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Chapter 4. Onward to Hogwarts

I think it's safe to say, the last month before school started was defiantly eventful. After we had got our wands, we had gotten brooms and owls. My mom taught us how to fly almost immediately the day after we got them. We learned how to cast basic spells, how to write with quills, and how to make basic potions. We ended up reading all the school books also, not because we were bored, but because of the fact we wanted to be caught up to all of the other kids. For the most part we were caught up. I had relaxed more to the idea of magic, but one thing was hard for me to adjust to, was leaving behind all my inventions, and the idea of not being able to really build any inventions while I was at Hogwarts. Goddard was what I was going to miss the most. He had seemed to take a liking to my owl, and enjoyed following it around when it wasn't out hunting.

We had spent countless hours talking about the different houses and spells that we had learned. After re-reading 'Hogwarts: A history' Cindy seemed to really get into a talkative mood. We were sitting in her room, me on the floor, her on her bed, reading things. "Well knowing us were going to end up in Ravenclaw, I mean we were the two smartest kids in our class. Then again, we'd both fit the Gryffindor character. I can't imagine us in Slytherin or Hufflepuff…" Cindy said, but I started to tune her out. I wasn't exactly interested in debating the houses again. Sighing I stood up. Originally I had only come in to get her robes, but instead I had ended up getting caught up in reading.

"Taking your robes. I think we're leaving soon." I said, holding up my enchanted backpack. She nodded and shrugged.

"I just have to repack these books then I'll be ready." She mumbled. Rolling my eyes, I walked out of the room towards my own. I too only had to put away a few books and make sure Petri, my owl, was safely locked in her cage. I don't know why I had named her Petri, it just seemed to stick, and she seemed to respond to that.

"Jimmy, Cindy, get ready to leave. We have to leave in ten minutes to make the train." Sasha yelled. Gulping, I reached for the last of my things and then secured Petri and my broom. I did a mental checklist in my head. Books in trunk? Check. Robes in backpack? Check. Wand in backpack? Check. Money in pocket? Check. Equipment in trunk? Check. Outside clothes in trunk and backpack? Check. Owl in cage? Check. Broom ready to go? Check. Picture of my friends? Check. Got my backpack? Check. Seems like I have everything. I felt satisfied knowing I had everything and was ready to go. Grabbing my trunk, owl cage, broom and flinging the backpack over my shoulder, I dashed out of the room. My parents were outside, waiting in front of a car. I slightly gasped. In the last month, I hadn't been near a car, and now here in front of me was a car. "We can't exactly just appariate to Kings cross station can we? We rented a car from a muggle rental." Sasha explained as my dad grabbed my stuff, loading it into the back of the car. My mom motioned for me to climb into the backseat, which I willing obliged to doing.

After Cindy finally came out, we set off for our adventure to Kings Cross station. The journey wasn't all that long, probably about ten minutes I'd say. It might have been that Cindy's dad was going insanely fast though. He kept mumbling something about being late and how missing the train would be horrible. We got there though fairly quickly and got trollies filled up with our belongings. I pulled out my train ticket, staring at it, trying to figure out where our train was. Except there was one problem. My ticket didn't have a normal number on it. "Platform nine and three-quarters? Where on earth is that? That's not a platform." I mumbled. What I didn't think about the fact that nothing in this new world of mine made actual sense. My mom giggled.

"You'll see Jimbo. It's a real platform. Now watch." My dad said, then went for a running spree towards platform ten. My eyes widened and I gripped my trolley. Suddenly, my dad just disappeared. I blinked. What one earth? Where had he gone? The other adults must have been amused, and soon Cindy's mom disappeared the same way.

"How about you go Cindy? Just take a run and run towards that platform. Then you'll be on the right platform." Her dad said. Cindy glanced at me horrified. I didn't know what to say to her. "Here, I'll go with you. It'll be fine, I promise." He said, grabbing onto her trolley. The two started to run. I couldn't watch. Cindy was going to crash. I didn't want to see that, no matter how annoying I found her. I didn't hear a loud crash though, just the sound of busy people walking past me.

"Ready Jimmy?" my mom asked softly. I shook my head quickly. She laughed. "It'll be fine, I swear. Cindy didn't crash, and you won't either." She said. Taking a gulp, I nodded. Smiling, she gripped the side of my own trolley. Together, our legs carried us towards the platform. I closed my eyes, fearing that I would crash into the platform, despite my mom swearing I wouldn't. "Now, that wasn't bad was it?" she said. Confused, I opened my eyes and gasped. I had made it through. I had actually made it through. In front of me was a rather large, black and maroon train. "This Jimmy, is the Hogwarts Express. It's very amazing if you ask me. I remember my first ride on it like it was yesterday." She said, adjusting her purse. I nodded slowly.

