Hi all! This is much shorter than my last oneshot/drabble-and a lot less romantic. But I heard this song and I couldn't resist! The plot bunny had already bitten me.

Disclaimer: I don't own YJ, One Direction, or the song One Thing

This takes place probably before their relationship starts. Kind of a he knows he likes her, he won't admit it, but he'll still do stuff for her just because he does. Cuz, I mean, Normal Wally would have fought her instead of giving in...

Get out, get out, get outta my head

And fall into my arms instead

I don't, I don't, don't know what it is

But I need that one thing


You've got that one thing

Wally simultaneously grimaced and blushed as he finished singing the song, setting the karaoke microphone down on the coffee table. He turned to Artemis, arms held out at his sides expectantly.


Artemis smirked back at him, delicately splayed across the couch. She held up a small video camera.

"Thanks for the perfect blackmail, Wally. You can have your cheeseburger now."

Wally groaned as she threw him the delicious meal. That was the last time they ever sent her out to get dinner after a late mission.

And the last time that if he had to choose between singing a British boy band song and being her target practice for a week, just so he could get his dinner, he would select the less painful one.

Wow. That went by fast.

The song is by One Direction. You can find it on YouTube.