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Chapter 19 Life as a cat

Kira Jumped as the slamming of the car door woke her up from her peaceful catnap what was once a motionless ride was now a swinging back and forth with Trowas' strong yet gentle strides as he exited the car and the group of boys headed for the mansion in front of them. Kira felt her kitty cat jaw drop as she saw how big the place they were staying at was she was worried she might need a map because she was highly likely to get lost in such a big place. As they entered the house a man greeted Quatre as young master and Kira remembered that she had found out that the potter family did business with his family so it explained the mansion. They all headed straight into the living area or at least one of the many living areas this house seemed to hold and sat down on the couch and chairs. Kira once again made herself home on Trowas lap and he was once again petting her into kitty paradise as she purred up a storm. That brought a smile to his face Kira though was shocked at her own behavior towards her brothers friend not only was she trying to hide from them but she was trying not to get close to them but only get to know them. Then she realized that in a way she was contradicting herself to get to know them she was going to have to get close to them even if they didn't realize she would still be able to see little habits and hear some discussions that she might not have be privy to had she been human that they had just met and found out that they were related to or at least one of their friends was related to.

Soon they were discussing how they were going to hire someone to start investigating her and trying to find her Quatre said he would hire a private investigator. Kira snorted in her kitty form and in her mind wished him good luck even if the investigator found something he would be oblivated so fast it would give them whiplash of course this would probably end up with one of the guys trying to investigate where he left off and she would prefer that none of them got hurt it was the whole reason she had left that world. Maybe she should transform at some point when she knew no one was around write a letter to them and tell them that she was around somewhere and she would come out of hiding just as soon as it was safe and tell them not to go snooping into her past and that if they did it could cause dangerous side effects of getting them hurt and her killed. That just might put a stop to their snooping but it might be only a temporary solution and not to mention if she was able to leave the letters then that would mean that they would know she was hiding close by. That might just cause them to look for her even harder.

Kira bolted up suddenly when she was gently but quickly put into warm water her instincts turned on and she tried to escape but Trowa had a firm grip on her and she couldn't get away. While Kira had been thinking hard she hadn't noticed when Trowa had decided that she needed a bath and had stood up and headed that way so now she was being suds up with a flowery smelling soap and in warm water. With absolutely no escape lovely Kira thought just what I wanted well at least two things where proven by this I'm getting rusty in avoiding danger and two I definitely have cat instincts and don't like water even though in human form I love swimming this is just sad. Kira finally felt herself being rinsed it wasn't that bad if only he would get rid of the water part. Then Kira realized something her eyes growing big for the first time in her life someone else had just bathed her she turned red at her thoughts though you couldn't see it through all the fur on her. Kira caught a look of herself in the mirror she looked like a drowned rat if this is fates idea of a joke when I meet them I'm cursing them to oblivion and back this was totally uncalled for Kira hisses.

Trowa POV

Trowa looks at her and wonders why in the world she's hissing for or at he knows cats don't like baths but was all the hissing really necessary. Trowa brings the cat back into the living room where all the other guys are now situated alright he speaks up, "There is one thing that we should do before deciding anything else." The boys all turn to look at Trowa.

"And what's that Trowa?" Hero asks.

"Well I think we should come up with a name for this little cat I mean we don't know her name and since Kira has taken off well shouldn't we at least give her a temporary name until Kira comes back or until we find her we can't keep calling her it or cat." Trowa asks and states at the same time if that is even possible.

Kira's Pov

Kira's ears perked up at hearing about how they planned to give her a temporary name oh she couldn't wait to hear what kind of names they would come up with and they better be good or someone was going to wake up with a pair of shoes or pillows torn to shreds. Kira's kitty face turns up with an evil smirk sadly Quatre noticed and pointed it out to the boys Kira quickly straightened out her face to a look of innocents inside she thinking me innocent funny joke tell another one. Trowa starts to pet her again she can't help but turn into a puddle of goo that was once a cat she felt like she could do the sound track to a boat motor but eh who cares about that. She perks her ears as they get back to the subject of what to name her when she hears fluffy she hisses loudly Trowa gets an amused look on his face and turns to Duo, "I think you've been shot down and by a cat." They all started to laugh Kira just sat in Trowas lap laughing as well. Well then Wufei says,"What about Maria?"

