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My life had never been normal but this year has been weirder than most. It was also a lot more helpful as well as hurtful, who knew that Dumbledore had been planning my death for the last few months, since I managed to defeat him in a practice duel and his wand changed its allegiance to me, how was i supposed to know that would happen? It was my fourth year at Hogwarts and if you haven't guessed who I am yet then I'm almost ashamed to call you my reader. My name is Kira Potter and yes, it is a girl's name, I wonder why… Duh, bet you couldn't figure that out I'm a girl not a boy, no my name is not Harry Potter. Stupid Dumbledore and his twisted truths. He is bad news; I should have known that I wouldn't be that lucky that and I am too trusting. Anyway, all you have read up to my fourth year is true except for Voldemort coming back into power and the fact that I am female, oh don't get me wrong, he did come back to life but I had prepared just for this situation should it have happened. I mean I knew since 1st year that he would be trying to come back to life so instead of just waiting for it to happen I decided to prepare and have a solution to said problem.