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"Human speech"


/Cybertronian thoughts/comm link/

Transformers Aftershock


"Genuine beginnings begin within us, even when they are brought to our attention by external opportunities."

-William Throsby Bridges

5:00pm Hoover Dam, 2007

It was finally quiet. The only sound left was the water dripping from the rafters and the unstable creaking and crumbling of what was left of the Hoover Dam. It was breathing quietly, listening for any signs of life, but it had been hours since the escape of N.B.E One and the decimation of the facility originally built by President Hoover. Whatever personnel left alive had been ordered to evacuate during the incident. Many did not survive to escape.

The creature glanced over to the body of a woman that had been its caretaker for the most of its existence. Most of her was covered under the rubble that had crushed her. The animal turned its head to the side wondering what the woman had been trying to accomplish by coming to this part of the facility. Surely she hadn't been trying to help it escape during the chaos? No matter, she was beyond help. Huddled under a desk, fearful of being left alone for the first time in its existence, it began to emerge from its hiding place. First a head, and then an arm, followed by a leg.


Facility damage: Maximal

Life signs: Eight faltering life signs in the immediate vicinity.

Suggested Relocation…

It slunk along keeping close to the walls and managed to avoid the shocks of electricity from broken equipment and wires. The night was illuminated by the moon and made easier to see by the natural glow of its eyes. Climbing down the walls and across the wet pavement it ran until it felt earth between its bare feet. Breathing became more labored, but it was hardly tired. The longer it ran the more fearful it became.

The pain came unexpected.

Falling to the ground it clasped its chest tightly with a painful whimper. Its vision came in and out until the world around began to fade to black.

Upon waking, it realized it had been unconscious for some time. It was cold, and frightened, and utterly alone. But it could not go back, never back to that place, especially to them. The sounds outsside were unfamiliar, and while it could see in the dark, it was in pain and vulnerable. Breathing shallowly, it could think of nothing to do but continue to search for an energy source similar to its own.


Various life signs detected…

But none were likes its own.




Energon life sign detected…76.24 miles north east.

Status: Damaged at 17% capacity.

Eyes wide, it staggered to its feet and began to walk.


By the Allspark, landfalling and nearly offlining had not been a part of his plan. It had taken metacycles to get to this water filled planet after receiving Megatron's signal, only to incorrectly calculate the coordinates and account for the planets gravity. He had been sitting here for joors leaking energon barely able to move.

He groaned muttering to himself.

The only reason he had come in the first place was because he knew if he didn't he was scrap if their almighty leader found out. Before his crash, he had seen the Autobots in some kind of stealth mode carrying a life form inside of them. Disgusting. He could only presume they were the planets natural inhabitants. Organic life forms. That was even more disturbing. Oh he didn't care if they lived or not, while a Decepticon, torture and murder had never been his forte. However, if one ever approached him, he might be compelled to squish it.

Despite the battle that he presumed was waging, his first priority was getting his aft up and somewhere where he could make repairs. Or perhaps he first needed to find a way to stop the flow of energon. To crash land as he did was most embarrassing, even more so for a Seeker. Attempting to pull himself up enough to stand, he heard a rustle come from what he had learned were trees. He paused. The complete area had been scanned on his entry into the atmosphere and he was far away from both Cybertronian and organic life forms. Perhaps it was one of the planets lower life forms?

Wonderful, another rodent.

Must this planet be full of them? Oh well, better to scan the area to be sure.

What he found was something distinctly organic and Cybertronian in make. It was unlike anything he had ever encountered. He attempted to activate what weapons he could, but at best he'd have one, maybe two shots. He hoped they didn't know that.

"Who's there!? Show yourself, or I'll blast you back to Cybertron!"


A small figure jumped down from a nearby tree and cowered low to the ground. It was, in all appearances utterly harmless, and the most hideous thing his optics had ever seen. It faintly resembled the organics he had seen earlier and had been researching on the World Wide Web. He shuddered, recalling with disgust their anatomic structure and various fluids. Although, this one lacked what he recalled reading as hair, which was only minimally efficient at best in keeping their homeostatic temperature. Odd, it, was that a tail? The tail, he knew to be mostly Cybertronian, as it resembled that of a Pretender. But it was short, far shorter than any organic he had seen, perhaps one of their young? But how young he could not tell, human ages were lost to him. But it did appear to be a femme. Its epidermal layer appeared to be normal for its species, or rather most of it, the sheen of it looked aberrant along with its hands and feet. Those looked decidedly more Cybertronian.

The small creatures' optics glowed in the darkness. By the Allspark, they glowed! Although, they were not the blue or red typically seen in his kind. The color was reminiscent to the blue of the Autobot faction, but it was different somehow.

Now it was trembling before him, as it should.

"What are you?"

It looked confused for a moment before taking a step closer and replying "S-Subject 87."

"I did not ask for your designation."

Its eyes widened "I-I'm not sure. Frankenstein?"

He put his weapon away and referenced the term using the planets online networking system. "You are the creator of a creature that is made from compiled regenerated dead organic tissue by means of electricity?" he asked perplexed.

It blinked in confusion and nervously wrung it's oddly shaped upper extremities. "Umm, no?

"Ah, an inappropriate reference." It was only then that he realized it was not speaking an native Earth language. Thundercrackers suspicion grew. "How is it that you speak Cybertronian?"

"I am not sure. I have been programmed with multiple languages."

"It is not an Earth language." Weary and no longer to hold his weight, Thundercrackers legs began to buckle and he fell to the ground with a loud crash.

"You are damaged. I can help."

"Stay away from me flesh bag!"His warning fell on deaf ears, as the creature ran to his side and managed to get close enough to touch him.