Kira shakes her head and scrunches up her face and protests apparently Trowa understood that well cause he denied it.

Quatre decides to speak up then and suggest, "How about Kilala?"

With that suggestion Kira thinks on it for a few and then jumps off of Trowa's lap and starts rubbing herself on Quatre's legs and then jumps up into his lap and licks his cheek in her way of saying yes. Kira settles herself down on to Quatre's lap and only just then notices the looks she's getting from the guys Kira sweat drops I guess I'm not doing so well in acting like a normal cat am I she thinks to herself. She should really work on that before the guys start to get suspicious no Kira not that they won't be after that display she thinks sarcastically to herself. Kira jumps off Quatres lap and starts to leave the room or at least act like thinking it was time to make herself scarce so she could listen from a different place. At first she heads towards the door and then she decides to use one of the couches as a launch pad to land on a nearby book case and curl up. Pretending to take a cat nap while the guys started discussing on what they were going to do and whether they would try to find her or let her come to them. Kira snorts it's almost amusing that I'm right under their noses she thinks well at least for now she was in a safe place and maybe she could wreck some havoc while she was here.

After a while of pretending to sleep on the book case Kira actually fell asleep up there not catching the rest of the boys conversation way to go for being a spy is what she would later curse at herself when she wakes up. Kira spent the next few days becoming accustomed to the giant mansion if I wasn't so used to Hogwarts then I might have gotten myself lost in this place she thought to herself. The only thing Kira didn't like about her predicament at the moment was the fact that the boys would get up so early in the morning and for once in her life she would like to sleep in. Not that it matter that while they were hard at work with being agents and everything being sent on missions from time to time. She would spend her time wondering about the mansion and finding spots of sun to sleep in oh for now she had the life so there wasn't much she could complain about.

Though if Trowa ever tried to give her a bath again he was in for a nasty surprise Kira had discovered that even though she was in her animagus form that she could still use some of her magic. She had at first started with Duo causing his skin to change color while he was in the shower so that he would have to blame it on the other guys. Thinking that one of them had switched either his shampoo or shower gel with dye one of her more brilliant plans if she didn't say so herself. Though she did treat herself latter on that week to torturing Hero a bit he just wouldn't let go that she had somehow disappeared and that they had no way of finding out where she was or what was going on. So she had to let her frustration at him out somehow so she kept making his guns disappear and reappear in the most opposite place he would put them. It was quite amusing in fact if she wasn't a cat not that it stopped her anyway she would be rolling around on the floor laughing. It was a great stress reliever anyway about a week into her stay at the Quatre mansion of fun most of the boys had to go out on assignments except for Duo her brother she and slowly noticed that he was slightly different than the other pilots.

It was the fact that when he got really upset that his eyes would deepen to an almost black and his personality would change from fun loving to serious so serious you would never consider him the same person. Since all the other pilots where gone Kira had decided to hang out with her brother and get to know him better by she guess you could call it people watching. She went into his room and sat down on his bed where he was currently lying down and staring at the ceiling. When he started talking to himself or at least that's what she thought until he looked to her as if he was expecting an answer from her.


Duo was lying on his bed looking up at the ceiling stuck in his thoughts when he felt the bed dip a bit and noticed that his sisters cat Kilala had decided to join him on the bed. He looks down at her, "Where do you think she is Kilala?" Duo notices the look he's receiving from the cat, "Yeah, that's right you know I'm asking you I know your smarter than the average cat and that you can understand me I'm onto you kitty." He notices that he's getting a look from the cat that just screams that she thinks he's lost it.

"I have not lost it," he replies to the cats look finally he notices that the cat just shrugs and looks as clueless as he feels. Duo picks her up and starts to pet her, "You know he says I was raised in an orphanage and after that was taken in by one of the scientist that turned me into a pilot there was never really a time where I could have a pet. There was once though when I was living at the orphanage with Pastor Maxwell that I found a kitten abandoned in an allay I had taken it back to the orphanage and asked if I could keep it. Though I know that I couldn't actually keep it we could only afford so much instead of being able to keep it he helped me put up posters. So that we could find someone who would be willing to take it in after a bath and good food for the next week it looked pretty healthy soon someone came and took it. After of course we made sure that it would be taken care but it's nice to have someone that just listens to what I have to say." Duo laid back down and decided to take a nap he felt Kilala curl up to his body and start to purr and soon he had fallen asleep to the sound.

