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Kagome: Wait what!

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Kagome: WhaAAHHH!

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Inuyasha: Uh will I like this?

Yaoi: You should and wait 'til I describe Shippo –points to a booth Shippo is in- you don't get to talk to him 'til the end of the chapter.

Inuyasha: uh ok….-looks at the booth-

Yaoi: So commence the technical recap of Inuyasha Episode 9 ^_^ oh by the by Shippo is 13 = 100 and Inu is still 15 = 150 so yeah but do to being sleep for 50 years they are kinda the same age and bleh.

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Inuyasha POV

So she just wouldn't shut up, who you ask, who else none other than Kagome. I'm glad she made lunch and all that but she just wouldn't shut up over the location. Ok sure we were on the remains of a battle field and all, but as long as you didn't do anything majorly disrespectful to the dead they pretty much left you alone and eating here isn't the worst thing you could do. Hell even Myoga, whom shockingly is still with us is sitting on my shoulder eating some Naruto from my ninja food. Now if he was fine with eating here, the little coward he is, then I don't see what the problem is.

If I didn't know any better I'd swear she as the one that caused the sky to darken but then again the voice the emanated from the swirling green flames was to melodic, and dare I say sexy, to be hers.

"You down there, you possess a piece of the sacred Shikon jewel", came the voice from the flames.

After a second of pointless commentary the flames came together to form a glowing ball that transformed into the most beautiful creature I've seen since my deceased mother. As Myoga had said it was a fox demon but the demon was just beautiful. Lush tan skin, looking as smooth as silk, slim shoulders and hands, her eyes were a stunning emerald green that was complemented nicely with her luxurious red brown hair that was tied in a high pony tail with a ribbon the same color as her haori. She was dressed in a baggy light blue haori with leaf designs on it and she wore a fur vest over it that was tied closed by a dark blue obi that matched her dark blue hakama pants. She had the daintiest feet I'd ever seen even if they were animal like. Her tail was this bushy tan thing that swayed slightly behind her.

All in all she was beautiful, a prime example of any female worth mating with. She stood up to my chin so I'd say shes around 5 feet tall or so, however, I still couldn't tell was she was?

"So what are you a badger or something lady?"

She quickly flushed and her eyes burst into flames, "I'm a BOY and a FOX DEMON YOU IDIOT!"

She was MALE, what the hell how can anyone be that beautiful and still be male, then Sesshomaru popped in my head. Well then never mind, but still should I still be attracted to HIM? I totally missed what Kagome said as I returned to the matter at hand, I was about to say something to her when we both noticed that the fox had gotten into her bag and throwing things left in right then pulled out the Shikon jewel and then teleported away in his green flames only to really be behind us trying to sneak away.

A few hits to the head and a pouting fox, now known as Shippo, later we all sat down as the fox explained why he was trying to steal the jewel shard. So he was trying to avenge his father's death by some elemental demons called Hiten and Manten, whom according to both him and Myoga are some pretty evil demons. Even though it didn't seem like it I was just about to help the kit out he insulted my heritage, which I promptly put him in place about, then he put some heavy thing in my hands and sealed it to the forest floor.

"What the HELL you little runt get this damn thing off of me."

Kagome being the dumb girl she was just watched as he stole the jewel shards and took off. Grabbing her bow and arrow she left me and went after the stupid fox. Being stuck to the ground sure gives you time to think and quite frankly I'm tired of all this subservient stuff the next time I see that Kit I'll pound his face in and I'm so gonna get these stupid beads taken off.

Shippo's POV

I lost Kagome...to Manten, why am I so weak? She's probably being tortured as we speak oh Inuyasha is gonna get so mad at me. Inuyasha, even though he's a half breed hes still very attractive. NO no no Shippo he will never see you like that Kagome is his woman and we need to hurry and rescue her.

Running back to where I left him I spot Inuyasha and Myoga trying to get the seal off. Preparing myself for the worst I walk over to them.

"Hey Runt get this thing off me and where is Kagome?"

"Before I do or say anything you first have to promise not to hit."

"Shippo if you don't…"


"Alright alright, I promise now get it off."

I removed the seal and waited as Inuyasha flexed his fingers and cracked his knuckles. I wasn't that surprised when he laid into my head with his fist.

"You promised."

"Well you deserved it now where is Kagome?"

"She…she got abducted by Manten."

"Figures you weren't strong enough", Inuyasha leaned in very close to me and sniffed me, "You smell of fear, I thought full demons were supposed to be fearless?"

I blushed and looked away. Inuyasha just sighed and faced away from me.

"Apologize and promise to make me a hot bath tonight and I'll help you avenge your father after we rescue Kagome."

"What she's your woman shouldn't we be going now and not wasting time?"

Inuyasha turned around and got directly in my face, causing me to blush, "She is not my woman trust me she'll be fine, if its one thing she's good at its talking her way out of sticky situations. So the quicker you apologize the quicker we can go."

Still being so close, he reached into my haori and pulled out the jewel shards, then turned back away from me.


Myoga quickly jumped on my shoulder and told me I might as well cave in, sighing, I kneeled and apologized. What happened next I was shocked at, instead of teasing and what not he just grabbed Kagome's wheel thing and walked away.

