Chapter 1: Boy meets girl

Karakura Town-At the Kurosaki Household-7pm

Ichigo has finally packed and taped up the boxes full of his belongings and has labeled them with a marker so that he could tell what's inside when he unpacks them later. His feelings at the moment were mixed really because he was going to transfer to another school and will be starting a new life there tomorrow. He looked at the stack of papers containing information about the so called prestigious Academy: his class schedule, the school's layout, the location of the boy's dorms, rules and regulation hand book, and a brochure.

Now that he thought about it, this was the same brochure that his idiotic old man gave him while he was busy trying to ambush him in the bathroom! After the Substitute smashed in his face and kicked his ass out so he comically made an Isshin sized crater on the far wall; the strawberry opened its contents and was surprised that something dropped on the floor. The object looked a little peculiar and he scrutinized it suspiciously and thought it was one of the old fart's not-so-clever looking traps. However, he was surprised when he touched it that it didn't give him a high voltage shock nor did it explode on his face, so he figured it must have been defective! He looked astonished as the smooth cylindrical contraption expanded and right before him was a holographic representation of the Head Captain of the Gotei 13 Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto.

"Greetings Kurosaki Ichigo!"

"Gramps, what's going on?" Ichigo asked puzzled.

"Strait to the point I see. Very well I will tell you. As you know the Soul Society has been gearing up for the showdown with that traitor Aizen this coming winter. We have reason to believe that he may move sooner rather than later if the intelligence can be verified. However, most of his activities were traced not in Hueco Mundo but in another location entirely."

Ichigo narrowed his eyes, that doesn't sound good at all...

"So you want me to go to this location, see what the bastard is up to and maybe put a few kinks in his plans?" Ichigo asked blandly. "Is that what you're trying to say?"

"Very perceptive of you, but there's more to it than that. Aizen does not do things just to do them because he always have a motive behind his actions." Yamamoto explained.

"If I know his memo, this could be a damn trap!" Ichigo said hotly.

"Perhaps, but I am sure you are up to the task. I would have asked one of the Captains to investigate however, to send one of them now would only weaken our preparation and I cannot afford to spare them."

"So why ask me then?"

"Because I know that I can trust you and that you are more than capable of successfully getting the job done. As you have proven to me in the past..."

Ichigo scowled and scratched the back of his head irritably...

"Fine, I'll do this only for you Gramps and no one else..."

"I thank you for doing Soul Society another great service!"

"Yeah, yeah sure, so when do I leave?"

"A package will arrive there tomorrow containing all the information that you need. I have already taken the liberty to transfer you to the school and Soul Society has paid your tuition and board and all the expenses that you will incur during the year."

"What the hell, you already transferred me without even consulting me about it?"

"I am telling you about it now aren't I?"

"That's messed up Gramps!"

"In any case, good luck on your investigation and happy hunting." Yamamoto said.

"And what hell do you mean by THAT!" Ichigo said his brow twitching.

"We have reason to believe there are large numbers of Hollow activity in that area..."

"Swell, now is there anything else that I need to know that you haven't mentioned...yet?" Ichigo said sarcastically.

"I believe that is it for now. If you need any assistance I will send some reinforcements with the man power I have available. Have a good evening..."

That conversation happened about a 2 weeks ago. It was enough time for him to straighten out some loose ends before he left for the school. The most important being the Shinigami who was going to replace him to protect Karakura in his absence. According to the grape vine, Soul Society was supposed to be bringing in another Shinigami who will replace Rukia for the time being. Ichigo thought that was a good idea because quite frankly the person who's officially on duty right now and whom had taken her place was rather...useless. Here's hoping that Gramps will pick a more reliable replacement than what's-his-name...

The goodbyes however, were bitter sweet because he was leaving his family, friends, and everything he knows for the unknown. The most prominent thing that came to mind though was when he told Chad and the others about his covert operation that Soul Society has entrusted to him. He remembered Orihime ran out crying and for the life of him he couldn't understand why. Dammit he just knows that he was going to get an earful from Tatsuki when she gets wind of this! His concern for the healer's well being however made that point rather irrelevant so the strawberry decided to go after her and excused himself from the others.

He looked for her everywhere, the school, her apartment, and even the park nearby her neighborhood. Getting impatient, he quickly went to the house, then up to his room, got his Shinigami badge and touched it to his chest. His soul separated from his body and he went out of the window and disappeared in shunpo. Since he was so terrible at sensing spiritual pressures, he did the only thing he knew he was good at and concentrated to find Orihime's spiritual ribbon. After a few moments, he saw a pastel pink thread and he reached out for it. When he did so he found himself at the river, the Karakura Bridge to his right and down below the levee he saw the healer sitting alone crying her eyes out. Her shoulders were heaving up and down as if she was in so much pain. Ichigo hesitated to go to her but, he had to try because he wanted to understand why...

"Oi, Inoue?" Ichigo called to her. "Are you all right?"

Orihime Inoue who was bawling a minute ago found herself blushing madly. She quickly wiped her eyes and straightened herself out to at least have a semblance of decency despite her disheveled look not moments ago. The healer turned around and tried to give him her most winsome smile even though deep inside she wanted to go home, hide herself in her closet and cry some more. She tried to put a brave front but Ichigo wasn't buying it one bit and he knew there was something that's bothering her if she's upset this much!

"So what's going on?" he pressed.

"N-nothing K-kurosaki-kun!" Orihime assured him. "Really, it's nothing at all!"

"Nothing my foot, there's must be something wrong if you're this upset." The strawberry said. He looked at her expectantly. Orihime blushed and turned sideways to avoid his intense gaze...

"Wow, just talking to Kurosaki-kun this much is a dream come true! It makes me happy that he cares for me this much but I know in my heart that he will not see me beyond being just a friend..."