Kira's POV

As Duo talked to her she could kind of understand his situation from when he lived in the orphanage but at least he was treated kindly there and had people who truly loved and took his care seriously. So she was happy in some way but also angry at the fact that she had heard from him at one point that the orphanage had been burned to the ground and he was taken in by one of those mad scientists. At least now they figured out what was happening and decided to move on with their lives. She was also happy that they all had each other as friends with the situation for them what it was it was good that they had, had each other to lean on when thing got to hard even if one of the others had to force them to. Kira slid off of Duo as he laid back down and curled up to him while he slept she was lost in thought about how their lives may have gone had Dumbledore not been a miserable meddling old coot. Kira couldn't help but remember all the times that she wished that her life had been different that she had been raised with him so that she could have helped him or even that he had somehow found her and rescued her from her relatives. Kira almost laughs at that thought though considering the fact that she wasn't one to wait for anyone to come rescue her no one could pin the damsel in distress image on her that's for sure.

It was about a week before the others were back from their missions or mission but soon everything was back to normal with Duo terrorizing the house with his pranks. His recent one having Wufei chasing him around the house in attempt for revenge for his latest one. Kira though she was a bit of a prankster and would help Duo out from time to time decided to stay out of this one prank and was she happy that she did. Kira decided to go and check on Hiro and see what he was up to she headed to his room and as she entered she noticed that his desk was covered in weapon cleaning equipment use to keep his weapons working well and up to date. Well Kira snorts at her thoughts you can never tell Hiro he does things half way and one day we will be watching as he gets married to his weapons.

Kira jumps onto the desk now she should have known better but she wasn't thinking which was just her luck but when she jumped on the desk the next thing she knew was there was a gun in her face. Bad thing Hiro had fired as well if Kira hadn't been so startled to find a gun in her face that she jumped in the air using her claws and magic to cling to the ceiling well then there would have be one dead cat on the floor. Of course the sound of a gun going off had everyone in the house running to Hiros' room to see Hiro trying to coax a scarred for life Kira from the ceiling and a smoking hole in the wall on the other side of the room.

Hiro POV

He was having absolutely no luck at all with getting Kilala down from the ceiling thanks to being his usual paranoid self when he hadn't heard anyone come into the room yet from the corner of his eye he saw something jump onto his desk. His normal reaction took control which was shot and ask questions later at least the cat had good reflexes or else Duo would also be pissed because he would have to explain to his sister why her cat was dead when they finally found her. Hiro realized that would have left a painted target on him for Duo to continuously prank him Hiro shudders at that thought. He finally notices the others in front of his door, "You guys going to help me get her down I don't know how but she has quite the grip on the ceiling?"

Finally Trowa made his appearance with a can of tuna and Hiro looked at him, "are you sure that she'll come down for that?"

Trowa looked at him, "she should with a bit of petting and coaxing once we get her to calm down enough whatever strength she's using to hold herself up there should weaken enough for her to let got and gravity will do the rest."

Hiro watched as Trowa used his method and was amazed that after about 10 minutes of him petting and coaxing her he was able to calm her down enough and then she was off the ceiling and in his arms purring as he petted her. But then again Trowa always was the one to go to about animals he seemed to have some kind of special gift with them. Hiro was going to return to what he was doing but first he needed to fix the hole in the wall at least it had stopped smoking now.

Kira Pov

That son of a gun if she wasn't a cat right now she would hex his ass all the way back to Merlin's time Trowa was whispering to her that if she would come down that she could have a treat. But she wasn't in the mood for that she wasn't quite sure what she wanted at the moment other than the 20 years of her life back that Hiro just scared off of her. Also that her heart would stop pounding in her throat like it was trying to escape and runaway but then of course Trowa had to find that one spot that all pets like to have scratched and after a couple of minutes she couldn't help but melt. She was now a puddle of what once used to be a cat, curse you Trowa he carried her to the kitchen all the while still petting her.

