

"I am The Doctor. And this is Martha."

"Well, I guess it is time to bring these two back to..." As She-Ra spoke, but as she spoke, her lasso was undone, and Bow's rope broke, and the two women ran away, Scorpia jumping into her tank and racing away, and Catra dodging through the trees.

"Should we, um, do something about them escaping?" Martha asked.

"They are gone now. But we saved the Twiggets."

"Ah, the little people we saw running." The Doctors face turned to a more serious expression. "Were there many casualties?"

She-Ra looked blankly. "Casualties?"

The Doctor looked a bit exasperated. "Well, yes. There is a mechanized group of tyranical warriors bulldozing through a small forest village of frail creatures. So was anyone hurt?"

Bow replied with a chuckle: "Oh no, not this time. Or, um, the last time. Or, well...not for a while. I did break one of my best harps, though. That nasty Horde!"

The Doctor and Martha exchanged looks.