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The last thing he'd been expecting last night when he'd gone to David's house was for him to answer the door holding a baby. He'd been a worried that being alone with David would make him anxious, except that feeling had dissipated completely. He's never had much to do with kids, but Dave is clearly a natural, even when getting peed on, a thought which still brings a smile to his face.

Trying to align everything he now knows of Dave is difficult, because his bully of a year ago definitely doesn't exist anymore. At all. He's learnt so much tonight, and not all of it about Dave. When Dave had come back from his quick shower he'd been surprised. He'd never seen Dave in anything but layers before. Baggy layers at that. Definitely not a single white form-fitting t-shirt. He'd noticed large muscular arms, broad chest and shoulders but what had surprised him the most was his own response.

He'd been… interested. Attracted even. Relief had followed swiftly, because the fact that he'd felt the spark of attraction had told him that he's not lost that part inside himself. He's not suddenly become asexual and completely uninterested which he had worried about in an abstract way. He's not going to go around jumping in to bed with anyone, especially not now… But it's reassuring that when he does decide to maybe look at dating again he'll not necessarily feel like he's faking interest.

The final surprise of the night had come when he'd entered the kitchen, a bit disappointed that he wasn't going to hear Dave's attempt at singing and Claire had smiled at him, looking mischievous.

"He kicked you out huh?"

"Yes. Um, he asked me to bring you these…" She'd taken the empty bottles from him and continued talking.

"Mmm, he doesn't like other people hearing him sing. Shame really, because he's got a good voice, just like his dad."

"I didn't even know he could sing…" Kurt had muttered. Claire had winked at him and then turned a baby monitor on. Dave's voice, slightly distorted, had filled the room, but even taking the distortion into consideration he'd been stunned. She's right, he can sing, and it's deep and soothing and no wonder it puts the babies to sleep, although he's pretty sure if he was hearing it in person the hair at the back of his neck would be standing on end. God. David Karofsky, full of surprises.

He's helping his dad dismantle an engine. He hates the way the oil stains his skin, and the chemicals he has to use to get it off dry them out, but it's quiet work and he's going through his thoughts, organizing them, and his dad keeps to himself, only occasionally shooting him slightly worried glances. He just smiles at him encouragingly. He's feeling good; of all the things in his life nearly everything is good. His dad is happy and healthy, he has Carole and Finn, and he has fantastic friends. While he wishes Sebastian had never entered his life he knows he will cope and deal with the bad moments and days as they come.

He dresses for school, wearing the jeans again because he's kind become attached to them after wearing them so much. He consciously forces himself to not sneak around and try and avoid Blaine, but he's thankful when Santana and Brittany turn up, one on either side, and escort him like a guard of honor. He laughs, because he's taller than both of them, although he's pretty sure that the entire school population is slightly afraid of Santana, including most of the teachers.

Classes pass in a blur, he can't really remember most of the material covered last week, so he knows he's going to have to put in some extra time catching up. Mercedes grabs him on the way to their next class and asks him how the rest of his weekend went. He tells her about his visit to Dave's house, about the baby peeing on him. He knows he's got Santana on his side if he decides to develop a friendship with David, but Mercedes will be a harder battle to win, and he's pretty sure he wants to get to know Dave better. She clearly likes the idea of Dave getting peed on, laughing, and he loops an arm through hers, laughing along with her. That's when he sees him and his skin feels instantly clammy and prickly. He breathes slowly, refuses to give in to the urge to move away, instead just draws his lips tight and nods once, sharp, before turning back and heading down the hallway the long way to class.

It's after lunch when he feels a hand grasp his arm firmly and he instinctively pulls on it sharply, not okay with the sudden unexpected invasion of his personal space. Rachel ends up falling against him and he lets out a huff of annoyance. Great.

"Why didn't you tell me you and Blaine had broken up? Do you have any idea how hurt I am that you didn't tell me yourself? And the fact that you've apparently turned your back on the Glee Club, after our promise to always be there for each other… Finn and I have endured many difficult times in our relationship but we've still put it all aside for the good of Glee."

He lets her talk, knowing it's his safest bet if he actually wants to reply in complete sentences. While she's talking he directs her toward an empty looking classroom and pushes her inside, shutting the door behind them. He's undecided whether to tell her the truth, or let her go on blindly, thinking it's a simple breakup and no doubt like her and Finn, Blaine and him will be back together in a week or two. He can't do that. To her or to himself, because her looking hopefully between him and Blaine, wanting them to be together again, well, it's never going to happen.

"Rachel, you might want to sit down…"

She idolizes Blaine, like he used to, and he tries to be as factual as possible. He leaves off the fact that Blaine was drugged to start with, needs to drive home to her how he has felt. Of course she responds with wide teary eyes and a hand clasped over her mouth before leaning forward to throw her arms around him. He's prepared for it this time, can cope with the physical proximity and he pats her tentatively on the back.

He fills her in on the hallway confrontation and how he's already told Santana, Mercedes and Brittany. Says that's why he's been going to join their practice instead of coming to glee, but he doesn't want Blaine to give up glee. Knows he'll need it to cope just as much as he does. He's just lucky that right now there are two clubs. Rachel looks like she wants to interrupt several times but he holds up a finger warningly. He's not finished.

"While I cannot be around him right now I think we can both agree that his voice is a valuable asset to the club. I need to do what is right for me, and if that is singing with the TroubleTones for a bit then so be it. I'm not saying I'm there permanently, but for now…"

"I understand. Also I think that if all the boys found out about what happened then Blaine's life might become quite uncomfortable. I'm surprised none of them know, if you really did yell at Blaine. This school is a hotbed of gossip."

He snorts but doesn't disagree.

"It's likely been twisted to me shouting at Blaine for knocking me up or something equally ridiculous. We could always check Ben Israel's blog."

"I don't think that will be necessary. Just keep an ear out. And now, in the spirit of camaraderie and sharing I now feel the need to share something just as deep and meaningful that happened to me."

Oh God. He really doesn't want or need to know, he goes up to hold his finger of silence but it's too late.

"I gave my virginity to Finn. It was a special and magical night, and I know that one day you too will have just as special an experience."

Kurt blinks and grimaces. It would be in bad taste to scream out for mind bleach, but he feels like rolling his eyes and shaking his head. He knows that her heart is in the right place but comparing her wondrous first time to his experience with sexual assault is not as heart warming as she seems to think it is. He wonders if it's because she hasn't had to deal with him crying and vomiting like Santana, but he just sighs and lets her hug him again.

He gets home later than normal, spending time in the library studying in an attempt to catch up on what he's missed. For the same reason he'd put his phone in to flight mode, because he can be a master procrastinator. He flicks on his computer and plugs in his memory stick with his half-finished essay. He'll do a quick e-mail check before dinner and then finish it up, it's definitely not his best work but it's better than missing an assignment completely. Among the various subscription e-mails is a message from Dave, and he's smiling even before he opens it. Send me a friend request. I'll accept it. D. He blinks his smile grows even wider before going and clicking on the 'add friend' option.