We seemed to have hurried around so that we could get out trunks put away and our owls and brooms stored. Our parents were constantly taking pictures of us, much to annoyance. Then they glanced up and noticed the time. "Okay you two, time to board the train. On you go." Cindy's mom said, directing us to the door. I smiled and waved to my family before quickly getting on.

We walked down the aisles, checking to see if there were any empty compartments. Towards the middle of the train, we finally found on that was completely empty. Without taking the chance of losing it, we quickly went in and sat down. "Did you bring anything to eat? I'm the stupid idiot who forgot to eat before we left." Cindy asked. I had actually forgotten to eat also. Biting my lip, I nodded, remembering the food I had packed in the backpack before we left. Opening it quickly, I stuck my hand inside, feeling around. My hand came across to plastic bags and I smiled.

"Sandwich?" I asked, tossing her a peanut butter sandwich. She nodded and thanked me. The two of us ripped open the bags, gobbling down the sandwiches quickly. "You know what I really want right now? A purple flurp. That would be nice about now." I thought allowed. Cindy nodded fast, agreeing with me. The train jerked a little, signaling that we were leaving. I quickly glanced out the window, but frowned. I couldn't see our parent's. Even with the mass of people, I would have noticed them. "Our parents already left apparently." I mumbled. Cindy shrugged, finishing off the last of her sandwich.

The door to our compartment slid open, and we saw two people stick the heads in. "Mind if we join you? All the rest are completely full. " a boy looking about our age said. He was with a small red head girl, who was waiting patiently.

"Yeah, no problem." I said quickly. The two smiled and quickly came in.

"I do believe that is an American accent." The girl said, finally speaking. Cindy nodded.

"Yeah, we came from Texas." She said. The boy studied her.

"No offense or anything, but don't they have a school there too?" he asked.

"Probably, but our parents attended here and I guess they wanted us to also attend Hogwarts." She said. The two nodded, signaling that they understood. "I'm Cindy, Cindy Vortex. This is Jimmy Neutron, but I suppose if you want you could call him Nerdtron if you want." Cindy said. I glared at her, causing her to laugh. The two kids looked at us with confusion. "Sorry, it's a joke we have. Just call him Jimmy, I think I only have the right to call him Nerdtron." She said.

"Right. We'll I'm Albus Potter, and this is my cousin Rose Weasley. First years, I take you two are also." The boy, Albus said. We nodded. "Excellent. What house do you suppose you'll get into?" he asked. Oh no, not that topic again.

"Well I suppose the two of will probably end up in Ravenclaw, but I wouldn't be surprised if we were in Gryffindor. What about you two?" Cindy asked. Rose grinned.

"Our whole family is from Gryffindor, so I suppose we'd end up there. I can't imagine if we ended up anywhere else. Gran would have a cow." Rose said, shuddering at the last thing she said. I laughed. The two were still standing, kind of looking awkward. "Oh, um may I sit next to you?" Rose asks Cindy. Cindy scooted over, and then patted the seat. Rose happily sat down. It didn't take long for the two to be talking about the school books and their lives. I glanced at Albus, who was standing by the window staring.

"You can sit here if you want." I said. He turned and grinned, plopping down next to me. "Looks like they are already best friends." I joked. Albus nodded.

"Yes, looks like Rose finally found someone equally smart other than her mum. So your nickname is Nerdtron? What gave you that name?" he asked. I rolled my eyes, and pointed at Cindy.

"She and I have had this riveraly for a while now. You see we're both pretty smart, but in the muggle world, I'm what they'd call a genius. Cindy got annoyed about this, because before I came to her class, she was the smartest student in there. So she started calling me Nerdtron. Its lame explanation, sorry." I said. He laughed.

"That must of sucked." He finally said. I shrugged.

"I made it look like I care, but I really don't. I kind of find it funny now-a-days." I said. I came to realize that Albus was pretty cool. We started on the topic of Cindy's nickname, and then moved onto quiditch, and then I discovered who his parents were. We ended up talking about everything we knew about. And then she came.

"Anything off the trolley dears?" a bubbly older woman said. Albus and Rose immediately jumped up, reaching out for everything they could. Cindy and I hesitated, but curiosity took over and we slowly stood up also. There were all sorts' candies, ones I've never seen or heard of before. I ended up buying a little of everything, completely ignoring the snacks I had in my backpack. After handing the lady eleven sickles, Cindy and I went back into the compartment.

"So what are these?" I asked, pointing to all Cindy and my goodies. Their two new friends gaped at them.

