Chapter 2: The mysterious man in black

The next day...

Ichigo dispatched yet another Hollow and that was the 5th one in the last hour or so. He could have sworn that it was calmer yesterday. Then his encounters with the damned things suddenly spiked through the roof! So was it only a coincidence that his presence somehow triggered their invasion of the school? Or were they actually getting in from a breach somewhere else? He sighed because he didn't know and he heard yet another unholy bestial howl from afar. He might as well find the thing and get it over with since he had class in about 30 min and he didn't want to be late on his second day of school!

Having found his query, his eyes widened as he saw a what seemed to be one of the students in the Academy being stalked by a bull masked Hollow. The bluenette who was doing her best not to panic turned around and unsheathed foot long claws and took a swipe at her pursuer. Unfortunately, she missed as the Hollow jumped and her attack sliced cleanly several trees instead and then fell on the ground. The strawberry was impressed that she was holding up on her own but alas her luck has ran out as she tripped and fell on her bottom and the creature opened it's mouth and started charging a Cero. Ichigo cursed as he disappeared in shunpo and without preamble, grabbed the petrified girl by the waist and disappeared just in time as the dark energy blast arrived and vaporized the ground they were standing upon mere seconds ago...

Twenty minutes ago...

Kurumu Kurono was minding her own business trying to implement her master plan on snagging every pathetic male in school to be a part of her harem. Surely out of all those losers, she would finally find her Destined One at last. But the arrival of that despicable Moka Akashiya has spoiled her plans! The boys may be afraid to death of her but she still have their admiration and adoration despite their intimidation. Who in their right mind would pass her heart shaped cute face, her enormous soft assets, and her deliciously curvaceous body for a cold hearted bitch like her? Seriously, the only one whose worthy of her out of the pathetic, spineless, and cowardly lot would probably be that new student Kurosaki Ichigo. Now that's one hottie she doesn't mind going a few rounds at night! With that cute scowl that he had all the time and that rugged good looks, the girls in class are already jockeying for position to snag him and trying their best to get his undivided attention! The young succubus blushed just thinking about tying him up and having her way with him as she rides him all-night-long...

"Bad Kurumu...Get your head out the gutter and calm down girl!" Kurumu berated herself but nonetheless she blushed.

The strawberry had more guts in staring down Moka and showing no fear than the cowering idiots in class. After all, Kurumu was rather picky when it came to her Destined One and she would certainly appreciates a courageous man who wouldn't shrivel in fear in the face of danger. Their children would be so like...bad ass! Still, it would seem the Vampire has already had her clutches on him since he complimented her in public yesterday! This is atrociously outrageous and she comically gritted her teeth! The bluenette seethed in anger at the unfairness of it all! Kurumu however, stopped took a couple of deep breathes and slowly exhaled and in about a few minutes her head cleared. She is of course confident of her seductive charm and there is no way Akashiya Moka will defeat her in a battle of feminine wiles. A smirk crept slowly on her flawless beautiful face...she can't wait to snatch Kurosaki Ichigo from out of her arms. Doing so will establish her superiority as the better woman and thus her victory over her rival will be complete! She giggled to herself as she gaily skipped along the dreary path on her way to school.

Suddenly, she heard a haunting wail that sent chills up her spine and with great dexterity she avoided an attack from above. She skidded on the soft ground and stood up in defensive stance. The bluenette's eyes widened at the thing that tried to ambush her. It was big perhaps 7 feet tall with a humanoid appearance. It had strange tattoos on its body and had what seem to be a mask of a bull that covered it's face. The most strangest thing of all and perhaps the most frightening was the fact that there was a gaping hole where its heart use to be! This maybe Yokai Academy where strange things may happen but seriously a big hole on your body? Kurumu didn't have time to contemplate about the thought as the humongous beast suddenly tried to lunge at her. Surprised at the speed of something as big as the creature, she had no choice but to unsheathe her claws and counter attack.

"Dammit I missed!" Kurumu cursed internally.

The uncanny creature jumped and as it went down, it opened it's mouth and strange Yoki began to gather into a ball and then fired at her. She tripped and fell backwards, her hand automatically messaging her delicate aching bottom. Kurumu eyes widened and looked fascinated at the spiritually charged black wave of destruction as it made her way towards her. She didn't have time to dodge and surely she would disintegrate into nothing if it hits her head on. The succubus teen began to cry as her short life began to flash before her eyes. She regrets that she won't be able to give her mother Ageha, the grandchild she always wanted. She will never be able to win her rivalry against that Moka to see who amongst the two of them were the better school idol. She wanted to find her Destined One so that she could kiss him every night as he whispered sweet nothings into her ear. Why did this have to happen? It was not fair! She closed her eyes and waited for the end to claim her. Suddenly she felt strong but gentle arms enclose her waist and felt herself being whisked away and heard an explosion behind her. Afraid that she might be dreaming, she kept her eyes closed. Within that embrace, Kurumu felt safe and no doubt in her mind that she was saved from her impending doom.

Having the courage to finally open her eyes, Kurumu found herself alone and about 25 yards ahead of her she saw a strange man in a black kimono. The man in black had with him the biggest sword that she had ever seen in her life as it was almost as tall as and half as wide as he was. Her hero with one swipe of his massive sword fell the gruesome creature as it turned to dust and disappear into the air. Kurumu was amazed and blushed madly as this stranger has saved her life without the regard for his own safety. She ran towards him and stopped about 5 feet away as she suddenly felt massive Yoki coming from the stranger...

"U-umm e-excuse me." Kurumu said demurely. "T-thank you, for saving my life..."

Kurumu reached out and grabbed the loose flowing sleeve of his kimono and tried to take a good look of her hero. She gasped in fear as she looked upon a menacing skull-like mask with uncanny red markings on the left side and the eerie yellow eyes that seemed to pierce through her as if he could see through the depths of her soul. Compared to Moka's scary look that she gave the class, this man's gaze was down right terrifying! The young succubus backed away for a moment and the mysterious masked man turned around, looking at her while his back was to her, and asked in a haunting echoing voice...

"Are you alright?"