Though Kira was thankful when he finally put her back on the ground and placed the can of tuna in front of her if she was human at the moment she would have picked up the can and told him to eat it she hated tuna. But in her cat form apparently it was mouthwatering she immediately dug in then after finishing the tuna the most appetizing aroma caught her attention. Someone was coming towards her with the delicious smell it wasn't long till that person was there placing a small saucer of what looked to be milk in front of her and petting her again. She sniffed the liquid at first then took a tentive lick the moment the liquids flavor fully hit her taste buds she was practically sticking her face in the liquid as she attempted to slurp it all down. Very difficult for a cat she soon found out so Kira just stuck to licking the liquid up till it was all gone now that she had, had her treat she was full and very much ready for a nap.

Kira decided that the next time Duo was going to prank Hiro that she was all for it and couldn't wait to help him with it with those thoughts in mind and trying to think of a way to get pay back she headed for the living room to find a nice spot in the sun to nap in. She finally found the perfect place on the window seat right were the sun had been shining for the last couple of hours so it was already nice and warm and waiting for her it was just calling to her. Kira jumped up and circled a few times till she found the right position and then curled up and place her head on her paws and proceeds to answer the call of sleep.

It didn't seem that long until someone picked her up and held her close though they pick a very good moment to wake her she was trapped in one of her old nightmares of the night when she was surrounded by dementors trying to save her godfather. So she was glad that she was awakened Kira looked to find who had woken her only to find Quatre was the one who was holding her and rubbing his chest. Kira hoped he was alright and was wondering on if his chest was hurting him should she get the others and see to it that he was taken to a doctor or something.

Quatre Pov

Quatre was coming down from his room where he and Trowa were just having a discussion about his birthday celebration which was happening in about a week and half. How security was going to be and how much they needed to hire so that all the important people that where going to show up to the party slash ball were safe or at least felt that way considering that half the people they were going to hire would be unnecessary considering who they are. But it was necessary for now he sighed and headed towards that kitchen for a glass of water when out of nowhere he started to feel a mixture of terror, sadness and grief so deep that it was making his bones ach and an acute pain in his chest appear. He soon followed his instincts as they led him to the one the feelings where originating from only to see Kilala on the window seat he could sense the feelings coming from her. But how considering how she was an animal and wasn't a human and these feeling he was getting from her were human ones.

Quatre was sure that he had never gotten so deep of a feeling from other animals now that he thought about it he never had animals emotions seemed to be wired a different way so how was he feeling their cats' emotions so strongly. Quatre shook himself that didn't matter right now what mattered was getting her to stop feeling this way one so that she wouldn't end up harming herself and so that the pain that he was in would fade at least a little and make it easier for him to breath. He walked over to where she was laying and picked her up and then proceed to sit down in a chair Quatre rubbed his chest the feelings he was getting from her where starting to fade in strength but where still there. He started to pet her and he smiled when she started to purr he could tell that she was enjoying herself he decided to talk to her.

"You know Kilala he started, My birthday is coming up I would rather have just a private party but thanks to being part of my family and the only boy means I'm head and I'm in charge of the family business. I have to put on a show for everyone in a way so my party is really just a rich people get together to discuss politics and other such things. I also have to higher protects cause a lot of important people are coming it would be so much easier if I could just for go the entire thing. Sadly, my sisters have already sent out invitations so there's no way out of it now can't be a no show to my own party now can I." Throughout the entire time he talked to her and told her his problems and frustrations he petted her and she quietly listened at least that's what it looked like to him for all he knows she was day dreaming about catching some more ZZs or of fish. But after telling her some things he felt lighter for some reason like some of the weight that had been resting upon his shoulders had lifted a bit. Quatre smiled as he got up and carried her with him, "Let's go upstairs Trowas waiting for us."

Kiras Pov

Quatre had taken her upstairs with him Kira had brightened when he mentioned Trowa she hadn't got to spend much time with either of them Kira wondered where she was being taken. The moment Quatre entered the room with her Kira was looking around curiously it seemed these must be Quatre and Trowas sleeping chambers. Now why would she think that maybe it was because one Trowa was already on the bed and in PJ's reading while Quatre put her on the bed and then took some pj's out of the drawers and started to change. Kira swiftly turned around omg she thought I so do not want to see that I'm still innocent she swore if she didn't have fur right now she would be so red. Kira turned her attention to Trowa who was still reading so rather than disturb him she just sat there watching him instead but she got the feeling that he knew she was watching him. His eyes gave him away really at first he had been into the book she could tell but then well his eyes started to take on an amused look and his lips started to twitch as if they wanted to break out into a smile.

