Author's note: This is a continuation/sequel to "Into the Darkness". I don't hate Blaine's character, I simply prefer Dave's. This story will be told from multiple view points (most likely one per chapter, and some chapters will overlap time-wise), and it's going to be angsty. Seriously angsty. There are three players here, which this chapter will clearly indicate.

Also, I have no idea when it will update, because I have other fic commitments which I need to meet first and foremost, but this has been buzzing around in my head ever since I wrote what is now officially the prologue. You really need to have read "Into the Darkness" first for this to make any sort of sense whatsoever.

Warning/s: Mention of non-con (i.e. the prologue). Likely to have more mature themes along the lines of depression, suicide, etc. Not in this part, but definitely the story overall.


When he wakes up he feels disgusting. Stiff and sore all over and his mouth feels like he's spent an hour licking carpet, dry, disgusting and with bits of fluff stuck in between his teeth. He's not even in his bedroom; instead he's in one of the downstairs guest bedrooms. His eyes dart around and the fast movement makes him squint his eyes closed in pain. Not good. He opens them slowly and tries to remember what even happened last night. Blank. Blank blank blank.

He rises slowly, pushing the blankets off his body, and he's still wearing the clothes he wore last night. To the club. Shit. The club Sebastian convinced Kurt and him to go to. His parents were going to be home late, and he'd been convinced he could sneak in without them knowing. While he can't remember what happened, he's pretty sure his cover is blown. He half-staggers down to the kitchen, and he's trying to remember how he even got home last night. He's not sure. He has to assume Kurt drove him, because he didn't even have a drink last night. Unlike himself. He's certain he only had one beer, but he'd had several other drinks. Non-alcoholic ones that Seb had got him.

He wonders how much grovelling he's going to have to do to Kurt, because one of the few hazy memories he has is of Kurt's disproving look at him dancing with Seb before he'd beckoned Kurt over. Kurt's going to be pissed. He'd clearly been annoyed enough to drop him at home, woken his parents up and then driven off in his car. He heads down the hall and the smell of coffee in the kitchen tells him his parents are awake. He has no idea what time it is.

His mom is looking disappointed, and that is so much more painful than her anger. He doesn't have a lot of rules and restrictions; he's expected to be responsible. Respect them enough to not lie to them. And he's just failed them on all accounts.

"How are you feeling?"

"Uh. Terrible."

"Hmm. You aren't going to feel much better when we're done with you. Your hangover is just the beginning."

They don't ask questions, and he keeps quiet as they detail and outline his punishment. No seeing Kurt except at school and glee club for two weeks. Two weeks after that he has to detail exactly where and when he will be. They also take away his allowance for an entire month. It's all manageable, and he's pretty sure he can't feel worse than he does right now. If he were still at Dalton then not seeing Kurt would be a huge thing, but he'll see him everyday at McKinley. They don't take away his phone, which he's grateful for, and he suspects they worry about him needing it when he drives to and from school.

He excuses himself from his parents company, taking a cup of coffee to his bedroom. He showers and changes into some comfortable clothes, brushing his teeth three times before they start to feel even slightly normal. Kurt doesn't answer his calls or text messages, and his stomach starts to sink. He's clearly in the doghouse. He goes online in the hope that Kurt might be online as well. No such luck. He's clearly being ignored. However he kind of needs his car to get to school tomorrow, and was hoping Kurt could have driven it back out here for him. Instead he's going to have to ask his mom or dad to drive him to Kurt's. Not great.

He goes downstairs reluctantly. It sucks that he needs to ask this of his parents when he's already disappointed them. It's lunchtime, his parents just finishing a meal together but his stomach heaves at the sheer idea of eating food. He puts his request forward, and his mom makes some cryptic comment about Kurt not driving him home. He doesn't even have time to ask what that even means before his dad is jangling keys and jerking his head towards the garage. He follows, and he can't help but feel slightly buoyed at the idea he'll be seeing Kurt in about an hour. He might be able to ignore him digitally, but he can't ignore him in person.

He's wrong. So wrong. Burt Hummel doesn't even let him in the door. Closes the door in his face, and he doesn't even warrant a hello. This isn't good. Whatever he's done to upset Kurt is enough to warrant a door slam in the face. It's opened again by Carol, and Blaine smiles hesitantly. She doesn't smile back, but neither does she look like she wants to do him physical harm.

"Hi Blaine, I'm sorry, but Kurt doesn't want to see you. And Burt… doesn't want to se you either."

He's not sure what to say.

"Um. Okay. I was just…could I get my car keys? I need my car to get to school tomorrow."

"Oh, sure. Just let me go and get them."

The door closes in his face again and he glances to the curb where his dad is watching from his car, probably making sure he isn't seeing Kurt. Which apparently isn't going to be a problem. He lets out a sigh of frustration and the door opens again. Carol hands him his keys, eyes echoing the same disappointment as his own parents. Oh. Maybe Kurt also ended up getting drunk last night, and someone drove them both home. And they blame him for corrupting Kurt. Which is ridiculous, because if anyone is doing any corrupting it's Sebastian. But he isn't here to be frowned at. Isn't Kurt's boyfriend. Wasn't meant to be at a simple dinner and movie date last night rather than the sole gay-bar of Lima.

"Can you tell Kurt I'll see him at school tomorrow?" He asks before Carol closes the door.

"I…don't know if Kurt will be going to school tomorrow. And I don't think Kurt will want to see you even if he does."

The door closes in his face and his mouth is hanging open. What does that mean? What the hell happened last night? What did he do?