Kurumu's eyes widened. Even though this man's Yoki was so dark and chaotic like that monster who tried to attack her earlier but he seemed different somehow. It sounded like he was concerned about her and by the tone of his voice was as if the man behind the mask was kind...It confused the succubus to no end and her curiosity of who this mysterious man was has peaked her interest.

"Good, you should go now and get to class before you're late."

"H-how did you know that I have class?"

"That's not important, be careful from now on..." the man in black said. "Now if you would excuse me but I have other business to attend to."

"Wait...W-will I ever see you again?"

"Trust me I'll be around for awhile..."

Before she could formulate a reply, he has already vanished into thin air. Kurumu blinked and unceremoniously fell down on her butt to contemplate what just happened to her. As much as that incredible encounter with the mysterious black clad man has impressed her, she unfortunately still had to implement her master plan. Certainly she needs to reflect upon the events that transpired but she can do that later and she needed to launch her assault immediately if she is to find her mate. In the back of her mind, she may have already found him but he was so out of reach that it disgusted her that she may have to settle for the unsavory bunch in her school.

"Get a grip on yourself Kurumu. I-If the black clad man is unreachable then surely you'll find a diamond in the rough amongst the poor excuses of men/boys in school..." Kurumu thought to herself. "In fact, there's one coming and now that I think about it...he's rather cute!"

In the path the succubus saw a boy walking alone on the road. With her sharp eyes, she realized that it was one of her classmates and with expert analysis, he really didn't look too bad at all. So with some practiced art of deception, she settled herself on a tree, made herself a little disheveled for effect, and called out in her most pathetic, helpless voice...

"H-help me...I-I suddenly feel so ill!"

Yokai Academy

Everyone gave Moka Akashiya a wide berth as she walked the halls of the Academy. Her eyes narrowed at the cretins trying to get her attention but she just gracefully pushed her hair back and looked up in indignation and ignored them. Still she was rather irritated at Tsukune Aono at the moment because she caught him messing around with some girl on her way to school. She was really hungry at the time but the public displays of affection ruined her appetite! It was obvious that the girl was a succubus and Tsukune was dumb enough to get caught in her her web of deception. Well, it's not like she was jealous of the slut or anything but she would have at least thought that the boy had more sense and had better taste in girls than that. Oh well, Tsukune Aono's business is his own and she has nothing to do with his life. He is free to do as he will, this is Yokai Academy after all. But it would have been nice to get a few pints of that sweet blood though, the tomato juice she was drinking was getting rather stale...

"'re a Vampire right?"

Moka stopped and looked up at the person who dared to talk to in such a manner.

"At least that's what the rumors say..."

The bluenette jumped down from her perch and landed gracefully on the ground. Moka looked at her bored as the girl seductively swayed her hips walking towards her. The little show was attracting the male population's attention as they went gaga at the two of the most beautiful girls in school about to clash in the mother of all cat fights! Moka didn't move as Kurumu came closer and whispered into her ear...

"My name is Kurumu Kurono and I have come here to defeat you!"

"Oh is that right?" Moka said skeptically raising an eyebrow.

"I can't stand it anymore for you are the biggest obstacle to my plan!" Kurumu declared.

"Really...please do tell!" she replied half lidded. "It looks like you're going to blab about it regardless whether I'll listen to your babbling or not!"

Moka yawned as Kurumu elaborately told of her plan to put all the male student population under her spell and called her little scheme. the Yokai Academy Harem Transformation Plan. It was going smoothly she explained and she would have enslaved all the guys if it wasn't for Moka's interference.

"The guys are looking at you instead of dreaming of me and that is unacceptable!"

"Okay..." Moka said sweat dropping. "Your point being?"

"You can never beat me in battle of feminine charm and to prove it I will steal Tsukune Aono from under your feet!"

Seriously, what is this girl's problem!

"Go ahead, you can have him if you want!"

"Eh?" Kurumu asked astonished. The succubus looked at her in disbelief.

"I said you can have him. I can always find another willing victim to feed on." Moka said nonchalantly.

"Oh hi Moka-san, how are you this morning?" Tsukune asked. Then he turned around and addressed the bluenette. "Oh Kurumu-chan I hope that you're feeling better."

Kurumu grinned and took the opportunity to teach little miss Vampire a thing or two in charming the opposite sex.

"Tsukune, thank you for taking me to the nurse's office."

Kurumu threw herself and gave the brown haired boy a boob suffocating hug that the male population could appreciate but at the same time they wanted to choke the life out of the lucky bastard! Moka looked at this and sighed and perhaps she should tell the idiot boy that he was being used as a pawn for the bluenette's little power game.

"Idiot, you know that girl is just using you right? That Kurumu isn't really your friend!"

The truth of the Vampire's words struck a nerve...

"How awful how could she say such bad things about me?" Kurumu said dramatically. "I-I think I need to go the infirmary again!"

Kurumu then used her Charm on the hapless boy as she came near him...

"You know that she will devour you if you are not being careful." Moka said irritably.

"Oh really. Aren't you the one who's been sucking my blood Moka-san?" Tsukune said monotonously.

"Chi...Idiot, you got yourself under her spell again!" Moka said. "Bah, I don't care! I'm going to class!"

Kurumu couldn't believe that Moka would ignore her attack like that!

"What the hell is going on?"

The bluenette looked at the one who spoke and a grin began to widen. For lo and behold, the top 2 person on her little snag list has conveniently walked unaware into their little battlefield. Kurosaki Ichigo, looked as delicious and as hot as he as he ever did. She knew that by observing their little confrontation yesterday that it has somewhat affected the Vampire in ways that has yet to be determined. Perhaps she should test the waters so to speak...

"Dammit it's the orange haired nuisance!" Moka said to herself internally. "It has nothing to do with you Kurosaki. So if you know what's good for will leave here immediately or else!"

"And good morning to you too Akashiya." Ichigo said scowling. "Got up on the wrong side of the bed today I take it?"

"You would do well not to speak in that tone with me!"

"Oh yeah, what are you going to do about it?"

Ichigo matched Moka's glare with a scowl of his own and the sparks began to fly.

Kurumu looked at them and sweat dropped as their little heated argument just got more intense than her little spat with her did. Still, it gave her an idea and it's about time that she has introduce herself to the new guy...

"Don't worry about miss grumpy over there Kurosaki-san. We were just having...a little discussion that's all." Kurumu said innocently.

