Summary: Summary (please read in the Glee narrator voice): So, it's seventh year and Rachel was supposed to be head girl, except now Quinn got it, so Rachel's really mad. Quinn's really mad because she's stuck sharing a dorm with Jesse, who she kind of hates. And Santana's really mad because she can't be a prefect because Rachel is. Blaine just came out to his parents and they're totally not supportive and his childhood friend Santana ignores him at school. Ouch! Oh, and Marissa keeps having dreams about some ultimate evil and keeps watching this one boy die. Now, if only she could remember who he is. And that's what you missed, at Hogwarts.

Main couples: Camrissa, Damsay, St. Fabray


They were running, always running.

She was with a different group this time. There was a pretty blonde girl, a smug-looking boy with curly hair, and him. No matter what, he was always there. They had lost many people along the way, but he would never leave her.

But the people chasing them were not giving up, and they were getting tired after running through the forest for hours. They were slowing down.

Suddenly, there were shouts. She knew they were from her pursuers. There were flashes of lights. Then, there was a flash of green.

She turned back. The smug boy and the pretty girl had already run ahead, but she didn't care. She just cared about finding him.

And she did.

He was laying face down a few feet back, not moving.

She stopped, the desire to flee gone with him.


She woke up screaming.

"Marissa, wake up, you need to get ready for school," her mom called from downstairs.

That's when Marissa remembered. She wasn't in danger; she wasn't running for her life; it was just a dream. It was just a horrible, horrible, recurring dream. But, it couldn't hurt her. She was safe. And he, whoever he was, wasn't dead.

Now, if only she could remember the faces of her companions. If only she could remember his face.

But oh well, now was not the time to worry about fantasy boys. Now she had to get ready for school. She was going back to Hogwarts.

A/N: So, how do you like it? It's a bit short, but it's the prologue, setting up for the actual action and not just the Glee drama we all love so much. Please leave comments, I want to know what people think! Also, the first person who can guess who the three people in this chapter are gets…. I don't know, but I'm sure we can work something out.