It was unfortunately the sad truth, Orihime Inoue: 15 years old, resident healer, sweetest girl in the world, culinary expert of "very exotic" delicacies, and all around beauty of Karakura High had always watched Ichigo from afar. Ever since her brother Sora died-as a sign that she was moving on-her energies have been devoted to talking about the strawberry to her best friend Tatsuki. She remembered fondly how she would rave how cute he was or how very athletic the younger Kurosaki was in sports, or was amazed at Ichigo's intelligence despite all the kids thought he was a delinquent because of his orange colored hair. She didn't care about all that nonesense because to her, despite his flaws and having lost his mother in a mysterious accident so long ago; he was perfect in every way in her eyes and that's something no one will ever take away from her. As they grew throughout the years, she never stopped watching him nor did her feelings of longing to be with him waned. She wanted to talk Ichigo so very much in order for her to get to know him better but her cowardice prevented her mouth from speaking and her accursed shyness made her tongue mince her words and turn her into a stuttering mess whenever he was around!

It was only the start of this semester when he finally said more than a greeting and took notice of her. When he became a Shinigami and she in turn acquired her own powers because of her exposure to his vast spiritual power; this was when she saw the person he truly was. In so many words, Ichigo was kind, loyal to a fault, and very fiercely protective of his friends and family. The invasion of Soul Society to save their mutual friend Rukia was the proof of this.

His ironclad will and his steely determination pushed him to get stronger, faster, more powerful with every clash, and more resolute to give his all because he was thankful that a stranger sacrificed her power to protect the lives of the people he holds dear to his heart. His fierce loyalty and devotion to friends made him wage war on a one million year old institution and he never backed down even though he knew that at any moment; the next opponent he faced will probably be his last. All he did was move forward, bulldozed through the uncertainties, and reflect on the consequences thereafter.

It was through their adventures in Soul Society that she learned so much about him and because of this, she immediately knew that the fleeting crush she has for him...finally turn to love. She never told Tatsuki about the matter, but her best friend probably knew her feelings or at least suspected as much. The experience in Soul Society has broaden her social circle of friends but she felt she wasn't as close to Chad nor Uryu so she never told them either. Kami knows as much as she wants to confess her unrequited feelings to the one she loves, but sadly she couldn't find the courage in herself to even utter one word of it. She just couldn't ruin what they have and it was just simple as that, really. Maybe it was because she felt that the friendship that they have is satisfying for now. Orihime didn't need to rock the boat and her confession would surely upset that status quo and she didn't want to do that! As long as her powers are of some use to him and as long as she could be by his side, she was...happy, satisfied even. Now, he was going to leave her and thinking about it made her tear up and want to cry again. Then to her surprise because she didn't expect it; she found herself in his embrace and she couldn't help herself but blush madly...

"I'm sorry Inoue for upsetting you."

"I-it's o-okay K-kurosaki-kun it not your fault, r-really!"

"To tell you the truth, I don't really want to go because I want to spend the rest of my school days with you guys nor leave my two sisters alone with my idiot psycho dad!

Orihime despite her heavy heart started giggling, however she knew that there was more to it than what was initially explained...

"But..." She said encouraging him to continue.

Ichigo sighed...

"I feel it's my duty to help those people-dead or alive-the best I can. If those people in that world are helpless then I must help them. I didn't acquire this great power so that it could go to waste lazing about in the comforts of the familiar. I hope that you understand because I don't ever want to see you cry..." Ichigo said softly.

The healer blushed and suddenly felt hopeful...

"Could it be? Please Kami I hope I am not dreaming this! Did he really say that? Does that mean he cares about me? Does he feels the same a-about..."

Then the damned howling of Hollows permeated through the afternoon air and interrupted her hopeful musings. Ichigo looked up and his famous scowl returned on his face. He looked down on her and his facial features visibly softened. Orihime became lost in his piercing brown eyes and she could help herself but stare deep within it's depths. Then she noticed that conflicting emotions swirling about in his brown orbs. The Hollow screamed again but his gaze never left hers. He needed to go and purify that evil spirit but at the same time it looked like he didn't want to go because he was concerned about her. Such was his kindness and that is one of the reasons why she loves him so much.

"Go, you are needed elsewhere Kurosaki-kun." she whispered.

"Are you sure you'll be all right by yourself?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes, I'm fine now. Thank you!" she said smiling.

"You sure?" Ichigo said skeptically.


"You're absolutely sure you're okay?"

" go!" Orihime said exasperatedly.

"Heh, good you smiled." Ichigo said chortling. "Well, anyway, I'll go now if you would excuse me!"

"Bye Kurosaki-kun and be careful!"

"Thanks I will..."

Ichigo disappeared in shunpo and her exuberance that she displayed earlier for Ichigo's sake has vanished. She stood alone on that sloping hill as the sun began to set. The wind picked up and she brushed her hair away as her luxurious brown tresses billowed from the breeze. As darkness fell, tears began to well up on her eyes again as she couldn't help but think that perhaps this will the be last time she will see him ever again...

The next day...

After turning in late last night; sleep did not come by easily as it usually did on such patrols. He tossed fitfully all night so he ended up not getting much sleep at all. Still, his troubled mind settled long enough for his body to finally get as much rest as he could. In these last 3 hours; Ichigo began to dream...

Ichigo walked hand in hand with his mother Masaki holding his tiny hand firmly. It was about 3 in the afternoon and she has just picked him up from the dojo. The younger Kurosaki looked up lovingly to his mother and gave her a big smile. Masaki looked down at him and she smiled in return. The beautiful strawberry blonde woman had some errands to finish and picked up a few items in the grocery store because she was going to make dinner that night. At 5 p.m. Masaki with the smiling Ichigo in tow finally returned home.

To her surprise however, she noticed a fancy looking limo parked not far away from her house. A rare frown marred her beautiful face and wondered who would visit them at all. Her husband Isshin, didn't really have too many friends and thus has devoted his time to the family instead. Upon entering the door, she noticed that there were two visitors' shoes not far from the door. She noted that they were rather new and fancy looking and wondered who could they be. When she entered her living room there was indeed a visitor sitting on the couch. Masaki then saw perhaps the most beautiful woman that she had ever seen in her life. She had waist long pink hair swept into a pony tail with a ribbon tied into a bow. The woman wore a long frilly black dress. It was simple but it looked like it was expensive and it look good on her. The pink haired woman seemed to be of noble birth as her actions and her behavior were refined and had a subtle grace that permeated in everything that she does. The strawberry blonde woman noticed how her husband has easily struck a conversation with this woman as both of them were laughing and she smile at their child like enthusiasm. Well, she might as well make her presence known as she gentle cleared her throat to get their attention.