"Well damn she should have said so in the first place instead having a big stick up your ass!"

The surrounding crowd was astonished at this newbie as he defiantly scowled and said what he pleased to the resident Vampire who was seemingly running out of patience. Why she hadn't retaliated yet with the usual violence is very puzzling to them. They fearfully, back up a couple of steps as Moka began to clench her fists and her Yoki began to ooze out of her being in waves. Even though Ichigo could feel her spiritual pressure rising, he still looked at her strait in the eyes. Kurumu was also surprised at Ichigo's blatant disregard of Moka's status and she is quite impressed that no matter how much the silver haired girl tried to glare at him, the strawberry still met her scathing gaze with no fear. For Moka's part, whatever patience she had left was wearing thin and it is only her pride as a Vampire is keeping her from slugging this impertinent nobody to oblivion. With a few deep breathes, she has finally calmed down...

"Uh, Kurosaki-san, that was so very brave of you talking to Vampire like that!" Kurumu said seductively and then smashing herself rubbing her boobs at him.

"W-wait w-what are y-you doing Miss..." Ichigo said blushing.

"Oh how rude of me if I haven't introduce myself. My name is Kurumu Kurono and you and I are in the same class remember?" she said pouting as she rubbed her hands on his broad chest. She looked back at her rival and was certainly surprised at the results...

Moka didn't really care much for anyone in this school and quite frankly she didn't really give a damn. However, for Tsukune it was different. He has shown her courage in the face of overwhelming odds and despite being human he was okay in her book. It was rare for anyone to earn a Vampire's respect and the brown haired boy has proved his worth to her yesterday. Then of course there was the taste of his sweet blood and that was a bonus that she really can't complain about. As for Kurosaki Ichigo, it was different for him as well. He was impatient, insulting, lacks manners, and very disrespectful to her and thus to the entire Vampire race! Still, he was the first person out of all these vermin who looked her in the eye with no fear and she had to admire that about him.

There was a sense of mystery about him as she could sense enormous Yoki within the strawberry even though he too smelled like he's human. Nonetheless, both of them were strangers as she could care less about him and quite frankly she'd rather have her dainty foot smashing his smug face on the pavement. But for some reason as the little slut was all over him and rubbing her boobs on him, there was a tightening of her chest that she can't quite explain. It felt like a something was stabbing her over and over again and that feeling kept growing as Kurumu worked her feminine wiles on the strawberry and the big idiot didn't seem to care! Moka for all she was worth, tried to ignore the sickening feeling but it just won't go away. She had enough and quietly walking away stomping all the while. The crowd parted quickly as she glared at them to get the hell out of her way. She needed to get some air and sort out what's happening to her. Kurumu having proclaimed victory and looked smugly as the Vampire retreated to lick her wounds no doubt!

"I wonder what crawled up her ass this time?" Ichigo wondered. "Are Vampires always emotional like that?"

Kurumu looked at him in astonishment and giggled...

"I don't really know but I guess so huh?" Kurumu replied.

For some reason though, Ichigo felt guilty about something...

"Dammit maybe I should go after her and see if she's alright."

"N-no w-wait..."

"Huh..." Ichigo said puzzled.


Ichigo looked at deeply into her eyes and felt the control of his body slipping. He felt numb and there was a pressure in his head that felt like static. He tried to fight it but the compelling feeling was just too strong. So he asked Zangetsu for advice...

"Old man, what's going on?"

"Beware Ichigo, she is trying to control your mind!"

"What the hell!"

"You cannot drive her out alone so we're going to have to do it together!"

Kurumu's eyes widened and she backed away from the strawberry as waves of black Yoki began to permeate out of his body. She put her hands to her head as she felt a force trying to break her spell. No matter what she did, her control of Ichigo was slipping by the second and suddenly her spell broke...

"Impossible, no one has ever broken my Charm. NO ONE!"

"What the hell..." Ichigo said panting for breath. "...were you trying to do to me?"

Now Ichigo's displeased scowl was focused on her and Kurumu had to admit that it was rather intense that she looked away in shame...

"Ichigo w-wait, let my try to explain!"

"Get the hell away from me!" Ichigo shouted.

Ichigo backed away and ran toward the hall. She didn't have the heart to follow and again she felt ashamed for what she has done. Kurumu has enslaved and charmed hundreds of random men and she didn't feel remorse for doing the deed nor did she any feelings for them. They were after all just a pool to pick out the man she was going to marry and keep her race from extinction, nothing more. When she charmed Ichigo however, she feels this overwhelming guilt and she has this urge to explain herself to him. She wanted so badly to apologize and justify her actions. The succubus knew that the strawberry would understand once she explains her side of the story. So why is it that she feels this way? Why does her heart feel like it has been ripped out and then stomped all over the place?

"Why...why do I feel this way?"

A single tear cascaded down her cheeks as she woodenly walked away with a dazed Tsukune in tow...

His circumstance...

Ichigo having decided to be in soul form again was standing hundreds of feet above the school in thought. That was the first time that someone tried to take over his mind and he didn't feel comfortable about it. In fact, he felt violated somehow and that didn't improve his already dour mood. The Shinigami remembered saving this Kurumu Kurono a few hours ago from a Hollow. If it wasn't for his quick thinking she probably would have recognized him and thus blown his cover! The strawberry didn't like to use the mask if he had to but he had no choice donning the thing once the girl came close and thanked him for saving her life. He just didn't realize how dangerous her powers were and he has to be careful around the bluenette from now on.

"Do not worry Ichigo. She may have caught us unaware the first time but now that I know what I'm looking for, she won't be able to control us again!"

"That's good..."

"Why does it look like all is not alright with you by the tone of your voice?"

"It's nothing..."

"Well it must be something with the way the rain has been pouring in here."

"I'm sorry Old Man..."

"Don't apologize...tell me what's on your mind."

"Akashiya ran away as if...she was in pain. I know, I was being a wise ass with her and all but the way she looked as if she was about to cry when Kurumu was all over me and that bothered me for some reason and I don't know why."

"I see..."

"What do you think Old Man should I apologize even though I feel I didn't do anything wrong?"

