A.N.: Hey guys. ForsakenDarkness here. This idea popped into my head when I was watching a back-to-back of the two TRON movies: Classic and Legacy. Hope you like it.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own TRON. If I did, There would be many more kick-ass battle sequences than just the Light Jets and Disc Battles in Legacy


03:32 A.M.

Tron City, Corner of Muon Harbor Avenue and Crystalarian Way

The Program was panting. He had just run nearly five miles to get away from a hacker.

As he rested to regain his energy, he heard a voice.


The Program could barely scream before the hacker plunged his hand into his chest and absorbed his data.

"Now then, what information might you have had, my little friend?" The hacker had a cold voice.

Going over the information he had just acquired, he realized that the Program was a high-ranking engineer, with blueprints to the supports under the city. The hacker got a cold grin. 'Perfect. With this information, I will teach them to fear me. They will rue the day that they worshipped those false deities who sought to enslave us.'

The hacker then left the scene, not knowing that he was seen by another Program, who promptly called the security teams.

So yeah. It may be short, but I figured that I'd start it off slowly. (Not to mention the fact that my cage of plot bunnies is filled with skeletal remains...)