"Oh honey, there you are." Isshin said standing and giving his wife a peck on the cheek. "We've been waiting for you to arrive."

"I see. I apologize if I have kept you waiting dear." was his wife's reply.

The woman stood up as well and Masaki notice that when her husband gave her that kiss that she looked a little pained momentarily but it passed just as quickly as it happened because her happy, cheerful expression returned as if it didn't happen.

"It is no problem at all. Isshin and I passed the time talking about the good old days so it wasn't an inconvenience at all." The woman said smiling.

"How rude of me, an introduction is in order! Dearest, you do remember my best friend Akasha Bloodriver?" Then he turned to pink haired woman and practically beamed at her. "Akasha-chan this is my angel, my goddess, and the light of my life: Masaki!"

Masaki blushed and Akasha sweat dropped at his enthusiasm...

Before Masaki knew it, this strange cheerful woman was in her face taking measure of her. She was momentarily uncomfortable and found herself shying away from the woman. The pink haired woman stared into her eyes seriously and just as quickly her mood changed and she was all smiles again. Then to Masaki's surprise, Akasha gave her a hug and squealed like a little school girl. Boy does she ever have peculiar mood swings...

"Masaki-chan it's so wonderful to see you again!"

"I'm sorry but have we met before?

"Wait you don't remember her Masaki?" Isshin said puzzled. "She was at the wedding you know..."

"You do remember that I was only there for an hour before I had to leave." Akasha told him. Then she turned to Masaki. "Pregnant at the time and I had a little accident when my water broke, you understand."

Masaki gave her a knowing smile...

"It's finally good to meet you because he talks to me about you all the time!"

"I have finally met the mysterious best friend that he always talks to me about. Honestly, since I hardly see him hang around with anyone, let alone a beautiful woman. I was wondering if Isshin here made you up!" Masaki said laughing.

"Hmm yes, that would be something Isshin-kun would do wouldn't he?" Akasha said giggling.

"Ok, stop talking about me like I'm not here you know!" Isshin said sulking.

"Oh poor baby, you're not intimated by two beautiful women are you Isshin-kun?"

Akasha winked at her and Masaki immediately seized the opportunity to tease her husband a little bit...

"Yes, Isshin-kun you wouldn't be afraid of little old us are you?" Masaki said teasing.

Considering that he was surrounded by the two most beautiful women that he knows, he started blustering and gave up. He comically turned around and started sulking while talking softly to himself how evil women are. The two of them started giggling at his expense which made him even more stubborn. Masaki was at first intimidated and jealous that there was another woman who knows the inner workings of Isshin as much as she does but she was glad that she was mistaken and has warmed up to the strange cheerful woman immediately. The pink haired woman's happy demeanor and childlike enthusiasm was rather infectious and she finds that rather refreshing really...

"Mommy, who ith dat pwetty waddy?" Ichigo asked curiously.

Akasha was taken aback and she blushed at the compliment...

"Baby, this is your Aunt Akasha. Be nice and say hello to her for me will you?" Masaki encouraged him.


The young Ichigo ran up to Akasha and gave her a hug which the woman returned.

"Aww he's so cute Masaki-chan!"

"Thank you, he'll definitely be a ladies man when my little Ichigo grows up, won't you dear?" Masaki said smiling.

The little boy looked at her in puzzlement but he grinned at her nonetheless...

"Yes, he will be. I just know it."

Both women looked at each other and started giggling...

When everyone settled in comfortably in their respective seats and Masaki has served everyone tea. The conversation turned to the reason why Akasha made a sudden visit to her home...

"Masaki, remember I was telling you about it before Ichigo was born..." Isshin said to her.

Then Masaki's eyes widen and realized what he was talking about. When he mentioned that idea to her once when she was pregnant to with Ichigo so long ago, she thought he was just joking. Over the years he kept reminding her about "the promise" he made and she obliged him and let him talk about it as much as he wanted. Now that day has come she was a little apprehensive about the idea.

Akasha understood how she felt because she too was worried about the whole deal. A promise was a promise and she couldn't break it now if she wanted to especially to her best friend in the world. She looked at Masaki and the other woman immediately understood how she was feeling the same thing she was. The strawberry haired woman smiled and nodded. Finally with Masaki's permission, she sighed and looked at the younger Kurosaki and smiled at him...

"Ichigo-kun, I would like you to meet someone..."


Akasha stood up and left the room for a moment. She came back with a little girl with long silver hair and the strangest crimson eyes that Masaki ever saw. The little girl looked adorable as she took the hem of her mother's skirt and hid behind her. She looked so cute as she grabbed the fabric and hid her face but she took a peak at those strangers talking to her mother.

"Ichigo-kun, I would like you to meet my daughter..." Akasha said. She turned to the little girl. "Dearest, why don't you stop hiding, be a good girl, and say hi to him for me?"

Then the alarm clock buzzed and Ichigo groaned as he pressed the snooze button. Annoyed that he didn't sleep at all and disturbed a little bit by the dream, he got up and headed for the bathroom to take a shower. It was strange that goat chin hasn't ambushed him yet but eventually he's going to reveal his hand and the strawberry was going to make him pay for it dearly. Speaking of the devil, here comes the old man right now. Ichigo sighed and did he really had to make so much damn noise this early in the morning?

"3...2...1" Ichigo recited half lidded.


While he said that, Isshin was flying towards him with an awkward flying side kick. Ichigo however, saw that one coming and he stepped forward while he extended his right arm. His fist smashing through his old man's face and he fell like a ton of bricks on the floor. Isshin sat up a little woozy and said to him rather proudly...

"Y-you h-have son!"