"But if you say that you feel this way then in your mind you did her wrong. If you feel that you must say something to ease your guilt then say sorry for what you did to her. Do not apologize for something that you yourself do not understand."

"For being a wise ass you mean? Akashiya doesn't look like someone who would wilt just because I was only telling the truth. She's one of those people who will tell you "You're ugly" to their faces without batting an eyelash. She's as bad as Tatsuki but she's far more temperamental. They probably get along like best buddies...if they don't kill each other first!"

"True as that maybe but the fact that you needed to say something to her speaks volumes don't you think?"

"Yeah, you're right. Fine I'll apologize but at the same time I won't. Do you get me?"

Zangetsu sighed. It's something at least and with Ichigo being the stubborn person that he is that's saying a whole lot...

"Good, now go back to class for now. I find the subject about the history of Yokai rather fascinating..."

Ichigo frowned and sweat dropped at the comment. With the blink of an eye though, he vanished...

Her circumstance...

Moka was seething mad and she doesn't exactly know why! She has never felt this overwhelming madness that has taken her. Every time she thought about how that slut Kurumu was pawning all over Ichigo, her temper just kept rising higher and higher so much so that she was going to burst if she didn't do anything about it! Finally, she saw a lonely hill not far off to her right and without saying a word she went up to it and started pounding on its rocky surface.

Taking out her frustrations was one of the fundamental things that her father has taught her.

"Remember Moka-chan, Vampires may be superior creatures to all monsters in every way but we are not barbarians who uses violence as an excuse to harm others whom had insulted us. They are after all peasants that do not know their place and thus do not know any better. A Vampire will be able to fight better to his/her full potential...if he/she has a clear mind."

Moka took chunks out of the rocky hill with every earth shaking hit that spooked the bats and scattered them to the winds. As she fiercely pounded on her makeshift punching bag, her thoughts begin to clear and thus she could analyze and ponder upon her shameful actions. Why did she feel like someone was twisting a knife in her as she witnessed the succubus all over the nuisance? She could easily, turn up her charms and show the bitch that she too can play in her little game of seduction and beat her at her own game! She was after all a Vampire and knows for a fact that the females of her race were beautiful and just as charming if not more so as the Succubi. So did that mean that she wanted to...turn on her charms on the strawberry? It's not like she's jealous of Kurumu or anything...right? That last thought made her very angry and she channeled all of her Yoki into her right fist and slammed it the hill and turned the entire thing to rubble! She was still blushing and wondered what the hell was wrong with her today!

"Impossible, there is no way I could ever like that orange haired nuisance!" Moka said vehemently. "I'd rather die than have feelings for him!"

Still there is a feeling that she's suppose to have some kind of connection to the strawberry that she couldn't quite least not yet at the moment. It's as if she knows him from some where and yet she can't seem to remember the details. Regardless, what is this thing in her heart that she's feeling? Why does it make her anxious and agitated when someone else was so close to him? Why does it irritate the hell out of her that Kurumu had her dirty paws on him like she did? And why doesn't the idiot complain about being molested in public like that?

A proper young lady shouldn't debase herself in front of males! Her Vampire honor doesn't allow it and dammit she isn't going to start now! A young woman of her station would force the issue and demand his loyalty and have him swear his undying love for her! She does not need to seduce him because it is not necessary. Even if she did, all she needed to do was show a little more of her ample bosom, shake her deliciously curvaceous behind, and dazzle him with her smooth as silk legs and she'll catch him hook, line, and sinker. It's a child's play really and she knows only a Vampire could pull such a feat with no problem. Then she realized what she was thinking and the beautiful Vampire blushed...

"WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING?" Moka thought exasperatedly.

Still in a sour mood, the Vampire sat on some steps and brooded over her feelings. Then her sharp ears heard a disturbance to her right and she sharply called out...

"Who's there! Show yourself or face my wrath!"

"It is only me Highness..."

Moka realized that it was the bus driver...

"I see...then be away with you and leave me be!"

"Oh...and what has gotten you in a contemplative mood I wonder?" He said asking.

"It is none of your business!"

"As you wish your Highness..." he said chuckling. Then with an ever widening grin he added. "Though if I may do say so, a lady always looks so radiant when they' love!"

Moka blushed furiously and she would have told him off if wasn't for the fact that he mysteriously disappeared. Moka love? That was the most preposterous nonsense she has ever heard in her life! Her in l-love with that nuisance Kurosaki? Surely the man was must trying to get a rise out of her and like an idiot she fell for it! Sure the strawberry is an interesting enigma (and a pain in the ass) but she could never see herself together with him or if ever!

The only way for him to ever win her as a blood mate is if he stronger than her and he can beat a Vampire in a match of brutal strength and she doesn't see that happening not by a long shot! If she was even give this idiotic idea of a perfect mate then Kurosaki would NEVER fulfill them because he has already failed her number 1 criteria that being: his power does not surpass her own. Oh she may have felt some strange Yoki about him yesterday but Moka is confident that in a battle of superiority and brute strength, she will emerge victorious! It is simple as that!

Though she got to admit that as much as he is an annoying nuisance of a boy...he is hot. The petty and crass girls in her class only confirms it with the way they gossip amongst each other like fish wives about him. Then she caught herself again and blushed madly. She huffed and tried to gather herself together. This is so unlike her being so flustered over a boy! Again she will reiterate to herself rather adamantly that she does not like him, not in that way and she only has to suffer through his impertinence during class. Otherwise, Kurosaki is just another none-entity beneath her notice.

Moka blinked, well actually she cannot go around saying that he is just another person to overlook. In some ways he is rather fascinating in his own way and she does wonder about the mystery surrounding him. Now all she has to do is teach the bothersome strawberry a thing or two about respect and perhaps his presence will be tolerable. She nodded to herself as if she has decided on her course of action. The beautiful Vampire will show this Kurosaki Ichigo his place. It is only a matter of time. With that in mind, she reluctantly went back to class...


Kurumu was in the infirmary sitting on the bed staring at nothing in particular. As much as the stain on the far wall was rather intriguing, she just stared at it comically like a limp noodle nonetheless. The succubus couldn't even enjoy her seeming victory over her hated rival Moka Akashiya. No her mind kept replaying over and over the events that has transpired mere moments ago. Not only did someone resist the power of her Charm, that same person-in the throes of her spell-has actually broken free of it! There was no record in the history of her people whom had ever done such magnificent feat. Indeed, Ichigo is a strong willed and mysteriously fascinating person to say the least!

