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"Human speech"


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Transformers Aftershock

New Authority

"My predecessor, Mr. Flutie, may have gone for that touchy-feely relating nonsense, but he was eaten. You're in my world now."

~ Principle Snyder, BTVS

Diego Garcia Early January, 2008

Epps stepped out of the silver Chevrolet Corvette and the door closed behind him. He gave the hood of the car a pat and stepped away watching the helicopter in the sky draw closer.

"A little uptight for a first meeting."

Epps looked back towards the vehicle and frowned. "You really expect me to trust a new liaison who hasn't even met a mech before?"

Sideswipe made an amused sound through his audio receptors. "I've been a soldier for many thousands of your earth years and you are more paranoid and distrustful of humans than I am."

Epps shrugged. "I trust the Autobots more than I do some paper pusher." He thought about that and added, "Probably more than most humans."

"We've spilt precious blood and metal together. This Galloway is an outsider. And I don't like any outsider coming in and telling me what to do." Epps' jaw tightened and his eyes narrowed at the landing helicopter.

"It has been an honor getting to know you humans and call you friends and comrades" Sideswipe responded. "While I agree with your sentiments, Optimus wishes us to be courteous towards the new American liaison." Epps could swear that the Autobot had an impish undertone.

Sideswipe hesitated and added, "However, your planet does have a saying about first impressions. And I do enjoy getting a rise out of the Big Bot." Sideswipe and his brother used to try Optimus' patience on a regular basis.

Epps grinned at the Corvette and waited for the helicopter to settle. A male descended from the craft on to the landing and glanced around critically. Chief Master Sargeant Robert Epps tensed and approached the newly appointed National Security Director with an air of respectful caution.

"Director Galloway, sir. May I be the first to welcome you to Diego Garcia, and NEST headquarters. I am Chief Master Sergeant Robert Epps and I will be escorting you on a tour of the facility. May I introduce combat specialist Autobot Si-"

"Forget the tour soldier. I've come to speak directly to Optimus Prime." Theodore Galloway took a moment to glance in Epps' direction before raising an eyebrow and adjusting his finely pressed suit.

Epps folded his arms behind his back and stood tall. "My apologies, sir, but Optimus Prime is currently occupied and will be present at the scheduled meeting tomorrow at-"

Galloway turned sharply to Epps. "Do you really think I care? I want to speak with the so called Autobot commander, and I will speak with him now. Do you understand?"

Epps frowned, "Respectfully, sir, I have orders from-"

"And I have orders from the President of the United States. I suggest you do as you're told, soldier."

Epps narrowed his eyes and nodded abruptly. So much for first impressions. He gestured to the corvette and opened Sideswipes door. Galloway entered the vehicle and sat in the back seat and jumped when the door closed suddenly.

Epps took his seat in the front of the vehicle. "Get all that Sideswipe?"

"Rodger that. Optimus has been informed as well."

Galloway jumped hearing the new voice come from the speakers of the corvette. His eyes widened in surprise looking around the vehicle. "Who, who is?" he asked shakily.

Epps turned from his spot in the drivers seat and smiled deprecatingly at the liason. "Sir, may I introduce Autobot Sideswipe."

"You mean this car is an Autobot?"

"It is an honor, Director Galloway." Epps could hear the sarcasm in the mechs voice.

Epps turned around and fastened his seat belt smiling slowly. "Better hurry Sideswipe, you heard Director Galloway. Get us to Optimus ASAP."

The gear shifted and the engine revved loudly. "Rodger that."

Putting the large tool back on the berth Ratchet nodded to himself. This was the final adjustment needed to secure the holoform. It had taken effort to adapt their holforms to earth protocols but it had been worth it. It required extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, and while he was outfitted for medical purposes, he could only do so much with the down loaded information. Theory was only so good, if not practiced, and practice required the aid of humans. More specifically, humans who specialized in human medicine.

Humans such as physical therapist June Darby. For a human and fellow medical practitioner, Ratchet found her competent and knowledgeable in her field. As a person, the brunette was caring and loyal. After working with Ms. Darby for two months, Ratchet was pleased with their interactions and medical results.

Ratchet had requested the assistance of human medical officers from the moment it was decided that the Autobots were to remain on Earth and make Diego Garcia their new base of operations. Or more appropriately, their home. Although, it would take a lot for Ratchet to consider Diego Garcia a substitute for Cybertron. The medic was older than many of his comrades and still retained many files and memories of Cybertron. He doubted any planet could replace their home world.