But as the being began to shimmer with power he stared in curiosity. It jumped onto his leg with surprising agility and the flesh of its right arm began to transform. Emerging from the forearm was some form of connector wire. Was it trying to interface with him?! Horrified he attempted to shake the organic from him, but beyond his control his own interface connector reached out to create a synapse. Energy, one that he had only felt millions of human years ago flowed through his circuits. In a matter of cycles, his systems began to repair themselves and become fully functional. More than that, he was at optimal function.

After the connection was broken, he could only stare at the creature. The creature repaired him with Allspark energy. Multiple questions and theories began to race through his processors in less than an astrosecond. He could find nothing worthy to explain this phenomenon. Without ceremony the creature collapsed, and he quickly caught it in the palm of his hand. Possibilities began to race through his mind. The power he would gain. Never would he need to find another source of energon to replenish himself, or follow Megatron, or that sniveling Starscream again. If Thundercracker could learn to control this creature, make it trust him, even care for him, his life would be his own at last. He would no longer answer to any Cybertronian. However, the area was abundant with Autobot and Decepticon activity. It was clear they would need to relocate to a more secure location and it, or rather she would be going with him.

"You have repaired me, why?" he asked when the femme opened its eyes.

"You were hurt. And I am alone, and I do not want to go back. Can I stay with you?" It's eyes were hesitant and young.

"Fear not, little femme, I will have you stay will me." Her smile was as bright as it was unsettling to his spark. Who was she to trust so easily? "You are willing to leave your home so easily?"

"This was never my home. It's theirs."


"The humans." So she did not consider herself human. Interesting.

"And what are you, if you are not like them?"

She wrinkled her nose and looked at him as if he was confused. "Like you. And N.B.E. One."

"N.B.E. One? Explain." And she did, by her detailed description he was under no mistake that N.B.E. One was Megatron. "Where is he?" he asked.

"I am not sure." She closed her eyes for a moment and opened them again. "I cannot feel him anymore. But there are others, like you, but with a different signature."

"You are able to feel individual life signatures?" She nodded. In this instance his plan began to form. "Listen, the others, they are not like me. If you get close to them, they will offline you without a thought, especially the humans."

He smiled to himself as she nodded and her eyes gazed at him already with trust. "But I will protect you; I will be your guardian. We need to relocate to a less populated area." Going off the planet was likely impossible, he knew nothing of the femme's biology.

Suddenly there was a loud roar from multiple engines over head. Perfect. Although inferior to his Cybertronian jet form, he needed a cover if they were to relocate, and what better way to do so than by air? He quickly scanned the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle and transformed. He opened the cockpit without any thought and instructed the girl to get in. Amazingly, she gracefully jumped into the cockpit and strapped herself in as instructed. He tightened the straps as much as possible around her small form, but he was slightly concerned for her safety when she was still able to move freely. It wouldn't do to find such a treasure to have it offline during flight. He would have to take extra precautions until the femme matured.

This led him to another thought as he started his engines. Besides not knowing exactly what she was, he didn't even know how she came to be. Would there be anyone to come after her? He knew little of her existence only what had been shown to be useful. The dangers were there, but he believed the rewards far outweighed the risks. Besides, by his estimation, they would have plenty of time to analyze the situation and learn all he could about his new pet. His new pet that he did not have a name for.

"What shall I call you?" He asked through his communication system as he accelerated into the sky.

/I told you, I am know as Subject 87, or Frankenstein./

"How are you able to communicate on this frequency?!" he asked aloud surprised that she was able to communicate with him through a personal comm link as others of his kind were apt to do. Oh, the possibilities were continuing to show themselves.

/Because we are the same of course./

/Ah, of course. You will forget the humans and their designations. We will find a suitable designation for you. Until then, you will be Seven./

Seven bounced in her seat with excitement in her eyes. /And you, what can I call you?/

/My designation is Thundercracker./

/Where are we going Thundercracker/

/Someplace far from here./

Into the sky they flew, far from Colorado, and farther still until all that could be seen was boundless ocean. He would have thought that the femme would have needed to abide by humanly functions, but much of her biology was beyond his knowledge. Instead, she slept. However curious he was about her, he surmised that repairing him was exhaustive to her system. She had been sleeping for well over 24 Earth hours. At first he was concerned, after all, she was his source for future survival, but her breathing and vital signs had been steady.

He wondered if he was officially abandoning the Decepticon faction. Did this make him a deserter? Perhaps, but he had been looking for an excuse for vorns. His race was dying; after all, the Allspark had been lost, presumably forever, until now. Whether or not she was the Allspark meant nothing, she exulted the energy of the Allspark. And if Megatron had found her, she would no doubt be in worse shape. And Megatron, Seven had said she could no longer feel him. Had she always been able to feel him, and now that she could not, had he been offlined in some way? Had Optimus Prime offlined him? That would mean an end to the war, with the Autobots as the victors. Slag. He would sooner offline himself than hand himself over to their sorry afts. Yes. It was better he take Seven with him and go as far as he could. He could devise a plan when they settled.

His engines blew the dust and plant life around as the touched ground. The wild life scattered instantly. There were no human life forms for hundreds of miles.

He shut his engines off and opened the cockpit to the bright and humid sun in the sky.

/Seven. We have arrived./

She opened her eyes blearily and instantly shielded them from the light of the sun. She had never seen the sun before. "Where are we?" she asked aloud as she exited the cockpit. Her bare feet touched the ground, and she wiggled her toes in the dirt. She watched him transform to his bipedal form with admiration.

"The humans call it Africa."

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