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For a yj_anon meme prompt: Once sentence drabbles.

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He can take the silence- Batman bred him in it- but he still misses the sound of his own laughter.

Getting a snowball to the back of the head from his bullies hurt almost as much as not being able to use his powers to defend himself.

She knew the hurt would simmer one day, but for now, even Alice in Wonderland made everything hurt.

Every anxious, racing thought came to a halt as soon as the needle emptied into his vein.

Black Canary taught him control, Batman taught him precision, and Superman taught him disappointment.

In that moment, Kaldur realizes that he will never hold Tula's heart in the same way that Garth does.

Sometimes it feels like she's one of the team- Zee, she even has a nickname- When the exchange private looks, she feels out of the loop though.

Green was the color of life, of fertility, of new beginnings- she hoped no one read into her costume as much as she did.

Even describing the treatment of White Martians makes M'gann's throat seize up with the easily tilted possibility of how her new life can be taken.

Bruce thought he was losing his wardlittlebirdchild, now he knows he just gained five more.

"He may not have been the most thought of team member, but now he will always be in our thoughts."