Then he fell again twitching on the floor while Ichigo calmly walked over his body and finally took a shower. When he was finished he donned his forest green school uniform and straightened out his red tie. The formality the suit represented didn't sit well with Ichigo and preferred his Karakura High's informal grey uniform instead. The strawberry sighed, there was no use fighting the inevitable and he might as well get it over with. He went down stairs and expected it to be the same old routine but his family it seemed were going to make a scene out of his departure after all. Speaking of drama, he still doesn't know how goat chin or whoever pulled the explanation off, but it convinced his sisters that he was transferring to another school because of the opportunities it would give him when he graduates from the said Academy. Thin excuse but it worked out nonetheless so Ichigo can't complain about it. Now he's wondering whether he will be able to survive the drama and the waterworks when that starts. Seriously, he survived and won with fights with Renji, Kenpachi, and Byakuya. He fared well with his training with Urahara, Yoruichi, and Zangetsu. He also kicked his Hollow's ass when he turned for the Vizard's help to control its power and using it for his own. So considering through the hell he went through training and none stop battles; this touchy feely stuff should be a piece of least he hopes so.

"Ichi-nii I d-don't want you to go!" Yuzu sobbed.

"Hey it's all right, I'll call to say what's up and I'll come visit on the holidays okay?"

"You promise?"

"Yes, I promise!"

Yuzu ran to him and cried. Ichigo did what an older brother could do and held her tightly as his eyes grew troubled. They were in capable hands even though goat chin over there was semi-reliable but they should be all right without him worrying too much. Karin, didn't have to say anything but she did have tears in her eyes and she too ran to him. Then Ichigo turned around and saw his dad trying to embrace him into a bare hug but he punched him in the nose for a preemptive strike because he was in the middle of trying to do a sneak attack on him while he was comforting his sisters.

"You have done well my son and I am very proud of you!" Isshin said dramatically.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Try not to be too crazy once I'm gone will ya?"

"Masaki, you see this don't you how this ungrateful son of ours have become a such a delinquent treating me this way!" Isshin said pleading to the poster.

"Shut the hell up! I'm not like that and you know it!" Ichigo replied. Then he looked nervous when the old man's mood changed...

"I have a gift..."

Ichigo looked at the package suspiciously...

"What's in it?"

"Trust me my son, you will thank me when you find yourself in a situation when you need to uh..."perform" your duty." Isshin said wisely.

"Okay whatever..."

"MASAKI OUR SON IS LEAVING TO FORGE HIS DESTINY TO FINALLY BECOME A MAN!" Isshin wailed at her poster over dramatically. Ichigo and his sisters sweat dropped.

Ichigo then looked down and gave his sisters one last hug each. Then he said his final goodbyes to his family and went out the door...

Ichigo arrived at the designated area for the bus to pick the strawberry up to go to his new school. His belongings were probably on it's way to the boy's dorm rooms since it was picked up late last night. The bus pulled up just as he was going to sit down from the long walk. Seriously, who the hell puts a damn bus stop at the edge of town? Ah well at least he wasn't waiting too long. When he went inside there was another boy sitting in the back. He nodded and the new person greeted him in acknowledgement. That was strange he thought that the bus would have picked up more people but apparently not. Since it was an exclusive private academy so it would be understandable if the selection process was difficult. Unfortunately for him though, he's not going to the school for shits and giggles. The success of his mission is of the utmost importance for the fate of three worlds are now at stake. There's no pressure at all! His brooding thoughts when the creepy looking bus driver finally broke his silence and struck a conversation with his passengers...

"So you two are the new students eh?" the bus driver asked. Curiously, the man's eyes seem to glow for some reason...

"Yeah and your point?" Ichigo replied.

"Oh you're a new student too?" the boy said. "I thought I was the only one. Oh the name's Aono Tsukune by the way. What's yours?"

"Kurosaki Ichigo. Nice to meet you."

"That is well in good that you all have struck a friendship but beware of the things that goes on in Yokai Academy." The bus driver ominously said. "Because it is one hell of a scary place..."

"Ha, ha, ha...You're joking right?" The one called Tsukune asked nervously.

"Whatever, don't worry about what's he's saying Aono. He's just trying to intimidate you!"

"Y-you think so?"

"It's B.S. what would he and the school for that matter gain by trying to scare the students away?" Ichigo said. "Scare the students and there goes their income! I wouldn't put too much stock into what he says."

"Don't say that I didn't warn you!" the bus driver replied unperturbed.

"Believe me I've seen scarier shit and compared to what I have to go through, this should be a easy!"

"Yeah if you say so Kurosaki..."

The bus driver didn't say a word but his eyes continued to glow eerily and there was a smile that was plastered to his face. Ichigo talked to the new kid a little bit but then he soon found himself alone with his thoughts. There was no helping it but he started nodding off just as the bus entered the tunnel...

Yokai Academy...

Moka Akashiya, the daughter of the great Akasha Bloodriver and Issa Shuzen was virtually bored out of her mind. Her knee length silver hair was draped on her shoulder as she played with a stray strand mindlessly. Her shirt was a little tight as it struggled to contain her impressive assets. Smooth, flawless pale legs were crossed and her hand was on her lap as a proper lady should act. Her crimson eyes looked out the window to alleviate her dull limo ride to Yokai Academy.

Moka sighed, it's going to be another typical day at school and quite frankly she was sick and tired of it! Since all the monsters there were beneath her notice and were so weak; she wouldn't even give the vermin the time of day. They should be lucky that a Vampire would even grace them with her royal presence. She likes how she had the boys wrapped around her little finger and they are so easy to manipulate to do anything to please her. Unfortunately, she was growing bored of them too! Is there any one of those spineless idiots have the balls to give her at least a little bit of challenge or peak her interest? She sighed again in frustration and she knew that it's going to be the same monotonous, uneventful day like it was yesterday and everyday before that.

Resigned to her fate, her beautiful crimson eyes just happened to look briefly at the window when suddenly she saw the most astonishing thing in 15 years of her life. She saw a boy appear and then disappear right before her eyes. She was so mesmerized and it happened so quickly that she wasn't able to get a good look at the person! Moka desperately opened the window to the driver's protest but she ignored him and looked out to see if she could get a glimpse of this mysterious boy. Alas, to her disappointment he has already disappeared. The first thing that came bubbling out of her mind was how the hell did he disappear like that? Was he related to werewolves perhaps? It was the only logical explanation her reeling mind could muster because there no one in this world who can surpass a werewolf and let alone, a vampire for that matter in speed. Yet what she witnessed said otherwise and as much as it made her pride hurt, she was morbidly curious as well. Who was that mysterious boy and how did he come about his powers? Surely her Vampire heritage is far more superior!