"Blimey! You two don't know what these are? Oh wait you came from American; you'd probably not have these candies. Well these," he paused, holding up a box that looked like it had a frog in it, "These are chocolate frogs. They're edible, but you have to be quick, they like to escape. Each box has a trading card in it. Most people enjoy collecting them." He said, stopping to pick up two pastry looking things. "These are caldron cakes. They are absolutely amazing. This other thing is a pumpkin Pasties. My mum loves these." He said, picking up a box of what looked like jelly beans. "These are Bertie Bots every flavor beans. Careful though, when they say every flavor, they mean every flavor." He shuddered. Maybe I should stay away from those Jelly beans. "These are Jelly slugs and Liquorice wands. The slugs are kind of like muggle gummy worms, but longer. " he explained. He continued explaining all the sweets as they sat there eating them. I watched Cindy eat the jelly beans, and much my amusement, she got earwax the first time. I ended up with a flavor that reminded me of sawdust. Needless to say I really didn't eat much of those jelly beans.

"Ah! Albus, we should put on our robes, look how close we are!" Rose squealed. I pulled out my backpack in response, digging out Cindy and my robes. After finally finding them, I threw the robe a Cindy. Rolling her eyes at me, she stood up and slipped the robe on. My backpack randomly disappeared, but I knew it had just gone into my trunk. My dad had bewitched it that way so I wouldn't have to worry about it. The train started slowing down, and I got a glimpse of small area of what looked like another village. "It's Hogesmede." Rose informed us. So the compartment doors opened and we were signaled that we could leave the train.

"Firs' years! Firs' years over here!" a rather loud voice announced.

The cousins looked at each other, then ran towards the man screaming, "Hagrid!" very loudly. The two hugged a very large man, who picked them up excitedly. Cindy and I cautiously walked towards them, not sure how to react. The large man, Hagrid, and their friends stood there, chattering, until final the large man set them down.

"C'mon, follow me- anymore firs' years? Mind yer step! Firs' years follow me!" he yelled. He led them around a rather large castle. "Ah. Yer firs' view of Hogwarts. Isn't it marvelous?" Hagrid sighed happily. I couldn't believe my eyes and somewhere inside me, it all just clicked. I could think about how unrealistic this was. It was real. It was full of magic and it wasn't some kind of joke. We didn't have much time to just stop and stare however. Hagrid yelled to get on the boats, four to a boat. The four of us immediately climbed into a boat near Hagrids, grinning ear to ear.

The view became closer and closer as we neared the school. The whole lake seemed to be filled with "Oh's" and "Ah's" as people stared, marveled by the school. "Al' righ' everyone off the boats." Hagrid ordered. One by one each student got off, until they were gathered around the entrance of Hogwarts. I suddenly felt Cindy grip my arm hard, her face was pale. I stared at her.

"What's wrong?" I whispered. She was silent, then looked up at me, biting her lip.

"I saw..or rather I think I saw…" she trailed off as the main doors opened. We were ushered in, and immediately was greeted by the paintings and what I guess were ghosts. All were exclaiming about good luck, and how they couldn't wait to have us in their houses. I turned to Albus and Rose, meaning to talk about the ghost, but the two of them looked extremely nervous as they stared at a elder lady.

"That's our gran. We need she had the Charms post here, it was just hard to believe to now. Before being a teacher, she usually only came to do sorting, but now her and granddad are teachers here. He teaches muggle studies. Quit his post at the ministry about four years ago. Gran must have noticed how happy he was teaching here at Hogwarts so she must have decided to join him." Albus explained. Rose bit her lip. I looked at the two of them, then back at their grandmother.

"You were right Rose, you do look a lot like your grandmother. Even Albus's face is shaped like hers." Cindy observed, saying the words that I was going to say. Their grandmother opened her mouth, signaling that she was about to speak. The whole crowd hushed down quickly.

"Welcome to Hogwarts. In a few moments, you will all be taken into the great hall to wait your sorting." She said loudly, then turned her back and went inside. I could feel all color leave my face, causing Albus to laugh.

"Don't worry mate, it lets you ultimately choose where you go. It talks to you, and gets to know you, then you get sorted. It's simple and pain-free." He said, smiling. The smile quickly disappeared. "I can't imagine what will happen if we get sorted into any house besides Gryffindor. Gran would be devastated. Considering the rest of the family are all in Gryffindor." He mumbled. Rose quickly nodded, now slumping. Suddenly, the great doors in front of them opened up. Their gran motioned for the group of kids into the great hall. Taking a deep breath, he stepped forward, leading the group of friends into the castle.

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