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He stared at his grave.

The grass surrounding it was well kept and healthy; one of the perks of being buried on the 'wealthy' side of the cemetery. Bouquets of flowers in a rainbow of colors were arranged before it. The headstone was average in height and length. The only unusual aspect of it was the color. It was a bright orange that immediately grabbed attention amongst the sea of dreary black and gray. He knew his family had had difficulty fulfilling his wishes. The groundskeeper had only accepted the color after having a private meeting with the famous Harry Potter. Harry had paid the woman a large amount of money to ignore all the resulting complaints.

Flowing script displayed a rather unique epitaph under the usual "Loving/Missed" so and so. Although, if one were to walk through the grounds, they would notice matching epitaphs carved onto two other gravestones. Glancing to the right, he saw the respectively gray, joint headstone proclaiming the resting place of Nymphadora (TONKS!) and Remus Lupin, and further down, he could make out a smaller marker for Sirius Black. He knew it stood without a body, like many others in the cemetery. A surprising number of bodies had been recovered after the war, but many had never been found.

He read the top of his headstone:


4 – 1 – 1978

5 – 2 – 1998

"I almost slipped today," he stated sitting down for a moment. "Mum called my name, and I only just stopped myself from answering." He remembered the grief on her face when she had received no reply. "I miss you George. You are the only one who would appreciate the irony of it all. Well…you and the Marauders. They would congratulate us for pulling the biggest prank of all time...Harry knows. Harry knows everything. He knew there had been a mistake right away, but what could we say?" he sighed. "You never could tell us apart. I'm Gred, not Forge. George is dead." He rose to his feet and turned away. Fred walked past the empty space on the left, where he would be buried, like his twin, mistakenly named. He echoed the words that were written on Moony, Padfoot, and his markers and would be written on George's marker, "Mischief Managed."