"Alright that should be it. With Ratchets permission and if you're ready Arcee, I'll have you activate your holoform."

Ratchet nodded in approval and Arcee activated her holoform. Within seconds a human female projection appeared in front of Arcee. Ratchet scanned the femme for any abnormal readings and found her systems online and stable at baseline. He made a few notes in his logs and turned back to the others.

"How do you feel Arcee?" June asked walking around Arcee's holoform.

The blue femme nodded and internally checked all of her systems. "I seem to be functioning normally and am suffering no negative affects. I am receiving readings from the holoform, but it's different than before. I'm not sure how to explain it other than I am receiving additional sensory input."

Ratchet turned to the femme. "That is expected. After examining Hound's programs we have replicated and expanded the intricacies of his software. With this new holoform you should be able to replicate nearly all forms of human biological processes."

He tapped a digit to his face in speculation. "Although, I suppose holoform may be an obsolete term since the projection is no longer just that, a projection, and instead a compilation of spark matter and molecules. I suppose a new term will have to be devised at a later date. Nonetheless, all systems appear optimal on my scans. Ms. Darby, you may begin with the examination."

June Darby, D.P.T and human neurology specialist nodded and looked at Arcee's female holoform. It was astounding how real it was. June was still amazed that she was acquaintances with robotic beings from space. Even if she were allowed to divulge their secrets, June wasn't sure anyone would believe her, except maybe her son.

It was amazing how an accidental meeting could have turned her life upside down. One minute she was working for the U.S. Army at a premiere neurological hospital, and next she found herself working with an alien medical officer. Her initial meeting with the Autobot Ratchet had been under the guise of discussing five of her new patients, all members of a Special Operations team that had been injured from an attack in Mission City, Nevada. June felt immense sympathy for the soldiers defending their country against a rogue terrorist group and more than a little suspicious when her patients were transferred into the care of a Dr. Ratchet. To say she hadn't had a few negative words with the man, or his holoform, would be an understatement. It surprised her even more when she had been given a job offer to work for a new government branch known as NEST. Which had then lead to the whole aliens really do exist talk. June's first debriefing and confidentiality disclosure had been more than beyond eye opening.

After accepting the job, and it had been difficult not to with six digits in her new salary, June was amazed at the turn her life had taken. Finally filing for divorce and hiring a lawyer was among one of the best things she had done with her new salary. And also one of the reasons she had taken the job to begin with. It didn't hurt that NEST had offered her access to extensive research and development opportunities.

Continuing her inspection, June looked at the manifested human female and noted the physical attributes on her ipad. "Approximately 5'7", Caucasian female, brown hair and eyes." June shook her head in amazement as Arcee's holoform stepped off the weight scale. "And 137 lbs. This is amazing Ratchet, you did it." June smiled at the large Autobot medic.

"Hound specializes with holofrms and his programs are more extensive than the regular Cybertronian's in regards to holograms as he is a sentry and scout."

"Yes, and a very curious one at that" June smiled.

"He adores Earth and humans." June startled hearing Arcee's voice projecting from her holoform. "I think his behavior is borderline obsessive in regards to the planets and its inhabitants."

"Well I'm sure most would, if they were working with a new race of beings." June added and put down her clip board. "We'll do sensory testing first and then practice materializing clothing," she grinned.

She tested light touch, two point discrimination, and response to dull and sharp pain and found everything within normal limits. "So far so good. Again I say amazing."

He accepted her praise but added, "Wheeljack was most prominent in the development as well."

"If it's all the same, I feel more comfortable knowing nothing is going to explode" June mumbled.

"On Earth for less than six months and he already has a reputation" Arcee sighed fondly.

June continued with the examination. "My son doesn't even know what I'm doing right now. But he would be thrilled be the prospect of aliens, prone to exploding scientific experiments or not. Or at least he would have years ago before he grew up. He's so mature for a teenager" She sighed and proceeded to test for reflexes. "Luckily he's staying with his father for winter break." She mumbled under her breath, "Or not really."

"Your human concept of marriage is most confusing, along with your fixation on relationship labels and making them facebook official." Ratchet's optics looked confused and June couldn't help the smile that spread across her lips.