"But now he hates me!" Kurumu lamented. "I just know that I have destroyed my chances with him for the stupid thing that I did!"

Then she began to comically wail in despair as Tsukune who has just came to consciousness and wondered what the hell was wrong with the bluenette. The brown haired boy being the sucker for a pretty face began to feel sorry for her and tried to comfort the distressed girl the best he could. He gave her a path on the shoulder and tried to soothe her...

"I don't know what's going on Kurumu-san but I think that it's going to be alright, you'll see." Tsukune said cheerfully.

The much distraught succubus cried even harder and Tsukune sweat dropped at her antics. So without even thinking, the brown haired boy suddenly gave Kurumu a hug which surprised the bluenette as she stopped crying. Her eyes widened but seconds later she felt comfortable and safe in his tight embrace. Unbeknownst to her though, a tinge of pink began to color her cheeks. Tsukune who was embarrassed himself because he never did something this reckless before was blushing as well.

"Shh, it's okay Kurumu-san, everything will be alright." Tsukune whispered.

"B-but w-what i-if i-it's not going to b-be o-okay?" Kurumu sobbed.

"Why wouldn't it be? If you think about it a little more everything should fall into place."

"B-but w-what i-if he...he s-still hates me?"

"Okay now I'm curious..." Tsukune thought. "And why would he hate you?"

That's when Kurumu froze and tried frantically to think of something to say...

"I really can't tell but let's just say I did something so terrible to him and I feel horrible about it..."

"Fair enough. Just give a sincere apology and I'm sure he'll gladly accept it." Tsukune explained.

"H-he will...Are you sure?" Kurumu asked skeptically.

"Yes I know that given time he'll forgive you and the both of you will be the best of friends..."

Kurumu thought about it and as much as she'd cringe of how the strawberry would react to her overtures of peace, she liked that outcome far better than having the strawberry as an enemy. She just have to suck it up and face the music...

"I know have already lost him as a lover but at least he and I could be friends..."

"Y-you p-promise he'll forgive me?"

"Yes I promise..."

Kurumu sniffed and for the first time in hours she felt a little better...

"T-thank you..." she said blushing.

"W-wow she looks so cute..." Tsukune thought. "If things with Moka-san won't work out then maybe..."

Before Tsukune knows it, their faces were mere inches from each other. He looked at the flushed Kurumu and thought that she looked so cute and perhaps the most beautiful thing that he has seen on Earth. The brown haired boy's chest begins to tighten as before all he could see was Moka-san's image interposed with the bluenette. But as he accepted the fact that he was essentially discarded already; Moka's hold on him begins to melt and right before his eyes Kurumu's radiant image emerged. He tried to fight it but all he could see was her short luxurious blue hair, her cute oval shaped face, the sensual way her lips purse as she licks to keep them moisten, her considerable assets, the way her sensuous hour glass figure fill the Academy uniform, and the sway of her sexy hips.

Kurumu who was enthralled with the moment realized that Tsukune wasn't half bad and the thing that sets him apart from all the others was that he was kind. She's sure that if she works on it a little bit, the succubus would get to know him and who knows, maybe he's the one that she's been looking for all along. She looked deep into to those earnest brown eyes and her heart suddenly began to throb in her chest so loudly that it skipped a beat. She tried to swallow the lump on her throat...

"What is this feeling? Why do I feel so...anxious? I've kissed a couple of guys with no problem so why...How come I feel so nervous like it's the first time? No it can't be...Could Tsukune be the one I'm looking for? Is h-he my Destined One?"

Both of their lips were dangerously close to one another. One move from either one of them and their lips will touch. Kurumu's seductive nature began to assert itself and she licked her lips mere inches from the brown haired boy's face, trying to tease him. Tsukune gulped but he didn't move nor did he turn away and to the Succubus he looked so adorable blushing the way he was doing. He was caught up with the moment as well. She teased him a little bit and whispered words that embarrassed him to no end. But for some reason all the prodding and messing around just made her want to kiss him and she could see it in his eyes that maybe he wanted it too. So slowly, ever so methodically there lips crept ever so closer. Tsukune's brown eyes were locked with Kurumu's dark purple ones and as far as the two were concerned, they were the only ones who existed in the world. Kurumu then tilted her head and closed here eyes as she leaned closer...

"Get off him you licentious wench!" someone sad suddenly.

"Huh?" Tsukune asked dumbly.

"Eh?" Kurumu said confused.

Moka who happened to be walking by the nurse's office when she noticed people who were about to make out through the crack of the open door. Normally she'd ignore them and just went about her business. She could care less whatever happened between those two people, it is their business after all. Still, her morbid curiosity got the better of her and she (not so casual on her part) looked in and tried to watch. Then she realized that it was that pest of a Succubus and Tsukune about to kiss...eww! Her mind tried to grasp the concept of those two being together.

She remembered Kurumu's lame plan to enslave the entire male population and thus the Vampire assumed that she has finally made a move to enchant Tsukune with her spell to further along her agenda. As much as a pain Tsukune was at times, she considers him to be a friend. Vampires are loyal to a fault when it comes to friendship and it would be a bruise to her pride if she let the poor boy be the bluenette's little play thing for eternity. She has principles to uphold, a pride in her heritage at stake, the chastity of her friend on the line and the fact that she didn't really want to lose Tsukune's sweet tasting blood. So she barged in tearing the door off its hinges, surprising the two and the silver haired girl pushed Kurumu sending her crashing through the window.

"Tsukune are you alright?" Moka demanded.

"Uh yeah never better, Moka-san." Tsukune said. "Though isn't pushing Kurumu-san through the window and calling her names a bit much?"

Moka blinked...

"Wait a minute, she wasn't trying to put you under a spell?"


"Or she wasn't trying to seduce you or anything like that?"

"I don't think so..."

"Okay let me get this strait, she wasn't trying to put one over on you so why were you guys about to kiss?" Moka asked puzzled.

"I-I don't know. I guess wanted it to happen?"

