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07:24 Grid Highway, Tron City

The fastest route to the crime scene involved travel on the main highway through the city. The highway was designed for maximum speed. This involved special light bands in the road. It also meant that travel had to be computerized, since very few people had the reaction times needed to traverse the different lanes.

Since it was all computerized, Xalia was able to use her Alpha status to force all other vehicles out of her way.

Xalia pulled her car up to the highway entrance and hooked her car onto the thick band of light. She felt the burst of acceleration indicative of her vehicle's drive systems meshing with the highway.

A few minutes later, the car started slowing down in preparation for exiting the highway. Pulling back onto the street, Xalia took control of the car back from the computer and made her way to her destination.

07:53 A.M.

Tron city, Corner of Muon Harbor Avenue and Crystalarian Way; Crime scene

Xalia pulled up to the scene. Holographic crime scene tape was everywhere. Technicians were kneeling down and scouring the surrounding ground.

As Xalia stood up after exiting her car, a policeman tried to stop her from entering, pissing Xalia off slightly. "What do you think you're doing? Do you see the insignia on my shoulder? It means that I outrank everybody here. Now, are you gonna let me in, or would you like to explain to your captain why an Alpha was denied entrance to a crime scene?"

The officer, identifiable by the star in his insignia, winced when he saw the half hexagon with three peaks, indicating the highest officer rank you could achieve. Even his captain would have to listen to the woman standing in front of him.

"Apologies, madam. I'm just under strict instructions to bar admittance to any programs that I don't recognize."

Xalia gave a silent nod as she remembered that very few people have met an Alpha, and even those few rarely see the only female. The other two surviving Alphas are both male. "It's fine. Just make sure that it doesn't happen again. Now then, what do we have?"

Surprised by the change in subject, it took a second for the officer to start speaking. "We don't know. The only information that we have was given to us by the witness that reported the incident. He is already at Central station."

"Good. I'll go there once I'm done here and speak to him myself."

Xalia knelt down to examine the ground, where the only evidence was an area that showed two sets of footprints, with only one continuing out of the square. There were no shards to be seen. "Hmm… He wasn't derezzed… That leaves only one possibility. We have a hacker on the loose."

Xalia abruptly stood back up. "I need to make a call. We need the help of a user. I know just the one." A small holographic square appeared, floating over Xalia's hand.

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