Soon he reached over to the bedside table grabbed a bookmark and placed it in his as to mark his place to continue reading later on he then picked Kira up at first she wanted to protest but just as quickly as he had grabbed her he put her down. On his chest and started to pet her and Kira was lost her cat instincts going insane as she started to purr feeling intense pleasure of being in a warm embrace now if only I wasn't a cat she thought. That thought shocked her she never thought she would have that kind of dirty thought ever cross her mind but then again when had she ever had the chance to just be a normal teenager from the very beginning everything had been set against her in a way. Everyone had just always assumed that she had all the answers so she had to grow up fast and take on a responsibility that wasn't her own but then again she also never got to really be a child in the first place as well the Dursleys had stolen that from her and then the war stole the rest.

She shook her head getting a curious look from Trowa and Quatre who could still feel some of what she was feeling soon the lights where turned out the petting stopped and sleep over took the house. Kira curled up at the end of the bed and slowly let the sounds of Trowa's and Quatres calm quite breathing lull her to sleep hoping for some sleep free of nightmares.


Kira woke the next morning in a rush as she escaped from the nightmare that had been playing in her dreams that night with the terror quickly fading from her system she decided a walk was necessary. First she made sure that Trowa and Quatre where still a sleep and then used a spell to unlock and open it after she escaped the room she quickly replaced the door and lock and then headed outside. Where she spotted one the boys who usually got up early mainly due to training but she was still getting used to him as well Wufei usually used the mornings to mediate. Kira walked over to Wufei and then sat down beside him watching him mediate brought back the memories from when Snape had to pretend to hate her and give her occlumency lessons by Dumbasadoors orders. She decided rather than disturb him that she would try to mediate as well she knew that it might not turn out how she would want it to but what would giving it another chance hurt she either managed it or she didn't but it was worth the try in her opinion.

Wufei POV

He automatically felt a presence nearing him if it had felt human he would have struck out and made sure to incapacitate his enemy but he recognized the slight presence of the cat. He decided to ignore it thinking that if he did that it would go away but after 30 minutes the cat had still not left he was wondering if Duos pestering habits had rubbed off on the cat. Wufei remembered the saying of "like pet like owner" but then again he also remembered that it wasn't really Duos cat it was his sisters the one that they were still looking for. It had been months now since her disappearance and it's like she had just disappeared off the face of the earth not even Hero could get a hit on her.

Wufei no longer being able to concentrate on mediating opened his eyes and looked over at the cat and was met with a sight that was surprising and also had him suppressing a chuckle. The cat and sat with its back as straight as possible with its eyes closed but its forehead was getting more and more wrinkles on it the longer it sat there. It appeared it was trying mediate but could not achieve the result it was looking for so it was clearly starting to get frustrated with itself and that was making it even worse it looked quite comical to see a cat try to mediate if that was what it was even doing Wufei thought to himself for all he knows it could just be trying to go to the bathroom. But who was he kidding he had noticed that his fellow preventer's sister's cat was as unusual as cats can come.

Wufei finally let a chuckle escape after watching the cat for a bit longer he picked her up and held her to his chest and he stood up and started to pet her as he walked back to the house. "You know Wufei says to her you might not be so bad at first I thought you would have picked up some of Duos personality due to the fact that you have been spending quite a bit time with him you at least respect my quite time." Suddenly out of nowhere a shout went up and then there was loud thumping noises from upstairs and Wufel automatically knew who was screaming and making all the noise. He started to get a tick mark at the top of his head and was slowly heading towards giving Duo a piece of his mind it was only 5:00 in the morning was there really any need to be that loud. Duos lucky that Quatre was allowing them to stay at one of his private mansions or else he would be waking up the entire neighborhood and that would be very bad.

Duo soon came down from upstairs yelling that he couldn't find Kilala anywhere that is until he spotted her making friendly with Wufei. Wufei just ignored him and continued what he was doing soon though he put Kilala down and picked up a book he had left sitting on the coffee table and picked up reading where he left off. Kilala just snuggled up against his leg and snoozed he occasionally would stop to pet her a bit but otherwise they sat there in silence but it didn't feel like actual silence it was a moment of companionship just being there so it was a comfortable silence. It got him a few weird looks from the guys but otherwise Wufei was content with just sitting there for once and not being bothered or letting anything bother him.