"Maybe it would be an interesting day after all!" Moka said to herself. A smile slowly tugging the lips of her beautiful face.

Then she realized she was blushing and because she became aware of it, she got embarrassed even more! This was unacceptable! The great Moka Akashiya, blushing like a school girl? Preposterous! Suspecting that her pride got sullied somehow, she got annoyed and she couldn't wait till she finds this person to show him his place! Still, for some odd reason though, she could have sworn that he looked familiar but she couldn't for the life of her remember where they met. For the last several days now, she has been having real weird dreams about eyes. The orbs that she saw were tear filled but much more happier thereafter. The eyes she saw albeit briefly were much more haunted with regrets and filled with sadness but at the same time there was no fear in them! This got her blushing again and it annoyed her even more so. She was determined to meet eye guy and give him a piece of her mind...

"How dare this stranger embarrass me so!" Moka told herself vehemently. "That guy is so like dead meat!"

Meanwhile 15 minutes ago...

The bus pulled up and Ichigo woke up when the vehicle stopped. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and when he could finally focus, he wished that he was still dreaming in La la land! The strawberry has never seen a more dreary and depressing place in his life! To his left was a forest of dead trees. To his right was a high cliff with a hundred foot drop and a sea with the color of blood! To add to the Halloween and/or horror movie motif, there seem to be a large population of critters and bats all over the place! Comically staring and brows twitching, the old man is going to hear an earful when he talks to his crusty butt! Nobody said anything about doing a mission in a horror movie dammit! Next thing you know every one of the students here are monsters in disguise and they're trying to learn how to coexist with humans or something! No that shit was ridiculous, there's no such things as monsters!

Ichigo and Tsukune had vacated the bus. Standing right beside a scarecrow with a sign that say Yokai Academy, the two watched as it disappeared into the depths of the tunnel. The strawberry noticed that the brown haired boy was a little nervous and it was certainly understandable considering the atmosphere they were walking into. Then to Ichigo's dismay, he sensed a Hollow nearby. Since Tsukune seemed to be a normal; the strawberry didn't want to panic him that there was a 14 foot evil spirit nearby was hungry and was trying to devour his soul to satiate the emptiness within it! Yeah like he'd believe that!

"Hey Tsukune, why don't you go ahead and I'll catch up with you later. I think I drop something important awhile back and I didn't realize it till now."

"Sure man, I'll see ya in school then all right?" Tsukune asked.

"I won't be long. Hopefully, I can find the damn thing in all this crap!"

Tsukune nervously chuckled and waving as he walked away...

Ichigo waited until Tsukune was far away enough and he took out a dispenser of some kind. He popped a green looking pill into his mouth and immediately his soul separated from his body. That little gift was compliments of Rukia. It was one of those Chappy the rabbit mod souls that she liked so much and she figured it would have help him in case of emergency. One of the few advantages he could think of was he didn't need to leave his body where it would get injured or let alone killed...that would prove very complicated if it happened. Another advantage he could think of was that it served as an alternative option other than his Shinigami badge to do his job. At least he wouldn't need that pervert Kon. Seriously, that little hentai probably damaged his already dubious reputation even more doing what Kami knows what! The only thing that bothered him about the midget's little gift was the way it talked...

"I want you to get out of here and wait for me not far from the school's entrance, understand?"

"I understand Ichigo-dono...*Hop*"

Ichigo managed to control his instinctual urge to face palm his forehead...

The Shinigami then found Hollow whom gave him a good light exercise to start off the day. However, it was no match for the strawberry and he made short work of it and purified it easily enough. Good if he hurried, he should have enough time to make it to homeroom. He flashed stepped through the dead forest until he caught up with a limo. Ichigo wondered who the V.I.P. was but he didn't really care much because he really needed to get to school in time. As the strawberry shunpo'd right beside the vehicle, time seemed to have stopped. He remember his head slowly looking at the window and there in the lightly tinted glass, the strawberry saw the most beautiful silver haired girl that he had ever seen in his whole life. Her crimson eyes although a little too unusual, were mesmerizing and he found himself curious and being pulled into its depths.

There seemed to be a sense of familiarity but he didn't know when or where they met before. Perhaps he couldn't remember because it was something that happened in the past. He felt a long lost bond towards this stranger that he couldn't explain. Yet he didn't know anyone in his inner circle of friends who had silver hair. Ichigo will find out eventually though as she seemed to be going to the same direction the school was located so he might see her then and maybe get some answers about this mysterious connection that his subconscious is screaming at him at the moment. From the looks of things, she was surprised when she saw him; like she never saw a Shinigami use shunpo before. Wait a minute did that mean that she sees him? Nah, it was probably just his imagination but still her face looked astonished as if she saw him do something extraordinary. Well, technically, no one is supposed to know he was here and yet...

During that split second encounter, their eyes met briefly then he turned his head to look forward and then vanish into thin air. The Substitute Shinigami arrived at the school and found the mod soul waiting not far from the gate. Having entered his body, Ichigo casually entered the school as if nothing had happened. He went to the main entrance and he soon found himself lost...

"Damn this school is humongous!" he thought scowling.

Ichigo found his bearings and was able to enter homeroom just as the bell rang. Being a veteran of many battles at his young age and his adventures in Soul Society has taught him a few lessons. Paying attention to one's situational awareness was one of them. The strawberry scanned his surroundings and quickly glanced at the mood of his new classmates. The predictable male response to his presence was typical macho bullshit trying to intimidate the new guy type of deal. If he didn't tolerate that crap in Karakura; what makes these chumps think that he was going to roll over and let them step all over him? Not a chance in hell! So he glared at the punks showing them that he was not afraid of them in the least and ironically a few of them flinched and backed off. The female reaction to him was rather confusing though because some of them were blushing, others had hearts in their eyes, and some made him shudder as they look at him openly in lust and he gulped and that elicited a giggle or two from ladies to his embarrassment.

Then ever roaming eyes finally noticed the homeroom teacher. She looked like she's in her late 20's, had blond short hair with tufts that suspiciously look like cat ears. She was wearing a white shirt with an orange colored skirt and some low heeled shoes. Ichigo was a head taller than her and for some reason glasses wearing teacher reminded him of Yoruichi. Her demeanor, the weird looking ears, and he could have sworn that he heard her say meow softly from under her breathe only solidified his belief that the teacher and Yoruichi were somehow related to each other. Hopefully, she's not a notorious flirt like the Goddess of flash though. Thinking about the stupid pranks she pulled on him, made the strawberry blush...

