A/N This is my debut here. I got tired of reading Sessh/Kag fics in which little Kagome somehow impossibly becomes as awesome as Sesshoumaru. Why not start with a character who comes by that power honestly and is not a goody-goody two shoes who's torn over the boy she ends up with in cannon.

Besides. Just can't beat Touran for outright awesome. Kinda dissapointed there isn't more of her here.

Characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi. I don't own them in any way (*sigh*)

This story arc takes place in the past, about 200 years before Kagome pops through the well - i.e. before the first war with the panthers or InuYasha's birth. Just a heads up in case there might be confusion. Naturally, the characters won't be thinking of this since they can't exactly look into the future.

Chapter 1

The Killing Perfection.

Of all the ways to spend a summer, spending it with someone named 'Killing Perfection" was not Touran's idea of good fun. However, her opinion did not count when the peace of the Eastern and Western lands was at stake.

She cast a sidelong glance at Karan who, being just a kid, was as cheerful as ever, if a bit too fiery for Touran's taste. Karan set fire to a small plant and Touran put it out quickly before it spread. Setting fire to the Western lands was not good peace measures. Their father and his entourage were up ahead ignoring the two girls forced to drag along on this diplomatic mission.

After turning Karan's attention to things less flammable, Touran scowled at her father's dark back and mused. Logically, she was old enough to know perfectly well why this peace treaty as necessary. The panther deva tribe of the east had been at war with the dog lords of the west for centuries. The war had an effect of weeding out weaker demons and general populations were starting to be seriously diminished. Stronger demons lived long and reproduced seldom, so, frankly, the war was no longer sustainable. Eventually there might be no one left to fight.

Touran wondered why the war had begun. She'd never been quite sure.

So this was the adult's solution. Get the two ruling families together, let their children become friends, and try to come to a cessation of hostilities. Touran hoped it would work. Warfare was fun for someone of her demeanor, but she did not like the idea of exposing her little sister or baby brother Shuran currently still at home to more of the same. Their mother was pregnant again too, making their family unusually fertile for such a powerful demon family.

However, she was almost equally unexcited to spend time with the dog general's son who some wise guy had named Sesshoumaru. The killing perfection. Touran decided that if he tried living up to his name she was going to show him that she was no wimp herself on the battlefield. Her own name meant winter storm, an elegant name quite well suited to her power.

Karan yelped. "Cold!" she cried. Touran blinked out of her world of thoughts guiltily. Her power sometimes spiraled out of control when she was angry. She supposed it was something she should fix, but it was just a little ice, so she didn't mind that much. Besides, cold-sensitive Karan always caught her.

"Are we almost there?" Karan asked. "I'm bored."

"You are always bored," Touran replied. "But yes, I do think we are nearly there. Just over the next river." To her silent dismay, Touran could hear the feisty mountain river up ahead. Another thing to add to the list of things she did not like: dogs, heat, and water. She wanted to return to her home forest and spend some time running just for the joy of the wind though her long blue hair. Maybe this Sesshoumaru fellow would like to run too. Touran supposed she could bear with that.

"That river?" Karan asked racing after their stoically oblivious father. Touran rounded the corner of the trail and sighed.

"Yes, that river," she replied dryly. Just beyond the river she could see the tall outer walls of the dog general's palace. She grudgingly supposed it was an elegant place. Carefully whitewashed walls rose above the height of the trees. Trees near the palace had been removed for safety reasons, but the landscaping was tasteful enough that one wouldn't really notice. Touran could also feel the steady hum of power supporting the palace's defense. It was clearly the home of a military veteran.

The dog captain himself was standing in the open gates with his son and a few other subordinates. Even though she had never seem him before, Touran had no problem picking out which one was Sesshoumaru. He looked much like his father with the same long silvery hair, triangular facial markings, and the crescent moon on his forehead.

She was relieved to discover he looked about as nervous as she felt.

The great Inu no Taisho stepped forward, resplendent in full battle armor, a white kimono with blue patterning on the sleeves, twin mokomoko, and his hair pulled back in a severe ponytail. The dog general stared at her father with unblinking golden eyes.

When he spoke, his voice was deep and commanding. Touran had no problem believing just from his voice and his posture that this was the youkai who had successfully held her own powerful father at bay for so many years.

"Welcome to the Western lands."

There was no real friendship in the dog general's voice when he spoke, something that Touran couldn't really blame him for. Especially when her father responded with equal or greater chill.