Kira's Pov

Kira was sitting as straight as she could while she attempted to mediate but she wasn't getting very far and it was annoying the crap out of her she was taking what she said earlier back trying to mediate could hurt a lot. Mainly her head she knew she wasn't doing it right when instead of getting peace she was getting a major migraine instead and all it did was frustrate her even more maybe she really wasn't cut out for this kind of thing. But then again she had just remembered she had no real reason to mediate after becoming the mistress of death her mind automatically had the power to block out any and all attempts at accessing her mind unless she gave it permission so all this time she was trying to mediate it was for nothing. Kira wanted to smack herself realizing this got her even more frustrated but mainly at herself this time when all of a sudden she was picked up. Her eyes shot open as she took in her surroundings only to find herself in the arms of Wufei she hadn't expected him to pick her up not at all she figured he would have finished his mediation time and then ditched her. Instead she was currently melting into a puddle of goo that once was a girl changed into a cat.

Kira finally took in her surroundings again after being in a haze she noticed that she was in the house and seated right beside Wufei as he read his book so she just decided to curl up next to him and snuggled up to his leg. Maybe if she stuck with him for the day she would be able to relax and not be bothered plus it didn't hurt that he would pet her from time to time. Kira knew that she would have to change back into her normal form sooner or later she didn't know if being in her animagus form for so long without changing back would have any negative effects or not.

…Quatres Birthday Ball/ Party…

Kira walked around the Mansion tonight would be Quatres party where he would have to play the political socialite for the evening she just couldn't put her head around it in a way why have a party for yourself if you're not going to have fun at it. Then again she hardly ever celebrated her birthday she was almost always at the Dursleys and she knew that she didn't want to celebrate with her traitorous friends. She did celebrate a tiny bit with Draco and Snape once in the room of requirement but that was a really long time ago they hadn't had the chance to do it again it has almost been a year since she had been in hiding as a cat she had also noticed the boys getting more frustrated that they hadn't been able to find her at all. A little later that day there was only a few hours left till the party but Kira had been getting a feeling that something bad was going to happen it almost always did a events like this it was just how Kiras luck seem to work. Have a big event and Kira's potter luck was sure to come and play if only to let Kira know she was still fates play thing it always frustrated her but she had learned to live with it if only a little.

Any way it was right as she was finishing contemplating all this that she heard a peaking at the window she was surprised and quickly switched to her regular form and opened the window. The owl flew in and landed on a chair she quickly but gently untied the letter from its leg and opened it, It was from Severus and Draco saying that finally at last all of the death eaters had been rounded up and put in jail but Dumbledore and the traitors where in an uproar being unable to find her. Kira was smirking at this looks like she covered her tracks really well and with being the mistress of death her blood had slightly changed so even if Dumbasadoor tried to use dark potions or magic to locate her it wouldn't work.

She quickly conjured some parchment and wrote down everything that had happened so far and that she had been spending some months with her brother. Kira also told them about his friends that she was staying with as well but mainly she talked a lot about Quatre and Trowa she also asked them to keep in touch and keep her informed on the situation that was taking place in the wizarding world or well just wizarding Britain. Kira knew for a fact that the other Wizarding areas in the world such as America and quite a few others had their heads on straight and was running it with the best but they had quite a few things to say about Wizarding Britain that it was full of bumbling fools. Kira tied her response letter to the birds' leg and sent it off and quickly closed the window and went back to her cat form. Just in time to her brother came running into the room being chased by Wufei who was currently sporting green hair that was certainly not natural. Kira gives her cat version of a snicker as she watched Wufei chase Duo she might help him out if Duo doesn't give him the antidote before the party.

The party was fast approaching Kira had taken her perch higher up in the room on some wooden beams that cress crossed at the top so she had a view of everything that was happening in the ball room. Soon everything was in place and she watched as everyone scrambled to have it in perfect order as the guest would soon be arriving. Kira watched as all the important political people entered the ball room and put on their fake masks acting as if they enjoyed this she spotted quite a few people that weren't as good at masking their feelings as everyone else and watched as they sneered at her brother and his friends it pissed her off. Then she noticed it from the corner of her eye apparently someone had just snuck into the ball room and it was someone from her world and he had a gun. Just as he was aiming one of the boys spotted him but he wouldn't make it in time before he let off the shot she jumped from her post even though the fall was quite far magic fixes everything she lands and transforms mide roll so that she could come up running and pushes Quatre out the way just as the shot goes off.