Speaking of flirts and stupid pranks now that he has finally arrived in school, he has been sensing varying degrees of spiritual pressure from the students. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that Yokai Academy was either situated and founded in spiritually charged area or that it has always been this way from the beginning. No wonder the Hollows have been attracted to this place, the school's a treasure trove of spiritual power. If he was going to compare the students to the Gotei 13's many divisions, most of them if not all, were as powerful as non-seated officers. There were only a handful that he could best describe as equal to the seated officers and about one or two in the lieutenant class. Then the door slid open and a late comer walked in casually, ignoring the teacher, the new student standing in front of her, and her classmates. Now that he thinks about it, Ichigo found it strange that there was some kind of tension in the air and he found the class silent for some reason. He noticed that some of them were even shaking and there was fear in their eyes. Ichigo scowled at this...

"Gotta be careful with this one..."

The said student had long silver hair that cascaded down to the back of her knees and she has decided to let it trail gracefully behind her as she walked. Ichigo had to admit that she was blessed with an uncanny ethereal beauty. Her assets which were straining from the confines of her pristine white shirt may not be up to par with Inoue's or Rangiku-san's but they were perfect in a way. Her athletic build had sensual delicious curves that defied imagination.

The silver haired beauty walked slowly on those well toned legs almost deliberately in an aloof sensual grace with the confidence to match. It was as if she was daring the class to say something to her otherwise and thus suffer the threat of punishment for doing so! As she walked to her seat, she turned her head briefly as if to assess the newcomer and would have dismissed him as if Ichigo was beneath her notice. But the strawberry was not an ordinary person and he met her bristling gaze with a scowl of defiance. Her eyes widen as if she recognized him for a moment and then melted into a glare that would have made others into a quivering mess but he met her crimson eyes with not an ounce of fear what so ever.

The class witnessing this astonishing feat gasped in surprise and immediately whispered to each other how gutsy the newcomer was for staring toe to toe with a Vampire. They still hated his guts for some reason but they have to respect him a little bit for his bravery. The ladies sighed thoroughly impressed with the newbie's unrelenting courage. They found his semi-permanent scowl very sexy and now that they have witnessed some miraculous thing, they found themselves wanting the tall and handsome boy even more! The silver haired girl briefly broke her staring match with the cheeky boy and balefully glared at them. Not surprisingly, the classroom became so quiet that someone with sharp hearing could hear a pin drop. Then she turned and glared at boy some more...

The teacher was fiddling nervously with her shirt as she looked back and forth worriedly at the silent confrontation between Moka Akashiya and the newbie. Perhaps he didn't realize who he was dealing with but she had to admit that no one-not even the faculty-was able to stare at resident Vampire strait in the eyes and live to tell about it! She will have to set him aside and warn him to thread carefully with Akashiya with her quick temper and all. Before she could say anything though, Moka turned her head as if dismissing him as someone unimportant and walked to the back and took her seat. Nekonome and the class breathed a collective sigh of relief in which the orange hair kid looked at all of them in puzzlement.

"Class starting today, we have a new student who transferred here from the human world." the teacher said. "State your name please and tell us a little bit about yourself."

"Ichigo Kurosaki. I'm 15 years old and before I got transferred here I went to Karakura High in Japan. That's about it really."

The class mostly the girls really, started talking all at once...

"So Kurosaki-kun what was it like living in the human world?"

"What do you like to do for fun?"

"What sports do you like to play?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

That question made the strawberry blush around the ears which the girls thought was so adorable. Ichigo then looked at the silver haired snob and although she didn't join in playing "million questions" she looked a little out of it and when she realized that the he was staring at her, she blushed briefly and then glared at him, which Ichigo ignored. Nekonome who was curious herself thought that the class was getting out of control, so she clapped her hands and got the students' attention...

"Enough, class is about to start. Kurosaki-san why don't you go the empty seat on the corner there."

"Sure thanks."

With Ichigo seated, the teacher started homeroom...

"My name is Shizuka Nekonome and I will be your home room teacher for the year. Welcome to Yokai Academy. As most of you may well know that this is a school for monsters..."

Ichigo eyes widened and then resisted the urge to face palm his forehead...again. It figured that there was something peculiar about the whole damn school! The weird ambiance coupled with the varying degrees of spiritual pressures that he could sense from the people here finally made so much damn sense. His eye brow twitched noticeably when the teacher further explained the purpose of the Academy. Apparently since the humans have taken over the Earth, the monsters have established this school so that they could learn to covertly co-exist with humanity. Having noticed that the teacher was deadly serious and was warming up to her topic, the strawberry was surprised that he was taking this all in very well. Okay maybe not...

"Dammit, the next time I see the old man, I'm going to kick his wrinkly ass!" Ichigo thought vehemently.

"Hey teacher, why don't we just eat the puny humans and molest the beautiful girls instead?"

Ichigo snorted and sarcastically replied...

"So says the brave man who was quivering in fear in front of a beautiful girl but a minute ago..."

The class tittered in laughter and Moka looked at him and turned away trying her best not to blush while stifling a giggle of her own. But then, she realized what was happening and she poured her most hateful glare along with the humiliated student but Ichigo looked out the window and ignored them. The teacher continued with her lecture as if nothing had happened...

"Incidentally, all the teachers and students here are monsters. It is impossible for a human to enter this Academy since it is sealed off from the rest of humanity. Any humans who knows of our existence will be put to death or something like that...Yup!"

All the while the teacher was talking, Ichigo noticed that the student a few rows from him was comically having a nervous breakdown. He realized that the brown haired boy was Tsukune and he's wondering what's got him all panicky all of the sudden. Now that he thought about it, the strawberry couldn't sense an ounce of spiritual pressure from him. Then his eyes widen, could it be that he's human? Well technically he's human too but he had his Shinigami powers so he could take care of himself and he's more likely to blend with monsters here more than anything. Ichigo could understand the agonized way he looked, the feeling of helplessness that overtook the boy. It was his instinctual need to protect his family that he agreed without reservation for Rukia to plunge that zanpakuto of hers into his being so long ago. He might have to look out for Tsukune while he decides whether or not he wanted to stay in this dangerous place...