"Well that was remotely painless."

Within a few hours we were running through the mountains trying to find the thunder brothers lair. For a half demon Inuyasha was wicked fast he was scaling the mountain side like it was a walk in the Forrest. It was hard keeping up with him and with his few but mean comments we were almost always arguing. Inuyasha and I were arguing now about Kagome with a little input on the behalf of Myoga when all of a sudden he grabbed me and dodged a lightning strike. Being held so close to him felt both weird and good at the same time, I blushed a little as he let me go as we were struck again, I landed on my butt as he skidded back a few feet but was still standing.

Hiten came into view and exchanged some colorful words with Inuyasha as Kagome had told them that she and Inuyasha were lovers. I knew it there was no way that they couldn't be lovers, my chest hurt a little at the realization. But then, as Kagome and Inuyasha kept on fighting it really did seem as though they weren't so I kinda set back and watched the back and forth argument.

Apparently, Hiten didn't care to much for the argument and just wanted the jewel shards and so commenced the battle between Hiten and Inuyasha. For a half breed Inuyasha is amazing, I was completely distracted as I watched him fight. I was so distracted I almost missed Manten and Kagome's fall. Hurrying to Kagome's aid, I used a bit of fox magic to help Kagome escape Manten, meanwhile, I also caused the last of his hair to fall out. Well it wasn't the same as killing him but I kind of avenged my father in a way, Inuyasha slew Manten after I tried to get him to release Kagome which set Hiten ablaze with anger and so left Kagome and I encased in fire and knocked unconscious.

Inuyasha's POV

They're dead and I couldn't stop it, Hiten killed them, my body raged as Tetsusaiga's sheath pulsed. With Tetsusaiga in hand I sliced Hiten in half and barely noticed as the jewel shards fell to the ground.


"I couldn't save them…"

"Master look"

Before me was Kagome and Shippo encased in fox fire, I lunged forward reaching for Shippo, even though I've known him for just a few hours I already feel drawn to him.

"Please don't leave me!"

The flame rose up into the sky and vanished leaving a blinking Kagome and a blushing Shippo.

"Whose leaving you Inuyasha?" Kagome dumbly asked.

Jerking my hand away from Shippo's I gathered myself up and muttering out nothing of sense and walked away. Turns out it was Shippo's father that was leaving not them, man do I feel dumb. Back in the Forrest, Kagome and Myoga just wouldn't let it drop, meanwhile Shippo just stayed quite, clutching his father's fur with sullen yet happy eyes.

"So Shippo why are you still with us? Wouldn't you like to be on your own now that you are done avenging your father?"

That seemed to bring him back to his surroundings, as he blinked up at me. With a little blush he looked away.

"I honestly wouldn't like to be alone again, so if I could, could I travel with you guys?"

Kagome was the first to say yes and of course, after a bit of teasing, I agreed as well. We set out back towards Kaede's village, Myoga left right before we got to there, saying he had some business to take care of back at the castle as well as some other things that he didn't seem to want to share with us. So now it was just me, Shippo, and Kagome, but the second we got into the village some of the village men asked for my help in fixing some houses and the like. Its weird you'd think that they would still fear me and all but now they seem to accept me into the village, man how times have changed. I went to go help them as Shippo went with Kagome to Kaede's.

Shippo's POV

Kaede was a sweet old miko that just gave off the feel of family. I may not be young in the eyes of humans but I'm still in age of being called an orphan by demon standards and the more family I can get is a blessing. I miss my parents and I clutch my father's fur closer to me as such. Sensing my distress I was pulled into a hug by the miko and finally my grieving caught up with me. I cried for a good hour wrapped in Kaede's arms until I heard Inuyasha approaching, which was easy considering he was swearing and holding his back muttering about how evil the beads were and how much of a wench Kagome was.

"What beads are you talking about Inuyasha? The ones on your neck?" I asked still having not known what was going on between Inuyasha and Kagome.

"Aye child, young Kagome has placed a pair of magical beads called, the beads of subjugation, on Inuyasha which when she says a certain word renders him immobile."

Wide eyed I muttered out an 'Oh' as Inuyasha muttered and harshly cracked his back back into alignment.

"And I'm getting damn sick of it. If I was going to kill anyone I would have done so already, I consider her a friend and she still treats me like a dog."

I felt sorry for Inuyasha, hanyou's don't normally live for as long as he has and the ones that do normally don't have anyone to call friends so to have one and they treat you so bad kinda just makes you want to be bitter at the world.

"I'm sorry ye feel that way Inuyasha, if I had known she would use the beads the way she does I would never have given them to her."

"I know Kaede, I know"

"Why can't you just take them off."

When they both looked at me when I said it just making me want to curl up into a ball and vanish.

"Only Kagome can take the beads off of Inuyasha, either her or my deceased sister or someone or something stronger than the both of them."

I just nodded my head and looked over at the resting Inuyasha; he had a look on his face that was kinda sad and faraway. At that moment as a tear rolled down my cheek, I knew I was no longer grieving for just my father, I now was also grieving for Inuyasha's freedom.

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