Moka looked at him in astonishment and was silent for awhile. Five minutes later she says to him...

"I got one word for you...that's disgusting!" Moka said distastefully.

"That's two words..."

"Whatever, no need to fiddle over semantics."

"Okay..." Tsukune said sweat dropping.

"It's none of my business but geez Tsukune you could do better than her you know!"

"I don't know what I got myself into either but I'll just go with the flow and see where this thing takes me. I hope you understand Moka-san..."

"Fine, whatever. It's your life..." Moka said half lidded. "Oh speaking of the devil I believe she has returned..."

A furious Kurumu came flying back...

"I AM NOT LICENTIOUS NOR AM I A WENCH EITHER, DAMMIT!" Kurumu screamed on top of her lungs. Then she continued in a cute pouting manner. "I'm more like a delicate and demure flower I have you know!"

"Right and pigs fly and hell freezes over on a regular basis." Moka deadpanned.

"AND YOU...why are you being so friendly to her huh?" the succubus said glaring at Tsukune. "A-after I've d-done those embarrassing things least you could have done was be a little more supportive of me or something!"

"N-now n-now Kurumu-san i-it's not what you're thinking!"

"How dare you insinuate such preposterous things Succubus!" Moka said blushing. "That's it.."

She turns to Tsukune...

"You don't mind me beating the stuffing out of your girlfriend do you?" she said glaring at her. "She is seriously plucking my last nerve!"

"Uh you don't expect me to answer that right?"

"THAT'S IT...You guys are making me mad and I'm just going to simply kill you both!"

"Kurumu-san d-don't be too hasty now!" Tsukune said rather nervously.

The brown haired boy's words have fallen into deaf ears as Kurumu transformed into her true monster persona. Vicious looking foot long razor sharp claws extended from the bluenette's finger tips. A long prehensile tale sprouted from her back side and bat-like wings with a wingspan of about 6 feet tore the back of her uniform spread encompassing the entire room.

"Now DIE!"

The Succubus quickly ran and took a swipe at them causing ten massive claw marks tearing through the wall and kicking up dust filling the room but she missed as Moka calmly ducked with the hapless Tsukune and jumped outside the window. As soon as she landed, she made a run for it with with the brown haired boy following as best he could. The were running aimlessly into a dead forest and her impatience finally one out and stopped to face Kurumu's wrath.

She has had enough! Her pride can no longer take the fact that she was running like a coward instead of facing her enemy. Tsukune who ran past her skidded to a halt and had both his hands to his knees trying to gasp for air. Kurumu who was closing in quickly dived and then pulled up while she took another swipe at them. Adrenalin still pumping, Tsukune grabbed Moka whom was unmoving and evaded her passing attack. Several trees fell over as the Kurumu's razor sharp claws cleaved through their thick trunks cleanly and with ease. The brown haired boy grabbed his cheeks and comically looked at the devastation that the Succubus has wrought...

" sharp!" Tsukune thought panicking. Then he started sweating bullets as he felt a killing intent aimed at his back. His neck comically turned slowly as looked upon a very displeased Moka. He gulped the growing lump on his throat when Moka said something...

"How dare you touch a Vampire without her permission!" Moka said growling. "Normally such impertinence would have meant your death but since I like you (kind of) your punishment won't be as severe..."

Moka went up to the brown haired boy and beaned him across the back of the head. She looked then looked at his twitching body satisfied and then asked...

"Are you still alive down there?" Moka asked curiously.

"Y-yes M-moka-san!" he said croaking.

"Good, don't want to damage the goods now and all..."

Tsukune who still on the ground sweat dropped...

"Now I had enough..."

Moka's Yoki exploded and the Kurumu who was about to make another pass at them stopped abruptly as the Vampire's aura flashed and blinded her.

"Kyaah! What is this?"

When the swirl of energy finally calmed down, Moka was looking at up at her bored as can be. However, Kurumu could feel her enormous power even as high as she was and she couldn't help but tremble. Her resolve however, returned as she remembered her purpose and that gave her strength. The succubus can't afford to cower now. The lives of her race depended upon her...

"Don't mess with me. I can never lose. We Succubi seek a destined encounter among the pool of men that we tempt. In order for our small species from dying out, we must pick one man to be our destined one." Kurumu said passionately. "YOU GOT IN THE WAY OF THAT MOKA AKASHIYA AND BECAUSE OF THAT I CAN'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH IT NO MATTER WHAT!"

"How dare you bare your fangs at me you frail egotistical woman!" Moka said. "It's about time that I put you in your place!"

The fight was brief and one sided. As Kurumu dived bomb at Moka, the Vampire jumped up and caught the Succubus's tail, swung her around easily enough and then slammed her entire body towards the ground making a Kurumu sized crater. The bluenette spat out blood as she couldn't believe that she was defeated so easily.

"So this is the power of the Vampire. The rumors were true then that she..."

"That was way too easy and straight forward. You may act like a little devil but you're just a naive little girl. I'll make it so that you won't stand up to me again..."

Kurumu became frightened as she tried to back away from the stalking Vampire girl walking towards her with the subtlety of a predator cornering its prey. Then with a start, she found herself looking at Tsukune's back. The Succubus didn't understand but she was grateful for his help unaware of a soft blush painting her cheeks. Moka looked at him and frowned in annoyance...

"Why are you protecting her? Wasn't she the one trying to put you under a spell and only moments ago she was trying to kill you?" Moka asked.

"That is enough Moka-san. I don't believe that Kurumu-san would do this purely out of bad intentions. I just can't see being a bad girl at heart. Just as I see that you are someone we can rely on."

Kurumu looked at the boy in astonishment and found herself blushing furiously. Despite the despicable things that she had done to him, he still forgave her. Why is that? To defend her from a very powerful and formidable Vampire was something she did not expect. Although Tsukune could never look at Moka with the fierce and fearless defiant gaze that Ichigo had, she thought that it was rather sweet and brave of him to put himself in harm's way to protect her from the scary Vampire.

Now she sees Tsukune Aono in a whole new light because at first she thought him to be just another pawn she could use in her quest to find her Destined One. What secrets yet unrevealed does he has hidden lurking inside him? Her heart skipped a beat and that pleasant feeling returned from earlier. It can't be...Is the one she was looking for all this time is right in front of her? Could her long search for the one that she wants to be with for the rest of her life is finally over?