Kira feels the burn as the bullet tears through her flesh not that it would kill her well it could but she would just end up coming back and Oh boy would that be fun not she thought this with a deadpanned face. She quickly turned to the shooter and marches toward him casting anti apparition wards and anti portkey wards so there would be no escape for our would be wizarding assassin. Kira cracked her knuckles she was going to enjoy this she grabbed the wizard by his shirt and lifted him up she dragged him to a room at the other side of the ballroom and let the boys take care of all the guest more than likely Quatre was sending them home now with his utmost apologizes and trying to calm them down and reassure them that it was all taken care of and that they hadn't any need to worry. She pushed the wizard against the wall just as she was about to start questioning him the door opened and Hiro and Wufei entered quickly followed by her brother. Kira ignored them she was more concerned with the wizard in front of her she jerked him to make his attention be brought back to her, "Who sent you? Tell me now and you might make it out of here alive."

The wizard sneered at her, "Now why would I do that you're a pathetic muggle like you could do anything to me."

Kira smiled evilly she let out a chuckle, "Oh you have no idea." She replied right as she summoned a fire ball in her hand.

Kira watched as the realization hit the wizard.

"Your one of us," he states in shock.

"No shit Sherlock what gave it away the fact that you couldn't appariate out of here or the fire ball currently sitting in my hand. Now give me the answers I want or you'll be face something a lot worse than death. Who are you working for?" Kira aggressively asked once again.

The wizard had recovered from his shock and spit on her say he would never tell her anything. It set her off completely.

"Do you have any idea of who I am what I have done and who you are currently facing at the moment if you think that what Voldemort was doing to the other muggles was terrible then when I'm through with you what Voldemort did was child's play!" Kira let her magic surround her giving her an ethereal glow but the wind from it wiped her hair around and gave the wizard in front of her a pick of her scar on her forehead. And he paled dramatically and started shaking Kira smiled as he realized who she was but what did it matter to her she already planned on punishing him for the fact that he had attacked and intended to kill a part of the only family she had left he would get what he deserved.

"Now I will only ask one more time who sent you if you won't tell me then I will pull it from your mind myself not caring one bit of the damage it might cause." Kira tapped her finger on his check and whispered the last part to him so that her brother and his friends couldn't hear her finally he started spilling everything.

The wizard was blabbing from whom it was to why and everything else he knew sadly the names didn't mean anything to Kira they must have been one of Quatres rivals in the Winner business area trying to take out the competition. From the looks on her brother and his friends she assumed right after all the information was gathered by her brothers friends she made sure to erase the wizards memory of her completely and let it be Hiro who scared the wizard into confessing but just to make sure he didn't cause any trouble Kira bound the wizards magic. You can mess with her fine but you mess with her family and you just poked a sleeping dragon and you better be prepared to deal with the consequences. Finally everything was taken care of now if they could just ignore the giant elephant in the room everything would be fine. Kira soon found herself in the living room of the mansion with all exits block in some way or another and surrounded by her brother and his friends and the look in her brothers eyes told her that there would be no getting out of this, this time.

Kira sighed and then put on a cheerful yet sheepish smile and waved her hand while saying, "Hi guys fancy seeing you here in a place like this." The glares she got in return for trying to be fun made her deflate and put her hands up in front of her in a I surrender gesture she sighs and runs her hand through her hair pulling at the wound the bullet had made reminding her that it was there. Kira looked at them and said, "I'm guessing your wanting an explanation and have a lot of question but before that can I get some things out of my bag the bullet wound in my shoulder is bugging me a bit. The reaction the boys gave then made her wish she had never said anything actually more like she should never had said it to begin with. Her brother was panicking shes not even going to bother looking at the other boys Kira sighed again and thought to herself it's going to be a long night good thing she had some fire whiskey in her bag she was going to need a drink before the end of this and shes only 15 she shouldn't be this stressed but who was she kidding she deserved a drink or two screw being underaged.