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It's been a day and I'm back already, this time with a crossover fic, I love both Castle and NCIS so much and I thought about what if Ziva and Kate met? It would be fantastic. So here goes nothing. This story might be a little short (like about 5 chapters) though unless you give me your suggestions and reviews. Enjoy!

Chapter 1:

Ziva gulped down maybe her third can of beer, she was sick of everything, she was getting pissed off more easily these days. But there was a reason to this, because of a darn rule and an annoying NCIS agent.


Ziva was typing away at her desk when Tony entered from the lift looking mighty jolly. McGee was first to question him.

"Why so happy Tony, you finally figured how to program your phone?"

Ziva chuckled.

"I figured that out ages ago, call Abster, bossman, Ducky and the autopsy gremlin up here."

McGee gave Tony a skeptical face but did as told anyway.

A few minutes later, Abby was bouncing up joyfully and down grasping a cup of fresh Caf-Pow!. Ducky and Jimmy were both slowly trailing behind and Gibbs appeared out of the elevator with a cup of coffee.

"So, since all of you are here, I have a very important announcement to make. I'm getting married." Said Tony excitedly

The team fell into silence but Abby was the first to burst into happiness. She crushed him in a hug.

"Tony! That's great! Congrats!" Abby kissed him in the cheek and went over to McGee and whispered, "You better hurry up and ask me too." She gave him a wink. Both of them were now dating and Abby loved every single minute of being with McGee.

McGee smiled and went over to congratulate Tony along with Gibbs, Ducky and Jimmy. Ziva stood there in shock, trying to hide the hurt in her eyes. Obviously it was that new NCIS agent that Tony had been seeing. Agent Alison Daytona, she was a pretty girl with no history of violence in her family or a broken family like her. She was a brunette as well and had a nice body figure.

Tony turned to Ziva and saw her spaced out,

"Hey Zi, you alright?"

"Umm, yes, fine. Congrats Tony, I know you two will be the best couple ever." She said softly and forced a smile.

At that point, Alison walked into the squad room,

'You told them?" she started

"Yeah, I did. It's going to be a wonderful ceremony." Tony replied and kissed her.

Over the past two weeks, Alison had included herself in the team, she made big breaks for them and Ziva's opinions didn't seem to matter anymore. Alison also knew some science and helped out Abby at her lab. They were becoming the best of friends. Ziva felt so neglected.

On the wedding day,

Ziva was the bridesmaid as was Abby. Ziva had a look of disappointment on her face the whole ceremony, she did not even bother to doll up. When Tony and Alison kissed, that was her breaking point. At the reception afterwards, she just left and walked under the pouring rain, she could get her car some other time. She felt like shit now. Who cares about the damn car at this point.

*End of flashback*

So here she was, drinking can after can of beer, in depression mode. She was on her laptop clearing out her emails until she received one from her dear friend Kate Beckett at the 12th precinct. It read,

"Dear Ziva,

It's been long times since we last saw each other, how are you? I just wanted to check on my long time best friend, we should make it a point to see each other more often. Take care, hope to hear from you soon!

Lots of love,


Ziva smiled to herself, she had missed talking to Kate. She met Kate at a book signing event in New York, a Richard Castle book signing event to be specific. They instantly clicked. They shared same interests and had the same problems. They exchanged personal contacts and they met up once every month. But work was hectic lately and they missed some of their meetings. An idea sprung to her head and she called Kate.

She picked up after two rings,


"Hey Kate,"

"Oh gosh! Hi Ziva, how are you?"

"Not so good…"

"What's wrong?"

Ziva explained everything over the phone, Kate listened patiently,

"Oh, I'm so sorry Zi. Is there anything I can do?"

"Actually, yes, I need a huge favor."

So Ziva explained her plan, she was going to fake her own death and run to New York to start over in the 12th precinct. She was going to get a new ID and start afresh.

Kate considered it for a moment, she could not possibly say no to her longtime friend. She agreed to pick her up from Washington and rented her apartment to her. She had an extra room anyway. They disconnected and Ziva went to bed.

The next day,

Ziva came back from her run and started to pack up, she skipped a day of work. She went and bought some items to create a remote controlled bomb.


Ziva's desk was empty, Gibbs came in yelling,

"Grab yer gear! Dead marine." He noticed Ziva's empty desk

"Where's David?"

"Don't know boss, she didn't call in sick or anything."

"Really, McGee, I didn't know that." Gibbs replied sarcastically

"Right, you're the boss and you know everything."

"Dinozzo, get Alison to fill in temporarily, we need to move."

"On it boss,"

"Keep your butt grabbing out of the office when you're working."

"Got it boss,"

Gibbs was worried for Ziva, he knew she was a grown up and could take care of herself but she had been off the past few days but he hadn't had the time to ask her about it.

At night,

Ziva saw Kate's car pull up from the back, she grabbed her new Ids and threw her badge and other forms of identification on her coffee table.

She entered Kate's car and blew up her apartment and that was the day Ziva David "died".

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