Kurumu scrutinized him for the first time and noticed quarks that immediately endeared him to her. She noticed that he tried to be brave in the face of a very angry Vampire and although his outward appearance looked normal, his hand shook but he tried to hide it. Whether it was for her sake or his own streak of stubbornness asserting itself; the bluenette thought that it took courage to stand up to someone who would probably kill him where he stood if he said the wrong words or if it pleased her to do so. When he defended her and then praised Moka as well; she never realized that a stranger could be so kind. It was a trait that the Succubus could appreciate as going to a school full of monsters whom to put it mildly are pigheaded, chauvinist, perverted egotistical, hot tempered idiots and to encounter someone who is genuine, caring, and kind as Tsukune was rather refreshing!

The fact that the brown haired boy didn't look so bad looking is just an added bonus. Yes it's true that he's not deliciously hot like Kurosaki Ichigo nor is he a powerful knight of justice like the mysterious man in black. Sadly, she knew that her chances with Ichigo are slim to none with the way he reacted to using her spells on him. She probably won't be surprised if he ignored her all together and avoided her like the plague. The bluenette knew that if she sees the strawberry again, she needed to apologize to him. Hopefully, they could start over again and become friends instead and she would be fine with that.

The mysterious man in black was simply far too intimidating and she didn't know if she could ever love someone whose haunting yellow eyes can freeze the blood cold and put chills up her spine! But she could tell that whoever was behind the mask wanted to protect her and even though his Yoki was impossibly massive and chaotic, she knew that he too was kind. Tsukune was different and the more she thought about it, the more she liked how his black hair looks mussed up like he just woke up from bed. Or the way he smiled sheepishly trying to talk to Miss Intimidating. She realized that he's one of those shy quiet people that has yet to come out of their shell. The bluenette grinned, she was going to have fun trying get him to open up more and she can't wait to get started!

As for Moka, her level of respect for him has risen significantly. To forgive someone who tried to use him as a slave, tricks him to do her bidding and then tried to kill him was very unfathomable to her but this is Tsukune so she guesses that it was all right. Well if he's okay with it then perhaps she will let this pass for now...

"'re an idiot but if you say so it's okay and I don't care anymore." Moka said sighing. "Just as long as I can drink some of that blood then it's fine by me"

Tsukune started chuckling while he sweat dropped...

Just when everything was in order, they felt Yoki unlike anything before. Looming about 200 yards away from them stood the biggest monster that they have ever seen in their lives! The creature or whatever it was nothing more but a 100 foot mass of roiling blackness. The mask that it wore on it's face with it's pointy nose resembled a skull. It's eyes were the color of blood and it radiated malice and an unimaginable hunger. However, the most distinctive and very interesting feature that the creature had...was the massive hole in it's center! The thing let out a hungry bestial howl as if it was lamenting the loss of something important. It walked towards them slowly. Tsukune comically screamed like a little girl and held Kurumu tightly who played along with him. Moka on the other hand grinned from ear to ear as adrenalin rushed through her veins and she enjoyed the exhilarating high of battle lust...

"Hmm you don't look much but you will have to do monster." Moka said cracking her knuckles. "I've looking for something to relieve my stress and I'm glad that you came along. Thanks in advance for your service. Now...know your place!"

Moka was already halfway towards the monster before Tsukune and Kurumu could do anything to stop her. As she arrived it's massive feet, Moka pumped some of her Yoki into her legs and jumped up high easily clearing 100 feet. She then twisted her body giving her kicking leg enough momentum as she delivered a bone crunching hit to the face. Cracks began to race it's way along the surface of the mask but it held intact. The Menos then leaned back and counter attacked and head butted the Vampire that sent her flying away towards the ground. Her momentum dug a 25 foot long trench and sending debris high into the sky. When she has finally stopped, the Vampire immediately stood up.

An explosion of debris and smoke greeted Kurumu and Tsukune as they arrive to see if the silver haired girl was alright. It seemed she only sustained a minimal amount of damage that was already healing. However her school uniform was a mess as her skirt was a shredded mess that occasionally teased a peak of her black underwear. Her jacket was completely destroyed as remnants of it clung to her the rags that was her shirt. The left sleeve was already gone while her entire right side had tears crisscrossing in different directions that showed ebony white skin and well toned physique. He black bra was partially exposed but Moka didn't seem to care as her Yoki has risen higher and she glared distastefully at the slow moving lummox of a monster as it lumbered slowly towards them. Then apparently, the creature felt her power rise so much that it decided that it was a legitimate threat to it's life. So it opened it's toothy mouth and a massive buildup of black power began to gather into a sphere of incandescent energy.

"What the hell is it doing?" Moka asked curiously.

"Oh no...we need to get out of here quick before it fires!" Kurumu said frantically.

"W-what d-do you mean fire?" Tsukune asked.

But they were already too late as the creature fired a massive beam of energy towards them.

"Oh my gawd we're going to die!" Tsukune said comically panicking.

Moka calmly looked at the energy beam that was hurtling towards them. She was not afraid to die as it was a great honor for a Vampire to perish in battle. She could have easily dodged the beam but that would mean that the two behind her would die. The silver haired girl was conflicted. Should she dodge and sacrifice the two people behind her and kill this creature as vengeance for their deaths? Or should she try to stay her ground and absorb the impact? \ She knew that could probably survive the explosion but that would probably deplete all her Yoki and thus they were all doomed because she would be too weak to defend herself and the others. Either way, each choice required a sacrifice that she cannot afford to pay. So for the first time in her life, Moka didn't know what to do and she hated herself for it! But her self loathing was short lived...

A massive explosion occurred about 15 feet away from them. Not only did something has stopped the beam from turning them into Yokai paste, it didn't even touch them at all as something redirected the attack by the evidence of two deep trenches that suddenly were at their sides. Moka, Tsukune, and Kurumu eyes widened but strangely enough the Succubus didn't look like she was surprised as the other two were. The bluenette smiled for she could feel the man in black's powerful Yoki and she felt safe already.

"So he I knew he would." Kurumu whispered with her hands clasped and resting in near her face.