Lunch time...

Ichigo sat alone outside eating his lunch. It wasn't too bad but the strawberry had a suspicion that he probably didn't want to know what they did with the sandwich he was stuffing in his mouth since it was so damn good. Perhaps he might be forced to make his lunches personally from now on. It would probably give him peace of mind that way without wondering what the hell they put on the bread or if the "turkey" in the sandwich is not some kind of alternative meat. He shuddered... he needs to stop. He was eating lunch dammit! Don't need for his imagination to give him an aneurism or something! The Substitute chuckled though because it reminded him that Orihime probably had the stomach for this kind of stuff and getting seconds too if she had her way. Ichigo sighed, he wonders how the healer was doing anyway? Perhaps when he comes back from break, he could ask her why she cried that night. It would ease that guilty feeling that he had that he maybe the cause of her tearful breakdown...

The strawberry sighed again and wondered how Tsukune is holding up. He might have to talk some sense into the guy if he is in fact human then he didn't belong here and he needs to go home. Unless of course he wanted to stay here but for what purpose? It's not like he'd stay for a girl or anything like that right? Then he heard a ruckus not far off to the side. So he got up, walked towards the commotion and investigated the matter out of curiosity...


Tsukune encountered Moka Akashiya as she walked out the door leading to the school grounds as he got himself a drink. He thought she was really pretty but he felt really inferior as she looked him up and down as if seizing him up. Then before he knew it she was in his face looking him strait in the eyes. Her unrelenting gaze made him blush and then he sweat dropped as the silver haired beauty smelled him up and down on the side of his face and along the side of his neck. Then suddenly she lunged at his jugular and the brown haired boy screamed comically as he felt her suck his blood!


After having her fill, she smirked and patted the comically swaying Tsukune as if congratulating him on a job well done...

"Thanks for the're blood was really delicious!"

"Y-you w-welcome..."

Then he blushed as she closed the gap between them in an instant and she whispered to him...

"So what's a human doing in a school full monsters, hmm?"

Tsukune looked at her in horror and started to back off...

"I-it was a mistake...I wasn't suppose to be here!"

"I see...don't worry I won't just give you up to the authorities that easily." Moka said pausing. "Besides, why would I want to give up that delicious blood of yours for?"

An imaginary arrow went strait to his heart...

"Thanks I'd appreciate that miss?"

"Oh where are my manners the name is Akashiya Moka."

"Aono Tsukune . It's nice to meet you Moka-san and I hope that you would take care of me and we can become good friends..."

"Do not get me wrong and you seem like a nice guy, but if you think that you can be familiar with me and mistake my actions that I have feelings for you in some way, then you are wrong. Besides, you're not even my type..."

Several more imaginary arrows punctured his back. his heart, and for the final blow a bullet to his head. Then he sweat dropped, he didn't say anything about liking her in the first place...

"Ha, ha, ha...I'm sorry to hear that..."

"And why such a beautiful creature like you associating with vermin like this..." someone said. "Greetings I am your classmate, Saizo Komiya. Why don't you ditch the wimp and you and I can go somewhere else and...get acquainted?"

"Chi...It is not your place to dictate who I can or can't associate with." Moka said glaring at him. "I have higher standards to uphold and you're so beneath my notice that I wouldn't want to touch you even while holding a 10 foot pole! Now begone before I lose my patience and I'll make you regret that you even tried to come within 2 feet of me!"

"I like it when they're so feisty! It's even better when I get to break their spirit so I can do with them whatever they want!"

"I like to see you try!" Moka said cracking her knuckles.

"Now Moka-san I'm sure that we could talk things through..."

"Who asked you wimp!" Saizo said. "Get out of the way!"

Saizo with is enormous strength threw Tsukune and the brown haired boy crashed into the bending machine. He tried to get up...

"Stay down Tsukune. I will take care of him!"

"I'm looking forward to it!"

Moka was about to kick Saizo's ass from here to Sunday but suddenly that nuisance Ichigo Kurosaki interfered. Good she needed to settle some things with him too and this would be the best place to do so! Besides, even though she didn't want to admit it, she wanted to know how he'll handle himself in a fight if he had the guts to stare her down. She'll show this strawberry the superior power of the Vampire...

"Hey the lady said no so why don't you back the hell off!"

"Who asked you!"

Saizo tried to punch the walking Ichigo but for some reason he missed, like he vanished right before his eyes. Moka's crimson eyes widen as he dodged the punch effortlessly and casually walking towards her. The movement was so fast and precise that he appeared to have vanished. The strawberry stopped about 5 feet away and asked her...

"Oi, you alright?"

"This doesn't concern you Kurosaki Ichigo. I suggest that you get out of my way or suffer the consequences!" Moka said hotly.

The hell is wrong with her? Didn't he just tried to save her life and she thanks him by biting his head off! Ichigo's temper started to rise and a rather big tick mark appeared on the side of his head...

"Is this how you thank the person who tries to help you!" Ichigo said his voice rising.

"Ha as if I would need help from the likes of you!" Moka said rather calmly. "Besides, why would I would have put him in his place already if you haven't interfered earlier!"

"See if I help your ungrateful ass again!" Ichigo replied.

"How dare he say that to me!" she thought shocked.

The two glared at each other and sparks began to fly...

"Don't ignore someone who's behind you!"

Then the two of them gave him a comical evil stare that made the ogre back off...

"Why don't you make yourself scarce pond scum!" Moka said ominously.

"Get lost loser!" Ichigo said as fiercely.

With their concerted effort, both of them released an aura of power that flattened Saizo to the ground. The crushing feeling only lasted a good 5 seconds but it felt like eternity to someone who was literally getting flattened with their Yoki power alone. He wondered what kind of monsters would generate so much power like they did so effortlessly. No matter it was time to make a strategic retreat. He'll get them eventually...

"This isn't over!" Saizo said as he got up and ran away.