"Ratchet, don't be rude" Arcee interjected in defense.

Ratchet frowned while June laughed and waved her hand in dismissal. "It's fine, really. I agree that we do tend to make everything more complicated than it needs to be. Besides, if I hadn't met the guy, I wouldn't have Jack."

Ratchet regarded the human female while she continued her examination of Arcee's holoform and considered her response. The human race was astounding in their resilience and capacity to love. Perhaps Optimus was correct; there was much the two races could learn from each other.

William Lennox exchanged an irritated look with his long time friend Robert Epps. They were in the middle of listening or rather ignoring the newly appointed Director Galloways lecture on foreign policies. Bemused, Will conceded that the man had balls of steel if he was yelling at the leader of a race or robotic organisms from space that were standing well over 30 feet tall. I guess having a metal railing that put you nearly at eye level helped even the playing field. Or at least in the Directors mind it did. Will wondered if he read the files or saw any of the footage from Mission City. Will had a feeling that he wouldn't be speaking this disrespectfully to the Autobot leader if he had.

To say he was surprised upon the sudden meeting with Director Galloway was an understatement. Or rather, annoyed probably fit more aptly. Optimus took the sudden request with much more poise.

Will sent another glare at Epps. This is your fault.

Epps shrugged. Nothing I could do.

Epps rolled his eyes at Galloway and mouthed "douchebag" and "total tool." To which Will nodded in agreement.

"I understand your concern considering the circumstances, Director Galloway." Will's attention redirected to Optimus. "As well as the concerns of your President." A president which would be in office for less than a year. However, Will had to give the President credit for agreeing to establish NEST. While democratic parties mattered little to the Autobots, multiple humans had tried to relay the significance. The Cybertronians understood the concept and were amazed that Will and Epps were such close friends since he was a registered Republican and Epps a Democrat. The Autobots were amazed that the two friends co-existed after believing the human parties were reminiscent of Decepticons and Autobots. That idea had been cleared up rather quickly.

"If you really understood, you'd be more willing to exchange technology, help rebuild all of the damage your little robot battle did and give us something in compensation."

That had been the wrong thing to say. "The Autobots saved us from death and enslavement from the Decepticons and you're worried about a few buildings and compensation?" Will ascended the metal railing taking two stairs at a time.

"William, it is fine" started Optimus.

"No, it's not." Will turned back to Galloway. "He's here not even an hour and he's spouting off like he knows the situation." Will advanced on the Director. "Here's the real situation, there are renegade Decepticons still out there, and we need the Autobots. We can't do this alone and the President knows it. That's why we're here, why NEST was established."

"No, NEST was established to keep track of these extraterrestrials." Galloway said tersely furiously pointing to the Autobots around him, which included Sideswipe, Optimus, and the femme Moonracer. "We know nothing about them and more keep coming. How many are there now?"

"There are seventeen Autobots on Diego Garcia" Optimus responded.

"Seventeen?" Galloway balked. "That's three more than I was made aware."

Optimus nodded. "Three of our comrades arrived two weeks ago, Moonracer being one of them."

The femme autobot nodded and Galloway's faced turned pink. "More of you arrive by the day, not to mention something is off about those Dinosaur robots. I've read those reports and something doesn't add up, I know it!" He accused.

"I assure you, Director Galloway, the Autobots are grateful to your government and will continue to honor the treaty between our races."

Sensing this was not going to end, Will took his chance and intervened. "Which is why it's really important you get started touring the new facility. Epps, take our fine Director and start him on his tour."

Epps took his cue and rushed to the Directors side and ushered him down the ramp. "Come along, sir, Sideswipe is rearing to go."

The Director started struggling, "I will not get in that vehicle again!"

"If I may, it would be my pleasure to escort the Director on a tour of the facility." The two stopped struggling to look at the maroon colored Autobot.

Galloway ripped his arm away from Epps and straightened his jacket. He glared at Will and Optimus before returning his gaze to the apparently female Autobot. The build was slightly different as was the voice, but other than that he had no idea how gender was determined and he really didn't want to know.

"This discussion is not over." He walked over to the one known as Moonracer. "Well, lets get this over with. What do you turn into, a minivan?" He scoffed.

Moonracer frowned and put her arm on her hip and transformed into a stylish motorcycle. "No, but you might want to put on a helmet."

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