"What are you babbling about?" Moka finally said when she found her voice.

Then her eyes widen even more as she saw a boy in a black kimono appeared before them, his immense cleaver of a sword in hand. Moka could feel his familiar but considerable aura blanket the surrounding area like a fog and she couldn't help it but feel so intoxicated with his power. Yet again, this same boy who has eluded her all this time vanished before her eyes. But not this time, her feet already moving before she realized what she was doing and came after the him. She wanted answers dammit and she will have them! Her thoughts were interrupted when the boy whom she could hardly track shout two words.


A burst of blue Yoki traveled towards the uncanny beast and detonated upon impact. It dug a deep depression on the earth and then traveled all the way up and cracking the mask even further. Seeing her chance for little vengeance for her pride and what's left of her rags of what used to be her school uniform, Moka cleared 100 feet and delivered a crushing kick that shattered it's mask and sent it skidding about 15 feet away. She looked bewildered as thing break apart and vanish to dust. The Vampire somersaulted and landed gracefully on the ground below.

"That was really impressive and thanks for the assist."

Moka's eyes widened and wondered how did he sneaked behind her without sensing his approach. Then she look down on shredded and bedraggled state of dress and she blushed furiously. So hiding her humiliation in anger, the Vampire lashed out with a back kick but unfortunately she missed. Ichigo who was blushing himself couldn't leave her looking like a destitute mess decided to go back to the infirmary and took the bed sheet with him. In seconds Moka found herself wrapped in white cloth and as much as it annoyed the hell out of her she was really thankful for his thoughtful gesture.

"Thank you." Moka simply said.

"It's not a problem..."

Moka already knew he left when she couldn't sense his Yoki anymore. It was the first time that she heard his voice and she could have sworn that it sounded familiar. Perhaps her battle nerves has somewhat distorted the quality of her normally sharp hearing but from the way the boy spoke, she could tell that he was confident and to her growing embarrassment she finds that she likes it. In fact, it pleased her that he was all substance and does not rely on his speed like the werewolves do. With the way he hefted that sword easily tells her that he is physically strong and he knows how to use it with devastating effect. The excitement in her grew further as her determination to find out who he is has ignited her eagerness to find out more about him and get her that much desired match. Thinking about made her all gooey inside as Kurumu and Tsukune finally caught up to her...

The next day...

Moka decided that she wanted to walk to school today. Her reasons were rather obvious as she wanted to get a glimpse of the black clad boy again and this was probably the best way of running in to him. Well, at least she hoped so. Then she ran into Tsukune and the "pain in the ass" of a strawberry whom were walking towards the Academy. Before she could say anything to him, her chastisement was interrupted to her growing frustration!

"Good Morning!"

Then to Ichigo, she bowed deeply and apologized profusion. Moka observed his reaction as the scowl on his face deepened and quietly waited for his outburst. Apparently she used her powers on him too but to her surprise he somehow freed himself from the spell. She raised an eyebrow when she heard his unexpected reply.

Ichigo happened to be in the same forest when the three of them where having their little confrontation and was about to intervene when Kurumu explained the reasons for her actions. Maybe it was the wrong way of doing so but he felt he had no right to criticize and hate someone who had to do what she needed to do for survival of her race. It was unfair of him and so he walked with Tsukune hoping that they would run into her.

"I see...just don't do it again, got it?"

"I-I w-won't I promise." Kurumu stammered.

"Good now we should hurry up and get to class before we're late."

With that said, Kurumu enthusiastically gave him a hug and he awkwardly returned the gesture. For some reason or another, the public display of affection was irritating the hell out Moka and she couldn't explain why. Her ire grew even further when she caught Tsukune into her clutches as well and a large knot appeared on the side of her forehead. Still she didn't want to get accused of being some kind of jealous harpy and she fought visibly to control her temper. The Succubus noticed this and grinned and as their gaze met, sparks began to fly. She then took something out of her bag and presented them to Tsukune.

"Hey I baked some cookies yesterday so did you want to eat them with me?" She asked. Then she turned to the strawberry. "Oh you can have them too Ichigo if you want."

"Sure, didn't have enough time to eat breakfast anyway." Ichigo said. "Thanks Kurono."

"Call me Kurumu please."

"Sure whatever you say..."

The bluenette smiled at him and then turned her attention to Tsukune...

"Why me?" The brown haired boy asked.

"Remember when I said yesterday that I was looking for my mate? Well, I decided that my Destined One was you..."

Shocked beyond belief, Tsukune started walking and Kurumu started chasing him. Moka looked puzzled and she tried to stifle her giggle as she witnessed Ichigo comically spew the water her drank to wash down the cookies. There was an awkward silence between them and it was growing rather uncomfortable. Without saying a word, Moka walked away leaving the strawberry behind. Her sharp hearing then picked up some footsteps and felt his presence matching her pace. He tried to break the ice...

"Well that was rather unexpected huh Akashiya?"

"Yes to think that the Succubus would choose a human was rather ironic..."

"Wait you know he's human?" Ichigo asked.

Moka blinked and looked at him...

"Of course I know, I could smell one from a mile away! And how did you know he was one?"

"It's kind of obvious isn't it?" the strawberry said blandly.

"True enough..."

Silence again...Ichigo however broke the impasse though.

"I'm glad..."

"And what do you mean by that?" Moka asked curiously.

"That you're all right that is..." Ichigo replied

"What made you think that I wasn't?"

"Well with the crap that happened yesterday and all..."

That's right she remembered about yesterday and she was actually going to find him to give the strawberry a piece of her mind. Moka's pride demanded an apology but she knew that she's going to have to beat that out of him considering he's such a stubborn mule. Then she realized that this rather awkward conversation was the closest thing to an apology she could get from the nuisance. Strangely enough for some reason she's happy about this and her mood improved immediately. For the first time, she looked at the strawberry and smiled at him accepting his subtle way of apologizing.

"What the hell are you smiling for? It's creeping me the hell out!" Ichigo said.

Her good mood evaporated immediately and replied rather harshly...

"I can smile whenever you like it or not. Maybe you should try it sometime instead of being such a temperamental pain in the ass all the time!"

Sparks began to fly and a heated argument could be heard all over the forest that morning...

to be continued...

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