Moka despite herself found it impressive that this Ichigo could withstand the power of her Yoki and at the same time was able to generate a strong aura of his own. Granted that she was only exerting about 10 percent of her power, she will have to give some kudos to the strawberry that he was able to keep up with her. Still she is supremely confident that her Vampire powers surpasses anything he could muster. She's just going to have to show him his place in the scheme of things! Being distracted with her thoughts, she didn't realize Ichigo already disappeared when she wanted to ask him how he did all those amazing things even though for some reason...he too smelled like human. Affronted for being rudely left alone, she was going to have to hunt down the strawberry to give him a piece of her mind!

"You may run Kurosaki Ichigo but you can't get away from me!" Moka thought smirking. "Eventually I'm finished with you and you will gladly be spilling all the secrets that you've been hiding from me, all in good time..."

After school...

Tsukune made it to the tree where the scare crow with the sign and stood there waiting for the bus to come. As much as he wanted to stay, he didn't belong here and he knew it. Being the only human here sucked and he ironically realized the pun and chuckled despite himself. If all the students here were monsters then what in the hell was he doing here in the first place? Ok maybe he could blame himself for being a really bad student and he appreciated the fact that his parents were only looking out for his future but out of all the schools that they could have randomly selected; they had to find a school where all the monsters of folklore and legend gather to learn peaceful coexistence with humanity. Seriously, it must be karma or something!

Even his classmate Ichigo who seemed human at first had a power of some kind. To stare at that beautiful silver haired girl without flinching or fear was either gutsy or he's just plain crazy! And to be able to do those amazing things like facing that bully Saizo, disappearing right before his eyes (from his perspective on the ground anyway), and giving off that strange potent aura that nearly drove him to his knees. Perhaps Ichigo was some kind of monster too. Tsukune admired the strawberry's courage though because it was something he himself lacked and had always wished that he had more of. As for Moka-san, being deliberately turned into a juice box and then summarily get rejected even before he could say anything about his feelings were rather depressing. Even if he could muster enough strength to tell her otherwise, she'd probably scare him not to confess anyway. He had to admit it though as intimidating as she may be, it was love at first sight. He sighed, it was the story of his life after all.

"Where are you going?" Moka asked.

"M-moka-san I-I..."

"Scared that you will get find out even when a Vampire has promised you that I will never tell your secret?" Moka said sternly. "I detest cowards for they are the worst form of scum!"

Tsukune looked down on the ground in shame...

"What should I do then?" Tsukune said softly. "I am not as strong as you or Ichigo for that matter..."

Moka quirked an eyebrow and was surprised that the strawberry was mentioned in the same sentence as her. Yes, he maybe handsome and he seemed to have some kind of impressive ability she has yet to discern. But she was a Vampire and that's the only thing that matters! It doesn't matter what kind of monster he is because she knew he didn't have a chance against her, she stakes her pride on her race to prove it! This annoyed the silver haired beauty even more for no apparent reason...

"Why the hell am I thinking about that nuisance for?" Moka thought blushing.

"Why are you still insisting on hanging around with this wimp?" Saizo said from behind them.

The two of them were caught off guard as the delinquent's body seemed to transmogrify and transformed into his true self. His bones elongate as he grew taller. The muscles of his body seem to balloon and grotesquely rearranged itself as it reformed around his frame making more muscular. His face morphed as his lower fangs grew and his hair became shaggier. The arms and feet grew razor sharp claws. He let out a bestial roar as his transformation to an ogre is completed. Tsukune comically became pale and his whole body seem to lose its strength and turned to jelly. Moka however, was not impressed.

Without warning, a massive fist smashed into Tsukune and he found himself tumbling on the ground and then hitting the cliff wall, hard. The brown haired boy was stunned and then he spat out some blood and fell on the ground unmoving. Moka who was caught off guard, swayed backwards nearly missing the bludgeoning arm and with a grace of a gymnast she retreated and flipped a couple of times before finally stopping at Tsukune's side.

"Hey are you alright?"

Surprisingly enough, Tsukune groggily got up and put himself in between Saizo and Moka. He didn't know why he was doing this but if the last thing his useless body could do was to protect Moka-san, then going to a school full of monsters and meeting her was worth it. If he could save her at least and that was what mattered to him the most. Moka's eyes widen and then looked at this weak, pathetic human who was trying to use his body to shield her from the ogre. It didn't matter of course but to sacrifice himself for her, that was rather touching and for the first time she looks at Tsukune with respect. Still this made her feel embarrassingly like a damsel in distress and her fierce pride in her abilities did not allow that to happen...

"Idiot, stand aside! You can't barely stand as it is!" Moka said irritatingly. "I will handle him!"

Tsukune however, stumbled and Moka reached out keep him steady. Distracted for a few seconds, she didn't see what was about to happen...

"YOU! What are you doing here?" Saizo screamed at someone. "No matter I'll crush you here and now!"

Saizo with all his strength struck his hated enemy. When his fist made contact, Moka felt the tremendous shockwave of the blow and felt debris rain down. But then the overgrown oaf suddenly let out whooshing sound as if he was struck in the gut. By the time, Moka has steadied Tsukune and her gaze finally returned to the enemy. Her eyes widened as she saw the 7 foot ogre fall to the ground clutching his stomach and apparently unconscious. Right before her was a boy no older than herself wearing a black kimono and carrying what looked like a giant butcher knife wrapped in cloth on his back. She didn't really see a face but she knew that he was looking back towards them as if to make sure that they were safe. What surprised he more was his tremendous Yoki so strong that it was leaking out of him in waves. That intoxicating feeling made her blush to her endless annoyance. Then like an apparition, he disappeared. All of this happened in a space of 2 seconds...

"The boy from fast!"

The mystery of the kimono clad phantom has peaked Moka's interest. Who was this boy and what was he doing here in the Academy? What was his purpose here and why did he save her? Where did he get such power so strong that he is as powerful as she is? She blushed again but since no one was there to witness such an embarrassing moment, she didn't suppress it. The silver haired beauty realized that he has saved her life and she didn't know who to give her thanks. With a determination only Vampires possess, she swore that she will find this boy and give him her appreciation. Then of course she was going to challenge him into a fight and she knew that would be fun! She looked at the sleeping Tsukune and sighed. Hopefully the school nurse was still in her office this late in time...

To be continued...

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